Marketing Intern Resume: Comprehensive Guide and Tips

Looking for opportunities to start your marketing professional career? You are fresh out of university or you are still in your last semester and now you are looking for a marketing internship. Finding an internship has its own challenges as well.

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So how should you go about this? Focus on marketing intern resume? Focus on interview preparation? What are the challenges that you might face? How can you ensure that your chances of getting a good internship are high? We are here to answer all of your questions.

We have prepared this comprehensive guide with a few bonus tips to help you out with the internship, thoroughly. We will answer all your questions, talk about how to write a marketing intern resume and we will even give you some tips on how to increase your chances of getting a really good internship, that will help you get a really good job because it will be very valuable on your marketing intern resume.

Marketing Intern Resume

So let's dive in!👇

Professional Marketing Intern Resume

Now, before we talk about how to write a marketing intern resume as in how to write each section, and so on, let's first talk about how to ensure that your resume is a professional resume! What makes a resume, professional? Why do you need your resume to be a professional marketing internship resume?

A professional resume is the kind of resume that reflects professionalism through its language and layout. A professional resume also follows a particular format in which various sections and information are described. When you write a resume that is professional, you ensure an impact on the hiring manager that is positive. When you enter the corporate world, you will need to adhere to the corporate world's protocol and undeclared norms. The professional resume is one such norm or practice that you need to participate in to ensure that the hiring managers think of you as someone who can fit in and perform well in the corporate set-up.

Now, to write a professional marketing internship resume, you need to follow a few professional resume-writing tips or guidelines:

  • Always use past tense and third person while writing your professional resume as it can help you reflect professionalism through your language and tone
  • Use as many action verbs as you can, it will make the language more effective, The same goes for using maximum numbers to quantify the information as it can make a better impact on the hiring manager
  • Make sure you proofread the marketing intern resume twice to ensure maximum accuracy throughout your resume because if there are any errors, it will be perceived as an unprofessional resume
  • Remove any and every spelling mistakes, grammatical mistakes, and information/factual error.
  • Use the simple document label for your marketing intern resume: Your first name, last name, and the term 'resume' or 'CV'. For example: Veronica Smith Resume
  • Your resume will go through many document viewing mediums and platforms, it will also pass through various kinds of applicant tracking systems and that means that your resume needs to be compatible with all the various mediums through which your resume will pass.To ensure that your marketing intern resume is compatible with them, choose the resume document format that will be compatible with all the systems and mediums and that gives you two options: Microsoft Word & PDF
  • You should choose the right format for your resume to focus on the sections that are important and need to be highlighted, we will discuss the various options in a while in this article


Now that you know how to write a professional resume, let's talk about how to begin or rather where to begin. When you sit down at your desk to write your resume, you may want some guidance about where to start. You may wonder whether you should choose a format first, use a resume builder option, do some research first, start writing a resume right away, and so on.

So the first step is to do some research. When we go to watch a new movie in cinema halls or movie theatres, we always look up the movie on the internet, its reviews and its screening times and so on, this is to ensure that your experience is good and you are not lost at any point or wasting money and energy.

💡 The U.S. marketing spending increased by more than nine percent to nearly 481 billion U.S. dollars in 2022.


Similarly, when you are sitting down to write your resume, you should do some research for your resume. You can simply explore various roles and designations that you can apply for, check out their job description and job duties, various salary ranges or stipend ranges offered, potential employers that you want to work with, the marketing industry, and related areas such as advertising, content curation, social media and so on.

Doing this research will give you a lot of insight into the current job market trends and the job market scenario, after doing the research, you will be able to figure out the best way to present your profile information on a marketing intern resume. During the research, you can also explore a number of marketing intern resume examples to get a better idea of what your resume should look like.


There are many resume formats and templates that you can choose from. Out of many available on the internet that you can explore anytime, there are 3 most prominent resume formats that are preferred by all the professionals in the corporate industry.

  • Functional resume format:

    A functional resume format allows you to focus on your skills and education sections where you can provide backing evidence and details for your skills in a brief description and also talk about relevant coursework at length in the education section. A functional resume is suitable for those who may not have an extensive work history and are looking to establish a career.

  • Reverse chronological resume format:

    Reverse chronological resume format focuses on the work history or the professional experience section and it is suitable for those who are seasoned professionals with extensive work history. Professionals who may not have extensive work history but significant years of professional experience may also use this resume format.

  • Combination resume format:

    Combination resume format or the hybrid resume format is the combination of the above two formats where the skills section, as well as the experience section, is focused upon.

