Data Entry Resume Example: How to Write it Stunningly

Data helps improve business processes, saves time and money and helps businesses grow. Which makes data entry clerks some of the most crucial employees in a company. If companies want to make better, pragmatic decisions, they need a good data entry clerk. Having a professional data entry clerk in a company can mean companies can make the correct decisions and develop strategies that take businesses to the next level.

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Data Entry Resume Example

Paul Clark
Data Entry Clerk
Hertford, NC

Accomplished Data Entry Clerk with six years of experience in MS Word and database management. Expertise in coordinating multiple projects and completing them accurately and efficiently. Extensive experience writing professional business correspondence, keeping books, and managing schedules.

Work Experience

Robert Half
Data Entry Specialist
February 2019-Date

  • Updated the company database to reflect current operating procedures and provide accurate reports.
  • Used source documents to verify and sort digital data to ensure department efficiency.
  • Eliminated the risk of duplication of errors across multiple systems by removing data entry errors.

Data Entry Clerk
August 2016-January 2019

  • Developed a more effective filing system which resulted in 25% acceleration in processing paperwork and customer follow-up processes.
  • Purged outdated records and scanned paper documents into a computer filing system, reducing paper storage by 10%.
  • Used spreadsheets to record client information in the company's database to give administration easy access to client data and improve overall records management.


Bachelor Degree in Business Administration
North Carolina State University
May 2016


  • Client relations
  • Multitasking
  • Fast typing speed
  • Attention to detail
  • Business intelligence (BI)
  • Regression analysis
  • Data processing
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Filing


Awarded an award for the best employee of the month in December 2018

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Every data entry clerk needs a data entry resume that sets them apart from the competition, so you are not just relying on your fast typing speed. The perfect template or resume builder helps you write a resume that stands out and is a good option if you struggle to write an outstanding data entry clerk resume.

We'll also look at some more resume writing tips to enable you to write a professional resume that gets you your dream data entry job.

Additional Information About The Data Entry Resume

The industries with the highest levels of employment in Data Entry Keyers include employment services, data processing, hosting and related services, accounting, tax preparation, bookkeeping and payroll services, local government, excluding schools and hospitals (OEWS Designation), and elementary and secondary schools.

The average salary for a data entry clerk, including overtime pay, tips, and bonuses, is as follows:

  • Entry-level $13 per hour
  • Early-career $13 per hour
  • Mid-career $14 per hour
  • Late-career $14 per hour
  • Experienced $14 per hour

The average hourly pay for a Data Entry Clerk is $13 (Payscale).

data entry resume

How to make a Resume for a Data Entry Worker

A well-written resume allows you to stand out but what is even better is a personalized resume that caters to the specifics of a data entry role. It ensures you don't miss out on some amazing opportunities and helps you beat the competition. Some of the ways you can personalize your data entry resume include:

  • Adding the right keywords and action verbs such as adapted, created, and modeled to beat the ATS systems.
  • Using the right format for your resume to showcase your experience and skills in the best way.
  • Adding a professional summary that interests the hiring manager in reading the rest of your resume.

Layout of a Data Entry Resume

The best layout for your data entry clerk resume is the reverse-chronological format. It showcases your experience and is perfect if you have relevant experience. Hiring managers also love it because it is easy to scan on applicant tracking systems.

Structure of a Data Entry Resume

The functional and combination resume formats are also excellent options. The functional resume is skills-based and is perfect for recent graduates and people who do not have much experience.

The combination resume blends the best features of the reverse-chronological and functional resume formats and showcases both your skills and experience.

The structure of your data entry resume should have the following sections:

  • The header section
  • Resume summary/resume objective
  • Work experience
  • Education section
  • Skills section
  • An additional section (Volunteer work, awards/honors, interests, certifications, computer skills, and languages)

Data Entry Resume : Start with the Header

The header section should be accurate since it has your contact details. It also contains your full name, job title, and a link to your Linkedin profile or career blog.

Example of a good header for a Data Entry resume

Here is an example

Gregory Young

Data Entry Operator


Chicago, IL

Example of a bad header for a Data Entry resume

Here is an example

Gregory Young

Data Entry Operator


2006 Matthews Street

House number 110

Chicago, IL

Date of birth 03/04/1989

You don't need to give too much personal information in your header section. It is always better to keep it short and precise and leave out the location unless you are applying for a job abroad.

Is a photo required in the Data Entry Resume?

