Creating the Perfect CV for a Fashion Internship: A Comprehensive Guide

Creating a compelling CV for a Fashion Intern position requires a balance of showcasing your creativity and demonstrating your understanding of the fashion industry. One crucial quality for this role is having a keen eye for detail, which should be evident in your CV through precise descriptions of your experiences and skills. How do you highlight your attention to detail in your CV? How can you make your passion for fashion industry apparent in your CV? What are some ways to demonstrate your understanding of fashion trends and market demands in your CV?

Below, we will create a sample resume for a Fashion Intern which you can easily tailor to fit your personal needs.

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Sample Resume Template for a Fashion Internship

66 Fashion Street, London, EC1A 4TR
Phone: +44 7123 456 789


Motivated Fashion Design student seeking a Fashion Intern position at XYZ Fashion House. Possessing a deep understanding of contemporary fashion trends, design techniques, and the ability to apply these skills effectively. Eager to support the design team and contribute to the creation of beautiful, innovative designs.


BA (Hons) Fashion Design | Central Saint Martins, London, UK | Sept 2018 - Present

  • Specialising in women's wear, textile design, and fashion illustration.
  • Achieved a 1st class mark on the final year project involving an original women's wear collection.

A-Levels | London College of Fashion, London, UK | Sept 2016 - June 2018

  • Art & Design (A), Textiles (A), English Literature (B)


  • Adobe Suite
  • Hand-sewing
  • Draping
  • Pattern Cutting


Design Intern | ABC Fashion House, London, UK | June 2020 - Sept 2020

  • Assisted designers with pattern cutting, draping, and sewing.
  • Participated in the development of the Spring/Summer 2021 collection.
  • Prepared and organised materials for photoshoots and fashion shows.
  • Communicated with suppliers and manufacturers to ensure timely delivery of materials.

Sales Assistant | DEF Boutique, London, UK | Sept 2019 - June 2020

  • Assisted customers in selecting and fitting garments.
  • Maintained visual merchandising standards and stock levels.
  • Increased sales by up-selling and cross-selling products.
  • Gained extensive knowledge of fashion trends, designers, and the retail industry.


Final Year Collection | Central Saint Martins, London, UK | Sept 2020 - Present

  • Designing and creating a 12-piece women's wear collection for final year project.
  • Conducting extensive research on contemporary fashion trends and consumer behaviour.
  • Utilising Adobe Suite for design and illustration of garments.


  • English (Native)
  • French (Fluent)


Available upon request


Fashion Blogging, Photography, Travelling

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A CV (Curriculum Vitae) is crucial in the fashion industry as it showcases your skills, experience, and achievements. It provides fashion houses, brands, retail chains, and recruitment agencies a snapshot of your capabilities. A well-prepared CV can open doors to opportunities with various recruiters such as independent designers, luxury fashion brands, fashion magazines, and model agencies. Therefore, it's essential to craft an engaging and professional CV that stands out in the competitive fashion market.

In the following article, we will delve into the crucial elements of crafting the perfect CV for a Fashion Intern position. The significance of a well-structured, professional, and attention-grabbing CV cannot be overstated, as it is often your first opportunity to impress potential employers. We will guide you step-by-step through the process, starting with the formatting, followed by the correct titling, detailing your relevant experience, presenting your education, listing your skills, creating a compelling catchphrase, and finally, drafting an effective cover letter. With these clear guidelines, you will be well-equipped to make a strong impression and increase your chances of landing the internship.

Fashion intern

Mastering Structure and Formatting for an Effective Fashion Intern Resume

A well-structured CV is the first step towards achieving your career goals in the competitive world of fashion. An organized, clear, and professional resume layout can not only showcase your credentials effectively but also reflect your understanding of aesthetics, a crucial aspect in the fashion industry. Besides helping you stand out among other applicants, it can also demonstrate your commitment to detail, a trait highly valued in this field. A well-crafted CV can effectively meet the challenges of the initial screening process and pave the way for a successful career in fashion. Remember, a well-planned CV is not just a summary of qualifications, but a testament to your understanding of the industry and your place within it.