As a fresher or recent graduate or student, you should go with the functional resume as it will help you highlight your skills and education in an efficient manner.

Resume header

The resume header should include below mentioned information👇

Marketing Intern Resume
  • Your full name
  • Your contact number with area and country code
  • Your professional email address
  • Your LinkedIn profile link (only if you are active on the platform and your profile is updated)
  • Your professional headshot in formal attire (not mandatory)
  • Your home address (not mandatory)

Resume summary

A resume summary should be 3 to 5 bullet points and not more or less. A resume summary helps you highlight the most important aspects of your marketing intern resume. You should use as many numbers and action verbs as you can to improve the impact of the information.

Your resume summary should talk about your degree, important and relevant coursework, any achievements or recognitions, any exceptional academic performance or academic project that you handled well, and so on.

At last, you can also mention what kind of opportunity you are looking for and how you will leverage your skills and education to perform well at your new internship.

Skills section

There are many marketing intern skills that you need to mention on your marketing intern resume. You need to choose all the relevant soft skills and hard skills for your resume and you need to mention them in the resume summary section, education section, and skills section.

The skills section should mention your top strengths along with the most important skills for the role of a marketing intern.

We have curated a list of relevant skills for your marketing intern resume:

  • Social media marketing
  • Social media management
  • Digital marketing
  • Marketing strategy
  • Working with the marketing team
  • Developing marketing strategies
  • Conducting market research
  • The company's social media strategy
  • Comprehensive marketing strategy
  • Social media presence
  • Project management
  • Social media campaigns
  • Basic and advanced processes
  • Marketing initiatives
  • Marketing research
  • Working with existing and potential customers
  • Marketing reports
  • Marketing analysis
  • Social media accounts
  • Data analysis of digital marketing
  • Company blog
  • Social media
  • Successful operations
  • Leadership skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Press releases
  • Personal projects
  • Website Traffic
  • Adobe Photoshop
Marketing Intern Resume

Education section

Your education section should mention your degree, the name of the educational institute, and the years of graduation.

You should also mention relevant coursework, academic performances, your major and minor subjects or specializations, and so on. Ensure that you highlight the relevant topics that you have learned such as important marketing theories and so on.

Experience section

You may not have any relevant experience yet since you are looking for an internship. However, your experience section can mention any other internships you have done volunteer work, or even irrelevant professional experience from the past.

While describing details, mention your role or designation, the employer's full name, and the employment period. You can also mention any part-time job that you have done or any freelance work experience that you have.

Recommendation letter

A recommendation letter can go a long way in convincing the hiring manager that you have studied well, learned all the theoretical knowledge necessary for the role, and developed skills as well. You can get a recommendation letter written by your education institute, from your professors, or any other authority. You can take 1 recommendation letter or perhaps 3, to enclose with your resume.


In conclusion, your professional resume should be used to maximize your chances of getting a good internship and we have discussed how to do that throughout this guide. You can also check out our resume examples, resume templates, and more. Our resume builder resource also offers AI prompts and suggestions to make writing easier for you, similar to ChatGPT.

And now you are ready to write your marketing intern resume! Good luck with the internship hunt!

Marketing Intern Resume

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long should my marketing intern resume be?

A standard professional resume is usually 1 to 2 pages long. Your marketing intern resume may take 1 page as well because as a fresher and recent graduate, you are not likely to have a lot of professional experience. You can use the functional resume format and your resume will easily fit into 1 page.

Are recommendation letters mandatory with my marketing intern resume?

As a fresher and recent graduate who is applying for an internship, it is likely that you do not have a lot of professional experience and all you can mention on your marketing intern resume is information about your education and skills.

Among these, skills cannot be verified through past work experience or other aspects. Hence, a recommendation letter can go a long way for someone in your position.

A recommendation letter written by your professors or dean of university or such authority can provide reassurance to the hiring manager regarding your skills, education, knowledge, and your overall capability of performing well in the role of a marketing intern.

Which are the top skills that I should mention on my marketing intern resume?

A marketing intern resume should mention many soft skills as well as hard skills along with a few technical skills. This means you need to choose all the relevant and important skills for your marketing intern resume. A few of the top most important skills that you should mention on your marketing intern resume may be:

  • Digital marketing
  • Marketing strategies
  • Social media marketing
  • Market research
  • Create marketing materials
  • Social media platforms
  • Commercial market trends
  • High-impact marketing campaigns

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