How much does a professional resume writer cost: Complete Guide

Resume is an important document for jobseekers, as usual as LinkedIn profile. It is equally important even for free lancers and self employed who may be in need of customers to use their services and for profiling their career.

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How much does a professional resume writer cost: Complete Guide

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Table of contents
Table of content
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Write your resume in 15 minutes

Our free collection of expertly designed resume templates will help you stand out from the crowd and get one step closer to your dream job.

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Though one careful about one's career may write one's LinkedIn profile, not everyone knows how to prepare and write a resume that reaches its purpose - a resume that lands up with an interview call. In today's hiring environment, we see stiff competition for most of the posts.

Hiring officials receive many applications for each of the openings. They sort sort the applications based on the quality of the cover letter and resume apart from checks related to eligibility by scanning documents attached with the application.

Therefore, a resume is the document which is like an ornament of foremost position of your persona, your profile, your skills, your qualification, your virtues, your values, your experience, your career and your destiny. You must spend your time and some of your money to get the best resume for you, your career.

There are professional resume writing services available in the market. They have the best skilled writers who prepare the best resume from your details for you to present yourself to the hiring systems in your best avatar, to shape your career.

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Why should you hire a professional resume writing service?

How much does a professional resume writer cost

The cost you spend on resume writing is rewarding and like investment rather than expenditure, it fetches best returns in terms of best resume landing you with best job with best pay and overall best career.

Here in this article, we shall provide you complete guide for resume writing services, how you should select your resume writer and what all tips you should have for engaging this service and how much you should or may pay for this service. Join us in exploring this service and reap the benefits of having best resume.

Do allocate some budget for this service that is going to get you great rewards.

Resume Writing Service Costs [Entry, Mid, & Top Posts]

Entry-Level Resume Service Costs

Entry-Level resumes are relatively easy to write and so are charged less by most of the providers of resume services. Many resume writers begin by preparing entry level resumes. Nevertheless entry level resume is also very important document as it sets the pace of your career trajectory and contains the gist of career goals.

Even when you are a successful or meritorious candidate, it is not expected of everyone to be deft at resume writing. So do not always try to do it yourself unless your affordability is not permitting to go for this facility.

Even when you are good at writing, you may prefer at least once at the beginning point for a standard resume for yourself from such facility so that your entry in the job market becomes resounding.

The cost for such resume ranges from 100 USD to 500 and more USD depending on the provider and on the job profile and candidate profile.

Mid-Level Resume Service Costs

Mid-Level Resumes are very important as these have the potential to make you reach to the top level eventually. Providers of Resume services charge moderately for Mid-Level Resume Services. Read reviews may be done.

You need inputs from good professional in resume work at this juncture to have a lift in the career graph. It would be prudent to hire a good resume writing service.

Cost of mid level resume ranges from 200 USD to 800 USD depending on the provider, candidate and job profiles.

Executive-Level or Top-Level Resume Service Costs

Executive level position is the top position and also the most competitive position. So resume of this position has to be of the top level - the best. Executive level requires lot of details to be communicated to the interviewers and the potential employers.

Service cost for resume writing in such cases are high as each of the resumes has to be uniquely written. The level of writers of such top level resumes has to be high, they are assigned the task of writing such resume based on their experience and performance.

Final version of such resume may be prepared after your inputs and read reviews on the first draft version.

Executive level resume cost may range from 400 USD to 2600 USD.

Average price for such resume remains upwards of 1000 USD.

Average Costs for Resume Writing Services

Different sources keep a tab on the costs of resume writing charges - average cost for entry level resume is 200 USD, mid level cost 400 USD and executive level cost on average 1200 USD.

Check out which resume writing services or packages are offered

Professional fees of a firm may be even more affordable to client when it is aligned with more services like job search, read review, career counseling in packages making the cost worth paying for. You should check for such packaging.

Do some research - discover reputation, red flags, and scams

There are many professional resume writing service companies or firms available but you should do research and due diligence about these firms and their work before you engage any one of these professional resume writing service providers.

A professional resume writing service provide that offers service at very low cost, say for 50 to 100 USD may be doing so by itself outsourcing the task to some other individual mediocre or novice resume writers. This is the red flag for you - do not go for such cheap professional resume writing service provider.

