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A bad resume can ruin the chances of getting rejected while a professional resume can bring the chances of getting selected. So it’s important to create your resume very professionally and perfectly. While creating a call center operator resume, make sure to include all the important skills and experiences in the resume.

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Call center operator Resume Example

Tony Stark
Call center operator
California, USA Stark

Professional Summary

Well-qualified call center operator offering 4+ years of advanced experience in the customer service industry with research and problem-solving skills. implementing and developing call center strategies and excellent customer service for improving customer satisfaction. having fantastic communication skills as well as incoming call handling abilities to provide efficient and effective customer support responsibilities.

Work Experience

Work Strive Technologies Pvt Ltd.
Customer Service Associate
February 2019- October 2022

Work responsibilities:

  • Problem-fixing abilities to keep clients and customers satisfied.
  • Familiar with several computer systems and structures with the ability to examine others.
  • Assisted clients by answering queries and shifting phone calls to teams and shops in an expert and green manner.
  • Proficient in the usage of the Competition following branch coverage and techniques and continues correct and up-to-date affected person facts through an electronic system

Leelija Development Center
Call Center Operator
August 2018- February 2019

Work responsibilities:

  • Answer phone calls and purchaser requests and court cases in a well-organized manner and also Transfer the calls to a suitable place.
  • Provided answering a question for clients, dispatching emergency calls, fax messages to customers, and following instructions.
  • Received incoming calls, and greeted them, supplied information
  • Determined and verified how the customer heard approximately us, in which they may be located, plus which area is the handiest for them.


High School Diploma
Christian School
June 2017

Certification and Awards:

Best Lo of the year (2020) (More and Co hub, California)

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As we know, call center jobs are too competitive as there are lots of BPO companies and it does not require high education or experience. So the competition is huge and getting selected is not easy. According to a study, a resume for a call center operator should be 300-500 words long, and a single page long based.

In this article, we will discuss how to create a professional resume with examples and templates so that you can get knowledge of it and create your own. You can also use our Call center operator resume template for an easy process to create. In this case, you just need to complete the sections with proper information and our tool creates your resume by itself.

How to make a Call center operator Resume

Maybe you have checked the job description but it's not always possible to understand the JD and prepare your resume according to the JD. It's important to know the job responsibilities as at the time of the interview you can answer all the questions. In a customer service job, you have to take incoming calls or can dial outgoing calls and solve the queries of customers in a professional manner. The main responsibility of a call center operator is to build relationships and communicate with customers.

So it is necessary to add your communication skills in the resume and also add those details which are needed for the job profile. Don't overthink!! There is nothing to worry about, we are here to help you. This article will help you to build a call center operations resume professionally. We will also discuss which format or structure you should use with master blaster tips.

It is important to personalize your resume in a way so that the hiring manager can notice your resume and find you the unique one. Here are the tips:

  • The header or title section of the resume should not carry any mistakes or errors.
  • The summary should be interesting where you add your all skills and expertise and experiences.
  • Add the key job responsibilities which are important for the job profile like resolving customer concerns, answering service, handling inbound calls, and so on.
  • Add the key skills which are necessary according to the job description
  • To make your resume noticeable, you can add bullet points and font styles
  • Don't add unnecessary work experiences.

Layout for this resume:

The formatting and layout of a call center operator resume may have a massive effect on an interviewer’s first impression. Also, the format allows to manual the hiring manager’s eye across the resume to the most essential information! Use normal text with some heading 1, heading 2, and heading 3. It is always better to use Arial, Calibri, and times new roman font styles.

If your resume appears dull, boring, or messy, then the chance of getting selected is very less, so the recruiter can't even read the full resume. It should be in a clean, crisp format to seize the recruiter’s eye, encouraging them to pick it out from other people.

Format for this resume:

Having a good format is also important as it describes your resume and represents it in front of the recruiter. The most used formatting styles are chronological, functional format and mixed format.

  • Chronological formatting style is one of the most used styles as it helps to showcase your skills, expertise and education with bullet points and font styles.
  • Functional formatting style is more useful for those who do not have any experience. This format helps to showcase your education and skills which develop your personality.
  • Mixed formatting style is for highly experienced people who want to represent their skills and experience. In this format, you have to use a proper structure and style.

