Writing Worthwhile and ATS-Friendly Resume Using Job Description

Job seekers know what is an applicant tracking system and the way this entire system functions. However, if you are new to the regime of applicant tracking systems (ATS) then you will know it in a while through this guide.

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Today we will discuss everything about the applicant tracking system, ATS resume format, ATS compliant resume template, ATS optimized resume, and on top of everything how to write an ATS resume using job description (and optimization). Let's see what we have for you in this ATS-compliant resume guide.

Topics you are going to read...

  • Introduction - applicant tracking systems
  • How do applicant tracking systems work?
  • Benefits of applicant tracking systems
  • What is an ATS-friendly resume?
  • How to write an ATS-friendly resume?
  • 7 ATS-friendly resume templates
  • ATS-friendly resume structure
  • ATS resume formats
  • Cover Letter
  • FAQs about ATS resume
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Introduction - Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

An applicant tracking system (ATS) is a program universally used by hiring managers and employers to sort and track applications from job seekers during the hiring process.

The primary function of an applicant tracking system is to create a database of resume file type so that the program can sort out applicable resumes from countless entries by scanning entire resume based on the filters that are set by the hiring manager.

Every job listing is different and so is the company that publishes these job descriptions. Not to mention even job candidates vary depending upon the job titles. In this situation where there are high chances of mismatching companies, hiring managers, and employers come across substantial challenges in the hiring process.

This is where applicant tracking systems come into the picture. An applicant tracking system offers a variety of solutions to the hiring manager and employers to convert potential job seekers into permanent employees.

Now that we know what is applicant tracking system let's take a look at how it works.

How Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) Work?

An applicant tracking system aka the ATS software is built using artificial intelligence. The ATS software builds various profiles of job candidates that are suitable for the vacant position using technical parameters. In short, the entire ecosystem of the ATS software is built around attracting quality talent into the company.

The biggest reason behind using ATS software is the unproductive manual process of hiring. There are countless incidents of miscommunication between many job seekers and the hiring manager. At one point the job application loses its value. On the contrary, the more time it takes the higher the costs. Needless to say, ATS software gives quick access to job applicants searching for their dream job.

Benefits of Applicant Tracking Systems

An ATS software is not an alien tool to scare applicants. Contradictorily, it helps find job candidates that are talented, productive, and looking for mutual growth. In other words, there are benefits to using an ATS software. Here's the list.

  • The ATS system renders the job description into the roles, duties, and responsibilities of a candidate.
  • It draws the attention of highly qualified applicants for the desired job opening.
  • The ATS systems come with readymade job description templates containing keywords related to a job title to attract the interest of talented and qualified professionals.
  • Online platforms such as job posting websites and social media channels allow potential candidates to perform a free ATS resume scan. In short, the ATS software is compatible.
  • The ATS software synchronizes the process for both hiring managers and applicants by making an intuitive user interface that requires fewer clicks.
  • ATS systems heavily automate several processes using AI like publishing a job ad, posting a new job opening, generating custom job description, and scheduling interviews.
  • The ATS resume system eliminates heavy paperwork, mailing interview letters to candidates, and common errors simultaneously pushing the resumes across the hiring channel with ease.

So these were the benefits of applicant tracking systems fruitful not only for employers but also for those making a job search.

What is an ATS-Friendly Resume?

An ATS-friendly resume helps the applicant's job application past applicant tracking systems smoothly. But that's possible only when write the resume correctly. It means there are standard fonts, minimal color theme, proper alignment, and even distribution of the columns if any.

Relevant keywords also play a major role to past ATS system. If the applicant has used the right keywords across the resume sections like professional summary, experience, skills, and education that matches the job ad during the ATS scan then there won't be a problem.

But if the right keywords are missing in critical resume sections then the resume will never see the sunlight. This is the reason why companies perform a rigorous ATS resume test to identify professional talents and applicants must create an ATS-compliant resume.

How to Write an ATS-Friendly Resume?

There's nothing perfect in this world and a resume is not an exception. But there's a subtle consideration even in this exception and that is whether a resume (ATS friendly) contains all the necessary characteristics of being compliant with the tracking system or not.

Having such thoughts here are some essential points to tailor your resume to swiftly pass the tracking systems.

Format and Structure of the Resume

Appropriate format and structure of a resume are necessary because this way you navigate the reader across your personal and professional information. Hence, the first job is to define the exact format and structure before you start creating one.


Sending a plain and simple text document is not a resume and beware that you will not receive an interview call till eternity. Hence optimizing a resume (like search engine optimization) is the need of the hour. For example, check whether or not you have included resume keywords and phrases from the description published by the employers. It must contain specific job-related keywords to be called a resume (ATS compliant) and consistent with the tracking system.

Skip Stylish Fonts

Fonts enable the reader to read making a resume scannable. Yes, because recruiters hardly read a resume in the first place. They skim and scan the headings. Avoid curvy fonts since they are unreadable and use standard fonts to make textual content in a resume stand out.

Avoid Multi-Color Theme

Using a single-color theme or a double-color theme is still valid. We have resume ready templates with the dual color theme. But using color schemes of more than two will eventually mess up the document instead of making it admirable.

