Adjunct Professor Resume: A Kickass Guide + Bonus Tips

Wondering how to get more interview calls? Improving your chances of getting your dream job? We are here to help you out with exactly that. In a simple and short sentence, the solution is to write a really good resume that is professional and highlight your profile information effectively.

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And how to do that is what we will discuss in this article. We will discuss every important aspect of writing a resume so you will get answers for all your questions and confusions. So without further delay, let's begin!

Read on!

Professional resume guidelines

First things first, here are some guidelines on how to write a professional Adjunct Professor resume:

  • When you use a template you should make sure that you keep in mind some important tips such as replacing all the sample information with your profile's information about your own work history, skills and more. You should also edit the margins of the paper and the white space between sections and content to ensure that you create a resume with visual appeal. The adjunct professor resume should be well organized and visually appearing in order to impress the hiring managers.
  • When you are writing your adjunct professor resume, you might think the order of the sections and so on will not matter and you might create your own layout for the resume. Avoid making this mistake because it will be unprofessional. Professional resume guidelines say that your resume should follow the professional resume formats with set outline, it is something that the hiring managers would be expecting. We will discuss more about the resume formats soon in this article only.
  • Accuracy defines professionalism, you should ensure that your adjunct professor resume is accurate in all aspects such as spelling errors, grammatical errors and factual errors. You should get rid of all of them before saving your resume. The efficient way to do that is to proofread your resume twice before you save it and ensure that you pay attention to every single detail to get rid of even smallest of errors.
  • To make you resume efficient and professional, the language will also have to be particular and consistent. Meaning, you need to write your adjunct professor resume with the third person, past tense language throughout, every section.
  • Another way to make your resume efficient is to make sure that you use maximum number of action verbs, relevant keywords and numbers to quantify the details. This will help you ensure that your resume impresses the reader and has the desired impact.

Where should I begin?

When you are about to begin writing your adjunct professor resume, you should start with some research. You can do the research simply by going online on the internet and exploring certain relevant areas such as your role or job title, your designation, your job description, your profession, your industry, your job market and so on.

The research will give you at least 50% of the insight that you weren't aware of beforehand. You needed to know a little bit more through the research even if you had a lot of knowledge already because you might have worked in the industry for a long time.

Adjunct Professor Resume

The research will provide you insight into current job market scenario, the salary range that you can expect given your profile with experience, exposure and skills, it will give you isight into what you may be lacking and what extra you can bring to the table when it comes to the hiring manager's expectations. You should make sure you never skip this step as it can be very helpful for writing your adjunct professor resume. In addition, this little research will also help you navigate and perform better with your interviews. The research will help you figure out the future scope of the industry according to which you can also plan what kind of the job you want next and how you want your career path to look like for next few years. And knowing what you bring to the table and what the industry expectations are along with salary range associated with it, you can negotiate a better package with the hiring manager and get your dream job with all the right perks.


After the research, you need to focus on choosing the right resume format for your adjunct professor resume. We will discuss the 3 most prominent, professional and preferred resume formats here. Resume formats help you organize your adjunct professor resume in a manner that will be efficient in terms of highlighting your skills and experience and more. It will also help you ensure that the information is laid out in the order and manner that will be expected by the hiring manager. This will help you avoid disappointing the recruiter and help them grasp the important information in first glance and look without much of an extra effort.

📌Types of professional resume formats:

  • Functional Resume Format:

The functional format is one that is used by certain groups of people. One, who have just come into the workforce, straight from college, or starting out their first job. Second, those who want to switch to a new job or role and their skills cannot be transferred to an adjunct professor role. Third, those who have significant work experience but have completed their masters of MBA and plan to switch to this role.

The functional format is used where chronology of the points may not as important given the circumstances. The format will start with a resume header, where you mention all your contact details. Then you mention the resume objective, or summary. The objective will be a summary of your professional life till now. It cannot be longer than 4-6 lines. Followed by your work experience section. This section has to include the job title, description and the name of the company. You should use key words, actions verbs and also quantify as much of your experience and achievements. You then shall mention key achievements with as many of those points that can be quantified. Then comes your skills and then your education.

