Making a Banquet Server Resume| A Comprehensive Guide

In the lively events and hospitality industry where celebrations happen, banquet servers help make sure that every party does more than just happening. These heroes of the hospitality industry, without whom unforgettable experiences for event guests would not be possible in busy banquet halls should get a lot of appreciation .

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Banquet Server Resume Sample

Richard Smith
Banquet Server


Experienced banquet server with over 5 years of experience catering events, corporate functions, private parties and creating memorable experiences for guests. Skilled at serving food and alcoholic beverages in a fast paced environment. Known for providing excellent customer service by tending to the special requests of the guests and creating a welcoming environment.

Work Experience

Lead Banquet Server
ABC Banquet Hall, San Diego, California
March 2022 - Present

  • Lead a team of 10 banquet servers in training and guiding to execute an excellent service for events that surpass guest expectations.
  • Liaise with event organizers and clients so that you know their suppliers’ requirements and the envisioned outcome of the event.
  • Leading the overhaul of the banquet design to provide effective service and high customer satisfaction.

Banquet Server
XYZ Hotel, San Diego California
July 2018 - January 2022

  • Provided food and beverage service for 10 events per month that catered to more than 400 guests.
  • Worked with the kitchen crew to ensure prompt and correct food delivery; feedback from clients was positive.
  • Helped with the preparation and takedown of banquet areas for a speedy transformation between events.


  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Strong communication skills
  • Food service
  • Knowledge of food safety and sanitation policies
  • Maintaining cleanliness
  • Table settings
  • Beverage service


High school diploma
HGJ School, California
Graduation Date: April, 2018


Hospitality Management Certification
Food Safety and Handling Certification

However, getting a banquet server job of your choice will require you to write an exceptional resume. There are particular fundamental ground rules of writing a good resume that we will describe in this guide. Below is how you should craft your banquet server resume.

Banquet Server Resume

One of the first things that you need when writing a resume from scratch is a reference. Looking at a couple of banquet server resume examples which can be found online, you will be able to choose the right tone and voice for your personal resume. Check out our wide range of résume examples and samples for more ideas and inspiration.

Expert Tips to Write an Effective Resume for a Banquet Server

A good banquet server resume should effectively highlight your outstanding customer service and ability to provide genuine hospitality. There are various steps to follow to draft the perfect resume. Let's take a look at some of these.

  • Choose an apt resume format to ensure a professional layout.
  • Divide your resume into clear sections with standard headings like contact information, summary, experience, skills, education.
  • In the header section, write your full name along with all your important contact information.
  • Add a resume summary that can encapsulate your professional experience and skills and showcase your suitability for the position.
  • Detail your prior experience in a reverse chronological order using bullet points. For every job, mention your job title, name of the company and the dates of employment.
  • Mention all the relevant banquet server skills you possess in order of relevance to the position you are applying for.
  • Make an education section and mention all the academic qualifications you have attained.
  • Customize your resume before every job application to ensure it is aligned with the job description given by the employer.
  • Try to keep the resume concise and to the point.
  • It is important to proofread your resume and rectify any errors within it before submitting it.

What is the Best Format for a Resume?

The right format of resume writing defines the way in which your professional information matters to hiring managers. The right format will highlight your professional strengths which fit the expectations of an employer. There are a number of criteria that should be taken into account when selecting an appropriate layout. Your personal competence and preferences can influence this crucial choice. Let us look at three types of resume formats that are commonly used in detail.


The chronological format is one of the conventional formats and also liked by hiring managers or recruiters. It highlights your work experience and arranges it in a reverse chronological order. This model is effective if you have a powerful work history and consistent career advancement.


The functional approach enables you to hide the employment gaps by stressing on your skills. This style is beneficial for candidates who have switched jobs frequently and possess an unorthodox work history.