Crafting the Perfect Resume: Unveiling the Importance of Formatting for Aspiring Fashion Interns

  • Fonts: Choose a clean, easy-to-read font such as Arial or Calibri. The fashion industry values aesthetics but also clarity, and these fonts provide both. The main body of the CV should be in 11 or 12 point size, with headings slightly larger for easy scanning.
  • Format: Opt for a chronological format, beginning with your most recent experience. This allows potential employers to quickly see your progression and current skills.
  • Margins: Keep margins around 1 inch to ensure your CV is neat and tidy and fits neatly onto one or two pages. Large margins can make your CV appear sparse, while too small can make it look cluttered.
  • Bullet Points: Use bullet points to make key information stand out. This could be for your skills, responsibilities in previous roles, or achievements. Bullet points help break up the text and make your CV easier to read.
  • Separators: Use separators to clearly distinguish between different sections of your CV, such as education, work experience, and skills. This helps to organize your CV and make it more user-friendly.
Advice: A professional and well-structured CV can make a significant impact. Remember, your CV is a reflection of you, so ensure it looks professional and represents you well. Consider using a CV template specifically designed for the fashion industry, which will have an appropriate balance of style and professionalism.

Crafting a Trendy Resume: A Guide for Aspiring Fashion Interns

A CV for a Fashion Intern should be comprehensive yet concise, showcasing the relevant skills, experiences, and interests that align with the fashion industry. Here are the main sections that should be included:

  • Personal Information: This section should contain your full name, contact details such as email address and phone number, and your residential address. Ensure your email address is professional.
  • Objective: This part should have a concise statement of your career goals and why you are interested in the fashion industry. For example, you might say "Seeking a fashion internship to apply and enhance my knowledge in fashion design and styling."
  • Education: List your educational background starting from the most recent. Include the institution name, degree or certification obtained, and years attended. If you're a fashion design student, highlight relevant coursework or projects.
  • Skills: Highlight the skills you possess that are relevant to the fashion industry. For instance, you might list "knowledge of fashion trends," "proficient in Adobe Illustrator," or "strong understanding of textile materials."
  • Work Experience: Include any internships or part-time jobs related to fashion. Describe your role and responsibilities, plus any significant achievements. For example, "Interned at XYZ Brand, assisted in designing the summer collection, which increased the brand's sales by 15%."
  • Portfolio: Linking a portfolio is crucial for a Fashion Intern CV, where you can showcase your designs, sketches, or any fashion-related projects you have worked on. This provides concrete evidence of your creativity and skills.
  • References: Include references only if the job posting specifically asks for them. Otherwise, you can state, "References available upon request."
  • Interests: While this section is optional, it can help show your passion for the industry. Perhaps you run a fashion blog or regularly attend fashion shows. This can help you stand out from other candidates.
Remember, the key is to tailor your CV to each specific role, highlighting the most relevant experiences and skills. A well-crafted CV will help you land that desired fashion internship.

Crafting an Eye-Catching Header for Your Fashion Intern Resume

Fashion intern

The header of a Fashion Intern's job application plays a crucial role as it should be clearly visible, containing all contact information, which helps in creating a positive first impression. To construct this header, begin with your last name, followed by a comma and your first name. Next, specify your profession and discipline, in this case, 'Fashion Intern.' Following this, provide your mailing address, ensuring that it is your current and correct address. After your address, list your phone number, including the area code, for potential employers to reach you. Finally, include your e-mail address, which should be professional and easy to read, ideally containing your full name for recognition purposes.

Sophia Davis

Fashion intern specializing in fashion design and merchandising

Broadway Street, 52, 10036 New York, USA

+001 06 9480 8001

Perfecting Your Fashion Intern Resume: The Impact of a Photo

In the realm of fashion internships, the inclusion of a photo on your CV is not a mandatory requirement. The decision of whether to add a photo to your CV is entirely up to the applicant. However, if you do decide to include a photo, there are a few rules to abide by:

  • The photo should portray you in a professional manner, hence, avoid using casual pictures such as selfies or beach photos.
  • The photo should be in a rectangular format, ideally measuring 6.5 cm in length and 4.5 cm in width.

In the current job application landscape, having a photo on your CV no longer holds significant importance. While there is no restriction against including a photo on your CV, it's noteworthy to mention that most hiring managers do not prioritize candidates who add a photo to their CV.

If you elect to add a photo, ensure it conveys a professional image.

When it comes to the question of a photo, it is entirely optional. You are perfectly within your rights to submit a CV without a photo. However, if you opt to include a photo, adhere to these guidelines:

  • Select a neutral background for your photo.
  • Ensure the photo captures your face either frontally or in a three-quarter view.
  • Focus the photo on your face.
  • Ensure the photo is in a rectangular format, with dimensions of 6.5 cm by 4.5 cm.

