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An event promoter promotes events about entertainment, also commonly termed an event planner. If you look closely, an event promoter works almost in every industry you can think of with a wide range of pay scales.

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Event Promoter Resume Example

Geraldine A. McKnight
Event Promoter
Sebewaing, Michigan

Professional Summary
Event promotion specialist with 7 years of industry experience having remarkable communication and interpersonal skills that assure customer satisfaction. Customized event services to adhere to the needs of the event attendees. Adept in venue security and booking professional performers along with a fair taste in decorations.

Work Experience
Sun Shine Events
Chief Event Promoter
June 2022-Date

  • Rendered cost-effective options to clients depending on total visitors for reservations.
  • Introduced integrated event filing reports to later investigate misleading spending.
  • Conducted post-event surveys to track guest satisfaction to amend existing services.
  • Strategize action plans to organize efforts like digital marketing campaigns & advertisements.

Great Beginnings Events Pvt. Ltd.
Junior Event Promoter
January 2019-May 2022

  • Chief public relations strategist working to enrich the PR of the brand.
  • Maintaining event schedules, pricing, and sourcing important supplies.
  • Using traditional and digital tools to publish event-oriented details.
  • The planning of paid and organic social media campaigns to reach target audiences.


Bachelor’s Degree in Arts
Hospitality, Management, and Administration


  • Guest accommodations
  • Vendor & budget management
  • Marketing
  • Networking with event professionals
  • Strategic planning and execution
  • Venue and guest reservations
  • Technological proficiency
  • Creative inclination


Certified Special Events Professional (CSEP) and Digital Event Strategist (DES).

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Additionally, an event promoter professional resume is high in demand, especially in the entertainment industry.

Event Planning Resume: Why?

If you are an event promoter then your primary function involves marketing and attracting the interest of potential customers to your client’s events. It could be anything like a live personal celebration, professional meeting or even a festival.

The best thing about the job profiles of event planners is they don’t need to undergo extensive training like other professionals. Having said that, an unmatched event promoter resume is all that you need to stay ahead of the competition.

An event promoter's resume will navigate the hiring manager through a list of impressive credentials, for instance, a huge event promotion for a leading customer or brand. How? Browse our professional resume examples for an event promoter like you. They will walk you through the process of creating a resume.

So, what’s in this article?

Here you will find tailored professional resume writing tips, examples and templates that will elevate your chances of selection in a job interview. Let’s begin.

event promoter cv templates

How Much Does an Event Planner Make?

Event planning is all about people. Having said that, we believe that it will not only enrich your personal but also your professional experiences. According to Glassdoor, the take-home salary of an event promoter is $77,000 yearly (4-6 years of experience). Even an individual with relevant industry experience of just 1 to 3 years gets around $12000 yearly give or take.

In short, the most likely salary range or say the estimated total pay of an event planner is between $39K to $62K per year. This accounts for an average salary of approximately $48K to $49K yearly. Now, these figures are intriguing.

How to make an Event Promoter’s Resume

The event planning company looks for an outgoing personality showcasing a balance between skills and professional achievements. Having all those qualifications that are needed for a job but not organizing them systematically can cost you a lot more.

Allow us to help you with it.

Assuming that writing a perfect resume writing is not your expertise, we have a huge library of event planner resume examples to go through. Plus we also have well-crafted resume templates for event promoters. These templates are intelligently designed to suit your requirements.

Important sections your resume must have

  • Header (with name & contact details).
  • Professional summary / object summary.
  • Work experience
  • Education
  • Key skills
  • Additional sections (certificates, language, computer skills, recognition, and publications).

Normally an event promoter's resume should begin with the header followed by a professional summary. It’s a pitch, an opening statement that you make to the hiring executive. The order of your resume is predefined, however, it can be further adjusted depending on other relevant details.

