McDonald’s Resume: Best Formats, Examples & Tips to Work at McDonlad's

McDonald’s Resume: Best Formats, Examples & Tips to Work at McDonlad's

Are you facing problems choosing the correct McDonald’s resume format? Don't worry; we've got you covered.The foodservice industry is a fast-paced operation where potential/new employees have only an instant to impress the hiring manager. This haste is the reason why you need a dedicated resume builder like us.

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McDonald’s resume example

John Smith
Target Cashier
Phone: +1-777-777-8888

About Me

Interested in the Cashier position at McDonald’s. Comes with soaring references from past employers. 4+ years experience working the cash register with excellent customer service. Experience in negotiation and conflict resolution.

Work Summary

Efficient cashier with 4+ years of experience. Advanced negotiation and conflict resolution skills. Awarded Employee of the Month twice at Delaware Foods Co. Looking to put exceptional knowledge of counter machinery and outstanding communication skills as a Walmart Cashier at Walmart, Medford.

Work Experience

Target, Ladybird Park, Austin.
03/12/2017 to present

  • Top Target Cashier in the Downtown Austin area, awarded a company plaque as recognition. Consistently efficient with transactions and receipts
  • Exhibited notable communication skills with no record of customer complaints during the entire duration of hire
  • Operated the counter machinery expertly for 4+ years, with only one instance of breakdown. Gained immediate familiarity with the latest machines and tech

Customer Service Executive
Delaware Foods Co., Zilker, Austin.
01/04/2016 to 03/12/2017

  • Showed well-honed negotiation skills by resolving the most issues in a month in company history
  • Chosen by team as part of a group professionally trained in conflict management
  • Excellent interpersonal skills-recognized with the Employee of the month award twice

Holden Whole Foods, Hidden Springs, Austin.
09/11/2014 to 04/12/2015

  • Maintained cleanliness and quality control in-store. In charge of inventory control and handling transferred merchandise.
  • Lauded by the hiring manager for keeping a professional appearance according to company policies.
  • Provided excellent customer service and showed compatibility with team members.


University of Texas,
Zilker Park, Austin
Graduated: 16/07/2018 - GPA : 3.5

Associate of Science- Food Technology
Medford High School, Medford, Massachusetts
Graduated:02/03/2013 - GPA: 3.9


  • Seasoned negotiator
  • Pro at conflict resolution
  • Effective team builder and communicator
  • Total customer satisfaction
  • Up to date with the latest machinery
  • Skilled at working the cash register and/or at a drive through window
  • Education high school diploma

Hobbies (Additional Section)

  • Baseball
  • Music
  • Learning Spanish
  • Creative writing
  • Programming
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Neither Ivy-level formal education nor extensive work history is necessary for you to become one of McDonald's Crew Members. We know exactly what sort of format catches the hiring manager's attention. From choosing the most eye-catching headers to highlighting the most attractive skills, our tips will ensure your resume sets you a class apart.

With 90% of McDonald’s employees claiming it is a great place to work, the McDonald's Crew Member position makes for an excellent entry-level job. The annual USD 20,000 income is also well worth the varied job duties associated with it. From stock ordering to helping customers to cash handling, your McDonald's crew member responsibilities will be diverse and exciting. So why wait any longer? Get your resumes ready.

Your McJob awaits!

Here are some crew member resume sample. Every McDonald’s crew member resume should have headings like this.

Check out our resume templates to check which format is more suitable for your profile. Use the resume above as an example to follow and your application will be ready to go in no time.

Building a Professional Resume for Fast-Food Giant McDonald’s

Soft skills like a positive attitude and exceptional customer service are undoubtedly essential to land a McJob. But a professional resume tailored to the job description plays just as important a role in the hiring process.

Being aware of the duties of the position can be helpful in all parts of resume writing. Everything from the CV, the summary, the objective, the skill list to the work experience section is improved by just reading it.