Structure for this resume:

Your call center operator resume should follow the below structure:

  • You should start your resume with a header section where your add your contact details such as your name, mobile number, email address, permanent address and your LinkedIn profile link
  • After the header section add your career objective
  • Add your experience and work responsibilities
  • After experience, add your education details
  • Add your skills
  • At the last, add some additional information such as languages, computer skills and so on.

call center operator resume

Title and Contact Information | First Part of Your Resume

You start creating your resume through the title section where you should include your name and contact details. You can style this section with bold and font styles. The most important thing is this section should be error free as it is the most essential part of the resume as it carries your details. If you add incorrect information, the hiring team will be unable to contact you even if you get selected.

This section contains your name, mobile number, email address, address, and LinkedIn profile link. Here are some examples of correct and incorrect headers so that you can understand the difference.

✅ Right Header

Tony Stark

Call center operator


California, USA Stark

❎Wrong header

Tony Stark

Call center operator Stark

18 lane, California, USA

💡Fact: the first example is correct because it carries all the essential information and also follows the structure. So when the hiring team checks your details they can easily understand and will be able to contact you. The second example is incorrect as it does not carry all the essential information like your mobile number. It does not follow the structure as well. You should not add your LinkedIn profile link before your address.

There is a huge confusion among people whether adding a picture is important or not. Honestly speaking it is not necessary to add your picture to the resume. Because it creates biases in the hiring team. But if you want to add, you can do that but remember it should be a professional one.

Describe Your Professional Experience as a Call center operator

Work experience is symmetric to getting an opportunity. That means when you have more experience, you will get a better opportunity. In call center operator jobs, experience plays a vital role. So you should add your previous work experiences and job responsibilities so that the hiring managers will get to know about your abilities. You can also read the job description and add the key responsibilities according to the JD such as receiving incoming calls, handling customer complaints and solving them, understanding customer concerns, and so on.

If you don't have any experience, there is nothing to worry about as there are too many call centers that are searching for fresher candidates. So in this case, you can represent your personality through your education and skills. And this time your resume will work as your best friend. So it is important to create your resume in that way so that the hiring team finds you the most suitable candidate for the job role.

While creating this section you should maintain a structure such as, at first you should add your destination, name of the company, address of the company, and the time you have worked with the company. After this, you should add job responsibilities, remember to add the most necessary job responsibilities.

Here are some important keynotes that you should follow:

  • Check the job description and add your previous work responsibilities accordingly.
  • Maintain the structure to add your experiences
  • If you don't have any experience then add your internships and if you have other experiences you can also add this.

call center operator resume

Example of work experience for a senior call center operator:

call center operator

ABC Call Center

Los Angeles

July 2017- October 2022

Job responsibilities:
  • Calm pissed-off or disillusioned clients by using presenting awesome and pleasant service
  • Report to the manager with any issues or hints to a higher paintings atmosphere
  • Investigated claims changes with dealers, tested components appealed to be faulty, and authorized or disapproved merchants' claims
  • Administered and organized step strategies with proper development curriculum
  • Trained new employees on processes, systems, and tools used.

Example of work experience for a call center operator:

Customer service associate

Solution A2Z Pvt Ltd


April 218- June 2022

Job responsibilities:
  • Answered incoming telephone calls, greeted customers, supplied information, and took emails as necessary. Recorded and Determined how the client heard us, in which they're located.
  • Took transferring calls from other departments and resolved the query.
  • Deliver remarkable customer support by professionally receiving as well as responding to inbound calls from clients
  • Increase sales and revenue by interacting with customers and also updating the data to the departments
  • Provided technical support and answered customer questions

And if you don’t have experience ...

What if you don't have any experience or you have a different experience? You can add these in the experience section. If you have done any internship you can also add this. But make sure it does not contain unnecessary details. You should check the JD by job search on the website and add the key responsibilities in this section. It will help you to boost your resume even after not having any experience.

📌Tip: Try to use bullet points and bold your job responsibilities so that the hiring manager can easily notice your achievements. Don't use numbering, instead use bulleted lists.

call center operator resume

Education | Include your academic background

Education plays a vital role in your life as it not only represents your background but also secures your future. A high school diploma is necessary to get a call center operator job. But if you have more degrees it will not be a problem. You can pass out from a school or can complete your graduation. Generally, most companies do not hire pursuing candidates as they believe your education can affect the job responsibilities. So before making the resume you should read the job description and requirements.

