Content Creator Resume: Example & Guide To Standing Out

With changing times, corporations are racing to be ahead of the new frontiers in mass communication and marketing. The title of a " Digital Content Creator" is broad, but the most lucrative careers are in helping these companies widen their reach over online promotion and have a firm grasp over the latest trends.

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Content Creator Resume Example

Shania Williams
Digital Content Creator

Professional Summary:

Experienced content creator with 3 years of experience curating engaging content for clients in the Travel & Tourism industry. Boosted web page rankings for primary keyword searches by 45%. Worked for 15+ renowned brands and delivered high-quality, well-researched digital content that increased user engagement by 23%. Familiar with WordPress and Magento.


202 Travel Guide
Content Creator

2021 - Present

  • Created written content and graphics that boosted the company's web page rankings by 45%.
  • Coordinated with a marketing team and programmers to brainstorm and implement the best ideas for the website.
  • Increased user engagement by 23%.

Travel Writer's Agency
Content Writer Intern

  • Provided well-researched content for over 15 clients of the agency.
  • Gained thorough experience with Content Management Systems like Magento and WordPress.
  • Received praise for strong work ethic and consistent delivery of quality content.


  • Travel writing
  • Web page design
  • Graphic design
  • WordPress
  • Magento
  • Search Engine Optimization


Bachelor Of Arts in Graphic Design
Florida University, 2021

Certificate In Journalism
USA Online Class Program, 2022

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A content creator can also have different types of jobs. You can create academic video content for a tutoring platform and help students learn important topics from home. Some influencers create digital content for social media marketing to publicize an upcoming movie and create hype for it.

It's not enough to go door to door advertising products anymore. Brands need to understand the psyche of their customer and reach out to them via their social media platforms and feed. There's a push to analyze user data and only show people online content that is sure to grab their attention.

These days, every business needs a digital content creator to be successful. Everyone, from book authors to small business owners, needs to market themselves via social media marketing platforms and short video editing.

Content Creator Resume

Your content creation career will be successful because this is a field where you'll never run out of opportunities. So, get started with a great content creator resume that gets you an interview with promising clients. Keep reading this guide to pen the best content creator resume samples.

How To Make A Content Creator Resume For Your Dream Job

A content creator resume is unique because it's actually your first chance at truly highlighting your skills.

⚠️ Warning: The hiring manager will go through your resume to ensure there are no typos or grammatical errors, and you can expect immediate dismissal if they find any. After all, they need someone they can rely on to create error-free content.

The way you arrange your content creator resume samples also speaks plenty about your communication skills and eye for design, both necessary in this career.

Your resume should have a clean or simple look. If you've been working on all your resume details for too long, you might not be the best judge of the neatness. It's best to take a few hours' break and look at the resume again with fresh eyes. Minor details and required changes will immediately stand out to you.

Your Content Creator Resume Format Represents You

The proper format is not just a good practice for a content creator resume, but an absolute necessity.

Keep the line and paragraph spacings even throughout. The line spacing should be about 1.15 - 1.5. Additionally, spaces after paragraphs make your resume neat and organized.

Content Creator Resume

It's best to use readable fonts like Calibri and Arial. Times New Roman is also a classic, dependable choice.

Your resume should be a single page of black text over a white background. Some dark shades such as blue are also fine, but only in moderation.

Choose A Suitable Resume Layout

An aspiring content creator will receive great benefits from a focused resume layout. Here, you can showcase that even though you're a fresher, you have the training and the proven skills to be the best candidate.

On the other hand, a chronological resume will highlight the experience and previous positions that you do possess. Show your recruiter that you have what it takes to fill this role - in fact, you've already excelled at it before.

A seasoned content creator, however, will need a content creator resume that encapsulates the full extent of everything they can bring to a new role. A combination resume highlights both your skills and years of experience.

The Best Resume Header For A Content Creator

People often make the crucial mistake of ignoring the importance of the resume header. It's a short and straightforward section that appears simple at first. However, this is one of, if not the most important sections of your resume template.

The recruiter will read your resume header before they know anything else about you or have read the rest of your resume. Thus, it's your first shot at making a good impression.

Did you know? The average hiring manager will spend only about 6 to 7 seconds reading your resume. Your resume template header occupies a very substantial fraction of this short time.

So, make sure your header convinces the manager to keep reading the product of all your hard work. Here are some tips and tricks to pen the best resume header.