It helps candidates target the specific roles and skill sets that hiring managers happen to be searching for. For instance, McDonald’s crew member jobs require experience in preparing food. You may be asked about safe food preparation techniques and other food safety procedures.

The following resume components are essential to land a job as a McDonald’s Crew Member

  • Headers
  • Correct formats
  • Clean layouts
  • Relevant work experience
  • Education
  • Skill list with hard and soft skills
  • Informative summary
  • Focused customized objective
  • Unique CV
  • Additional sections like interests and hobbies
Takeaway: Carefully reading the job description is a must and cannot be stressed enough. Not doing so can produce vague, uninspired resumes that likely end up at the bottom of the waste bin.

It helps candidates target the specific roles and skillsets that hiring managers happen to be searching for. For instance, McDonald’s crew member jobs require experience in preparing food. You may be asked about safe food preparation techniques and other food safety procedures.

Types of Layouts to Use on Your Resume

  • Use professional fonts like Arial and Times New Roman.
  • 10 to 13 is the go-to size for most font sizes. Anything bigger looks unprofessional, while smaller prints are harder to decipher.
  • Pay careful attention to the spacings, lines and alignments. You don’t want your carefully put-together resume to be rejected because of some silly formatting issue.
  • PDF is the most common file format. If your resume is in any other form, convert your application to this before sending it.
  • Your crew member resume must be a compact one and fit on one page.
  • Ensure proper formats and headings and do not make the page too cluttered.

Format to Use in Professional Resumes

  • Reverse chronological format: The reverse chronological is an easy-to-write format that lists your work history in a reverse manner. The reverse chronological calls attention to your work progress and is best suited for crew member candidates that have seen rapid progress in their careers.
  • Functional/skill-based format: Freshers and candidates with limited work experience are best suited to this format as it focuses on the soft skills and strengths of the individual. A lot of your transferable work skills become visible via this format.
  • Hybrid/combination format: The combination format works best when applying for a position that demands flexibility. It is for a job that requires specializations in multiple fields at once. If you possess it, this format emphasizes your diverse skill set.
Tip: If you are not confident about using the other two formats, stick to the reverse chronological variant. It is the easiest and the most widely used among HR teams.


Why Choosing the Correct Header is Important?

Good McDonald’s crew member resumes are all about making a perfect first impression. That is why it is crucial to have powerful headers that entice and capture attention. Your titles must include the following.

  • Your name and only your name as the first heading. Do not add unnecessary monikers like 'name' or `personal information’ in front of or behind it.
  • The area of expertise/current job title as next heading
  • Next, your contact information, including but not limited to your phone number, your email, links to your LinkedIn and social media handles.

Bad Header vs. Good Header

So, how do you know whether a McDonald’s crew member sample is good or bad? Here is a look at some other crew member resume sample.

John Smith Target Cashier

Austin, Texas



Name: John Smith

Current Job Title: Cashier at Target

Address: Austin, Texas


Fact: Recruiters spend only about 7 seconds per resume. So, it is your headers that do the main work of grabbing attention. Use colors that attract but do not overwhelm.

Limit highlights to two primary colors as any more can make your resume feel cluttered.

Adding Photos to A McDonald’s Crew Member Resume

McDonald’s crew member resumes containing photos are considered unprofessional and rejected by most hiring managers. This rejection is because the resume's focus should be on the individual's skills rather than their physical appearance. Another vital point is that issues about discrimination based on color can be raised when resumes contain photos.

Even though some recruiters may be willing to take such applications, it is better to be on the safe side and not attach any pictures to your resume. Adding your photo-containing LinkedIn profile to your header can do the job of the photograph in most cases.


Highlighting Work Experience in McDonald’s Resumes

Your work experience should be in descending order, with your latest job on top. Your Mcdonald’s crew member resume must also contain fine details like position responsibilities, achievements/references, company, and employment history following this reverse chronological style. Talk about your food preparation experience, and how you’ve met customer satisfaction before. Talk about your experience in the cash register, and your educational experience, including your high school diploma.

