Sample Administrative Coordinator Resume

Sample Administrative Coordinator Resume

HR managers comb through thousands of resumes and if your resume is not attractive enough, it’s just going to land in the “rejected” pile. Whether you’re a fresher or an experienced professional, crafting a compelling administrative coordinator resume is the first step to impress the hr managers.

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Example of an Administrative Coordinator Resume

Andy Green
Senior Administrative Coordinator
San Francisco

Professional Summary

Experienced and detail-oriented Administrative Coordinator with five years of expertise in coordinating and managing office administrations. Excellent people and organizational skills and building lasting relationships at the workplace.

Work Experience

Senior Administrative Coordinator
The Royal Hospital(2013-Present)
Coordinating with the departments to check the protocols, guidelines, and procedures.
Coordinating with the HR managers regarding the leaves of the staff and handling budget projects and expense reports
Documenting and filing correspondence for both internal and external departments

Assistant Administrative Coordinator
City Medical Center(2009-2013)
Attending scheduled meetings of the department’s internal and external and preparing meeting notes and other duties
Coordinating with medical students, managing work assignments,  taking care of expense reports and also with external vendors.
Coordinating and handling internship programs

Academic Achievements

University of Cambridge
Master in Business Administration, 2007-2009
GPA - 3.7/4

Stanford University
Bachelor in Commerce, 2004-2007
GPA - 3.6/4


Proficiency in Spreadsheets
Excellent problem-solving capacities
Outstanding written and communication skills
Excellent people skills


English - Cleared TOEFL with a score of 120.

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Administrative coordinators earn around $46,000 on average per year and if you want to land a job anywhere near that salary and do what you dream of, you need to have the perfect resume. In this article, we tell you all about how to create the perfect resume and how you can draft it easily. A perfect resume will ease up your job search process.

They act as the backbone of an organization where they coordinate with the staff, employees and also manage budgets. Since they monitor and manage company financials, they are always in high demand in organizations such as Humana Inc, Sprouts Farmers Market LLC, Davita Inc, and others.

If you’re a new Assistant Administrative Coordinator, you could typically earn $35,000 per annum. For a mid-level position, the average salary is $46,000 per year. If you have 5+ years of experience, you can earn $66,000 annually (

Landing a job will need managerial skills and also look after financial management. If you’re aiming for a job at the top companies, the first thing you need to focus on is your resume. Whether you’re clueless about creating one or need to reconstruct your current one, we’ve got it all covered for you. Let’s take a look at an example of a resume and how to craft an impressive one below.

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How to make an Administrative Coordinator Resume

administrative coordinator

Your resume is your personality on the paper. Before walking into the interview room, recruiters will have your resume in hand. Creating a strong first impression starts with your resume. And for that, you need to focus on building an attention-grabbing resume.

Adding your previous experiences, including your skills, your educational qualifications, and a strong resume summary is key to impress recruiters. Having organizational skills and time management is a plus for this role.

But how do you craft a resume that paints a picture of your professional setting? Let’s take a look here.

The layout of the Administrative Coordinator Resume

The layout of your resume is the first thing you should focus on. Getting the subtle details right will hook recruiters right at the outset and make you stand out. Here are some of the things that you need to keep in mind when you’re designing a layout for your resume.

Keep your sentences crisp

You might have years of experience or you may be a fresher too, either way, your sentences should be concise and explain your expertise in one or less than one sentence. It should be easy for recruiters to skim through.

Use Subtle colors

Resume’s today are not always black and white. Adding a splash of colors will grab the attention of HR managers and give you an edge over others. But you need to use subtle colors and not bright ones to keep it professional.

Add pointers

Pointers are easy to read and they make your resume look neat. Always use pointers while adding your skills section to your resume.

The structure of the Administrative Coordinator Resume

Structuring your Administrative Coordinator resume well is important to showcase your skills in the right way. There should be a flow when recruiters skim through your resume. If you’re unsure whether to add your education at the top of your experience, you can go according to the reverse chronological order if you have experience or apply the functional format if you’re a fresher.

Start with the Header of the Administrative Coordinator Resume

A header is a must in your resume. Even if you think it’s not needed, adding a header will help recruiters know about you in the first few lines of your resume.

Example of a header / Example of a bad header for an Administrative Coordinator


Andy Green, works as an Administrative coordinator.

Her phone number is 222-3353-555.


Andy Green

Assistant Administrative Coordinator



Tip to remember -

    Your header must consist of your current designation, contact information, and your email address. These should be formatted well too.

administrative coordinator

Is a photo required in the Administrative Coordinator Resume?