Harnessing the Power of Experience: Crafting a Standout Resume for a Fashion Internship

Crafting the Experience Section of Your Resume for a Fashion Internship

The experience section of a Fashion Intern's CV is crucial as it provides a snapshot of the candidate's practical understanding and implementation of fashion trends, design, and marketing strategies. This part of the CV must reflect the intern's ability to collaborate with fashion designers, stylists, photographers, and models, and showcase their expertise in tasks related to fashion shows, photoshoots, and marketing campaigns.

  • The CV should be arranged in chronological order, with the most recent experience placed at the top. For instance, if the Fashion Intern previously worked at a renowned fashion house during a summer internship, and later at a local boutique, the former should be listed first.
  • Clearly state contract dates to demonstrate the duration and continuity of the intern's experience. For instance, 'Interned at XYZ fashion house from June 2020 to August 2020'.
  • The job title should be accurate and specific. Instead of simply stating 'Intern', it should be 'Fashion Design Intern' or 'Fashion Marketing Intern', depending on the exact role.
  • Use a bulleted list to detail the tasks and responsibilities performed at each job. For example, 'Assisted in designing a capsule collection for Spring/Summer 2021' or 'Coordinated with models and photographers for a successful photoshoot'.
  • The job description should be concise yet informative, demonstrating the intern's contributions to the organization. For example, 'Collaborated with the design team to create innovative designs, resulting in a 15% increase in the collection's sales'.
  • Incorporate industry-specific keywords to highlight the intern's knowledge and skills. Words like 'trend forecasting', 'product development', 'fashion styling', 'visual merchandising', etc., should be included, provided they are relevant to the intern's experience.

Position: Fashion Intern

Employer: Vogue Magazine

Dates: June 2020 - Present


  • Assisted in coordinating and executing photoshoots.
  • Conducted extensive fashion trend and market research.
  • Aided in the selection and preparation of clothing for shoots.
  • Assisted in writing and editing fashion content for the magazine.
  • Managed and updated fashion closet inventory.

Crafting an Impactful Fashion Intern Resume with No Experience

Fashion intern

Embarking on a career in fashion can seem daunting, especially when you lack practical experience. However, crafting an impressive CV is an essential step in securing your first fashion internship. The following tips are designed to guide you in creating a compelling CV that showcases your potential as a Fashion Intern, despite having no professional experience in the sector.

  • Start your CV with a strong personal statement: As a fashion intern with no experience, it's important to highlight your passion and enthusiasm for the industry.
  • Include relevant coursework: If you've recently graduated, list any coursework or projects related to fashion.
  • Highlight any internships or volunteer work: Even if these were not directly related to fashion, they show you are proactive and have some experience in a workplace setting.
  • Mention any participation in fashion-related events: This could include fashion shows, propaganda, entertainment or other social activities.
  • Utilize your cover letter: Use this as an opportunity to explain your lack of experience and to emphasise your eagerness to learn and grow in this industry.
  • Be honest: Never lie or falsify information on your CV. Instead, highlight any gaps in your experience as opportunities for personal growth, such as travel or cultural exchanges.
  • Showcase your skills: List any relevant skills that would be useful in a fashion internship, such as sewing, pattern cutting, or knowledge of fashion trends.
  • Include references: If you have any professors or individuals who can vouch for your character and potential, include them in your CV.
  • Keep it concise and professional: Remember, quality is more important than quantity. Keep your CV to a page or two, and proofread it carefully for any mistakes.
  • Stay positive: Don't be disheartened by your lack of experience. Everyone has to start somewhere, and your enthusiasm and dedication will shine through.

The Significance of Education in Crafting a Resume for a Fashion Internship

Emphasizing Your Educational Background in a Fashion Internship Resume

The education section in a Fashion Intern's CV is crucial as it demonstrates the foundation of knowledge and skills they possess in fashion-related fields. This section can showcase the candidate's understanding of various aspects such as fashion design, textiles, merchandising, or fashion marketing, depending on the courses or degree pursued. Although a degree specifically in fashion is not always a mandatory requirement for an internship in the fashion industry, having one can enhance the candidate's credibility and increase their chances of securing the opportunity. It's also a platform to highlight any relevant coursework or projects that have equipped the intern with practical skills and hands-on experience, which are highly valued in the fashion industry.

Prioritizing Educational Information for Fashion Internship Resumes

For a Fashion Intern's CV, the placement of the 'Education' section could vary and would depend on the specific requirements of the job, the applicant's profile and the job offer. In general, if the applicant is a recent graduate or is still in school, it would be beneficial to place the 'Education' section at the beginning of the CV. This is because, in these cases, the applicant may not have extensive work experiences related to fashion, thus their education, which could include specialized courses or projects, would be the strongest showcase of their skills and knowledge in the field. For instance, if the applicant has studied fashion design or fashion merchandising, it would be advantageous to highlight this early on in their CV.

