Childcare worker Resume writing guide

Childcare worker Resume writing guide

A winning childcare resume is essential for landing yourself a job in childcare, whether it be in the public or the private sector. This role requires you to handle various administrative tasks within maternity wards, nurseries, hospitals, etc.

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Sample Childcare Worker Resume

Laura Peart
Nursery assistant
Holladay, Utah

Professional Summary:

Accomplished and passionate childcare worker with over five years of experience, I have worked extensively in nurseries as well as maternity wards in public and private hospitals. A caring and attentive individual with excellent teaching skills, I have recently moved to Holladay and am seeking employment opportunities within local nurseries.

Work Experience

2020-2021 (1 year) – Nursery assistant  
Acres of Fun Preschool, Salt Lake City

  • Greeted parents and discussed their children’s needs
  • Ensured the welfare of children as well as their physical/psychological development
  • Planned and ran early learning workshops

2016-2020 (4 years) – Childcare worker
Kids Care, Salt Lake City

  • Created lesson plans for children and teaching them
  • Child evaluation reports to ensuring the children were where they needed to be emotionally, mentally, and physically.


Long Valley High School, Durham, NC
Graduated in 2016


  • Child and Infant CPR Trained
  • Trained First Aider
  • Kind
  • Excellent teaching skills
  • Patient
  • Attentive
  • Great listener
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There are currently over a million childcare workers in the US (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics).

To help you along with the writing of your childcare worker resume, take a look at our resume samples and templates available online. Customize your chosen file as you see fit, then download it as a PDF or Word document.

Additional information on the childcare worker role

childcare worker resume

On average, the gross salary for this position will be above $12 per hour or over $25,000 per year. This figure will vary however according to two main factors:

  • the level of seniority of the childcare worker
  • whether they work within the public or private sector

Childcare workers are responsible for running both enjoyable and stimulating early learning activities aimed at ensuring the well-being, autonomy, and healthy development of the children under their care. It is a post that is chiefly occupied by women.

Taking on the role of caring for and educating young children requires skills such as patience, attentiveness, kindness, and understanding, to name but a few.

You can work officially as a childcare worker; with the main bulk of work offered being within the child daycare services and private households are the main source of job openings.

How to create a childcare worker resume

If you want it to catch your recruiter’s eye, resumes for childcare worker positions need to have a well-thought-out layout and structure – ensure that your resume isn’t too crowded. In terms of length, try to avoid writing more than one side of A4.

Layout for a childcare worker resume

The page layout should be simple, professional, and perhaps evoke a certain friendliness. As for font color, you could opt for either black or navy, and go for a size between 10 and 12. Suggested fonts include Helvetica, Times New Roman or Calibri.

The structure of a childcare worker resume

  • Indicate your full name and contact details
  • Add your resume headline and personal statement to provide details about your role (‘childcare worker’). You could also include your specialism (‘in nurseries’)
  • Outline your career history
  • Mention your academic background and the national qualifications obtained allowing you to take on this role
  • Specify your interpersonal skills

Writing the header for a childcare worker resume

The heading of your childcare assistant resume will provide your recruiters with a reference point against which they can analyze your application. The header must therefore contain the following elements:

  • Full name
  • Contact details
  • Job title
  • Photo (for applications overseas)
  • Your hook, i.e., your personal statement / professional summary
If you would like to work as a childcare worker, you need to demonstrate to recruiters that you are a working professional; you could also consider specifying the sector you would like to work in.

Resume header: dos and don’ts

Sophie Davies

Salt Lake City, Utah


Nursery assistant’

Since 2015, through various training and professional experiences, I have accumulated a wide range of skills, giving me all the tools needed to excel at this role. I am available to provide any additional information on my profile at your convenience. Having completed my studies, I am looking for a position as a nursery assistant in your establishment.

Marie Louise -

DOB: 12th September 1989/ Salt Lake City, 919-949-6218

Seeking employment as a "Nursery assistant"

I am a seasoned professional in this sector, with 5 years of work experience and 3 years of internship experience under my belt, who is ready to start work immediately.

Should a photo be included in a childcare worker resume?

We recommend you do not include a photo in your application. Most employers prefer to focus on skills, education and experience rather than how a person looks. They are also trying to avoid discriminating against a person based on looks which is illegal in the US.

Writing the resume headline for a childcare worker resume

A bit of common sense is necessary here: there’s no need to specify that you are a ‘childcare worker in a nursery’ if you’re applying for a position in a child daycare centre.

Tailoring your resume to fit the job offer you are going for is crucial, and your resume headline is no exception.

Showcasing your employment history in a childcare worker resume

Experience can make or break your application, as it shows that you have already worked in a given sector and that you really know your way around your chosen profession.

How to describe professional experiences in a childcare worker resume

childcare worker resume

  • The duration as well as the months and/or years of activity need to be indicated.
  • The name of the nursery or hospital (recruiter) you worked for should also be mentioned, as well as that of any clients for temp work
  • Your resume headline needs to be completely unambiguous
  • Your resume should also provide details on the tasks you have carried out in previous roles

Sample employment history section for an entry-level childcare worker

  • Tucked in newborns at nap time to ensure they felt completely safe
  • Strictly adhered to a range of health and safety guidelines
  • Assisted a team of childcare workers and nurses with the care offered to young children
  • Ensured the continued welfare and physical/cognitive development of the children under my care.