  • Reverse Chronological Format:

As the name suggests it is the format where the order of the events are in reverse chronology. The main focus of this format is the professional experience section. While you do mention your job title, description, name of the company and the from and to date, you also need to keep in mind that the experiences have to follow the order of the last job you did that comes first. The hiring manager will want to look at your latest job first and then what follows below it. They will want to know what you did and how you did at your previous job than anything else.

The groups of people that use this resume are people who are well experienced, are looking to see an upgrade in their pay scale or in the their job title. Therefore, for them the work experience section becomes extremely important. Another point to keep in mind is that, you need to maintain the reverse chronology rule even while you are mentioning your education, your certifications or and courses that you might have completed.

  • Combination or Hybrid Format:

The hybrid format is a merge between the functional and the reverse chronology format. This the most widely used format. People tend to use this format for its versatility, and sometimes don't even know that they are using this format. Under this format you can choose to play around with your skills and your work experience. It can be for all kinds of people. You can choose to put your skills above your work experience and then highlight those same skills in your achievements and work experience to accentuate your value as an employee.

Adjunct Professor resume-A sample resume outline

Adjunct Professor Resume

Resume header

The resume header is where you put in all your contact information.

Full Name: Mention your full name as it may be on any of your government IDs

Mobile Number: Put a contact number that you are close to and pick up at a moments notice

Email Address: The email address you put on your resume shall be a professional one, and definitely not your personal email address

Home Address: Putting your home address is optional and even if you do decide to put it then you can choose to shorten it i.e., area and area code only

LinkedIn Profile: Before you put a link to your profile, please ensure that it is up to date

Resume summary

Resume summary or the resume objective is a key part of any resume. As an Adjunct professor you can utilise this space to express your key work experience points and achievements in a span of 3-5 sentences. Those same points can be elaborated further in the resume.

The resume summary can mention any notable recognition your gained in your previous employment, like being a professor to 'x' amount of students, or took on the responsibilities of a full time professor for which you were recognised and awarded. These things add vale to your resume and therefore can be put in your resume.

Professional experience/Work history

Job title and Company

You need to first mention the designation and title before you mention the name of the company.

Dates of Employment

You need to put your employment dates in a 'from-to' format. You also don't need to put in the exact dates, the month and year will work perfectly fine.

Job Description

The description has to be in pointer. Try to quantify what you did on a daily basis, or about your responsibilities, and then you need to fill the who line. Try to leave as little white spaces as possible. That does not mean that you can put in filler words. Be conscious and use your key words and action verbs wisely.

Key Achievements

The key achievements will include all your notable achievements in a reverse chronological manner. Put in the ones that are relevant and you have proof for them. The ones that are closer to your last few employment's, or more notably your last employment will matter the most.

Education section

Degree Name

Mention the name of the degree/ diploma as it is on your certificate and do not abbreviate it as per your understanding.

Institution Name

Please mention the name of the institution, below the degree name.

Location and Date

The location can be the area i.e., state if you are in your country, or the name of the country if it is outside of the where you are applying.

GPA (Optional)

Mentioning your grade point average on your resume is not a common practice, thus it is optional. However, you can choose to put it if you performed really well and consistently, and you are a recent graduate, which the hiring managers will look at.

Skills section

Please use the following skills to put in your resume as an adjunct professor. You can use these skills as key words that will enhance your resume. There might be skills you might not have acquired, however, you can use it to gain it by accessing courses online or doing some certifications.

📌List of relevant skills for your adjunct professor resume's skills section:

  • adjunct faculty duties
  • working with graduate students
  • assist students
  • course materials
  • student learning improvement
  • positive learning environment
  • course curriculum
  • classroom management
  • course syllabus
  • working with undergraduate or graduate students
  • classroom instruction
  • prepare students
  • undergraduate courses
  • student progress
  • facilitate student learning
  • ensure student attendance
  • ensure student success
  • trained students
  • online instruction
  • evaluate student progress
  • class instruction
  • classroom environment improvement
  • instructed students
  • instructional strategies
  • facilitate classroom instruction
  • fostering student participation
  • making classroom environment conducive
  • professional development
  • college students assistance
  • course objectives
  • instructional materials
  • student coursework
  • academic programs
  • business administration
  • working in online environment
  • deliver lectures
  • teaching methods
  • student participation
  • lesson plans
  • quality learning experience
  • powerpoint presentations
  • developed curriculum
  • Microsoft office
  • following university guidelines
  • class discussions
  • implemented curriculum
  • course lectures
  • learning materials
  • engaging curriculum
  • marketing strategy
  • in class discussions
  • weekly lectures