Tips to personalize your event planner resume:

  • Customize your resume according to the need of a job description.
  • Summarize your qualification if applicable in the beginning. By doing this your area of expertise will shine in the resume.
  • Include the right keywords in your work experiences and emphasize the work duration accurately, for instance, 7 years in digital marketing.
  • Display key skills upfront that you have and match them with those demanded in the job description. This will elevate your chances of getting noticed and staying on top of the radar of the hiring person.

Layout, Format & Structure

The workplace ecosystem has evolved and the same applies to the format of your resume. It is not a different story. Here we have explained a modern resume format that perfectly aligns with your work industry.

Although there are three popularly used resume format the reverse chronological format is best suited for an event promoter resume. It is because this format presents the content of a resume in a straight line. The work experience begins with the current job title and then goes backwards in a reverse manner. Almost all resumes follow this format immaterial of the job profile.

The biggest advantage of using a reverse chronological order format is that it showcases your professional experience in a linear fashion making the life of the hiring manager easy. It is clear, pretty straightforward and understandable. The format signifies the progress of your career

This format has a small drawback. If you are planning to move to an altogether different direction in your career then do not use it.

Recommended Fonts for Your Resume

Readability is crucial when you are drafting an event promoter resume because the reader must thoroughly understand what you are trying to convey. For instance, font and size. Job aspirants use fancy fonts to decorate their resumes but they forget “less is more”.

By overdecorating their resume they dramatically decrease their chances of even getting an interview call.

The recruiter is not measuring your design skills, hence, make the resume readable and easy to understand. Here’s a list of resume-friendly and professional-looking fonts suggested by HubSpot.

  • Calibri
  • Times New Roman
  • Cambria
  • Arial
  • Georgia
  • Garamond
  • Avenir Next
  • Helvetica
  • Muna

Title and Contact information | First Part of Your Resume

Mistakes in your resume header will not only cost you an excellent opportunity but leave an unprofessional mark on the hiring manager's mind. Below is an example of the header section and mistakes that you should avoid.

event promoter resume

A Good Resume Header

Geraldine A. McKnight

Event Promoter

Sebewaing, Michigan



A Bad Resume Header

Geraldine A. McKnight

Event Promoter


2969 Juniper Drive

Sebewaing, MI 48759


Make sure the header must be brief with precise contact information only. Also, skip long texts and unnecessary social media links. Personal social media links can divert the attention of hiring managers and may be viewed as unprofessionalism. Therefore keep it short and simple as advised in the above example.

What You Must Avoid the Your Event Planner Resume Header

  • Complete residential or current job location address with pin codes & office phone numbers.
  • Personal social media profiles and candid images to impress the recruiter.
  • Unfurnished LinkedIn profile link or broken link altogether.
  • Beginning the header with hi, hello, good morning, hi there, etc. Never do this.
  • Giving contact details of friends, relatives, or current company landline numbers.

Describe Your Professional Experience as an Event Promoter

The event planning experience section in your event planner resume is a deciding factor and this is what makes or breaks your selection.

The role of an event planner is creative and this is the place to write out all your past and current achievements as an event promoter.

For instance, write about past promoted events and how you excelled through obstacles. The recruiting company is interested in how you perform under pressure and what you bring to the table despite minimal resources.

Here’s how you will write the professional experience section.

  • Use the reverse-chronological format listing the latest experience first followed by the past ones.
  • If you are a pro event planner then skip the work experiences that are 10+ years old because it seems irrelevant.
  • Describe your professional suitability here. For example, highly qualified in tracking guest satisfaction.
  • Add private event planning tasks. Since you were all by yourself these kinds of projects will highlight your strengths.
  • Use powerful words like create, foster, cater, achieve, manage, etc. to show that you are an asset to the company and can efficiently lead a team if given the opportunity.

Additional Sections to Boost Your Resume

Example of work experience for a senior-level event promoter

Leo Clubs LLP

Senior Event Planner

March 2018-December 2023

  • Managed successful events of high scale with substantial guest occupancy.
  • Sold VIP party packages to entry-level club members.
  • Collabed with local club owners to establish pricing and revenue monopoly.
  • Sold 200+ expensive event tickets to VIPs & generated a revenue of $80K.
  • Crafted custom services for VIP tables to increase revenue by 15% monthly.