Most hiring managers advise against having a photo on the resume, and a lot of US companies also say they would not consider an applicant with a photo on their data entry resume. However, if it is a requirement for the job you are applying for, ensure it is professional.

Choosing your Data Entry Title

You need to tailor each job title when you send out your resume. It's always a mistake to use the same job title on every resume as it shows a lack of attention to detail.

Data Entry Professional summary

The data entry resume summary introduces your qualifications and professional accomplishments to the hiring manager. It is usually written as a short paragraph but should be well-written to compel the prospective employer to read the rest of your resume. It is important to review some resume samples to have an idea of how to write this section. You can check out our resume examples.

Competent and well-organized data entry specialist with a detailed understanding of mathematics and finance-related skills. Proven track record at coordinating and managing ongoing accounts of over two hundred clients. Highly skilled in different clerical duties such as distributing mail and answering phone calls in a fast-paced environment.

Driven and smart data entry operator with wide-ranging expertise in performing various clerical tasks in the office.

A data entry resume objective gives you a chance to summarize your career goals and value proposition. It also showcases your skills and allows you to show the hiring manager how they will be useful at the new job.

Data Entry Resume Work Experience Section

If you want to get more job interviews, you need to ensure this section on your resume stands out. It allows the prospective employer to see what you can do based on your work history. Hiring managers only take a few seconds on each resume but always take a little more time on the work experience section. Our HR-approved resume templates help you structure your work experience to ensure it gets the hiring manager's attention.

Data Entry Resume : How to describe your professional experiences on your resume

When listing your data entry work experience, it is advisable to focus on the relevant experience. If you are applying for an entry-level position and don't have much experience, you can add any other experience and mention any transferable skills relevant to the position, as we see in every data entry resume sample.

The work experience section should have the name of the previous workplace, position held and the time spent at each workplace.

Under each work history, you can add three to five duties and achievements and quantify them using figures and facts to showcase the value you will bring to the new job.

Junior Data Entry Resume : Examples of professional experiences

Here is an example

Excite Health Partners

Data Entry Clerk

January 2016-August 2018

  • Used various computer programs to process new orders, manage samples, and input data, ensuring zero errors.
  • Prepared source data by compiling, verifying accuracy, and sorting information.
  • Typed correspondence, reports, and other written material from rough drafts and ensured all sensitive information was in the correct folders in the computer systems.

data entry resume

Senior Data Entry: Examples of work experience on a resume

Here is an example

Cardinal Financial

Data Entry Specialist

June 2013-December 2016

  • Handled various data entry projects by coordinating and scheduling staff, resulting in a 20% increase in add-on sales.
  • Supervised ten team members in performing various data entry functions, including researching further information for incomplete documents.
  • Trained entry-level employees how to enter data and consolidate spreadsheets while maintaining data integrity.

Data Entry Resume Education Section

Each data entry position will have different educational qualifications. Some data entry jobs require a high school education, while others will need a bachelor's degree. Therefore, it is essential to check the job description and add the correct qualifications in this section depending on the requirements.

Data Entry Resume: Do you start with your work experience or education?

You can start with the work experience or education on your data entry resume based on your experience. If you use the reverse chronological order for your resume, you will start with experience, but you'll start with your education if you use the functional resume format. So it makes sense to include your valuable experience first, however if you don’t have a lot of experience it is better to highlight your education first instead of an empty work experience section.

Data Entry Resume: How to properly list your education

The best way to list your education is to start with the most recent qualification. If it is a degree, you will start with the name of the degree and then list the school's name and the graduation year. Listing your education in this way makes it easy for the recruiting manager to see it even as they scan through your resume. If you have a Master's degree, you don't have to add a high school diploma.

Data Entry Resume : Example of the education section

Here is an example

BS in Business Administration

University of Illinois

September 2016

Data Entry Resume: Skills to Include

Data entry operators require specific data entry skills to help them do the job effectively and efficiently such as typing speed and input accuracy. It is essential to check the job description for some of the skills you need to have in your data entry resume. This is another great way to beat the ATS systems and ensure your resume is not filtered out. You will list your skills in the bullet-point form to make it easy for the recruiting manager to see them.

What are the main skills sought for in a Resume for Data Entry?

Hard skills
  • MS Office Suite
  • Report generation
  • Traditional typing speed of 90 WPM
  • Typing accuracy data
  • Database management
  • Filing and data archiving.
  • Quantitative methods
  • Data transcription
  • Data science research methods
  • Data warehousing
Soft skills
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Time management
  • Multitasking
  • Teamwork

Junior Data Entry: What skills do I include ?

