Starbucks Barista Resume: Complete Guide & Bonus Tips

In this article, we will talk all about writing a professional Starbucks barista resume. You will get the answers for all your questions such as how to write a professional resume, how to describe your profile information, which format to choose and many more.

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Let's dive right in!

Guidelines for a professional Starbucks barista resume

The Starbucks resume does not have to be very elaborative however, it needs to be professional since a job of a barista is a well respected and renowned. The brand value of Starbucks matter so having a professional resume is of importance.

As a person creating a Starbucks Barista resume, you should focus on any Barista experience you've had before coming here that might help your cause, if you've had interest in being a Barista before, or that you've graduated to become a professional Barista.

Starbucks Barista Resume

Even though it is not a corporate job and that it is not White collar and management an entry level job, you should still pay attention to the resume as you're entering a professional workforce. Your resume should be proof read, every experience you put will count towards your career and put in any minor or major level achievements there to help your cause. It could be something completely unrelated to being a Barista i.e., problem solver, or how you negotiate with some example, as a Barista is someone who will interact with people on a daily basis, and these skills will come in handy.

Writing a professional resume


As a prospective Starbucks Barista, you need to research other job seekers and what sort of candidates have previously worked this job. You can go to the internet and research this job posting on LinkedIn, or on Glassdoor where people express what the job really is like.

Research will include you finding about your role, collating information of your job description apart from making all types of coffee, you will need to interact with your colleagues to communicate your needs and also communicate with the customers who will be challenging at times. If you have anything to corroborate your communication skills then it is a huge plus point, like being part of a debate team, or any internet course you completed. these small extra curricular activities goes a a long way for any type of job.

Research will also entail the type of resume that will aid you in getting this job. A simple format and template will express your desire, however, the more efforts you put the more easier your process might be.

There are essentially three types of Resumes which will be explained in more detail below, however, as an introduction they are Functional, Reverse Chronological, and Combination Resume formats.


Functional Resume Format:

A Functional Resume format is appropriate for someone who is starting out in the industry, is a fresher, with little to no experience. They may or may not have had a job in their entire life, might have done some internship. This type of resume does not follow a strict guideline, however, you should put in whatever you've done professional in your life, i.e., a part-time job, an internship or internships, or a job that is completely unrelated to being a Barista.

💡 Apart from your experiences, you should put in other activities you might have participated in, like any clubs you were associated with, your achievements in other fields of life. Adding on to that you can have a section for hobbies and passion as well.

Reverse Chronological Format

Reverse chronological order as a format in a resume amplifies the work experience one has had. If one has had multiple work experiences they shall be listed from one being the latest dating back to the earliest. You explain what the engagements was within a couple of points and then dive deeper into the other experiences. You do not have to mention all the jobs you might have done when following this reverse chronological format puts it.

Starbucks Barista Resume

Reverse chronological order will not suite somebody who is starting a out a job by first becoming a Starbuck Barista, however, if you have already worked at a couple of places before coming over here as a Barista then you can use this format which will really help your cause to the Starbucks hiring managers.

Combination Format

Combination format uses the characteristics of both Functional and Reverse chronological format. Here the potential employer can witness that you have moderate experience of few years. This type of resume will also be beneficial to use for someone applying for the same job title of Starbucks Baristas.

Contact info

Your contact information which sits at the top of the resume should contain your phone number, your permanent address (not necessary to put in the whole address), your formal email ID, your LinkedIn profile if you have one, your website if you have one. Your phone number should be easily reachable in case the human resources try to reach out to you. Your email ID should not contain random words or phrases and is casual, since you're applying for jobs use it as a professional email, and keep your personal email ID separate.

Hacienda Alsacia- a 240-hectare coffee farm located in Costa Rica, that was purchased in 2013, serves as a working farm as well as Starbucks global Research and Development facility.



Your resume summary should be written in 3 to 5 bullet point and it should crisp, concise and short. You should talk about the most important and impressive professional achievements and relevant skills in the summary. The professional summary should also talk about the total years of experience you have and what kind of opportunity you are looking for. In case, you are a fresher, you can talk about how your education has helped you build the skills necessary for the role.


Experience is the key section if one has experience before applying for the position of a Starbucks Barista. Experience should always be listed in a reverse chronological fashion. You would want your latest most recent and relevant experience first and then it trickle downs.

Under each experience use resume key words, use action verbs that exemplify what you did previously, and which accentuates that you take responsibilities, and did always what was required of you.

Fill the white spaces with words and filler words so that your resume does not look empty. Write as much possible in a line so that the hiring managers at Starbucks don't reject the resume basis white spaces.

While explaining your experiences, always write them in the third person. You should always use numbers as much as possible. What can be counted should be counted. If you delivered coffee to more than 100 customers a day, or managed a team of 4 Barista parallelly, those are all cases that should have numbers in your resume. Having your achievements, awards, recognitions, even your day to day activities quantified makes it more appealing to the hiring manager.


