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A Casino dealer resume plays like an Ace card to get a job as it represents your talent in front of the hiring manager. A Casino dealer works as a primary operator of gaming tables at gambling houses and casinos.

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Casino Dealer Resume Example

Tim Jonas
Casino Dealer
New York, US


Energetic and enthusiastic Casino dealer serving 5+ years of background supervising and operating poker games. Super fast to work in a noisy environment and can stay for long hours. Offering excellent customer service and judgment with fast calculation skills.

Work Experience

Star Casino, New York
Casino Dealer
February 2019- November 2022

Work responsibilities:

  • Adhere to organization rules and centralized and state guidelines for clean operations.
  • Provided excellent customer service and informed them about gaming regulations
  • Educate customers on the guidelines of every game and Succeed in gaming desk equipment and equipment.
  • Acknowledged for the capacity to be flexible at the activity and reach tough environments.
  • Diminished gaming discrepancies, correctly shuffling, dealing with checks, and implementing rack control in step with SOPs.

Traffic Casino, New York
Casino Dealer
June 2017- January 2019

Work responsibilities:

  • Answerable for understanding the regulations and rules of various casino games to perform at some stage in a shift.
  • Greeted each visitor with a warm inviting smile.
  • Conducted playing video games inclusive of dice, cards, keno, and roulette following all relevant regulations and game rules.
  • Effectively managed the discharge of limited and exclusive statistics for preferred customers.


Bachelor’s of Business Management
Pacific States University
April 2017


Casino Gaming Specialist (Los Angeles school of gaming- 2016)

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However, the job responsibilities are depending on the workplace but generally, the dealers deal with various card games such as blackjack or poker.

To make your resume that suits perfectly for the job you have to add all the key points in the resume. The main responsibility is monitoring the game to ensure that no one cheats, leading numbers for table games, assisting players, distributing chips and cards, informing players about gaming rules, and so on. When we create the resume, it is necessary to inform the recruiter that you have already known the basic details.

With these details, you should add your skills, education, and experience. When your CV is well managed, it attracts the interviewer to check your resume and contact you for the interview. So we can say that a resume is the first point of contact to get a job. Thus, it's important to make your resume presentable with all the correct information. This article will help you create your resume more powerfully.

How to make a Casino Dealer Resume

Being a casino dealer is not an easy job, you have to be responsible for a lot of work. That's why a casino owner is looking for a candidate who can multitask and ensure casino ambiance. Thus it’s important to build your resume in a way so that the recruiter thinks you are the perfect candidate for this casino dealer job role..

You can add all of your gaming skills to the resume so that the recruiter thinks you have an interest in gaming. As we know, we do our work more potently when we love our work or have an interest in it. So it becomes your plus point when you have your gaming skills. However, a professional resume should follow the proper structure, format, and layout. We will discuss all of these in brief in this article.

📌Tip: for an easy and hustle-free process you can use our Casino dealer resume model. Here you just need to choose a template and add your details and our resume maker automatically builds your resume.

  • To personalize your resume use these tips below:
  • The title section should be error free as it is the first point of contact
  • Highlight all the key terms which are required for the job role.
  • Read the job description and add the key skills to your resume.
  • Use bullet points and font style to list your skills and previous work responsibilities
  • Remove all the unnecessary experiences

Layout for this resume:

People think, creating a resume is just adding all the necessary details and nothing at all. But a resume is called professional when you add all of your details with proper structure and layout. Always try to use a normal font style instead of any fancy style. Make your resume in a way so that it is fitted with one page. You can use Arial, Times New Roman, and Calibri for font text.

Format for this resume:

With layout formatting styles also play a big role to showcase your resume. Above all the formatting styles reverse-chronological, functional, and mixed formatting styles are the most useful styles.

  • A reverse chronological style is used to showcase your skills and experience. It is perfect for experienced people who used to add their work responsibilities. It helps to represent your abilities with bullet points and paragraphs.
  • The functional format is the most suitable formatting style for inexperienced candidates who used to showcase their abilities through their skills and education. There are so many casinos that look for freshers candidates so it is the time to represent yourself and get the job.
  • Another formatting style or the most used formatting style is mixed. It is best for highly experienced people who used to showcase their experience as well as their education and skills.

casino dealer resume

Structure for this resume:

While creating a resume make sure that you follow the proper structure. Such as:

  • Start your resume with a header section where you should add your name, mobile number, email address, current address, and LinkedIn profile link.
  • After the title, add a job summary where you should mention your years of experience, and key skills and showcase your personality.
  • After that add your work experiences and also mention the name of the company, the job role, the duration, and work responsibilities
  • Add your education with the name of the degree
  • Add your skills including hard and soft skills
  • At the end add some additional information including courses, languages, and hobbies

Title and Contact Information | First Part of Your Resume

The header or title section of your Casino dealer resume should have all of your contact information. This section must be error-free which means there should not be any mistakes because it is the only way to contact you. If you have any error in this section then the interviewer will be unable to contact you even after selecting you. So you will miss the opportunity. In this section, you can add your name, mobile number, email address, current address, and LinkedIn profile link.