Curating relevant work experience is key to delivering a compelling resume.

Always play to your strengths by following these McDonald’s crew member resume writing tips

List the name of your last company on top.

Your official title and the details of your hiring should come second.

Use direct speech and bullet points to make an impact

Your past achievements/references/awards should be relevant and unique to each job. Always try to match them to the requirements of the position.

Exceptional Customer Service

Any good crew member resume sample will talk about the job seeker’s ability to prepare food. It will talk about how the crew member can offer excellent customer service, and offer good customer service. Here are some of the McDonald’s crew member responsibilities.

  • Ability to offer great customer service and customer satisfaction
  • Experience working in cash register
  • Experience in the food service industry
  • Ability to address customer complaints
  • Your education high school diploma
  • Ability to serve food and food items on time.

Tips for Candidates with Little/No Work Experience

For candidates with little to no experience, the job memo is a boon.

Read the listing thoroughly and set up your resumes accordingly. Any prior experience, even if not in the hospitality field, can be made to match the job requirements.

For example, you can mold a past volunteer activity into something that emphasizes your people skills. A summer job at a carwash counter can be a testament to your ease with financial transactions.

There's no need to stress a lack of experience when applying for a position at McDonald's.

Many freshers get their start with McDonald's Crew Member jobs.

Be innovative and make your past internships or projects work in your favor, as in this case


Houston Book Fair Management Team

Team A -University of Texas

Houston, Texas - July 2012

  • Experienced in time management as team leader with responsibility for stall opening/closing
  • In charge of transactions as well as inventory rotation and restocking
  • Significant profit over resale books using sharp negotiation skills


I have no relevant experience in the hospitality sector.

Sample for candidates without experience

No work experiences? No worries!

Soft skills are increasingly becoming crucial in all hiring processes. According to a LinkedIn report, up to 89% of recruits failed to pass the hiring process. Their lack of communication and creative skills was to blame for this. Their technical skills didn't factor much into the equation at all.

The inclusion of any of the seven essential soft skills, viz leadership, teamwork, communication, problem-solving, work ethic, adaptability, and interpersonal skills, can help you catch the hiring manager's eye.

For example;


Houston Book Fair Management Team

Team A -University of Texas

Houston, Texas - July 2012

  • Experienced in time management as team leader with responsibility for stall opening/closing
  • In charge of transactions as well as inventory rotation and restocking
  • Significant profit over resale books using sharp negotiation skills

How to Write about Education

List your academic qualifications in reverse-chronological order. The section must include your college or university degree, your high school diploma, and other relevant information.

You should mention your degree only if you have been a student until recently. If a significant amount of time has passed since your college years, you can leave out the details.

The job description for the McDonald's Crew Member position usually covers tasks like making specialty drinks or taking customer orders promptly. So, for education, a high school diploma or equivalent degree is more than sufficient.

When filling the education section, follow this format to catch the eye of hiring managers.

  • Institution Name
  • GPA
  • Date/Month/Year of Graduation
  • Name of Degree

For example,

University of Texas,

Zilker Park, Austin - 16/07/2018

GPA: 3.5

Associate of Science- Food Technology

Medford High School,

Medford, Massachusetts- 02/03/2013

GPA: 4.2

Any notable achievements and honors that emphasize your skills should be included in this section. You can even add minor projects and activities to the list if they are relevant to the job description

Houston Book Fair Management

Team A- University of Texas

Houston, Texas - July 2012

  • Experienced in time management as team leader with responsibility for stall opening/closing
  • In charge of transactions as well as inventory rotation and restocking
  • Significant profit over resale books using sharp negotiation skills

Extra Tip: If your GPA is less than satisfactory (Below 3.5), we recommend leaving it out from your education section. A smooth omission can help you avoid a disaster.

What Type of Skills to List in Resumes?

It is essential to read the job description before formulating your skill list. This information will give you an idea about what a hiring manager is looking for in an employee.

With this knowledge under your belt, play to your strong points by tailoring your skills to the job demands.