The hybrid format unites the properties of chronological and functional formats. This kind of format equally considers your skills and professional experience. This profile style is preferable for applicants who strive to demonstrate their professional skills and real-world experience equally.

The Main Components of a Banquet Server Resume

Banquet Server Resume

It is important to include every key professional detail of your career in your own resume. A recruiter will be looking for certain components in your resume to evaluate your suitability for a role. Below are the main elements that are present in every professional resume.

Contact Information

The topmost part of your resume should contain your full name and pertinent contact information. Include your designation, phone number, email ID and a link to your LinkedIn profile if you have one. Make this section prominent by using bigger and bold fonts and ensure it has no errors.

Resume Summary

This section should summarize all the professional information you are about to provide to a potential employer in your resume. The purpose of this section is to convey the level of experience you have and highlight your particular areas of expertise.

Begin your resume with an adjective followed by your designation and the number of years of experience you have as a banquet server. Mention the relevant skills and qualifications that meet the requirements of the role that you are applying for. Make sure to keep your summary concise and not longer than 3-5 sentences.

Work Experience

This is the most crucial component of your banquet server resume. The experience section should be structured and organized neatly to make it easy for a hiring manager to scan through it.

If you have a consistent work history, list it in a reverse chronological order. Make a subsection for every job and include your designation, name of the company and the exact tenure of your employment. Describe the main duties using bullet points and strong action verbs. If you have received any recognition for your work, you should mention it here and use specific metrics and examples to support the same. Remember to only highlight instances from your professional experience that are relevant to the tasks you will be expected to perform in the new position.


This section should include your hard and soft skills that make you eligible for a banquet server position. You should prioritize your skills in order to meet the job requirements mentioned by the employer. For better readability, list all your skills in bullet points. You can consider bifurcating your technical and soft skills to offer more clarity.


All your academic qualifications are listed in the education section of a resume. If you have pursued a degree in an appropriate field, this is where it should come up. First, start with the highest level of education you have attained and then work your way back from there. Include the degree, name of the institution and your graduation year. If you have taken up specialized certification coursework then this will be a worthwhile addition to your candidature during the process of hiring.

Add a Cover Letter

Banquet Server Resume

To write a compelling banquet server cover letter, you need to research the company you are applying to. This will help you align your own professional values with the company's mission. A cover letter allows you to into more detail about your professional capabilities than a resume. It can be a great tool to provide context to your professional endeavors. Make sure to write a targeted letter before every job application specific to the company you are applying to.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the duties of a banquet server?

Banquet servers are responsible for the success of various events, such as weddings or corporate parties. Such professionals are responsible for a variety of tasks with accuracy and warmth. To begin, banquet servers have a mission to organize the event space through table arrangement and create an aesthetically pleasing presentation. For the occasion they can serve food and drinks following certain protocols and dietary restrictions. Apart from the physical characteristics, a banquet server has to be an excellent communicator in interfacing with guests. Working with the kitchen staff, banquet servers ensure that meals are delivered on time and handle special requests in an efficient manner. After the event, they help with break down and clean up of venue perfectly. The essence of banquet servers is that they are invisible forces behind the scenes making any event run smoothly contributing greatly to satisfying guests.

What are the top skills to include in a resume for a banquet server?

Banquet servers employ a variety of skills in their work. It is important to have great communication skills in order to communicate effectively with guests and colleagues. The event’s setup, service and breakdown requires physical stamina. It allows for careful attention to detail with regards to table arrangements and dietary needs. Time management plays an important role in working with kitchen staff and ensuring the timelines of events. Adaptability helps them to deal with sudden challenges smoothly. Positive attitude creates a friendly environment, and teamwork facilitates efficient cooperation with colleagues. To conclude, communication constitutes among the top skills of a banquet server along with physical stamina, attention to detail, time management and adaptability coupled with positive attitude as well teamwork.

What is the minimum educational requirement to be a banquet server?

The minimum educational requirement for a banquet server is a high school diploma.

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