Now look at some exclusive templates to craft a resume (ATS friendly)

7 ATS-Friendly Resume Templates

If writing ATS-friendly resumes is not your expertise then we have readymade resume templates for you. These ready-to-use resume templates are ATS-friendly and compatible with the resume builder too.

Using these ATS-friendly resume template is a cakewalk, a breeze.

  • Select your resume template
  • Fill in the details
  • Download your resume

Now let us show you the seven ATS-friendly resume template. Here they are.

ATS Resume Template - #1 Perth


ats resume format

The Perth ATS-friendly resume template assures that you will easily accomplish the resume writing task. There are no visible geometrical separations using lines or columns but yet the white space gives it a non-conventional look. Resume templates like Perth are best for your next job opening. Don't forget to include keywords from the job description to make your chances more bright. Click here to get the Perth resume template.

ATS Resume Template - #2 Riga


ats resume format

Our certified professional resume writer recommends this ATS-compatible resume template. This is one of the premium ATS resume templates in our collection. The beauty of this template is evident from the blue wide ribbon at the top. The golden color theme elevates the overall look of the fonts and the resume itself. Click here to get the Riga resume template.

ATS Resume Template - #3 Sydney


ats resume format

The Sydney ATS-compliant resume template is an easy thing. Making a job application with this template can dramatically increase your chances. Tailor your resume with a template that is a favorite amongst our teams of certified professional resume writer. The ATS software will welcome your resume. Click here to get the Sydney resume template.

ATS Resume Template - # Chicago


ats resume format

The Chicago ATS resume template is a piece of cake. Indigenous ATS-compatible resume templates like this are modern and creative in design. The bullet points list attracts the immediate attention of the recruiter. Create an ATS accordant and professional-looking resume to get your dream job. Click here to get the Chicago resume template.

ATS Resume Template - # Budapest


ats resume format

The Budapest ATS resume template is an easy thing. Similar to the Rotterdam template below this one is a premium ATS resume template for seasoned applicants. The dark color column highlights the sections written using bullet points. The adjacent column is wide enough to accumulate important sections using bullet points. Click here to get the Budapest resume template.

ATS Resume Template - # Rotterdam


ats resume format

The Rotterdam ATS resume template is a cherry pie. This professional resume template tops our list of most downloaded resume templates. The key takeaways are a multi-color theme, horizontal and parallel columns, professional fonts, and spacing. Above all this resume template supports all file formats. Click here to get the Rotterdam resume template.

ATS Resume Template - # Crisp


ats resume format

The Crisp ATS resume template is a snap. This one is the best example of a simple resume template without distractions. This resume template contains enough white space and minimal design elements. Moreover, the content alignment is unique to draw the recruiter's retina to the main sections. Click here to get the Crisp resume template.

ATS-Friendly Resume Structure

The key to finding whether or not you have an ATS-friendly resume is to study the overall structure. A resume structure is a sketch, a precast of how your content will be arranged and aligned in a document on a single page. Sound tough but it is not.

So here's the ATS-compliant resume structure to help you.

  • Header - (contains only personal information)
  • Professional summary (use the right keywords)
  • Work experience (use reverse chronological resume order)
  • Education (mention highest degrees)
  • Skills (use relevant keywords)
  • Additional details (languages, certificates, etc.)

Matching the right keywords from the job ad published by the employer is critical here to past applicant tracking system. If not then the ATS scan will get rid of your resume immediately without caring how educated or experienced you are as an employee.

ATS-Friendly Resume Format

Similar to the ATS-compliant resume structure you also need to take care of the ATS-compliant resume format. The format in a resume means how you write resume sections like experience and education since they are the most sought after by recruiters.

Generally speaking, there are three ATS resume formats. Refer to the list below.

  • Reverse chronological resume format
  • Functional resume formats
  • Hybrid or combination formats

Out of the three formats defined above the reverse chronological resume format is used to write professional resumes. The chronological format describes your job experience in descending order beginning with the current job. It is a no-brainer that you need to include relevant keywords.

Cover Letter

We have already discussed a lot about applicant tracking systems and how a resume must be tailored and optimized according to the system. But there's another side to this story.

The ATS accordant cover letter.

When you are writing a resume that is consistent with the functionalities of an application tracking system then why isolate the cover letter? But wait there's a different perspective to this other side of the story. To write an ATS resume differs then writing a cover letter.

Don't worry because we won't be discussing the entire cover letter topic here otherwise, you will flip the page just as a recruiter flips your resume.

Instead, we will be redirecting you to our cover letter page. Here you will get all the resources to write the same.

FAQs About ATS Resumes

What is a chronological resume?

The term chronological is derived from chronology which means a record of your professional experiences. Moreover, it is a widely used format in resume writing. Other than the chronological format we also have functional and hybrid formats to write resumes.

Are ATS-friendly templates for resumes legit?

Of course, the ATS-friendly templates for a resume are legit and completely safe. These are simple and resume ready templates that both students and experienced applicants can use. Browse our template collection to get an idea regarding the same.

What is a free ATS resume?

It is just a professional resume that recruiters come across during the recruitment process. If you already have a resume then take an ATS resume test to check whether or not your resume can past the applicant tracking system.

What file format does the resume support?

The file format of a resume can be in Microsoft word document or it could be pdf files that are highly admired by the applicant tracking system. However, it is subjective whether the Google word document is ATS-friendly or not. Check before sending it.

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