  • Start with your full legal name.
  • Don't include your nicknames, and avoid abbreviations as much as possible.
  • Then, write the job description you are aiming for.
  • This description does not have to exactly match your current or previous positions. However, it should match the title in the job posting where you're submitting this resume.
  • If you're a fresher, you can still write the position you are hoping to get at this organization.
  • Include an email address below this.
  • This address should be your professional email, and it should resemble your legal name as much as possible.
  • Do not use the email address provided to you by your school or your current job.
  • Avoid email addresses that look unprofessional or joke-like.
  • This address should be accessible 24/7 on all your devices. You need to reply promptly if the hiring managers reach out with a query or an interview offer.
  • Now, it's time to include your phone number.
  • It's best to avoid landlines or fax numbers and just provide the number for your personal cell phone.
  • Ensure you can pick up important calls from recruiters on this cell phone at any time.
  • Also, check your voicemail and caller tune settings to make sure the manager doesn't hear anything silly if they call you.
  • Your phone number should have the proper format and code according to your area of residence.
  • Double check this information thoroughly, and also give it one last look-over right before you submit the resume.

A Content Creator's Professional Summary

Your content creator resume professional summary is a quick, succinct introduction to why you are the perfect candidate for this role. Read the job description thoroughly to understand what qualities and skills they're looking for in the ideal candidate.

Here is an example job description and the summary you should write to have the best chances in the application process. Notice how the bolded phrases in the summary respond to the ones in the posting.

Job Description:

JKL WebDesign is looking for a


content creator to design

landing pages

for our clients. Candidate must have

1-2 years

of content creation experience and be well-versed in

User Interface design

. Your duties are:

  • Curating

    user-friendly, intuitive

    landing pages
  • Using your

    creativity and originality

    to make every client's page unique
  • Understanding the guide and cooperating with developers to structure a coherent landing page
  • Prioritize eye comfort and c

    omplimentary color palettes


Ideal content creator resume summary for the above job:
A creative, result-oriented content creator with 2 years of experience designing functional web pages for clients across various industries. Boosted web traffic by 64% and added accessibility features that helped diverse users access the websites. Certified graphic design professional with thorough knowledge of color theory. Improved the web page rankings on Google by implementing SEO measures such as infographics and catering to search intent.

What Education Does A Content Creator Need On Their Resume?

Your resume education section provides important information about whether you're qualified for the job. This is of paramount importance for fresh candidates, but experienced content creators shouldn't ignore this asset, either.

Here are the different types of qualifications you can include in your resume education for a content creation role.

Content Creator Resume

Academic Degrees

A Bachelor's degree is the lowest qualification usually sought after by organizations looking to employ content creators. However, the stream and subjects you can choose are limitless.

Below are some options to consider if you want to enrol in a Bachelor course to improve your content creator resume.

  • Marketing
  • Journalism
  • Graphic design
  • Art
  • Cinematography
  • English
  • A technical degree in your content creator niche, for example, Computer Science or Business for creating informative content in those fields.
  • Teaching (Useful for online tutoring content platforms.)
💡 Fact: Technical degrees for a specific type of content are more valuable than general English or Marketing degrees. However, it also locks you into a specific niche, so choose wisely.


Certificates are not only helpful but also necessary in this rapidly growing field.

Over time, experience won't be enough to get appointed to a good role. The field of content creation is as ever-changing and fickle as the internet trends that drive it. thus, you'll need new proven skills to add to your arsenal every now and then. New certificates in emerging content fields will help you achieve this.

Additionally, certificates are a valuable boost to a relatively fresh resume. Freshers starting their content creation journey as well as experienced workers changing their niche can spend a few months getting a relevant, recognized certificate that greatly improves their job application.

Here are some certifications to consider.

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Data Visualization
  • Digital Media Design
  • Viral Marketing
  • Media Semiotics
  • Company And Marketing Strategy


You may have some content creation projects that don't necessarily fall under the other resume sections, or you wish to highlight them in more detail because the speak to your strengths. These can be school projects, internships, or significant undertakings at your previous employment.

Below are some possible examples of projects for your content creator resume. Examine it to find if you have something similar to mention.

  • A high school group project where you presented information in the form of structured, comprehensive content.
  • An event at your previous job where you took charge of a client's complete project and delivered outstanding results.
  • Your volunteering role at a local charity where you made posters and wrote articles to spread awareness about a cause.
  • An internship with a writing agency where you fulfilled your goals and learned new skills.
  • A personal website or blog you created to talk about your life or interests.


It's always helpful to mention a specific class you took in your resume because it draws the recruiter's focus to your skills.

This can be an extra online course you undertook yourself, or a specific subject within your degree that requires more attention. It must always be relevant to the job description you're applying to. For your reference, some productive classes for a content creator are as follows.

