High Paying Night Jobs: Complete Guide + Bonus Tips

Looking for night shift jobs, but don't know where to start? We have written this article for you. In this article we will discuss the benefits of night shift jobs and the types of night shift jobs that you can look for.

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High Paying Night Jobs: Complete Guide + Bonus Tips

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Table of contents
Table of content
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When you are looking for a night shift job, you might wonder what kind of jobs are there that you can go for; another questions you might have is whether you should take up a night shift job or not and if you do, should you go for part-time or full-time night shift jobs?

In this article, we will discuss everything so that you are left with no confusion and answers for all your questions. Let's dive right in then!

Night shift jobs

Night shift jobs are often suitable for various kinds of professionals such as those who are studying during day time, those who may be in money crunch and need a second job in addition to their day job, people who may be looking for 2 part-time jobs instead one 1 full time job and so on.

High Paying Night Jobs

Now depending on the role, you might be required to have a high school diploma or bachelor's degree, usually the entry level positions only require high school diploma however, with better educational background you may be able to negotiate with median annual wage. Entry level position may require you to take some job training. However, various factors such as your educational background (associate's degree, college degree etc.), your professional experience, your skills and more-may affect you but will never stop you from finding some suitable options. Very few people go for night shifts because of odd hours and average salary or difficult job training, hence, you are likely to find something that suits you easily.

If you are not a morning person and more of a night owl, you will definitely do well with the night shift jobs. Morning people prefer to work during the day because they can easily wake up in the morning and get ready for the job of 8 hours or more. Hence, overnight jobs are good for night owls. Some of the overnight jobs pay well because of the nature of the job. Such jobs may need you to go through on the job training before you begin to work overnight shifts.


Overnight shifts

Night shifts are of course overnight jobs and when you work night shifts, you can have the day to yourself, whether you choose to sleep all day or catch up on sleep and then engage in your hobby or such- depends on you. Overnight jobs are perfect for night owls especially for the employees who prefer to avoid stress of day job. Many companies offer night shifts because of their communication with other time zone, in such cases you may have to talk to customers or clients during the night shift because for them it will be their day time.

School/ studies

If you are a student and need to earn some money for your expenses, you can go for a night shift position because you can carry on with your studies and school during the day without having to juggle various schedule issues and earn some money during the night shift. In most cases, international students or students with student loans often go for night shift because they are night owls and can handle the altering sleep cycles.


As mentioned before when you are doing a night job, you can manage your schedule better because you will have the day time to yourself and you can utilize it however you want. You can go for yoga classes or start a study course or cook at home and have friends over, go out and socialize, run errands and much more.


Most people who may have worked at night jobs, may tell you that often the employers pay with cash. Be sure to check whether it is legal or not, however in case you find a good opportunity that is right and proper by all means, you may be able to earn in cash which will make your expenses handling easier.

Job training

In case you are looking for the overnight jobs but you do not have relevant experience, do not worry. Overnight jobs are not that similar to day time jobs because overnight job often comes with its own job training that will help you with the new job.


In case, you are a student or a professional who is looking for a new job for which you have no experience, you are likely to get a relevant night job with which you might even get job training. And this job experience could become a significant information on the experience section on your resume for your next day job in the similar field. Doing a overnight job can help you accumulate experience that can be very useful on your professional resume. Be sure to mention such experiences when you are writing your own professional resume.

Limited education

In case you do not have high school diploma or college degree or such yet, you may be able to find jobs with night shift positions because night shift jobs require relatively different qualifications than the day jobs.

Full time/Part time

High Paying Night Jobs

Night owls may be getting highest paying overnight jobs because they are willing to work at night. However, not all night owls may want to work all night, right? That is why night time jobs also come with part time or full time option. Depending on your sleep needs, your time management needs and schedules, you can either go for a full time job or a part time job. You can choose depending on your money needs as well because full time job may pay well but if you are not able to spare so many hours for a full time job, you can spare fewer hours for a part-time job and still have an income source that will be decent enough for you.

Types of roles for night shift jobs


Yes, doctors have night shifts all the time, their shifts may depend on availability of other doctors and particular cases that the doctor is handling. More often than not, doctors have to do the night shifts because patient always stays at hospital-day and night until they are healed and recovered, can be discharged and sent home.

Security guards

Security guard is required for residential or commercial properties especially at night because the property will not be populated and someone will have to stay there to protect the property in absence of people such as employees or residents or such. Security guard needs to know the security equipment usage and more, however they may learn it all during job training.

Grocery stores

Many grocery stores stay open at night and they need various people such as store manager, sales person or such to attend to customers and keep the store functioning. Often times, night shift also requires the inventory management as well as putting the products on shelves and cleaning the store and such tasks.