Example of work experience for a junior-level event promoter

Star Events

Senior Event Planner

March 2018-December 2023

  • Organized and digitally promoted various events, especially for disabled ones.
  • Skilled in handling various venues simultaneously with minimum errors.
  • Adept in designing promotional materials like flyers, press releases, and event details.
  • Core expertise in managing weekly events by liaising with local entertainers.
  • Experienced working as a club promoter for special events.

And if you don't have work experience…

Although work experience is a major part of your event promoter resume still you can have chances to acquire a job as a fresher who’s about to start.

The key to getting noticed by the recruiter of your desired event planning company is to fill in all but factual details here. Let us show you what you can write in the work experience section even without one.

  • Apprentice and internship
  • Volunteering for a project
  • Pro-bono project works
  • On-the-job training and work experience

Yes, you heard that right. Every small detail counts here. If you have been a part of a project then mention it. That’s applicable work experience.

Even pro bono work done for the greater good can be listed as an admissible experience to start with. Do not shy away as mentioned above every single detail will increase your chances to get a job.

Additionally, apprenticeship, internship and on-the-job training are also compatible job experiences when you are beginning.

Event Planner

Education | Include Your Academic Background

The educational component of an event planner resume is easy to address. The reason is the job profile itself. Let us explain to you how.

First things first, event planning is a less technical and more creatively inclined job. Mostly, a bachelor’s degree is expected but if you have majored in a subject related to events, sales, marketing, and management then it can put you instantly above the competitor applicants.

2 Education Section Examples

Master of Arts, 2002-2004

University of Maine

Academy of Arts College

Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, 2005-2008

University of Maine

Metaz Business School

Write the name of the certification course if you have done parallel to the degree courses. Clearly state the names of the course & time taken to finish them. If you have other academic achievements that could interest potential hiring managers then go ahead.

Skills for an Event Promoter Resume

Academic qualifications and work experiences in your resume tell you that you are a considerable candidate for the job. However, skill sets aligned with the job profile will immediately make you a front-runner.

They convey a reason to the recruiter as to why they should hire you and what values you will bring to the company.

To begin with, you should enlist a proper balance of hard skills and soft skills.

List of Hard Skills of an Event Planner

  • Event management
  • Ms Office & coreldraw
  • Technical support
  • Exclusive detailing
  • Client satisfaction
  • Logistics
  • Event budgeting
  • Venue selection
  • Vendor management

List of Soft Skills of an Event Planner

  • Communication skills
  • Problem-solving
  • Leadership skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Time management
  • Organizational skills
  • Networking skills
  • Liaisoning skills
  • Interpersonal skills

Event Promoter Resume

Professional Summary | How to Present Yourself

A professional summary is an opening statement that will converse with the employer regarding your expertise and accomplishments. An event planner resume summary is a brief history of who you are and what you can do for the company.

Given its significance and the strategic location, the summary becomes an integral part of an event planning job profile candidate. But do not be stressed or overwhelmed with this section. The key takeaways are simple writing form and understandability.

Let’s understand the concept using the following examples.

A Good Summary for Event Planner Resume

An expert event planner with 10-plus years of relevant experience in event planning, acquiring new clients, and understanding client needs. Worked as an event coordinator where my innovative budgeting system saved unwanted spending of around $7000/month for both the company and the clients.

A Bad Summary for Event Planner Resume

An event planner with 10+ years of experience wants to join your organization to serve better.

The correct summary example (the green one) has all the ingredients to draw the attention of the recruiter. Here you go.

  • It contains the total years of experience in crucial segments. It means you have been working for a long time in that segment and now that has become your area of expertise. That’s a massive achievement.
  • Then there’s an exceptional achievement supported with figures to convince the reader.
  • The summary also tells how you have monetarily benefited the company.

The bad summary on the other hand is an unclear statement going nowhere. It does not help the reader in the decision-making process. Consequently, it will seriously decline your chances of an interview call.