✅ Right Header

Tim Jonas

Casino Dealer


New York, US

❎Wrong header

Tim Jonas

Casino Dealer

Park circus, building no 3, New York, US


DOB: 07/18/90

💡Fact: the first one is correct because it contains all the proper details and also maintains the structure. But the second example is incorrect because it does not maintain the structure and also the information is incorrect. The mobile number is also incorrect. And this example also contains some unnecessary information like your date of birth and full address.

In this context, you may have a question about why I did not mention adding a picture. The reason is that adding a picture to a resume is not necessary. There are so many companies who are against adding pictures as it creates biases. So it will be better when you did not add a picture but if you want to add it, you can make sure that it should be a professional one.

Describe Your Professional Experience as a Casino Dealer

The most treasured contribution of work experience derives from the self-attention it gives. The main benefit of having work experience is it helps you to find out about your strengths as well as your weaknesses, and regions of development and offers you a perception approximately where your ardor lies. The proper manner to explain your working experience is with the aid of using which include all of the statistics associated with your experience records. The way you exhibit your experience records for your resume can place you on the shortlist of preferred candidates.

In this section, you have to add all of your previous experiences including the name of the company, previous job role, working period, and job responsibilities. Use bullet points and paragraph style to enlist your job responsibilities. Here are some tips to list your professional experiences:

  • Your work experience section should follow a structure like first adding the job role then the name of the company, then adding the company address and work duration. After that add your job responsibilities.
  • You can add some key job responsibilities which are related to the job role
  • In case you don't have any work experience you can add your internship too.

casino dealer resume

Example of work experience for a senior Casino Dealer:

Casino games dealer

Star lodge Casino

New York, US

July 2018- November 2022

Work responsibilities:
  • Provide great customer service to Casino visitors to guarantee gambling satisfaction, including educating gamers with zero gaming knowledge on all factors of all kinds of games.
  • Perform brief mathematical calculations to decide participant winnings.
  • Acknowledged for the capacity to be flexible at the task and reach difficult environments.
  • Maintained a stable desk and correct payouts even as supplying exemplary customer support to customers and related co-workers

Casino Dealer

Gastro Pub and casino

New York, US

April 2020- November 2022

Work responsibilities:
  • Dealt with playing cards to residence fingers, and compared those with gamers' fingers to decide winners.
  • Started and managed video games and gaming tackle, and announced prevailing colors or numbers.
  • Exhibited exemplary customer support even as dealing table casino video games which includes blackjack, poker, and roulette games.
  • Responsible for worker placement to ensure all slots had been filled.

And if you don’t have experience …

Though experience plays a vital role to get a job, what if you don't have any experience? Remember, A person becomes experienced when they join as a fresher. So there are so many companies who hire freshers. So if you are a fresher you should have good communication skills and other gaming skills. In this case, you can highlight your resume by your skills and education. If you have done any internship you can also add this.

Education | Include your academic background

Every job has its minimum educational necessities, and without assembling those requirements, you may not get a consultation. Higher education can be a demand for promotions, and in case you keep your education, you will be eligible for those higher-paying, greater prestigious jobs. These obtained abilities and skills can add worth to the resume hence establishing clean professional opportunities. Such abilities can come up with the much-wanted enjoyment to be organized and ready to take the following step in the direction of attaining your professional goals.

You should have a bachelor’s degree in management or you should have a gaming internship or have done a gaming course. To showcase your resume you have to maintain proper guidelines. First, add the degree you have, add the institution name, and the year of completion. If you have a master's degree, you can remove the school section.

Example of the education in a Casino Dealer's Resume

Bachelor’s in business management

St. Xavier College

June 2016

High School Diploma

Presidency School

April 2013

✒️ Note: It is not necessary to add your grades to the resume. But if you have a good grade you can add that. For more information, you can check our Casino dealer resume template.