  • Google Analytics and other analytics tools
  • Social media best practices
  • Using a content management system
  • How to organize and manage marketing campaigns
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • How ad campaign colors influence the audience's emotions
  • How to manage the company's digital footprint

You can highlight your degree's classes by looking for keywords in the job description.

For example, suppose you took a 4-year course in Journalism, which included various classes. Now, the job posting mentions they need a technical writer who provides accurate content. You can mention your Research And Best Journalistic Practices class that you took during one of the semesters.

Now, you can also apply to a different client looking for a copywriter who can create interesting, eye-catching content. Mention that your Journalism degree included classes on headlining and viral marketing.

The Most Sought-After Content Creator Resume Skills

Generic Content Creator Resume Skills

As a content writer, you can hone your skills towards a particular format or method of content creation. However, there are some generic skills that are always helpful to have. They'll show the recruiter that your know your field. These skills are as follows.

Content Creator Resume

  • Search engine optimization
  • Fast learning ability
  • Creativity
  • Thorough research
  • Originality
  • Strategic content creation
  • Marketing
  • Organization
  • Time management under pressure
  • Communication skills
  • Good grasp over evolving trends

Specialized Content Creator Resume Skills

Certain technical and hard skills will help you in your specific content creation career. You can pick and choose some skills below to specialize in, and make your content creator resume accordingly.

  • Copywriting
  • Graphic design
  • Video editing
  • Content editing software and skills
  • Digital marketing on social media platforms
  • Content Management Systems
  • Advertisement
  • Web page design (UI/UX)
  • YouTube algorithm optimization
  • Keywords and search intent

A Content Creator's Salary & Expected Career Growth

The salary earned by a fresh content creator ranges from about $33,000 to $37,000. A content creator with more experience can aim for jobs that pay around $46,000 to $50,000. Overall, the average salary for a content creator is $41,645.

💡 Fact: As an industry, content creation is expected to have a 13% growth by 2028. This is excellent news for job seekers because it promises better opportunities and faster career growth as they hone their content creator skills.

What Are The Types Of Content Creator Resume?

Content creators are divided into different subgroups by the type of media they produce. You can niche down to create a more effective and targeted content creator resume. The less generic your content creator resume is, the better.

Below is a list of the types and the differences in the content creator resume.

Video Content Creator Resume

A video content creator is responsible for curating polished, engaging content up to the video content client's standards. If you want a tailored video editing content creator resume, here are some possible things to include:

  • Experience with video editing software such as Adobe Photoshop and Premier Pro, or Filmora and DaVinci Resolve
  • Cinematography or videography for video content
  • Experience with common camera specifications
  • Creative video effects and graphics
  • Previous employment in the Film & Television industry
  • Appropriate lighting and direction

Written Content Creator Resume

As a written content creator, you'll be writing grammatically excellent and effective copies based on the industry requirements. This field is diverse, and it can range anywhere from penning advertisement columns to ghost writing for an author.

Thus, the specific content creator resume is also highly customizable to your desired role. Read the list below and see if any apply to you.

  • A strong grasp over grammar and sentence structure.
  • Creative storytelling
  • Technical or formal copywriting
  • Ranking high in search results
  • Academic content creation according to Harvard and APA reference styles
  • Experience using Content Management Systems such as WordPress or Squarespace
  • Ability to adhere to the required tone, style, and format

Audio Content Creator Resume

Audio content creators are in charge of curating voiceovers for videos and advertisements or managing a serial podcast. The best information to include in your audio content creator resume is as follows.

Content Creator Resume

  • Experience editing audio files on platforms like Adobe Audition and Audacity
  • Music production
  • Using assets to create engaging content
  • Experience playing instruments
  • Voice acting and clear speaking skills
  • Following best audio recording practices like noise cancellation, voice direction, etc.

Graphics Content Creator Resume

Graphics content creators make logos, posters, and infographics for their clients. They can also collaborate with other content creators and programmers to create an intuitive, easy-to-use website or interface. Here 👇are some great graphic design points to add on your content creator resume.

  • A degree or certification in graphic design
  • Experience with creating user-friendly landing pages
  • Uniform graphics or look and feel across every page of a website
  • Formatting text, assets, and images in the most attractive and effective manner
  • Accessibility considerations like image alt text, low-contrast text, and dyslexia-friendly fonts
  • Knowledge of classic as well as trending fonts and ad designs

Influencer Content Creator Resume

The job of an influencer content creator is unique. This is ideal for those well-versed in the world of social media and product placements. You'll be creating social media content and influencing your followers to check out the website or application of your client.