While adding education make sure it is added correctly and is also easy to understand. Especially when you are a fresher because the hiring team judges you by your education and skills. Start this section with the degree you have like a high school diploma or graduation degree, then add the institute name, and at the end add the timing of completion. But it should follow the structure like you add your college details and then add your school details. If you have completed your master’s then you can add this too and at this time remove your school education.

Example of the education in a call center operator resume:

Bachelor’s of science

Heritage College

May 2018- June 2021

High School Diploma

Presidency School

May 2016- May 2018

✒️ Note: if you want to add your grades to your resume, you can do this but it is not necessary. If you had a good grade you can add this but if you did not have one, you don't have to add it.

Best Skills for Your Resume

Skills are one of the most important factors in getting any kind of job whether it is a call center job or a data analyst job. You can gain knowledge and skills from any sector so it’s important to add those details to your resume. But all of you have to add these skills perfectly. You can check our Call center operator resume example to get a brief knowledge on how to add skills to your resume.

As we all know, for a customer service call center job role, you should have strong organizational skills and customer service experience. So you can add these skills to your resume properly.

Add both hard and soft skills to your resume. Because hard skills represent your abilities and knowledge which have gathered from your previous work experiences such as handling phone calls, emergency support and transferring calls, and so on. On the other hand, soft skills represent your personality such as communication skills. Here are some examples:

Hard Skills:

  • MS Office and tracking system
  • Data Entry
  • Customer Service Principles
  • Call Center Technology
  • Collation skills
  • Access to customer accounts

Soft Skills:

  • Strong Organizational Skills
  • Problem-solving
  • Strong Communication Skills
  • Flexibility
  • Stress Resilience
  • Customer service skills

call center operator resume

Professional Summary

A professional summary or career objective is the reflection of your work experience, skills, and personality. After reading your resume summary, the interviewer takes their decision. So it’s important to build your summary in a way so that the hiring team reads the rest of the resume.

Your summary should contain the total years of expectation, your communication and other skills, a short brief introduction of yourself, and so on. You can check our Call center operator resume to download career objective examples or templates. Your resume summary should be easy to understand. Remember, don't make your summary cringe by adding all the details. Here are some correct and incorrect examples so that you can understand the difference.


Friendly and professional Customer Service associate with 7+ years of relevant work experience, trying to grow the consumer experience. A highly professional correspondent who meets closing dates and guarantees consumer satisfaction.Passionate to build a strong relationship with customers and drive brand allegiance and help the team to increase customer engagement.

💡the example is correct because the example contains all the important information. In this example, you have mentioned the years of experience, the job duties you have done previously, and your key skills which enlighten your profile perfectly.


A good person with friendly behavior. Handle incoming and outgoing calls, and resolve queries. Excellent communication skills, and technical skills. Graduated from Heritage college with good marks.

💡the example is incorrect because it not only contains unnecessary details but also does not enlighten your profile. From this example, the interviewer will not understand what you wanted to say so maybe they did not even read the rest of the resume.

To make your career objective perfect you can check our Call center operator resume template.

Additional Sections to Enhance Your Resume

An additional section works as a plus point on your resume. This additional information can create a positive view for the interviewer. It not only enhances your resume but also creates a higher chance to get noticed by the hiring team. In a call center operator job, the hiring team is searching for those candidates who are highly dedicated to their work and also have good communication skills in more than one language.

You can represent those details by this additional section where you can add your known languages, computer skills, and hobbies. Make your resume interesting so that when someone reads your resume they find you the most suitable person for the job role.

Computer skills:

In this job profile, your computer skills can work like an extra cheese on a pizza. That means if you have good computer skills then the interviewer will give you a plus point and your chances of getting the job will increase.

You can represent this skill in the following way:

  • MS Word- Advance
  • MS Excel- Advance
  • Outlook- Advance


As a customer service job requires a lot of good communication skills, language is one of the most important parts of this skill. If you are a native speaker or fluent in any language, your communication skills boost automatically. You can showcase your language skills in this way:

  • French- Advance
  • English- Fluent
  • Spanish-Advance

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What is the average salary for a call center operator?

Generally, the salary depends on the company and the duration of the experience. Some companies offer $44.89 per hour and some companies offer $13.79 per hour. So the average salary is $16.83 per hour.

Q. What are the job responsibilities of a call center associate?

The key responsibilities are taking incoming calls, greeting customers, solving their queries, also doing outbound calls, and verifying them. Increase sales and fulfill business requirements.

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