How to Write an Academic Advisor Resume?

An academic advisor is a torch bearer in the academic path of a student. He/she is foresighted and visionary when it comes to counselling a student - What is right for them? Students of different age groups join you to share knowledge and experience relevant to academic goals.

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Academic Advisor Resume Example

Josh P. Williams
Academic Advisor
+1 308 306 2323

Professional Summary
Highly motivated academic advisor having 5-plus years of experience in academic counselling is seeking an academic advisor position in your educational institute. Trained entry-level academic advisors.

Senior Academic Advisor
Colombia Community College, Colombia, SC

  • Pre-registration of students in academic programs.
  • Rectify students education plans based on modern teachings.
  • Helped students to set their academic goals.
  • Introduced forums for students to collaborate with industry professionals and experts.

Academic Advisor
Lexington Academy of Excellence, Lexington, SC

  • Designed counseling programs for students with special needs.
  • Education performance-based students’ progress evaluation.
  • Organized peer mentor programs for senior students to train freshmen in bachelor degree programs.

Academic Advisor
Cayce Catholic High School, SC, Cayce, SC

  • Drafted departmental reports on academic success of pupils.
  • Streamlined students participation in campus outreach programs.
  • Scheduled, supervised, and participated in career growth programs in the campus and the community.
  • Devised questionnaire for new students to assess their requirements.


Academic Advisor Master’s Degree
Colombia Community College
Colombia, SC

Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce
Colombia Community College
Colombia, SC

Cayce City High School
Cayce, SC


  • Administrative competence
  • Student development
  • Degree programs mentorship
  • Time management skills
  • Accountability
  • Training sessions
  • Requirement assessment
  • Communication skills
  • Leadership skills

Additional Activities

Member, Colombia City Teachers Association

  • Author of monthly magazine “career goals”.
  • Representative of statewide strategic planning conference.

Online Career Counselor

  • Free online career counselling to students
  • Helping students in international placements
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Being visionary and vigilant, an academic advisor also role plays as a mentor to student’s life guiding him based on his/her personal interests, capabilities, and values. You love counselling students and helping them to progress in a positive direction.

How to Write an Academic Advisor Resume?

This post will help you write academic advisor resume from ground level. There are examples, tips, templates and section wise detailed explanation so that you can create a professional academic advisor resume without errors and mistakes.

You can always take help of our resume builder to generate any type of resume without assistance. In addition, we have resume examples, templates and much more to navigate you through the process of resume writing.

What’s in this post?

  • Introduction to the academic advisor resume
  • Academic advisor resume sample online
  • How to write an academic advisor resume
  • Tips and pointers to help you write each sections

It is important that you understand the process of writing a resume. With this in mind, we have written a sample to begin with. Refer to the academic advisor resume example below.

Drafting an Academic Advisor Resume

The duty of academic advisors are very diverse in nature. On one hand he/she is a guide and on the other hand he/she is a master when it is the matter of evaluating academic success.

Therefore, it is necessary to write a resume that initiates a trust factor in the employers. Here’s the method to write.

Academic Advisor Resume Structure

A career advisor carves the path for students and the one who will hire you will search for related credentials in the resume. In layman language the resume must be decently organised, clear and concise.

Here’s what a structured resume looks like.

  • Header
  • Summary
  • Experience
  • Education
  • Skills
  • Additional activities

If you read carefully the academic advisor resume example given above duly follows the same idea that we have discussed recently.

Academic Advisor Resume Format

Basically, a resume follows three major formats. Refer below.

  • Reverse chronological order
  • Functional (skill-based) format
  • Hybrid format (mixed one)

Our recommendation is the reverse chronological format. Now it is important to understand what information must go in a reverse chronological order.

It’s the work experience.

In a conventional resume the work history is written in a reverse order starting from the current one and then the preceding ones. For highly experienced professionals the work history is lengthy. Due to this the resume may end up being more than a single page. Thus include the recent employments only excluding the older ones.

academic advisor resume

The Header

It’s a no-brainer. A header contains details like name, job title, location, social links, and contact information. Refer to the example below.

Good and Bad Header

Josh P. Williams

Academic Advisor

+1 308 306 2323

Josh P. Williams

Academic Advisor

6589, 5th Lane, Pepper Street

Colombia, South Carolina

+1 308 306 2323 (home)

+1 340 589 5666 (office)

Age: 35 years


If you pay attention to the headers above, there are a series of mistakes. For instance, irrelevant date, age, multiple phone numbers and so on. All those details aren’t necessary.

Points to Remember

  • Write brief personal details.
  • Avoid writing current dates of even birth dates.
  • A full residential address isn’t a mandatory thing. Don’t write.
  • Simply mention the location. For example, city name and state.
  • Don’t mention the current office phone number. It’s unprofessional.

Try to keep the header short. Don’t bombard the reader with lots of details in a single instance.

Professional Summary in Academic Advisor Resume

A professional summary introduces the candidate to the recruiter bridging the gap between two of them. In most cases it acts as an icebreaker.

Do you want the first impression to be tarnished with a sloppy summary statement? Obviously no. Read the academic advisor resume example above or go through the examples below.

Good and Bad Summary

An enthusiastic academic advisor with proven work experience of 11+ years counseling college and high school students. Assist students with academic advice, boosted their career development, and also helped select college degree programs that are career-oriented.

