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A resume example for an Activity Leader

Florence Adams
35 years old

Boston, Massachusetts

Professional Summary
Having worked as an activity leader for close to ten years now, I have a solid grasp of various communication techniques. With my highly dynamic, conscientious, and creative attitude, I can adapt easily to change. I have all the necessary skills under my belt to work with children, teenagers, and adults alike.

Work Experience
2014 – 2019 : Activity Leader – Loddon Valley Leisure Centre, Boston

  • Created and implemented a range of educational projects
  • Planned workshops and activities for children
  • Led various workshops (arts and crafts, sport, etc.)

2011 – 2014: Kid’s Club Activity Leader – New Hampton

  • Set up workshops
  • Greeted children and parents
  • Planned various activities


  • 2010: CELTA ( Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)
  • 2008: QTS Primary (Qualified Teacher Status)
  • 2009: CELTYL (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Young Learners)


  • Highly considerate of the needs and opinions of others
  • Excellent listener and communicator
  • Team player
  • Bilingual (English and French)

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If you want to capture your recruiter’s attention, you need to craft a solid application and use the correct resume format. This applies to all employment sectors, activity leader included. Did you know that there are currently over 3,000 posts on just one jobs website for activity leader positions? Recruiters are hiring for various industries: from sporting and cultural events to family gatherings and community centers. In general, you can expect to earn a minimum gross salary of $27,000 a year or this role.

But what do we mean by a good activity leader resume? What format should be opted for? And most importantly, what elements must be included?

Resume templates and examples are available on our blog to make the process a lot easier for you.

As the name indicates, activity leaders have the task of running and supervising activities within the institution they work for. In terms of categories of activity leaders, as well as the tasks they carry out, there is a broad spectrum of options available, including:

  • Running activities in a leisure centre
  • Hosting live performances
  • Running activities in a sports centre
  • Supervising group activities
  • Baby-sitting

That said, the socio-educational branch is the most sought-after sector.

If you want to break into this industry, there are often no formal qualifications required but courses such as those that teach the fundamentals of teaching children are welcomed. Such as CELTA qualifications paving the way for this profession

To excel at this role, you need to be high-energy, creative, a great communicator, as well as an excellent teacher.

An activity leader’s salary will depend on their level of education and previous experiences.

    • An activity leader who is just starting out (level 1-2 qualification) will generally earn a gross wage of at least $21,000.
    • A seasoned activity leader may receive a gross salary of up to $36,000 (pay depends on the length of service).

activity leader

What’s the best way to write an Activity Leader Resume?

If you want to craft an attention-grabbing activity leader resume, it is important that you keep several elements in mind, starting with the layout and structure.

Layout for an activity leader resume

The layout plays an important role in an activity leader resume. Ensure that you:

  • Only provide information that’s relevant
  • Opt for a clearly legible font
  • Use dashes or bullet points when laying out descriptions
  • Avoid excessive use of color
  • Divide up the information into several sections
  • Choose the correct order when listing information

Moreover, your activity leader resume must be completely free from spelling mistakes.

Structure of an activity leader resume

First of all, you should bear in mind that when writing an activity leader resume, you’re better off keeping things simple. The aim here is to provide key information, mainly on your background, your job-related skills, and your career history. Word or PDF is the most commonly used format for resume submissions. A well-structured activity leader resume needs to include the following:

  • Your full name and contact information
  • Your personal statement
  • Beneath the contact details, information about your employment history, your skills, and training experiences using a separate section for each. Hobbies and interests may also be included if they have a direct link with the desired post.

For those just getting started in this industry, it is best to list training and internship experiences before describing your possible employment history, especially if these professional experiences are very limited in number.

Writing a header for an activity-leader resume

Your resume header serves to grab the recruiter’s attention. It needs to be concise and provide key information about you as an individual. To ensure it fully showcases your profile, you have several possibilities to choose from. The simplest option is to re-use the title from the job offer description. To give this part a personal touch, you can also add your full name, the desired position, and a skill that could give you an edge over the other candidates. Another option would be to twin your full name with your years of experience as an activity leader.

Header: Dos and don’ts

Julian Davies

Sociocultural activities coordinator – Bilingual


+44 7657 655776

Name: Julian Davies

Sociocultural activities coordinator – Bilingual

Address: Black Hill Lane, Leeds LS16 8BA

Mobile number: +44 7657 655776

House phone: +44 333 0055 846


Should a photo be included in an activity leader Resume?

That said, if a photo is not expressly requested by the recruiter, it is better to avoid including one.

Start with a title for an activity leader Resume

You may wish to include a title in your resume, a short phrase to summarise the position you’re going for. This opener for your activity leader resume will serve to pique your recruiters’ interest and incite them to read on and continue their perusal of your application. The title should be chosen according to the job offer type. For example:

‘Application for an activity leader position in an outdoor activity centre’.

Showcasing professional experiences in an activity leader resume

The work experience section holds a lot of sway in an activity leader resume. The aim of this segment is to give an overview of your previous roles. This information is a simple way of lending more weight to your activity leader resume.

Describing your work experience in an activity leader resume

To help you fully flesh out your activity leader resume, be sure to mention all of your professional experiences:

  • Internships
  • Part-time work
  • Summer jobs
  • Fixed-term contracts
  • Permanent contracts
As far as the line-up is concerned, ideally you should opt for a reverse chronological format (starting with the most recent experience and going backwards)

activity leader

Sample work experience section for an entry-level activity leader

In general, work experiences for entry-level activity leaders boil down to summer jobs and internships. Be sure to focus on the skills and values acquired when describing your various roles.

