Job-Winning HR Resumes With Professional Writing Guide

Job-Winning HR Resumes With Professional Writing Guide

Being an HR, you are aware of the ‘ins and outs’ of the hiring process. An essential role in organizations is played by human resources, which is in charge of managing and developing employees, ensuring compliance with employment rules, and establishing a healthy work environment.

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Human Resources Manager Resume

Charlie Brown

Professional Summary

A highly qualified HR manager with 8 years of experience. Adept in keeping track of employee data, pay benefits, tax information, etc. Proficient with the hiring process by helping to pre-screen candidates, schedule interviews, and onboard new hires.

Work Experience

Anderson’s Retail Solutions
HR Manager
North Carolina, NC
July 2019 – Present

Job Responsibilities:

  • Making, uploading, and updating job postings.
  • Ensured that job descriptions are accurate
  • Documenting data input and reporting tasks for the personnel and payroll systems accurately
  • Enforcing and observing compliance with business policies, guidelines, and requirements

Walter Technologies
HR Manager
North Carolina, NC
Jan 2017 – April 2019

Job Responsibilities:

  • Organized regular training sessions on the most recent guidelines for safety, instruction, and privacy.
  • Investigated and successfully resolved allegations of sexual harassment and other offenses.
  • Monitored and approved the job descriptions that HR Generalists have created and the hiring process that follows.


  • Onboarding
  • HR Systems knowledge
  • Problem-Solving
  • Training
  • Organizational Skills
  • Management Skills


Master of Business Administration
Major in Human Resource
Graduated – May 2016
GPA – 3.7/4


Certified Training and Development Professional (CTDP), July 2018

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HR professionals too require a resume that successfully highlights their abilities, work history, and accomplishments to stand out from the crowd of applications.

In this article, you will learn to craft a compelling HR resume. This comprehensive guide will provide you with the skills and information required to write an attention-grabbing resume that attracts hiring managers.

hr resumes

Job-Winning HR Resume Writing Tips

Your resume serves as a marketing tool, therefore it must be brief, appropriate, and tailored to the HR position you are seeking for. You may write a job-winning HR resume that distinguishes you from the competition by concentrating on presenting your HR knowledge and accomplishments while applying these tips.

  • For each HR position you apply for, modify your resume.
  • Include important keywords and phrases to show that you are in line with their needs.
  • Start your resume with a concise and compelling summary or objective that emphasizes your HR experience, critical skills, and professional aspirations.
  • Highlight your HR-related skills and experience which includes talent acquisition, employee relations, performance, and training.
  • To show the effect of your HR activities, use figures, percentages, or other indicators.
  • Put a major emphasis on your resume if you have HR certifications like PHR (Professional in Human Resources) or SHRM-CP (Society for Human Resource Management Certified Professional).
  • List the HR software you know about, such as application tracking systems, payroll software, or performance management tools. HRIS (Human Resource Information System) is one example.
  • Your experience or understanding in areas like labor relations, EEOC compliance, FMLA, ADA, or other pertinent legal knowledge should be highlighted.
  • Stress your capacity for cooperation, negotiation, dispute resolution, and the fostering of enduring relationships with staff, management, and outside stakeholders.
  • Utilize distinct headers, bullet points, suitable fonts, and formatting. Keep the organization and style of the resume constant.
  • Proofread it thoroughly and think about getting advice from a dependable friend, workmate, or resume writer.

HR Resume Examples

Given below are Human Resources Resume examples crafted by our certified professional resume writer for your ready reference:

Entry-Level Human Resources Resume Sample

John Richards


Professional Summary

A recent business administration graduate with motivation and attention to detail is looking for an entry-level HR career. Devoted to using sound HR concepts, critical thinking skills, and strong interpersonal qualities to assist the organization's people management goals.

Project Experience

Capstone Project

Chicago, IL

Jan 2020 – Sept 2020

  • Developed a recruiting strategy with a team for a neighborhood nonprofit organization, using innovative sourcing techniques and conducting interviews to choose the best individuals.
  • Ensured that team members understood the objectives and expectations of group initiatives through effective communication and collaboration.
  • Used critical thinking abilities to detect and settle team member issues, promoting a peaceful work atmosphere.
  • Precision in data analysis initiatives, assuring correctness and spotting trends to enable wise decision-making.

Bachelor of Commerce, Major in Human Resources

Pierre State University, IL

Graduated – Dec 2021

GPA – 3.5/4

Relevant Coursework - Employment Relations, Contract Law, Equity & Trusts, Performance Management, and HR Analytics.