This can be optional, however, if you've completed your schooling and even your graduation then please put it up. Adding education may not add much value however, not having it may also not be advisable. The hiring manager would like to know if you've had formal education and that you have communication skills.

Moreover, if you graduated as a formal Barista, from a school then that will add immense value to your career as you've done education in the field you're applying to and that the profession is growing and shows signs of growing in the future as well.

You should list your education in the reverse chronological order as well, which means the recent most education will come first.

Skills list

You will need to note your skills throughout your Starbucks resume in various sections, and then add the most important skills that are also your top strengths will need to be listed in a separate section. This will help you highlight your skills properly.

 Starbucks Barista Resume

📌 The relevant & key skills list for your Starbucks resume:

  • excellent customer service
  • soft skills
  • relevant skills for food service industry
  • understanding job duties
  • specialty beverages
  • friendly customer service
  • using espresso machines
  • working with Starbucks employees
  • coffee blends
  • coffee expertise
  • food service industry
  • educated customers
  • exact skills for a Starbucks barista
  • brewed coffee
  • food service
  • food preparation
  • customer orders
  • brand loyalty knowledge
  • working with new employees
  • fast paced environment
  • transferable skills
  • credit card readers
  • cold beverages
  • latte art
  • artisanal pastries
  • cash handling
  • using espresso machine
  • provided customers with their orders
  • point of sale
  • friendly service
  • cash drawer
  • team based work
  • condiment bar handling

Bonus Tips

We will list down the bonus tips in the form of bullet point so that it acts as guidelines too:

  • Fill white spaces
  • Use action verbs
  • Proof read your resume
  • Use bullet points to express your experiences

Beat the ATS with keywords

Your resume will pass through various applicant tracking system which will reject or shortlist your resume. These systems operate on the basis of the keywords on your resume and their relevance for the role, job ad, job descriptions and the industry. You need to use them in sensible manner throughout your resume to ensure your resume gets shortlisted.

📌 List of keywords for your Starbucks resume:

  • Starbucks experience
  • cash handling
  • cash drawer
  • friendly service
  • point of sale
  • latte art
  • job roles
  • transferable skills
  • customer orders
  • professional accomplishments
  • professional summary
  • store manager
  • coffee shop
  • food service
  • Starbucks employee
  • Starbucks baristas
  • espresso machines
  • specialty beverages
  • Starbucks job
  • key skills
  • Starbucks barista
  • relevant skills

Cover letter

Cover letter is a summary of your life written in a more literature sense or more like a story. You weave a narrative around your own words and experiences or experience which you deem it to be significant. Secondly, if you have won any awards or been recognized for anything or achieved something like winning some competition, or getting recognized for the community work that you ight have done, or if you held a position of leadership in college. Those things will add value to the cover letter.

The intent behind asking for a cover letter from someone who is going to become a Starbucks Barista, is to know whether they are ready to take on additional responsibilities when asked and they are ready to more than what is required on certain occasions.

In your cover letter, after mentioning the professional side of your life, please mention your hobbies and passion. They tend to be a topic of discussion for the interview and sometimes the Starbucks hiring managers or other employees just might take a liking to it.


If you're coming to Starbucks with prior experience and you've worked at another places before then by all means have references who will side by you. References that are genuine will weigh in on your resume. The Starbucks hiring managers will reach out to these references that you have provided and will ask them some questions and get to know you better by asking of how you did when you were previously employed. These questions cannot be avoided and give the hiring manager a sense of what kind of person you are.

The references should genuinely tell the kind of person you were at their workplace and if you behaved like an idle employee who will be meeting thousand of customers every week. So customer interaction is of hug concern, there should not be an issue of getting angry or unresponsive, etc. that might harm your prospects of becoming a Starbucks Barista.


In conclusion, as person applying for the position of the Starbuck Barista, use the Functional or the Combination Resume Format. You should not leave a lot of empty spaces in the resume. You should express your experiences in the form of a narrative while you're writing your cover letter.

You must check out our resume examples and templates collection; you might also want to to try our resume builder feature that provides AI prompts similar to ChatGPT. Good luck with the job hunt!

Starbucks Barista Resume

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need a cover letter with my Starbucks resume?

Yes, cover letters may not be mandatory but they add great value to your job application hence you should always write a cover letter along with your Starbucks resume.

Do I need any particular degree on my Starbucks resume?

No, Starbucks barista role requires practical skills and almost no theoretical knowledge that one might learn in university through degrees.

How long my Starbucks resume should be?

An ideal professional Starbucks resume should be 1 to 2 pages long, not more than that as longer resumes may not sustain the hiring managers' attention.

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