June – September 2019: Summer job – Learn by Design
  • Supervised and taught young children
  • Planned and ran workshops (number of sessions, workshop type, etc.)
  • Set up an arts and crafts workshop
  • Took part in activities alongside the children to ensure their full engagement

Sample work experience section for a senior activity leader

The employment history segment is very important for senior activity leaders. This is where they can showcase their sector-related know-how.

  • June 2012 – February 2014; Workshop leader

Offered an effective teaching programme

Created and ran various activities

Drew up new action plans

  • April – December 2015: Activities coordinator (care home)

Group facilitation

Activity planning

activity leader

How to highlight your training and academic background in an activity leader resume

Just like your work experience, your education section is also immensely important. It gives your recruiter an overview of your skills and level of education. This part of your resume allows recruiters to gauge how suitable you may be for the job offer.

What should come first: Education or work experience for an Activity Leader Resume?

The optimal order to list information will depend on your profile as a candidate. For recent graduates with little or no professional experience, it is best to put your academic background first to help bulk out your activity leader resume. Conversely, seasoned activity leaders are better off putting their employment history in the first instance. Again, endless lists of information will be of little value here. It is far better to focus on any previous positions that will boost your application. For example, a recruiter working in the social sector will favor an activity leader who has experience working with children.

What’s the best way to list your studies in an activity leader resume?

Bullet points should be opted for when listing academic experiences. Any qualifications gained from prestigious schools and institutions should be brought to the recruiter’s attention. Again, it is best to use a reverse chronological order, with the resume going from the most recent to the oldest academic experience. In this way, recruiters will have a more solid idea of a candidate’s skills and know-how, even if most knowledge will be purely theoretical for first-time activity leaders.

Sample education section for an activity leader resume

  • 2015: CELTA
  • 2014: QTS Primary
  • 2013: CELTYL

Skills to include in an activity leader resume

Activity leaders need to have a number of skills under their belts if they want to attract the interest of recruiters. From soft skills to hard skills, these abilities are essential as they will determine whether you will be able to tackle your future missions successfully.

The most sought-after skills for activity leaders

The activity coordinator role entails a number of skills, such as:

  • Database management
  • Time management
  • Voice skills
  • Teaching methodologies
  • Solid grasp of learning management systems
  • Research skills
  • Administration skills
  • Problem-solving ability

What skills for an entry-level activity leader?

For activity leaders who are just starting out, here are some qualities that will help you land your first job:

  • Dynamic and quick to react
  • Conscientious and responsible
  • Able to adapt to change

What skills for a seasoned activity leader?

Skills required to become a senior activity leader:

  • Great listener and mentor
  • Team player with high standards
  • Excellent sector-related knowledge

activity leader

Writing the Professional Summary for an Activity Leader Resume

Your personal statement is the section that sums up your resume as a whole. It needs to be impactful, simple, and precise.

Sample entry-level Activity Leader professional summary

‘Your job opening for an activity leader position is an excellent fit for my experiences and skill set. I am a dynamic and attentive individual, as is essential for this role. Adding to this my exceptional organizational skills and ability to adapt to change, I believe I would be an ideal candidate for this position.’

Sample personal statement for a Senior Activity Leader

‘With over 10 years of experience under my belt, I can confidently say I know all the ins and outs of activity leadership. As a versatile and professional individual, I believe I am up to the task of successfully taking on this role. I would welcome the opportunity to put my mix of skills and know-how to good use in what I hope to be a lasting collaboration with your organization.’.

Including additional sections in an Activity Leader Resume

A great activity leader is above all a versatile activity leader. It is therefore crucial that, when writing up your activity leader resume, you list your various skills and attributes that refer back to this ability to adapt. This aspect is especially important for jobs where the candidate will need to be in contact with children or elderly people, for example. Good listening, communication, and empathy skills are key qualities that will boost your application.

Computer skills and other certifications for Activity Leader Resume

IT skills are a real asset for the activity leader role. For example, the use of planning software is very handy in this field for drawing up useful documents, from events calendars to a simple to-do list. For activity leaders, having basic IT skills is also a way of ensuring productivity gains in the monitoring and completion of tasks. You could therefore use this section to highlight your knowledge of various software and operating systems.

Hobbies and interests for Activity Leader Resume

Adding your hobbies is by no means a must. That said, if they have a direct link with the activity leader role, indicating them could be a nice added touch to your resume. To ensure the desired effect is achieved, home in solely on any interests which could be useful for your role as an activity leader and the tasks you will carry out. Here are a few examples:

  • Humanitarian trips
  • Artistic ability
  • Musical ability
  • Participation in team sport activities

Languages for Activity Leader Resume

In an activity leader resume, don’t forget to mention your knowledge of any foreign languages. When doing this, be sure to include both the language and the level of proficiency (fluent, intermediate, etc). For language courses, you can also indicate the institution as well as the diploma obtained upon completion.

For example:

  • English: TOEFL - Intermediate B1 - 55
  • French: DELF B1 – 80/100
Summary: key points for crafting the perfect activity leader resume

To sum up, your activity leader resume will be successful if it has:

  • The proper page layout
  • A well-thought-out structure
  • Complete and detailed information charting your career journey
Writing a cover letter to go alongside your activity leader resume

Writing your cover letter is not something to be overlooked – it is key for demonstrating that the job offer genuinely interests you. Its goal is to set you apart from the rest. The cover letter is essential for grabbing your recruiter’s attention and for convincing them that you are the right person for the job. On our blog, you will find sample cover letters to help you write your own while adhering to industry standards.

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