  • Minute taking
  • Typing speed and accuracy
  • Multi-line phone proficiency
  • Client Relations
  • Microsoft Excel proficiency
  • Executive management support
  • Tech support
  • Letter and memo composition
  • Filing

data entry resume

Senior Data Entry: What skills do I include?

  • System administration
  • Risk management
  • Quality assurance
  • QuickBooks expert
  • Certified in 10-key
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Decision-making skills
  • Leadership skills

How to Write the Perfect Resume Hook for a Data Entry Resume

Data entry jobs can be very competitive, which is why you need something unique in your resume that sets you apart from the other job seekers. A resume hook gives you a chance to add a quote, testimonial, personal description, or achievement in your data entry resume to summarize your top accomplishments and show your value.

Example of a tagline for a junior Data Entry

Here is an example

Qualified Data Transcriber with a two-year background working in dynamic, high-pressure office settings. Highly skilled in executive management support with proven expertise in client relations, supply maintenance, and expense reporting.

Sample tagline for a senior-level Data Entry

Here is an example

Professional Data Entry Specialist with extensive knowledge of financial controls, business practices, and industry standards. Recognized as a specialist providing outstanding performance in top-ranking financial organizations. Accomplished in building strong rapport and cohesiveness with leaders and cross-functional teams to achieve project goals.

data entry resume

Additional Headings for your Data Entry Resume

An additional section gives the recruiting manager more information on what makes you a unique candidate. This is where you add any extra qualifications to get the hiring manager's attention and help you beat the competition. A data entry resume template is a great option if you don't know how to add this section to your resume, as it helps you with structuring your resume and ensuring none of the vital sections are left out. You can check out our resume templates

Computer skills and certifications in a Data Entry Resume

Computer proficiency is a vital skill for data entry clerks, so it's always better to list any computer skills you may have in that section. Computer skills that help a data entry resume stand out include proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite, great typing abilities, and overall database management.

If you have any certifications, you want them to stand out, so you should list them under this section. Some of the certifications that will help your data entry resume stand out include:

  • Certificate in Accounts Administration
  • Certificate in Business Administration
  • Certificate in Career Advancement
  • Data Entry Specialist Certificate

Interests in a Data Entry Resume

The interests are optional, but you should add them to your resume if they fit the profile. Interests such as volunteering at a local school to help with data entry will look good on your resume.

Languages in a Data Entry Resume

You've probably seen a sample resume with language skills in the skills section. While that is not wrong, the recruiting manager only spends seven seconds on each resume and may easily miss them. It is better to list them in a separate section using the official language reference in the following way:

  • Completed the DELF for French (at least 70%)
  • TOEFL for English
  • Obtain a Goethe Zertifikat in German (score of 60%)

Summary: Key Points for Writing a Perfect Data Entry Resume

This is what we have learned from the article:

  1. A resume summary is vital since it introduces your resume to the recruiting manager and is supposed to interest them in reading the rest of your resume.
  2. Constantly tailor your data entry resume to the job you want and avoid using one resume for different applications.
  3. Remember to add the right keywords and action verbs to ensure the ATS systems do not filter out your resume.
  4. It is essential to proofread your resume to ensure there are no mistakes.

You need a cover letter with your Data Entry Resume

If you want your job application to stand out, you should accompany your resume with a convincing cover letter. A data entry cover letter helps you talk about your career goals and shows your potential employer how they align with the company goals. Hiring managers do not always ask for cover letters, but it's essential to send one.

FAQ for a Data Entry Resume

How do I describe my data entry on a resume?

  • You will start with a resume summary that introduces your data entry resume and summarizes your top achievements, experience, and skills.
  • List your data entry work experience to showcase your expertise
  • List your education, skills and include an additional section to showcase your unique qualifications.

What are data entry skills?

These are the unique abilities that allow you to perform your job effectively. Some of them include strong interpersonal skills, data transcription, business intelligence, database design and management, attention to detail, time management, MS Office, and critical thinking.

How do I write a data entry CV?

You will add all the necessary sections, including a header, resume summary/objective, work experience, education, skills, and an additional section (volunteer work, awards/honors, interests, languages, certifications, and computer skills.

How do you write data entry skills?

You will list them using bullet points to ensure the recruiting manager easily sees them. This also makes it easy to scan them on ATS systems.

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