Influencers need specific skills and experience in their content creator resume, which are as follows.

  • Social media campaigns and digital marketing
  • Specialized strategies for different social media platforms
  • Maintaining a genuine persona to relate to the followers
  • Honesty, communication skills, and authenticity
  • Creating and scheduling social media posts at optimal times
  • Designing relevant graphics, images, or music to accompany posts
  • Short video creation
  • Experience optimizing social media algorithms to reach the widest user base

What To Do If You're A Fresher Content Creator?

Creating a good resume can be intimidating if you're just starting out. There is a misconception that you always need a proven track record and job experience in your resume. You may be unfairly comparing yourself to more experienced peers and feeling like your resume is relatively blank.

However, you'll be delighted to know that the field of content creation greatly values new joiners. Your fresh outlook and knowledge of the current trends is invaluable to marketers. So, you can confidently start applying to roles.

Here is a detailed guide on the various ways to get started and gain a foothold in the content industry as a fresher.

Invest In Online Classes

Apart from your university or college curriculum, there is a never-ending supply of classes to try.

You can look for tutors in your locality, but online classes are some of your best options. They'll teach you important content creation skills and strategies right from the comfort of your home. You can even take online classes in the evening, after school.

There are free classes on YouTube and some trial classes on reputed platforms. However, you can choose to take some paid classes, as they usually supply a certificate when you finish your course. This certificate is concrete proof of your skills, and more crucial for your resume.

Content Creator Resume

You can think of these classes as an investment in your future. The registration or subscription charges will ultimately further your career, earning back what you spent by a large multiple.

Brainstorm Your Other Achievements

Even if you've never worked professionally before, you surely have some other achievements that belong on your resume. It's standard practice for freshers to include their college and life achievements in their resume, as long as they can find a way to make it relevant.

Think back to your college projects. Are you always the team member who can be relied upon to make the best PowerPoint presentation? Did you win any essay writing competitions? These will all boost your fresher resume.

Furthermore, suppose you were in charge of organizing a school play or managing a team for the annual college exhibition. These are unrelated to content creation. However, you can mention them in the right way to emphasize your leadership and teamwork skills, a good substitute for job experience.

Spend Time On A Personal Project

Working on your resume doesn't have to be all work and no play. It can be as fun as a hobby project.

If you have always wanted to review the novels you read and engage with other readers, now's the time to start a book review account on Instagram. Or, you can use WordPress or Squarespace to create the cool website you've dreamed of having.

Write some articles on topics that personally interest you, and self-publish them on platforms such as Medium. Spend a summer creating awareness physical posters or a Facebook page to improve the lives of your local stray animals and get them adopted by kind-hearted people. The possibilities are endless.

This way, you'll gain a sense of personal accomplishment and benefit others. You'll also show prospective employers that you are passionate about your work.

Apply For An Internship

Internships are gold mines for freshers. Most internships don't have any rigid requirements regarding your past experience, and you only need a willingness to learn and the capacity to take up new skills quickly.

You can start applying to internships available on the common job hunt platforms. A good education will help you get selected for the interview process. It's best to target internship posts that promise a job offer of your performance impresses them. Completion certificates are also an added perk.

During the internship, give your best and form connections with your managers and fellow interns. You can take up your job here after the internship duration is over. If not, you've still gained an important milestone for your resume and friends or mentors who will stay with you in this content creation journey.

Aim For Your Dream Copywriting Position Today!

Are you skilled at writing but worried about your prospects? The booming content creator industry is good news for every aspiring copywriter. Use the current market to your advantage and become an experienced copywriter with an exciting lifestyle.

To get your first content creator job, use all the points in this guide and create an excellent content creator resume template. Also, read our copywriter resume guide to get specific details about how to apply to your desired career.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it better to apply to a freelance or permanent content creator role?

You can choose freelance or permanent content creator positions as per your abilities and requirements. A freelance role comes with more freedom and agency, but you have to be highly skilled at digital marketing to have consistent clients. On the other hand, a permanent role promises a stricter schedule, stability, and employee benefits.

What are the working hours of a content creator?

Content creators can work at an office, but many also choose to work from home. There are certain timings to set so that you keep up a consistent workflow for home. However, as long as you meet all deadlines comfortably and always meet quality standards, working hour restrictions usually take a backseat in this industry.

What are the best additional skills for a content creator resume?

Certain skills and previous projects will boost your content creator resume. If a content creator has web development knowledge, it'll greatly help them design suitable pages. Freshers can also mention their personal or marketing team projects where they showed leadership and creativity. A graphic content creator should highlight any art certifications or classes.

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