Sample employment history section for an experienced childcare worker

  • Greeted parents and discussed their children’s needs
  • Planned and ran early learning workshops
  • Acted as the point of contact between parents and hospital staff
  • Provided prenatal care for newborns

How to highlight your training and academic background in a childcare worker resume

Highlight your training and academic background can certainly give you the edge over other candidates. Make sure you put them in the right place so hiring managers can see your expertise.

What should come first in childcare worker resume: the education or the work experience section?

Whether it’s best to put your academic background first will depend on your professional experiences.

If these are non-existent, you can start things off by indicating the relevant qualifications you are due to or have already completed, and by mentioning that you are looking to break into this industry (as an intern for example)

If you do have a proven track record in this sector, you should instead begin with your career history section.

Listing your academic experiences in a childcare worker resume

The summary of your academic background needs to include information such as:

  • The year of completion, or failing that, the year you are set to complete the qualification; you could also specify if it is a basic training course or an apprenticeship, whether the course is partially completed or still ongoing, etc.
  • The full qualification title
  • The name of the institute, college, or sixth form awarding the qualification
  • Any merits or distinctions obtained should also be included

Sample education section for a childcare worker resume

2015 – CACHE Technical Level 3 Certificate in Childcare and Education, NCFE (Pass with Merit)

Skills to include in a childcare worker resume

If you are aiming to build a career for yourself within the early learning sector and take on roles as a childcare worker, you need to ensure that you are showcasing your interpersonal skills (soft skills), which will take precedence over technical skills (hard skills).

What are the main skills required for becoming a childcare worker?

Among the main sought-after skills for childcare assistants, you could think about including the following hard skills (learned skills) relating to infant welfare:

  • Administering first-aid
  • Baby soothing techniques
  • Organizing early learning games and activities
  • Anxiety-alleviating techniques
  • Ensuring proper infant nutrition

Soft skills (personal skills) related to the childcare worker role could include:

  • Patience
  • Compassion
  • Receptiveness
  • Kindness
  • Affectionateness

In terms of skills, hospitals and nurseries will have understandably higher expectations for seasoned childcare workers than for young practitioners fresh out of college.

Skills for an entry-level childcare worker

Entry-level employees should possess the following attributes:

  • Diligence
  • Smart physical appearance
  • Impeccable personal hygiene
  • Patience
  • Level-headedness
  • First Aid
  • Child food handler permit

Skills for a senior childcare worker

The most sought-after skills for experienced childcare workers include the following:
  • Patience
  • Excellent teaching skills
  • Friendliness
  • Respectful attitude
  • Team player

childcare worker resume

How to write a professional summary for a childcare worker resume

Your personal statement needs to highlight various information, such as:
  • Your job role (childcare worker in this case)
  • Your know-how, backed up by your years of experience

Depending on the job offer, you could also spotlight your expertise within hospital and/or nursery environments.

Sample entry-level personal statement

Self-introduction: A level-headed and diligent recent graduate with a profound passion for my work as a childcare worker, I have over 6 months of experience under my belt working for a public hospital. I would like to replicate my success in this position and take on a similar role in the Halladay area.

Sample personal statement for an experienced childcare worker

Self-introduction: A passionate and seasoned professional, with over five years of experience as a childcare worker, well-versed in the workings of nurseries as well as public and private maternity wards. A considerate individual with excellent teaching and listening skills, I have recently moved to Halladay and am looking for job opportunities within local nurseries working with infants and toddlers.

Including additional sections in a childcare worker resume

Is it a good idea to mention IT or foreign language skills in a childcare worker resume?

While IT skills may be of limited interest, knowledge of foreign languages as well as references to your interests and hobbies could prove to be a very relevant addition to your resume.

IT skills and certifications in a childcare worker resume

Computer literacy is by no means a necessity for a career in childcare. There is therefore no need for you to mention your IT skills on your childcare worker resume.

Interests and hobbies in a childcare worker resume

If you only have a limited number of successful work experiences to include in your childcare worker resume, your interests and hobbies could be what sets you apart from the rest. They can also act as a conversation starter for recruiters at the interview stage.

Are you a fan of violent video games, MMA fighting and drunken nights out? If your pastimes clash with the ideal childcare worker profile, it’s best not to mention them!


You certainly don’t need to be fluent in a foreign language to take on the role of a childcare worker.

That said, certain private nurseries may home in on the acquisition of foreign languages, since some parents like their children to ‘interact’ in a given foreign language as early as possible. Such linguistic abilities will allow you to communicate better with these children.

Because of this, language skills can really boost your application. For example, if you speak French, Arabic, Russian, Spanish, or Hebrew as your native tongue, this could give you a real edge and stack the odds in your favor!

If this is the case, be sure to indicate any language certifications you have obtained, as well as your level of proficiency (between A1 and C2) and your test score. For example.

French bilingual C2 level: DALF 86/100.

childcare worker resume

Summary: key points to include when writing a childcare worker resume

  • Your full name and contact details
  • A resume headline indicating your role as a childcare assistant and your specialism (where applicable)
  • Your personal statement, including your years of experience and your interpersonal skills as well as your expectations
  • Your work experience within nurseries and/or public and private hospitals
  • Your academic background
  • Your soft skills
  • Any possible language skills

Writing a cover letter to go alongside your childcare worker resume

Your cover letter could be what sets you apart from other candidates.

You could mention the reasons behind your passion for childcare, as well as those driving you to forge a career in a public hospital, a private clinic or within a nursery setting.

Cover letters are also an opportunity for you to give more details about the tasks you have carried out in previous roles in your career and to showcase your various accomplishments.

If you lack formal work experience, your cover letter will allow you to answer the most important question: ‘what makes me the best person for the job?’

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