However, if the applicant has considerable work experience in the fashion industry, it may be more beneficial to highlight these experiences first. For instance, if the applicant has had previous internships or work experiences at prominent fashion companies, showcasing these experiences at the beginning of the CV would instantly catch the recruiter's attention and demonstrate the applicant's practical skills and experiences in the field. In this case, the 'Education' section can be placed after 'Work Experience'.

As such, there is no one-size-fits-all rule for the placement of the 'Education' section in a Fashion Intern's CV. It depends on the specific circumstances and should be adjusted accordingly to highlight the applicant's strongest qualifications for the job.


BA (Hons) Fashion Design

University of the Arts London - London, UK

September 2018 - June 2021

A-Levels: Art and Design (A), Textiles (A), Business Studies (B)

Kingston College - Kingston upon Thames, UK

September 2016 - June 2018

GCSEs: 9 GCSEs including English (A), Maths (B), Art and Design (A*)

Kingston High School - Kingston upon Thames, UK

September 2011 - June 2016

Honing Essential Skills: Crafting the Perfect Resume for a Fashion Internship

Fashion intern

Highlighting Your Educational Skills in Your Resume for a Fashion Intern Position

Skills are a crucial component of a resume because they communicate to potential employers what you are capable of and how you can contribute to their company. When recruiters review resumes, they are not just looking for what degrees or qualifications you have, but they are also interested in the specific skills you have developed. These skills may be technical, such as proficiency in a certain software, or soft skills, like leadership or communication. The inclusion of these skills can make your resume stand out and showcase your potential to succeed in the role.

In the fashion industry, particularly for a Fashion Intern position, having the right skills is particularly important. The industry is highly competitive, dynamic and creative. It's not only about having a keen eye for style, but also about understanding business, marketing, and communication. A Fashion Intern must be versatile and adaptable, with skills in areas such as trend forecasting, garment construction, or even proficiency in design software like Adobe Illustrator. Demonstrating these skills on your resume can make a significant difference and show your readiness to contribute to a fashion team.

Honing Essential Skills for a Successful Fashion Intern Resume

For a fashion intern position, it's crucial to have an impressive resume that showcases both your technical skills and personal qualities.

Technical skills required for a Fashion Intern include:

  • Proficient in fashion design software (such as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop)
  • Knowledgeable about current fashion trends and history
  • Basic understanding of textile materials and their uses
  • Ability to sketch and illustrate design ideas
  • Familiarity with pattern cutting and sewing techniques
  • Experience with fashion photography and styling
  • Understanding of garment construction and tailoring
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite
  • Experience or understanding of merchandising and retail

Personal qualities that are desirable include:

  • Creativity and innovative thinking
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Attention to detail and precision
  • Versatility and adaptability in fast-paced environments
  • Curiosity about the fashion industry and upcoming trends
  • Persistence and tenacity when facing challenges
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Ability to work well in a team
  • Strong problem-solving abilities
  • Passion for fashion and design.

Mastering the Art of Crafting a Compelling Summary for Your Fashion Intern Resume

A summary in a CV for a fashion intern is crucial as it provides a quick overview of the candidate's skills, abilities, and experiences related to the fashion industry. The summary is the first section that potential employers read, making it the first opportunity to make a positive impression and stand out from other applicants. A well-written summary can effectively convey the candidate's passion for fashion, understanding of the industry, and readiness to contribute to the organization. It can highlight the intern's knowledge of fashion trends, familiarity with design principles, or experience in retail or customer service. Furthermore, it can also showcase soft skills like creativity, attention to detail, teamwork, and communication skills which are highly valued in the fashion industry. Thus, a compelling summary can capture the employer's interest and increase the chances of the CV being shortlisted for further consideration.

Energetic and creative fashion enthusiast seeking an internship opportunity to leverage her strong knowledge of the industry trends. Possesses a Bachelor's degree in Fashion Design and hands-on experience from an established boutique. Passionate about sustainable fashion and eager to contribute innovative ideas to the team, while gaining invaluable industry experience.

Honing Your Fashion Intern Resume: Essential Additional Sections to Include

The additional sections that can be incorporated into a Fashion Intern CV would be "Languages" and "Certificates". These headings can add value to your CV as they can demonstrate your capability to communicate effectively in a global industry and your willingness to continually learn and adapt.