In terms of hard skills, these are the most relevant for a McDonald’s Crew Member resume:

  • Language skills- knowing more than one language can improve customer interaction
  • Computer skills- backed by certification can give you a leg-up on the competition
  • Cash handling- prior experience working a cash counter is always beneficial.
  • Inventory- hard skills with knowledge of stock rotation and restocking increase your chances of being hired

Most-Sought after Skills in McDonald Resumes

Including soft skills with relevant keywords can help enhance your resume.

Since it falls under the foodservice and hospitality sector, all McDonald's staff must have good people skills. So, highlighting your adaptability and extroverted persona can help you land the coveted McDonald’s Crew Member position.

A mixture of relevant hard and soft skills makes an effective combo in handing you this job. Use these tips and keyword-heavy points to impress hiring managers.

  • Leadership- workplace motivation and interpersonal skills are the focus here
  • Catering- convenient for servers
  • Sharp memory- a must when remembering orders.
  • Negotiation skills- because not all customers are angels.
  • Effective communicator- highlights your teamwork/customer skills
  • Product knowledge- knowing what goes where gives you an edge over other applicants

What to Include in the Food Preparation Resume’s Additional Section?

The extra section is not always necessary in McDonald’s crew member resumes and can often take up unnecessary space. Try to avoid including it in your McDonald’s crew member resume unless it is exceptionally relevant to the job.


Hobbies that a McDonald’s crew member needs

The correct sort of leisure activity can sometimes strike the right chord in employers. Prioritize team building, skill-based activities like

  • Team sports like baseball and basketball
  • Languages
  • Music
  • Writing skills
  • Programming/coding

These hobbies have the potential to be of use during your work tenure and can thus have a positive impact on your overall resume.

For example, as a sportsperson, an understanding of teamwork and communication is expected to be ingrained in you. Multilingual persons can help enhance customer service, musicians can improve morale at team-building retreats, and writers can help in writing fliers and promotions.

Tips for Writing a Professional Summary for a McDonald’s Crew Member

Our pro tip is this - keep it short and to the point.

Among a horde of long-winded applications, a compact yet dynamic resumes stick with hiring managers.

Though there’s no need for you to pad, make sure you use the most striking and apt keywords to describe your past work. It is also crucial to list achievements prioritizing the preferred duties if you wish to make an impact.

Correct Vs. Incorrect Summary Examples

Career Objective

Efficient cashier with 4+ years of experience. Advanced negotiation and conflict resolution skills. Awarded Employee of the month twice at Delaware Foods Co. Looking to put exceptional knowledge of counter machinery and considerable communication skills as a Walmart Cashier at Walmart, Medford.

Career Objective I am a cashier with four years plus experience and am looking to move to a new job. I am skilled in customer management and can use counter machinery efficiently. Applying for the cashier position with Walmart.

Sample Career Objective for Inexperienced Crew Member Resume

Writing career objectives isn't difficult, even for those with less or no work history.

Despite being a fast-paced work environment, McDonald's Crew Member jobs mostly revolve around taking customer orders, cash handling, and food preparation. Since it does not always emphasize past positions, a college student can quickly fulfill these duties.

Career Objective

Graduate with well-developed communication skills applying for McDonald's Crew Member position at McDonald's, Medford. Excellent work ethic, with a natural affinity for numbers. Natural team leader and head of team with highest earnings in Houston Book Fair history.

Excellent Customer Service : How To Boost Your McDonald Resume’s Quality

Tip: Always use a clean font. Employers prefer basic, professional styles like Times New Roman and Arial. Tip: Keep the size a conservative 11 as it increases your McDonald’s crew member resume’s readability. Tip: Use direct, active speech loaded with keywords. Tip: Pass your McDonald’s crew member resume through professional editing apps like Grammarly

Essential Points to Remember When Writing the Summary

Recruiters are most likely to read the summary and the objective parts of the McDonald’s crew member resume. So a short, informative paragraph about your past work experience and achievements is the best bet when writing summaries.