Though it’s not mandatory to add one, in a crowded market, adding a professional photo of you can attract the attention of recruiters. We always recommend using a professional photo on your resume.

Choosing your Administrative Coordinator Title

A summary or title talks about you and your skill in a single sentence. It should be crisp and you need to add power words that make you stand out with that one line.

Administrative coordinator resume sample

Result-driven and adaptable Assistant Administrative Coordinator

Professional summary for Administrative Coordinator

An Administrative Coordinator should be able to multitask and have an eye for detail. You need to add that in your resume summary. The first three lines on your resume are a brief summary of your professional career. It should answer what makes you a good fit for the company. You need to tweak it every time based on the organization you’re applying to. Though your role would be the same, you need to research the company and modify it accordingly.

Format the correct and incorrect text examples in green and red.

Here is an example of a summary for the Administrative Coordinator:


Organized Administrative coordinator with a knack to handle multiple tasks at a time. Having a positive attitude and an ability to coordinate with various departments and ensure smooth workflow.


Experience in coordinating with various departments and knowledge of working in the same industry for more than 5 years and having the ability to handle multiple tasks at a time.

Some tips -

    Keep in mind to add your achievements and how you’ve helped companies manage better.

    Use power words instead of the bland ones

    Always go through the job description before writing your summary.

Work Experience in the Administrative Coordinator Resume

Your first section is this. If you’re a fresher, you can add your internships and your job responsibilities. If you’re an experienced professional, including your job role, responsibilities, and your achievements will help.

Introduction of the Professional Experience section

An HR manager viewing your resume will check the responsibilities held in your previous organizations to see if you fit the bill. You should have people skills, organizational skills, and know company policies. Including your work history portrays these skills.

Describe your professional experiences on your Administrative Coordinator Resume-

While describing your previous work experience, ensure to add the following things as well.

  • Company name
  • Date and duration of the employment
  • Your job title
  • The responsibilities you did on a daily basis
  • Promotions/ awards and recognitions

Example of professional experiences for Administrative Coordinator junior

Senior Coordinator

The Royal Hospital (2013-Present)

    Coordinating with the departments to check the protocols, guidelines, and procedures.

    Coordinating with the HR Manager regarding the leaves of the staff and handling budget projects and expense reports

    Documenting and filing correspondence for both internal and external departments

    Replenishing office equipment and office supplies

Example of work experience for Senior Administrative Coordinator

Assistant Admin Coordinator

City Medical Center (2009-2013)

    Attending scheduled meetings of the department’s internal and external and preparing meeting notes

    Organising travel arrangements for the vice president

    Coordinating with medical students and taking care of expense reports

    Coordinating and handling internship programs

administrative coordinator

Education in the Administrative Coordinator Resume

Should you start with education or work experience?

If you’re out of college, starting with your education works well. And if you have done internships, freelancing, or part-time jobs, begin your resume with that and then add the education section. If you have years of experience as an administrative coordinator, start with your job title and responsibilities as that’s what recruiters will be looking for.

How to properly list your education in an Administrative Coordinator Resume?

Go in reverse chronological order. Add your highest education at the top. Include the educational institution you graduated from, your GPA, and also any training courses that you’ve completed.

Example of the education section of an Administrative Coordinator

University of Cambridge Master of Business Administration (2007-2009) GPA - 3.7/4

Skills to put in the Resume for an Administrative Coordinator

What are the main skills sought for in an Administrative Coordinator Resume?

You need to have both good written and verbal communication abilities along with organizational skills for office administration. Some of the basic skills to add in the skills section are:

  • Microsoft Word and Microsoft Office
  • Coordination
  • Excel Spreadsheets
  • Computer proficiency
  • Travel planning
  • Data collection
  • Client Relations
  • Data Entry
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Processing invoices
  • Knowledge of Medical terminology

Other skills:

  • Creative problem solving
  • Critical thinking
  • Multi-task management
  • Reading comprehension
  • Typing proficiency
  • Proofreading
  • Research
  • Minute Taking
  • Data Analysis

Try to include a combination of hard and soft skills to showcase your potential for an administrative coordinator job role to the employer.

What skills for a junior Administrator Coordinator

As someone new to the role, you need to have the following skills:

  • Ability to manage time
  • Good customer service skills
  • Appointment scheduling skills
  • Be able to schedule meetings
  • Work with the department budget
  • Having an eye for detail
  • Having exceptional organizational skills
  • Excellent verbal and written communication
  • Protecting confidential information
  • Taking notes at staff meetings
  • Organising the office filing system
  • Protecting personal data
  • Organising travel arrangements
  • Replenishing office supplies and office equipment

What skills for a qualified senior administrative coordinator?