Presenting a hard-working academic advisor resume to you. I am willing to join your institute. Experience 11+ years of guiding high school students. Organized student workshops. Addressed student concerns. Familiar with campus and college life. Sensitive to student inquiries. Can achieve the educational objectives. Timely manner of task completion. Well-organized and aware of job duties.

The resume summary above provokes questions more than it answers. These type of summaries are termed as essays and no one reads lengthy texts.

For instance, organized student workshops. What’s the motive? Why the student workshop was organized? No details and nothing clear about it.

Then there’s addressed student concerns. What type of concerns? Not clear again.

Academic Advisor Resume Objective

A resume objective needs to be written under certain conditions. Like when you are a fresher beginning your professional career or a recent college graduate. Next, when you don’t have sufficient or required job experience. Finally, when you have major gaps in your employment. Under all these circumstances an objective statement comes into being on a resume.

Below are some optimized examples of resume objectives. Refer to them.

Professional Summary in Academic Advisor Resume

Sample Academic Advisor Resume Objective

  • Academic advisor having 5+ years of counseling experience seeking a position in your school to work with a diverse student population for their career growth.
  • Thoughtful academic advisor ready to impart student counseling services via student orientation program in your college.
  • Academic advisor proficient in university transfer process and course selection would want to be a part of your institute.
  • Proactive academic advisor with a bachelor’s degree in art and students counselling experience of 12+ years seeks a position in your college.
  • Determined academic focused on student growth and educational goals with a thoughtful mind to advise students career prospects.
  • Honest and meticulous academic advisor who is well attentive to student inquiries is looking forward to serve in your college.

When you write such types of objective statements it makes your purpose clear as an academic advisor and however, it must also be likewise.

Read the examples above carefully. You will notice phrases and words like student orientation, student concerns, student progress, student support, student counseling, and prospective students.

These are active terms straight from the job descriptions from employers. Hence, when you use them you increase your chances of selection.

Work Experience in Academic Advisor Resume

The experienced section has more weightage than any other resume section. Even recruiters carefully read it when it comes to selection. But there’s nothing to be tensed about. Just follow the simple rules below to write an unmatched experienced section in the resume.

Basic Rules to Write Work Experience

  • Always arrange and optimize your work experience.
  • Refrain yourself from boasting too much about your work.
  • Use numbers to support your statement. It works.
  • Simply write dates in mm/yy format.
  • If possible, maintain a single-page resume format.
  • Avoid decorating your resume too much with stylish fonts and emojis.

Academic Advisor Resume Objective

Examples of Work Experience

Medieval Arts College

Academic Advisor


  • Helped students in course selection, degree requirements, and job interview.
  • Played an active role to continuously develop action plans to grant objectives.
  • Motivated students to take active part in college fairs for higher education.
  • Compiled materials for students those who were seeking higher education.

Medieval Arts College

Academic Advisor


  • Transfer students to other schools and colleges.
  • Designed student orientations programs.
  • High student retention rate.
  • Student handbook for participation.

IETC College of Science

Academic Adviser


  • Align traditional teaching methods according to students need and advanced tutoring concepts.
  • Encourage students to build study clubs and communities and motivate others to join for better learning opportunities.
  • Discuss student’s academic and overall progress with parents to bridge the gap and help each other understand their needs.

IETC College of Science

Academic Adviser


  • Provide neutral and thoughtful feedbacks to students.
  • Robust interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Experienced managing wide college recruiting activities.

Education Details in Academic Advisor Resume

Education Details in Academic Advisor Resume

Needless to say an academic advisor must be qualified enough to counsel the students. It is a mandatory requirement. So here’s how you must write the educational qualifications.


Academic Advisor Master’s Degree

Colombia Community College

Colombia, SC


Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce

Colombia Community College

Colombia, SC

There’s nothing intimidating when writing education details. Mention the highest degree followed by the fundamental ones.

Skills to Mention in Academic Advisor Resume

Skills are key to unlock the infinite opportunities. Hence, mention each one of them. Below is the list of key skills. Being an academic advisor you should be listing them in your resume.

  • Strategic planning
  • Analytical thinking
  • Curriculum design
  • Student career development
  • Career counseling
  • Mentoring students
  • Student engagement
  • Communication

Additional Sections in Academic Advisor Resume

Additional section is an extra space but if used intelligently it can surprisingly elevate your chances of success. Now think what could be written here.

Language expertise can be one thing. Secondly, additional certificate course related to the job title can be part of this section. This way any particular qualification which can help you in the interview can be included in the additional sections.

Summary of Academic Advisor Resume

If you are new to this page or have started reading from here then we advise you to begin from the top.

  • Start with a header
  • Summary
  • Resume objective
  • Work experience
  • Education
  • Key skills
  • Additional Sections

Cover Letter with Academic Advisor Resume

Cover Letter with Academic Advisor Resume

A cover letter is a supporting document you send along with your job application. Writing a cover letter is a different subject and we can’t sum up in one or two sentences because doing so will raise more doubts then it solves.

We have a solution. Check out our cover letter templates and sample cover letter examples using the same link. On this page you will encounter different types of cover letters and the tricks to write them.

Select the one fits your requirements and use it. Simple. Isn’t it?


Are training programs necessary for an academic advisor?

Not mandatory but if you do it can work in your favor. In fact, the recruiting institute would appreciate it. To upgrade skills and knowledge is what any employer would want because it will eventually benefit the employer.

What makes an effective academic advisor?

We already designated an academic advisor as a torch bearer in the beginning of this post. These professionals are highly motivated to help students to achieve their career goals.

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