Bonus Tips


📌List of relevant keywords for your adjunct professor resumes:

  • substance abuse
  • community agencies
  • york university
  • graduation date
  • engaging curriculum
  • teaching position
  • course lectures
  • Microsoft certified educator
  • university guidelines
  • education master
  • organic chemistry laboratory
  • criminal justice
  • teaching assistants
  • assistant to teachers
  • department chair
  • lesson plans
  • adjunct professor experience
  • student participation
  • teaching methods
  • human resources
  • job title
  • student coursework
  • instructional materials
  • course objectives
  • training materials
  • fostering student participation
  • class instruction
  • evaluate student progress
  • adjunct professor job
  • online instruction
  • adjunct instructor
  • hiring managers
  • trained students
  • student success
  • facilitate student learning
  • student progress
  • undergraduate courses
  • classroom instruction
  • undergraduate students
  • course syllabus
  • classroom management
  • adjunct professors
  • course curriculum
  • student learning
  • course materials
  • assist students
  • graduate students
  • adjunct faculty
  • adjunct professor

Cover letter

Cover letter is piece of essay that goes along with the resume. The essay is about you and it is a narrative that is woven to garner attention to your personality that is not just made up of work. In your cover letter, which is usually between 500-800 words long, a single piece of paper, you shall follow a guideline of introduction, main body, conclusion.

In the introduction of your cover letter, you need to begin by showing interest in the job position you are applying to. You can do this by stating you interest in the profile you selected and how you came to know about them.

Adjunct Professor Resume

The main body of the cover letter should accentuate your history through your education, work experience, achievements, and any other relevant point that will show the hiring manager that you are a good fit for the company.

In the concluding paragraph, express the interest in the job you are applying to, mention your willingness in the role of becoming an adjunct professor and how you want to grow and become better at the current job.

End the cover letter as you will a well crafted formal letter by writing 'Warm Regards' or 'Sincerely' and sign your name.


You should not have more than 3 references. The references should ideally be from your previous employment, and if you are a fresher than any professor, or your manager if you did any internships. They should clearly state how you added value to the environment you were a part of when contacted by the hiring manager.

Secondly, the references should not lie, and in most cases we understand you will only choose you references if you trust them and they will only agree if you had actually added value. Therefore, the references will benefit you if you have been a diligent employee in the past as well.


To conclude, we would recommend that you check out our resume examples collection and resume templates collection for your reference and use. And you can also try our resume builder feature as it will help you save a lot of time and your energy. Our resume builder is created especially for resume writing and building and provides you AI driven suggestions like ChatGPT to reduce your work in half!

And that's all you need to know about writing a job winning adjunct professor resume! All the best with the job search, we are sure that after having read this guide, you will definitely ace your resume and get a number of interview calls too!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What should I include in my Education section on adjunct professor resume?

You may want to include your high school diploma, your bachelor's degree and master's degree in your education section. You can also include any other educational exposure and experience in the education section as it will create the impression that you have the qualities such as interest in learning and acquiring more exposure and knowledge.

How many references should I include on my adjunct professor resume?

Usually, a professional resume should include 3 reference and you should ensure that you mention their contact details after taking their consent and permission. Make sure you do not forget that references have great impact on the hiring manager and you should choose the references very carefully as it can lead to either an impressed HR manager who offers you the job or a recruiter who not only gets bad impression of you as a professional but also passes that bad opinion forward among their network and circle.

How can I choose the best adjunct professor resume examples for my reference?

Choosing the resume examples can be tricky when you have so many options, here are a few points that you can keep it mind as criteria for choosing the right adjunct professor resume example for the reference of yours when you are writing your own adjunct professor resume:

  • Your professional level
  • Your professional personality that you want to reflect on your resume
  • Your key and relevant experiences and skills
  • The job that you are applying for, the company culture and expectations of your potential employer
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