An experienced admin coordinator will have the following skills:

  • Office inventory management
  • Accounting ledger management
  • Employee training
  • Project management
  • Executive management and administrative support
  • Account management
administrative coordinator

Write the Ideal Resume Hook for an Administrative Coordinator Resume Sample

A hook in a resume objective and have good PowerPoint presentations. It is what grabs the eye of hiring managers. You need to put your experience or your core skills that set you apart from the rest. Here is a sample example of a summary to add to your resume:

Example of a tagline for a junior Admin Coordinator

Result-driven and detail-oriented Junior Admin Coordinator willing to learn and gain experience in a similar job role.

Sample tagline for a senior level Admin Coordinator

Experienced Senior Administrative Coordinator with a demonstrated history of working as a coordinator looking to join a renowned workplace.

Additional Headings for your Administrative Coordinator Resume

Introduce the importance of additional headings and detail when it’s better to add them.

Computer skills and certifications in an Administrative Coordinator Resume

Administrative coordinator skills will require people to have to keep a record of several reports of the company. They also are in charge of working with the finance department and taking care of the expenses and budget of the company.

So make sure to include basic computer skills such as Excel, Word, Microsoft Office etc. Including such skills will showcase your ability to provide administrative support.

Languages in an Administrative Coordinator Resume

Since you will be managing and coordinating with the staff, adding the languages you know to your resume can be beneficial.

    English - TOEFL score of 120

Summary: Key Points for Writing a Perfect Administrative Coordinator Resume

Your professional resume needs a resume objective and display of exceptional customer service. You need to have a creative resume and the right administrative coordinator skills. Here are some writing tips from our side to make you stand out from the crowd.

  • Include a well-formatted header that includes all information about you, like current designation and contact information.
  • Do not forget to add achievements and mention the value you can bring to the company.
  • Use power words instead of regular ones to increase the impact of your impression on the employer.
  • Use subtle colors that would not have a calming effect on the employer.
  • Use short and crisp sentences that convey your message correctly.
  • Follow the correct resume format based on your skills

Write a Cover Letter That Goes With Your Administrative Coordinator Resume

A cover letter is the first thing that the employer will look at in your resume. Your cover letter should be attractive and purposeful. It should tell the employer why you want to join the company and why you would be a good fit.

To make an effective cover letter, have a look at the administrative coordinators job description and that will help you define what administrative coordinator skills the employer is looking for. Include these skills on the cover letter to attract the employer. This will help them be sure that you will be able to carry out your administrative duties efficiently.

Administrative Coordinator Resume Samples - Top Frequently Asked Questions

We understand the difficulties that you may be facing while creating your administrative coordinator resume. Following are some general questions you might be having, we answered them for you. You can always visit our website for a resume builder and templates.

Administrative coordinators - What do they do?

They are in charge of maintaining a smooth and hassle-free administrative workflow in the office. They are required to create and execute schedules for teams, manage the company budget and track expenses, and look after the public relations with guests and staff. Moreover, they will have to provide efficient administrative support.

Administrative coordinators will also have to take care of new employee paperwork, and schedule appointments:

Delegating tasks to team members and communicating with other clients of the company will require highly effective communication and persuasion skills.

How do I write a resume for a coordinator?

A coordinator resume is a key when applying for an administrative coordinator position. The resume should tell the employer about the assets and strengths you would bring to the company. You can also take more help from our resume templates that will make the whole process quicker and easier for you. Our resume builder which will help you greatly.

With a team of experts, we ensure that all your talents and key skills are properly displayed so that the employer gets attracted to your resume. Make hiring managers want to know more about you with just three easy steps with us!

How do I put administrative support and skills on my resume?

Putting administrative skills on your resume can be quite tricky. We specialize in creating administrative resume samples.

The employer will put emphasis on your key skills to decide whether you are the right fit for the company or not. So you should be cautious while adding all your skills.

The primary skill that an employer will look for is communication. Your written and verbal communication should be strong throughout the hiring process. Our easy-to-use templates will help you with showing off your communication and organizational skills. Moreover, you can also highlight your administrative support capabilities.

What is the difference between administrative assistant and coordinator?

An administrative assistant is required to help with creating and delivering invoices and schedules, track receipts, and keep a record of company expenses, informing everyone about tasks and passing on different information. They also have clerical duties like data entry.

While this may seem very familiar to working in an administrative coordinator position, the difference is that the coordinator has to work with several senior-level officers in the senior management. The coordinator helps maintain communication out of the office, via e-mails and phone calls also. They also keep a track of reports of the office management.

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