Certified Professional in Human Resources (PHR) - In progress

  • Communication
  • Problem-solving
  • Attention to detail
  • Time Management
  • Data Management

How to Write an Entry-Level Human Resources Resume with No Experience?

It is still possible to produce an engaging document that emphasizes your potential and transferrable skills. The steps for writing an entry-level HR resume are provided below:

Start by stating a compelling objective

Create a strong objective statement at the top of your resume to demonstrate your excitement for working in human resources and your desire to learn and contribute. Pay attention to your important skills, educational background, and professional goals.

Include any applicable coursework or projects

In light of the possibility that you lack professional HR expertise, be sure to highlight any courses, projects, or internships that have an HR focus. Classes on organizational behavior, labor regulations, recruiting tactics, and other HR-related topics might fall under this category. Describe the tasks you performed while highlighting your abilities and acquired knowledge.

Showcase your transferable skills

As you don’t have experience in the field of HR, you can show transferrable skills like effective communication, problem-solving abilities, and analytical skills. Mention these abilities and give instances of how you've used them in voluntary or extracurricular work.

Emphasize training or certifications in HR

Include any certificates, workshops, or training courses you've taken in human resources (HR) on your resume. This shows your dedication to professional growth and your initiative in learning about HR.

Include any relevant volunteer work or part-time jobs

Include any volunteer roles or part-time employment you've held that required HR-related duties or tasks on your resume. This can be helping with hiring, onboarding new employees, maintaining HR files, or planning HR activities.

Incorporate necessary extracurricular activities and affiliations

Mention any clubs, organizations, or student groups you have participated in that are focused on human resources on your resume. This demonstrates your enthusiasm for HR and your proactive involvement in the industry.

Effective resume formatting

Use a tidy, business-like resume layout. Sections like education, talents, and experiences should be arranged logically. To emphasize important accomplishments and duties, use bullet points. Focus on the most relevant facts and keep your resume short.

Best Human Resources Resume Templates

Insert HR Resume Templates for the following

  • HR Generalist Resume Template
  • Human Resources Specialist Resume Template
  • HR Assistant Resume Template

HR Resume Format

Given-Below are three different HR Resume Formats to be used in different situations and jobs.

Chronological Format

For HR resumes, the reverse chronological style is the most common and favored format, particularly for individuals with a consistent work history. It showcases your professional experience, moving backward from your most recent job. Employers may quickly evaluate your career advancement and view your most recent HR jobs and responsibilities using this format.

The format includes

  • Contact information
  • Professional Summary/Objective
  • Work History
  • Education
  • Skills
  • Certification

Function Format

The chronological sequence of your job experience is less important in the functional format than your skills and capabilities. Entry-level HR workers, people who are changing careers, or those who have had gaps in their job should use this format. It enables you to first spotlight your vital HR achievements, skills, and understanding before giving an overview of your previous jobs.

The format is like this

  • Contact Information
  • Professional Summary/Objective
  • HR Skills
  • Accomplishments
  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Certifications and Training

Combination or Mixed Format

Reverse chronological and functional forms are combined to create the combination format. It allows you to highlight your professional background and key abilities. If you have some HR experience to show in addition to certain skills and accomplishments that are not highlighted in your employment history, this structure is helpful.

The layout is as follows:

  • Contact Information
  • Professional Summary/Objective
  • Skills
  • Work Experience:
  • Accomplishments or Projects
  • Education
  • Certifications and Training

How To Write Contact Information On Your Human Resource Resume?

When writing your contact information, you should use a great amount of attention because one error might make your entire application useless.

Include the following in the section for your contact details:

  • Your Full Name
  • Professional Title
  • Contact Number
  • Professional Email Address
  • LinkedIn Profile Link
  • Relevant Social Media (Optional)
Theodore West HR Manager 458-963-7412

Write a Human Resources Resume Summary

hr resumes

You have an extremely brief margin of opportunity to get the hiring manager's attention. A resume summary may be useful. Use a resume objective or summary instead.

These are the introductory sentences that appear at the top of your resume. For HR managers who have previously held the job, a summary is appropriate.

A resume summary is a brief description of your achievements and professional experiences. For those who have had years of professional expertise, it is the most significant option.