Can a Fresher Write Event Planner Resume Summary

The short answer is no because a fresher doesn’t have past work experience. But don’t be demoralized. We have an excellent substitute for a professional resume summary.

It’s the resume objective.

Yes, a job aspirant with no relevant work experience can write a resume objective. Refer to the example below.

An enthusiastic event promoter is looking for an opportunity to join the team to provide management support. I will share my creative ideas with the team members to drive business. Having been trained in sales and marketing I can improve the ticket sales of sponsored events.

The above example contains an action-taking phrase - improve ticket sales of sponsored events. This is enough for you to get a call.

Additional Sections to Boost Your Resume

Just like skills, additional sections in your resume are game changers. Everyone likes it if they are offered a little more. Showcasing an extra set of skills can fetch a good result especially if they are related to the field. Let us understand it.

Technical Skills

We are not trying to address only the computer skills here however they are a part but there’s something apart from computers you can mention.

An event planner works in a variety of industries. Music, fashion, tourism, sports, arts, culture, and corporate are a few to name. While working they come across planning distinct events like fashion shows, concerts, tournaments, trade fairs, exhibitions, auctions and a lot more other activities.

All these and other similar events need experts to get work done or accomplish regular tasks. Many times the event planner needs to coordinate with others for smooth operations. The point is if you have that level of technical expertise then the company will look forward to working with you.

For example, a fashion show or a music concert requires a workforce to oversee equipment installation, lighting, audio and video setup.

Not only this but if you have certification in culinary, food or beverages then it adds to the likeliness of selection. The reason being events are mostly accompanied by food and drinks.

Above all, if you don’t have these kinds of skills you still stand a chance. They are subsidiaries and not mandatory requirements.


Just like the above-mentioned technical skills, language skills count too. An event planner can be bilingual (more than 2 languages) or polyglot (many languages) altogether. We advise you to mention your language skills in a separate section.

Additionally, mention the certifications that you have achieved for proficiency in different languages. Make sure you exactly mention what kind of fluency you have in which languages. For instance, reading, writing and speaking.

Summarizing: Event Planner Resume

  • Always start with a brief header section. Write only the required details.
  • The resume summary or objective must be linear. Avoid unnecessary details.
  • Enlist your experience in reverse-chronological order. This format is for you.
  • State your education details and other certifications if any.
  • Compile a list of soft and hard skills prioritizing the hard skills more.
  • Device a separate segment in your resume for additional skills.
  • Mention added skills clearly with certifications and/or appreciation.

Compliment Your Resume with a Cover Letter

A cover letter is accompanied by a resume when sending a job application. It depends on the recruiter whether or not he or she is demanding it from you. Let’s say you are required to send a cover letter with your resume then this section can help you.

Again the cover letter must be short and to the point. A maximum of 3 short paragraphs will do.

Start with the pain points of the employer. Then address those pain points with a solution that you can provide. Further, give examples of a similar situation you recently came across and how you solved the problem using your expertise. Finally, explain why you are particularly interested in this job profile.

Although you are applying for an event planner job the cover letter will be unique to each application. It is because every job profile comes with a distinct set of roles and responsibilities. Therefore, do not copy and paste cover letters.

Refer to our cover letter examples to get started.

Professional Experience as an Event Promoter


Are event planners required to undergo training?

Companies prefer candidates to take up extensive training programs. This is in the mutual interests of the employer and the employee. The employer might want the junior-level candidates to learn and grow for future roles.

Sometimes the training programs are limited to a short term in a college or university. Hence, if you encounter such a training program then enroll in the same. This will reflect positively in your event planner resume.

What type of certifications do I need if I want to be an event planner?

Certificates are a distinguishing factor, and having them could improve your chances of getting selected. Two most common certificates are (CSEP) Certified Special Events Professional and (CEM) Certificate in Event Management. If there’s an indigenous certification awarded to you by your academic institution, then mention it in the resume.

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