In the fashion industry, which is highly global and interconnected, language skills are vital. Whether it's communicating with international suppliers, understanding fashion trends in different cultures, or corresponding with clients from various countries, being multilingual can be a significant asset. Thus, a separate section highlighting your language proficiencies, and the level of fluency in each, can be impressive. For instance, being fluent in French or Italian, the languages of two fashion capitals, can be particularly beneficial.


While degrees and relevant work experiences are essential, possessing additional certificates can strengthen your CV. It demonstrates your enthusiasm about the fashion industry and your commitment to enhancing your knowledge and skills. These could be certificates from short courses, workshops, or seminars you have attended. For example, a certificate in Fashion Illustration or Pattern Making would show your specialized skills, making you stand out. Remember to list the certificate title, the institution it was earned from, and the date of completion.

Honing Your Resume: Essential Tips for Aspiring Fashion Interns

Before sending your Fashion Intern CV, consider the following practical tips to make your application stand out to employers:

  1. Highlight your knowledge of current fashion trends and designers, as well as your understanding of different materials, textiles, and production techniques.
  2. Showcase any relevant experience, whether it be coursework, previous internships, or even personal projects related to fashion.
  3. Include any fashion-related software skills, such as Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. These technical skills are often highly valued in the fashion industry.
  4. Specify any language skills you possess. The fashion industry is global, so fluency in multiple languages can be a major advantage.
  5. Include any relevant awards or recognition you've received, such as fashion design contests or scholarships.
  6. Don't forget to mention any relevant networking or industry events you've attended. This shows your commitment to the industry and could potentially highlight connections you've made.
  7. Finally, be sure to include a link to an online portfolio if you have one. This will allow potential employers to see examples of your work directly.

Honing the Key Elements of an Effective Resume for a Fashion Intern Position

Fashion intern

In conclusion, when crafting your Fashion Intern CV, consider the following key points:

  • Ensure the layout and structure of your CV is clean, professional and easy to read. This reflects your attention to detail which is crucial in the fashion industry.
  • Highlight your relevant skills first, especially if you have a limited professional background. This could be anything from technical skills in fashion design to soft skills like creativity or teamwork.
  • Craft a compelling tagline or personal statement that captures your passion for fashion and your career aspirations.
  • Detail any relevant experience, including any internships, part-time jobs, or voluntary roles in the fashion industry. Remember to mention any significant achievements or tasks completed during these roles.
  • Make sure to include any additional sections that showcase your suitability for the role. This could be a portfolio section, showcasing your design work, or a projects section, outlining any relevant fashion projects you have completed.
  • If you have periods of inactivity, try to fill them with relevant activities such as fashion-related courses, freelance work, or personal fashion projects.
  • Be selective when listing your skills and qualifications, focusing on those most relevant to a career in fashion.
  • Lastly, always proofread your CV for any errors before sending it off. A polished CV will demonstrate your professionalism and commitment to quality.

Crafting a Compelling Cover Letter for Your Fashion Intern Resume

A cover letter is an essential accompaniment to your resume when applying for a Fashion Intern position. It offers you a platform to demonstrate your passion and enthusiasm for the fashion industry. It is also an opportunity to showcase your understanding of the brand's aesthetic and how you can contribute to it.

When drafting your cover letter, be sure to include specifics about the Fashion Intern position. If you find it challenging to write your cover letter, you can refer to our sample letters tailored for fashion internships, which will guide you in crafting your own.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Crafting a Resume for a Fashion Internship

What information should I include in my CV for a Fashion Intern position?

When applying for a Fashion Intern position, it's important to include relevant information that showcases your passion for fashion, creativity, and understanding of the industry. This could include any prior experience (even if it's from school or personal projects), a strong knowledge of fashion trends, and your ability to use fashion-related software like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. Don't forget to also include your education, any relevant coursework, and soft skills like communication and teamwork.

How should I format my CV for a Fashion Internship?

The format of your CV for a Fashion Internship should be neat, creative, and professional. Use a clean layout that's easy to read with clear headings for each section. You can also add a touch of creativity by using a stylish font or incorporating a bit of color, but remember to keep it professional. Your CV should consist of your contact information, a summary or objective, education, experience, skills, and references.

How long should my CV be for a Fashion Internship?

Generally, a CV for a Fashion Internship should not exceed one page, especially if you're just starting out in the industry. It's important to keep your CV concise and to the point, highlighting only the most important and relevant information. However, if you have a lot of relevant experience and skills, it's acceptable to have a CV that extends to two pages. Just make sure every piece of information adds value and is relevant to the internship you're applying for.

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