HR Resume Summary Example

Example 1
“A human resources manager with at least five years of experience wants to increase productivity and employee retention at the Incitti Corp. Highlights of my career include managing all employee relations at a 50-person financial company, cutting the lead time for hiring by 25%, and raising employee retention by 20%.”

Example 2
“Successful and determined Human Resource Manager with 6+ years’ of experience. Aiming to improve Haskin’s staff retention rate. Boosted retention by 15% at Laver Inc. Reduced the recruitment lead time by 35%. Increased training attendance by 8% and staff effectiveness by 10%.”

How To Write a Great HR Resume Objective?

The resume objective is more concerned with your ambitions and goals in the workplace. It is perfect for HR entry-level applicants or anyone looking to change careers in the workplace. While discussing your objectives, it's crucial to connect them to the benefits for your potential employer.

An objective is appropriate for persons wishing to start their careers as HR managers such as students, graduates, or those changing jobs.

Human Resources Resume Objective Example

Example 1
“HR professional with drive aiming to take over as HR Manager at Park's Law Firm. Participating in interviews, creating private documents, and planning staff activities are all examples of experience. I'm eager to run the HR division so that I can use my skills to increase office productivity and employee retention.”

Example 2
“Enthusiastic entry-level Human Resources Manager. Worked in the HR administration for a medium-sized retail business. Assisted with four new hires' interviews and onboarding. Organized workplace meetings and activities. Aiming to work with Matrix Corps. to use and develop my skills.”

How to Make Your HR Work Experience Stand Out?

Highlight your accomplishments: When discussing your HR experience in interviews or on your resume, pay special attention to your successes and the difference you made in past positions. Whenever you can quantify your successes.

Display your adaptability: HR workers sometimes have to manage a variety of tasks and wear several hats. Emphasize your capacity for adjustment to various HR responsibilities and provide examples of projects you've handled effectively.

Show off your skill for solving problems: By mentioning particular difficulties you encountered and how you overcame them in your past employment, you may demonstrate your problem-solving skills. Talk about the strategies you used to resolve disputes, boost employee satisfaction, or strengthen team relationships.

Demonstrate excellent communication skills: Demonstrate your capacity to communicate clearly with stakeholders, management, and staff. Showcase the times you successfully handled dispute resolution, gave presentations, ran training sessions, or carried out communication projects.

Display your HR training and certifications: To demonstrate your knowledge and experience, mention these certificates in your resume and LinkedIn profile.

Highlight your knowledge of technology: The HRIS systems, applicant tracking systems, or any other HR-related software you've used should be highlighted.

Show off your leadership skills: Instances when you effectively impacted organizational transformation or led strategic HR projects should be highlighted.

Follow this layout to include your work experience:

  • Company Name
  • Job Title
  • Location
  • Dates
  • Job Responsibilities
Example 1

Work Experience

Matrix Telecom

HR Manager

Atlanta, GA

May 2015 – Dec 2020

Job Responsibilities:

  • Handled all HR concerns for a 150-person telecom company.
  • Supervised the hiring process resulting in a 45% reduction in lead time
  • Improved employee retention by 30%
  • Created fresh training courses to encourage and build up the work environment

Example 2

Work Experience

Hwan’s Resources

HR Manager

Houston, TX

April 2017 – January 2021

Job Responsibilities:

  • Managed all HR operations for a 200-person IT company.
  • Supervised, processed payroll, conducted interviews, and handled documents.
  • Reduced the lead time for the hiring procedure in one year from 50 days to 35 days.
  • Enhanced 25% retention through staff retention programs.
  • Increased the number of hours dedicated to training and development by 10% annually for each employee.

How To Add Education To A Human Resources Resume?

Your academic degrees are listed in the education part of your human resources resume. A bachelor's degree is required for the majority of human resources roles, however, certain employers may need a master's.

Additionally, add your high school degree if you don’t have higher education. If you have a law degree, the recruiting manager won't be concerned about your high school education. Your job experience should come before your degree if you are an HR manager.

List your education in the following format:

  • Degree Type & Major
  • University Name & State
  • Years Studied/ Expected Graduation
  • GPA,
  • Honors, Courses, and other relevant achievements
Bachelor of Commerce, Major in Human Resources Pierre State University, Boston Graduated – Dec 2021 GPA – 3.5/4 Relevant Coursework - Employment Relations, Constitutional/Administrative Law, Contract Law, Equity & Trusts.