Follow these essential tips to make the most significant impact in the shortest time.

  • Compact, high-information sentences are key.
  • Get to the point immediately with direct sentences.
  • Keep it formal and free of adverbs and adjectives if possible.
  • In the absence of prior experience, list your most relevant soft/hard skills.
  • List achievements that align with the job duties first.
  • Don’t pad your McDonald’s resume. Always be sincere.


Writing the Perfect Cover Letter

Cover Letters are a vital part of your resume.

Interested employers will look both at the McDonald’s crew member resume and the cover letter, so there must be some difference between the two. Let your cover letter tell the things that your resume does not and vice versa.

Customize each cover letter according to the job to have the most impact. Be specific and transparent in your approach. For example, instead of writing a vague "My interest lies in an entry-level position in the hospitality sector," begin your introduction with a confident and bold first person, "I am interested in the Walmart Cashier position at Walmart, Medford." Use a McDonald’s crew member resume builder to get better results.


I am interested in the Walmart Cashier position at Walmart Medford.


My interest lies in an entry-level post in the hospitality sector.

Tip: This shows that you have done prior research on the job and gives the hiring team a positive impression of your confidence and work ethic.

If your recruiter has a name, use it, be forward and enthusiastic, but above all, sell your skillset to them.


Dear John,

This familiarity immediately breeds warmth between hire and employer. Unlike a stiff, "Respected Sir,” it can help develop a bond between you and your recruiter.

Unlike the resume, the cover letter lets you be a little more comprehensive.

If you can write humorously, use this opportunity to show off your skill, but only if you are incredibly confident in your talents.

The cover letter should be about how and why your skill and passion fit the company but never vice versa. This part is crucial.

Emphasize those past achievements and work that sync with the job requirements. Show how your skills match the job duties.

Since McDonald's is part of the foodservice industry, focusing on essential soft skills is vital. Focus on things like your positive attitude, friendly customer service, and team leadership skills in your cover letter to make an impact. Make sure to grab the hiring manager’s attention in the introductory paragraph itself. A good first impression relies on the way you present yourself and the introduction is key.

The resume is formal, smart and impersonal but your cover letter is an opportunity to breathe life into the person on paper.

Use it to flesh out the skills and attributes you have highlighted in the resume.

Check out our tips if you want to be writing the most innovative, most professional-looking cover letters out there.

  • Always use names where available. Calling hiring managers by their names makes your writing feel more personable.
  • Be careful not to mess up your recruiter's gender. Doing so can immediately set a wrong impression.
  • Have a short but enticing introduction- tell a joke or use an anecdote. Keep it fresh and inviting.
  • Your cover letter should never exceed 500 words and must be confined to a single page.

Frequently asked Questions

I have no relevant work experience. Can I get a job at McDonald’s?

A: Yes, you can become a McDonald's crew member with no past work experience. Entry-level jobs at McDonald's welcome freshers eagerly and are willing to train them. A crew member can get hired even without any past work experience, from delivering orders to maintaining inventory with so many tasks to fulfill.

The trick is in having your resume hit the most relevant keywords. Check out our restaurant resume to get a clearer idea of how to write it. Also, read the above section on 'Experience' carefully as our article even provides a McDonald's resume example with no experience.

What is the easiest resume format to apply for a McJob?

A: The reverse chronological format is the most accessible and most widely used resume format. It is perfect for any beginner job-hunter. Everything from your education to work experience is listed, beginning with the latest one on top. You can check out our template formats to get more inspiration.

What do I add to my CV?

A: Your CV mirrors your resume but also gives you the freedom to be more personable. If there were things the former could not cover, the cover letter could help you overcome this.

Striking a balance between warm and formal is vital here, and calling your recruiter by name can help you land bonus points. Talk about your ability to work with a pos system, handle customers orders, and stock shelves. Your Mcdonald’s resume needs to talk about food prep. The resume objective needs to be clear, and show your positive attitude.

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