How much does a professional resume writer cost

In fact, resume writing services are special services and not to be taken lightly. The resume writing service is entrusted by its customers with their future and destiny in a way. Resume writing services must understand the seriousness of their work. Any resume writing services not doing their work with utmost care are a disservice rather than a service.

You should pick the standard resume writing service with reasonable pricing structure - say, around 90 to 100 USD for entry level resumes, 100 to 400 USD for mid level resumes and upward of 1000 USD for top level resumes. There are firms with the best resume writers with them working since long and have expertise of resume writing for all levels - entry level to top level. You may check the LinkedIn profile of the writes on LinkedIn.

Resume writers are specialists and they can create fortunes for you in terms of best resumes.

Resume services of a firm are directly reflective of the kind of resume writers the firm has engaged for you. Resume writers also offer various packages of more services like resume writing customization for different employers and including cover letter writing along with resumes. First time resume charge may be with entry charge and subsequent personalization/customization and cover letter charges may be less for the registered customers.

Such professional resume would fetch you the best returns as per your level and the firms too would be able to maintain their services - a kind of a win win situation.

Understand the resume writing process

A professional resume is written in a standard and yet reader friendly way. A professional resume must cover all the relevant details and should not contain irrelevant details.

A standard resume contains your coordinates, education and qualification related information, your internship related details, your skillset details, your experience details - all these customized as per the job profile. The flow of information and the writing style as well as formatting style are very important and can matter a lot for the employer, its human resource manager, the interviewers and administrators.

Quality of resume would begin to reveal right from the first or the opening sentence and it would be very appropriate to have best resume for best person that you are.

Just by scanning the resume, one seasoned at hiring may be able to know whether the resume is a quality resume and resume writing is reflective of the real profile of the applicant.

A quality resume leaves the best first impression on the hiring official. Quality resume compels the hiring agency to sort you out and to send an interview call to you.

In fact, an experienced resume writer can prepare a resume that would help you find yourself in your new avatar. To sum up, the resume writing process is transformational process that most of the times boosts your morale and your confidence when you are equipped with quality resume.

You would be able to present yourself in coherent way once you have a quality resume in your hands. Ut helps you organize yourself. An organized person's radiating face would click the job just as the attractive resume clicks the interview call.

Choose how to communicate with your resume writer

How much does a professional resume writer cost

Resume services require you to share with them details about you including your detailed profile. Sometimes the same firms may be offering resume packages, you should communicate to have information and details bi-directionally.

First you should know about them and then if they are found alright and as per your needs and budget, then you should communicate about your details as per their requirements and you may also share extra details which may help you have your dream job in the job market.

Some firms providing resume services may be offering job search service and career advice service in addition and as part of package, you may take advantage of these services without extra service cost.


Here you go with this guide informing you about the vital place of resume in career graph. We convey you the best of luck to have the best writer from the best company from whom you can expect commensurate returns for your money. You may share this article link as recommended reading to your friends and colleagues if you find it useful.

You may refer to our website for our resume builder functionality if you wish to have your resume built in the best way. This functionality is like ChatGPT and you would find it highly useful.

Please check our site for resume examples, job search articles and resume templates. Best of luck.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much should I pay to have my resume professionally written?

For entry level resume, up to 100 USD and more, for mid level resume from 100 to 400 USD and for top level resume upward of 1000 USD may be charged by good company and good writer.

You may expect this much charge and budget accordingly. You may research about the company. You may check the profile of the writer assigned to your task. You may expect best return from the company within these norms.

Is it worth getting a professional resume writer?

Yes, company has expertise to give radiating shape to your resume and it would be beneficial most of the times. A good writer can make a lot of difference to your resume.

The matter is important and you may take this action as first step.

What are the red flags when selecting a resume service company?

Company charging very low cost or very high cost, firm asking for more data or documents that are not related with the job or candidate profile, profile of its writer not matching business standards, research about all the work of the firm not as per standards, lack of professional approach, data sharing inadequate on website of firm, not giving tips when asked for - all these are red flags and may help you decide not to go for such firm.

Generally one should trust the firm but that does not mean one should not carry out due diligence or one should not ask relevant questions.

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