Skills for a Casino Dealer Resume

Whether you are a graduate seeking to determine a way to get a chance in your profession, or you are a mid-profession expert seeking to stabilize your subsequent promotion, you are probably thinking about the most essential competencies you want that will help you get into where you need to go. Though your diploma can display you're knowledgeable and a difficult worker, it does not showcase your personality. Your education can display you’re able to finish the process tasks, however, it doesn’t inform how properly you may satisfy the opposite requirements of the job role.

To achieve success in any job profile, you want to have verbal communication skills, and communication and management skills. Of course, essential to increase your industry-precise difficult skills, what is simply as important for your achievement are your gentle competencies. Soft competencies are the way you are characteristic withinside the administrative center and interact with other people. And at the same time as they may be now no longer without difficult skills in a lecture room or measured, they're key competencies that all of us want to have.

You can add both hard and soft skills to your resume. Hard skills help to showcase your work strength and work experience. On the other hand, soft skills represent your personality and communication skills.

casino dealer resume

Hard skills:

  • Handling gambling games as well as poker and carnival games.
  • Instructed players about casino policies
  • Collect losing bets and pay winning bets
  • Established the guest service and deal respectively.
  • Specialized in casino floor for every kind of table game

Soft skills:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Active listening
  • Good in mathematics and have the ability to do difficult calculations within a minute
  • Analytical thinking
  • Knowledge of game rules
  • Social Orientation

casino dealer resume

Professional Summary | How to Present Yourself

A resume summary works like coffee beans in a cup of coffee which means your summary decides whether you will get the job or not. So we can say that it is the most important part of your resume. When hiring managers check your resume they will first notice your summary and then read the rest of it. If they find it attractive and suitable for the job role then they will read your education, experience, and skill section.

Your summary should contain all of your details in short. That means it should contain the number of years of experience you have, your previous job responsibility, and your skills. You can also add your strengths and weaknesses in this section. But don't add all of these skills and details; it should contain the main keywords. To know more briefly you can download our casino dealer Resume pdf. Here we also guide you about some examples of correct and incorrect summaries.


Enthusiastic Casino Dealer serving 5+ years of background functioning and supervising table casino games. Expertise in chip and cash transactions, diminishing and shuffling table gaming incongruities. Passionate about creating a fun, sensational atmosphere to gather continued customer reliability. Maintain casino policies with higher performance in fast-paced surroundings.

💡 the example is correct because it contains all the important information with proper structure. In this example, you mentioned your years of experience, previous job responsibilities, and skills properly. Thus from this section, anyone can able to understand your expertise and read the full resume.


An organized and trustworthy person successful at handling multiple games with an optimistic attitude. Entrusted to yield on added job responsibilities to achieve team goals. Experienced dealer with over 2 years of work experience in novelty games. Excellent reputation to resolve problems and cultivate customer satisfaction.

💡this example is incorrect because it doesn't contain all the important information. You mentioned your years of experience in the third line which is irrelevant. You must add your years of experience in the first line. Even this example does not represent your expertise as it does not contain your skills and previous job responsibility.

Additional Sections to Enhance Your Resume

Additional information is another important part of a professional resume. Some people think it is useless to add additional information but believe me, it can enhance the chances of getting noticed by the recruiter. In a casino dealer job, the hiring team is looking for those candidates who have good analytical skills, gaming knowledge, and mainly good communication skills.

You can add these details in this section by creating a list. You can add your hobbies like playing games, languages you know. This part makes your resume more interesting.


Languages play a vital role in this job role. Because your communication skills depend on your language skills. If you know more than one language it will be easy to communicate with people. You can add your known languages in the following.

  • English-Fluent
  • Spanish- Advance
  • French- Advance


When you love something, the dedication will get bigger. This means when you love playing games, the job role becomes easy for you. In this casino dealer job role, the hiring team is looking for those candidates who have good gaming knowledge. And when you add your hobbies to your resume, they will know about your interest and find you a suitable candidate for this. You can add your hobbies in following

  • Playing video games
  • Playing offline games like poker, casino games, and other card games
  • Love to communicate with new people
  • Listening to songs

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.What are the key job responsibilities of a casino dealer?

The main responsibility of a casino games dealer is to operate table games. You have to provide great customer service and inform the players about gaming rules, and policies and introduce winners and losers.

Q.What is the average salary of a casino dealer?

The salary depends on the organization and the experience of the candidates. The annual salary of a top earner is $64, 500 and 25 percent of people get $36, 000 per annum. So the average salary is $45, 772 per annum.

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