High Paying Night Jobs

Gas stations

Similar to grocery stores, gas stations also require a person in the store adjacent to the gas station where customers may come for snacks or gas payment or such purposes. Gas station jobs do not require a lot of job training, all you have to do is get acquainted with the system and learn the ways of the place.

Air traffic controller

Air traffic controller sits in a high tower and keeps the air traffic in check, to avoid any air accidents. In the time time, due to lower visibility, air traffic controller plays a crucial role by navigating the traffic and ensuring there are no mid air accidents of any sorts. Air traffic controllers also help the flights with check-in and updates related to routes, air space permissions and weather reports. Without air traffic controllers, flights at night would get in accidents all the time and it will become impossible to fly safely at night. Now such a job can be perfect for night owls!

Registered nurse

Nurses, similar to doctors, need to be available in the hospital at odd hours because patients may need them at any time. Nurses are often responsible for checking vitals and keeping a watch on the patient's condition in case of any changes or updates that are important and crucial. Doctors may not be able to stay with the patient all the time which is why nurses stay with the patient to ensure everything is going well. In case of any issue or update, nurses can take the immediately necessary steps and call the doctor in case of something serious and critical. This is why, a nurse can often get night shift which is why you may consider such a profession.

Graveyard shift jobs

Graveyard shift can be creepy and scary for many however if you are not afraid of ghosts and dark night with lonely compound, you may be perfect for a graveyard shift job! All you have to do is keep an eye out for any intruders and make sure there are no disturbances in the graveyard.

Independent contractor

if you become an independent contractor of any kind, you may have a flexible work schedule where you can choose your own working hours even if they are at night! Independent contractors are required to provide the results within the deadline however there are no fixed working hours because the contractor is independent and not answerable to anyone except client, client that only asks the results and does not care about anything else.

Freelance writer

Freelance writer job is such that you are required to provide the content by the given deadline but when do you do it, where do you do it and how do you do it is entirely up to you. Creating a stable significant income from freelance work can take some time however, freelancing is great for those who do not fit well within the corporate culture of 9 to 5 or fixed working hours and office and such. As a freelance write, you can work at night and do whatever you want during the day and make enough money as well. This job does not require any on the job training either hence you can start your projects right away without having to go through on the job training.

Casino dealer

Casino dealer works at night of course, because casinos stay open till late night and customers keep visiting through the night. Your job may not require particular educational background however you will need to have the necessary and relevant skills of a casino dealer. For this job, you might require on the job training. For this job you will have to be an adult and as a student or underage person, you will not be able to get this job due to rules and regulations.

Police officer

Police officer often does the night duty whether it is for patrolling or doing paper work and being present at the police station at night, police officers are required during the night both in the city and the police station. Many stations may have rotation and others may even have fixed shifts.


Pretty obvious! Got a knack for mixing drinks and making cocktails? Being a bartender requires you to talk to customers and make the drinks from the menu. You should know how to make the drinks that are mentioned on the menu. This may require on the job training however if you have personal interest, you can easily grasp the necessary knowledge and adopt the skills required to be a good bartender. Make sure that you can handle tricky customers with patience and calm because often drunk people tend to misbehave and bartenders need to deal with them in some cases.


In conclusion, night shift is a popular concept all around the world, many people work in call centers and customer service cell and provide the help during the night, many helplines also function during the night. Apart from such jobs, there are many other jobs that you can go for when you are looking for a night job for various reasons such as need of extra income or need of experience or need of something to pass time with or simply personal interest.

High Paying Night Jobs

Businesses often succeed due to their night shift jobs, business can soar only when it is available for customers 24*7 which means night shift is something that will be available in most sectors and industries in the corporate world. All you need is to find the right job that suits for you and your needs.

To conclude, we would suggest that once you have chosen the right jobs, you should write a carefully curated resume. Now, we have created a carefully curated collection of resume examples, resume templates and resume writing guides and everything related to resume and job seeking and corporate world, so you should definitely check it out. Along with that, if you are worried about having to write you resume on your own, worry not, we have an excellent resume builder that will surely help you out with its AI prompts similar to that of ChatGPT! And that's all! Good luck with the job hunt!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need a particular skillset for high paying night jobs?

Not necessarily, many night jobs offer on the job training and you can easily learn the skills once you join the job. Some jobs may require particular skillset, you can check out the job description carefully to see whether they are providing on the job training or not.

Do high paying night jobs pay good salary?

Yes, many night jobs pay well and you can earn enough salary for your expenses such as rent and groceries etc.

Can I do a high paying night job along with my day job?

Yes, if you can handle the work load or the stress of 2 jobs and juggle the sleep and other tasks well, you can definitely go for it. If you find it difficult, you can also go for part time night job along with your day job.

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