Skills Section - HR Professional Resume

The following are a few of the most important HR skills to include on your resume:

Essential HR Resume Skills

Depending on the organization and sector, these essential HR skills may change. Emphasize your experiences and accomplishments in the areas where your skills are most applicable.

Employee Relations: Employee relations is one of the most important skills that HR managers look for. Showcase your management skills and how you maintained relationships with staff members, attended to their needs, and created an inclusive workplace.

Recruitment and Selection: Using a range of recruitment techniques and technologies, effectively locating, evaluating, and choosing applicants for available jobs.

HR Policies and Compliance: Understanding and implementing employment rules and regulations to guarantee compliance with statutory obligations and corporate policies. HR Policies and Compliance.

Performance Management: Setting performance goals, receiving and giving feedback, and overseeing performance improvement programs are all parts of performance management.

Training and Development: Assessment of training requirements, creation and delivery of efficient training courses, and promotion of chances for ongoing learning and growth including training and development.

Data Management: Show your expertise in utilizing HRIS to manage data, generate effective reports, and expedite HR procedures.

Conflict Resolution and Mediation: Resolving conflicts and disagreements among employees, encouraging positive interaction, and allowing efficient problem-solving are all part of conflict resolution and mediation.

Communication and Interpersonal Skills: Excellent verbal and written communication skills, active listening, and the capacity to connect productively with staff members at all organizational levels are all examples of communication and interpersonal skills.

Ethics and Confidentiality: Upholding strict moral principles, keeping confidential any private employee information, and making sure data privacy laws are followed.

Hard Skills

  • Recruiting
  • Onboarding
  • Data analysis
  • Evaluations
  • HR Software (HRIS)
  • Screening
  • Scheduling

Soft Skills

  • Emotional intelligence
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Employee relations
  • Organization
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Ethics
  • Problem-Solving

Other Sections To Boost Your HR Resume

hr resumes

Apart from the common sections, the next few parts could make a difference.

Projects and Accomplishments: Mention any big HR projects you have led or been a part of in a section solely for them. Highlight any measurable outcomes, such as cost savings, a rise in employee satisfaction, or higher productivity.

Language Proficiency or International Experience: If you speak many languages well or have experience working in a global environment, this might be an immense benefit for HR positions. Include a section listing the languages you are proficient in and any cross-cultural experience you have, especially if you have led international HR projects or worked with different teams.

Volunteer Work and Professional Affiliations: Mention any volunteer work you've done for HR-related organizations or outside projects you've supported in a special section. Include any affiliations with professional HR organizations like SHRM, HRCI, or regional HR chapters, as well as any leadership positions.


Any relevant certificates, licenses, or training courses you have taken should be highlighted. Include the certification's complete name, the name of the organization that issued it, and the year you received it when including certificates on your resume. Your resume can stand out by highlighting these qualifications and showcasing your dedication to ongoing education and professional development in the HR industry.

List of HR-related Certifications

  • Professional in Human Resources (PHR)
  • Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR)
  • SHRM Certified Professional (SHRM-CP)
  • Global Professional in Human Resources (GPHR)
  • Talent Acquisition Certification (TAC)
  • Certified Employee Benefits Specialist (CEBS)
  • Certified Training and Development Professional (CTDP)
  • Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP)
  • Certified Change Management Professional (CCMP)
  • Certified Workplace Wellness Specialist (CWWS)
  • Professional in Human Resources - California (PHRca)


  • Focus on all the HR-related tasks, obligations, abilities, and traits you come across.
  • Show off your HR abilities in the bullet points of your resume. In the areas of your experience and education, provide quantifiable evidence.
  • To adapt yourself to the work, use the "other" sections. Include honors from conferences, publications, prizes, and other sources.
  • Be sure to emphasize your most recent skills.
  • Use your knowledge of ATS software to specifically target each job posting.

Compliment Your Human Resources Resume With A Professional Cover Letter

  • If at all possible, begin your cover letter with a formal salutation and direct it to the particular recruiting manager or HR representative.
  • To show your excitement and dedication, emphasize any links or information you have regarding the organization.
  • Mention any particular accomplishments, initiatives, or tasks that are pertinent to the job for which you are seeking.
  • Discuss particular areas of expertise to show that you grasp HR concepts and practices.
  • Draw attention to your hard and soft skills.
  • Express in your last paragraph how excited you are to discuss your qualifications in further detail during an interview.
  • Keep your cover letter brief, precise, and business-like.

Build your job-winning resume with the help of our resume builder. Maximize your chances of landing your dream HR job with its help.

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