Discover the Ultimate Guide to ENFJ Careers: ENFJ Best and Worst Jobs

If you are an ENFJ personality type with unique achievements, this guide is made to assist you to discover your potential career.

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Discover the Ultimate Guide to ENFJ Careers: ENFJ Best and Worst Jobs

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Table of contents
Table of content
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This is your one stop destination for all of ENFJ's interest careers! Here, is the article dedicated to explaining you all about:

  • What is ENFJ personality type?
  • Explaining about ENFJ career matches
  • What is an ENFJ like?
  • ENFJ strengths and weaknesses in the workplace.
  • ENFJs Career Overview.
  • ENFJ careers to avoid.
  • ENFJ Career Development and Growth.
  • Highest paying ENFJ Careers.
  • FAQ on ENFJ Careers.

ENFJ word is a combination of four letters which is:

  • E-Extroverted
  • N-Intuitive
  • F-Feeling
  • J-judging

Explaining about ENFJ:

ENFJ careers, ENFJ best and worst jobs


ENFJ individuals are excellent communicators with strong interpersonal skills. They thrive in any work environment and focus on tasks. Friendly by nature, they enjoy social interactions and rarely feel lonely or depressed. Their teamwork skills are highly developed.


ENFJs trust their instincts more than the opinions of others. They value social justice and express their unique talents effectively. Known for their problem-solving abilities, they are also detail-oriented.


ENFJs have a profound sense of well-being and are natural leaders. They are action-oriented and objective. Rather than being swayed by others' emotions, they use their empathy to assist those in need. They manage professional relationships effectively, whether with team members or managers.


ENFJs excel in business and creative fields. Their organizational skills contribute to their success in various careers. Their judgment and leadership foster a positive work environment and team growth.

What is ENFJ personality type?

ENFJ personality type is one of the sixteen type of personalities which are mentioned in Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). These ENFJ personality types of people are known for their leadership skills, empathy and calming nature. The ENFJ Personality person is different from others in the thinking ability as well their skills- are more advanced than others.

ENFJs Best Career Matches: Ideal Industries and Work Environments

ENFJ careers, ENFJ best and worst jobs

Humanitarian and Social Services

  • ENFJs thrive in careers where they can collaborate with others to solve problems and effect positive change.
  • They are well-suited to leadership roles, humanitarian, social services, communication, education, and customer success roles.

Below mentioned are few humanitarian and social services career which are suggested as career choice for ENFJ personality types:

Social Worker:

  • ENFJs are also oriented to social justice and build relationships well, that is why social work is good for them.
  • Read more: Master the art of Social Worker resume.

Community Service Manager:

  • For service manager, in as much as they are not exceptional in the abilities test, they excel in the clerical aptitude especially when it comes to the coordination of community-based projects.
  • Read more: Learn how to build community service manager resume.

HR Manager:

  • ENFJs are great managers due to that; ENFJs can effectively address issues to do with the employees because of their organizational and communication prowess.


  • For ENFJs personality people, they are in a position to search for potential employees who may be in a position to fill certain positions effectively, so recruiter is a best role for them.
  • Read more : How to make an effective job winning recruiter resume.

Training and Development Specialist:

  • ENFJs like to recognize that they are quite warm and supportive of the vocational development of other people.

Education and Training

  • ENFJs are natural teachers and enjoy helping others achieve their goals.
  • They are people-oriented, social, and enjoy giving advice.


School Counselor:

Educational or IT Administrator:

  • Another perfect role that should be given to the ENFJ personality type is a manager or an employee of an administration of either education or IT, as they have a great ability to organize themselves and have visions of the scopes of job, which can help to enhance the team building.
  • Read more: IT Administrator resume example.

Healthcare and Wellness

  • ENFJs are compassionate and have a high level of integrity, seeking opportunities to make a difference in healthcare whether being a hospital assistant therapist. They bring a positive change in this field.
  • They are intuitive in nature and can easily bring a positive change in whatever field they work in.

Below are few example, of job roles ENFJs can choose as their career path if they are interested in healthcare and wellness:


  • Nursing also is a satisfying occupation for ENFJs because he or she offer his or her time and energy to those people and they also feel fulfilled and have the ability to devote their attention and thought to others and desire to make a positive change to people’s lives.
  • Read more: Registered Nurse Resume with examples.


  • On the same page, the personal contact aspect of being a therapist, turns out to be highly beneficial for ENFJs as they can easily capture the notion of people’s nature.


  • Because of leadership, good problem-solving skills and purposes, ENFJs are always good doctors.
  • Read more: Sample Doctor Resume.

Careers in Creative Fields

For ENFJs personality type people, creativity is an in-built trait. They are good to imagine the various aspects and can easily help to build the team without any conflict. In this field, jobs are easy and abundantly available to all.

Below are few example, which are suggested as best careers for ENFJs:

News Writer:

As a writer, ENFJ personality types can easily adapt to the field of writing. This makes it possible for the ENFJ personality types to create great content, since they have innovation with their interpersonal excellent communication skills.

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Art Director:

In the aspects that involve the creation of something they apply their visions unique talents and leadership qualities ENFJ career matches this field of direction. It is also stated that ENFJ's interest is within this domain.

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Marketing Manager:

Largely, the psychological skills of understanding people and creativity make many ENFJs fitted for the marketing jobs is suitable widely for the personality types of the ENFJ types as well. They can also purse your career as web content manager which completely have the values of ENFJ members.

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Tour operator/ Coordinator:

ENFJs organizational skills and enthusiasm for helping others and enjoying new experiences are well-suited for this role. So, if you belong to this category, then you must give a thought about choosing a career in this field.

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ENFJ Careers to avoid:

ENFJ careers, ENFJ best and worst jobs

Highly Technical Jobs

Data Analyst:

The career choice of becoming a data analyst is not suitable for ENFJ personality types because it requires more critical thinking, as well as timely analysis of the data. So, this career paths might feel bored working for ENFJ types data as it requires seclusion and preciseness.

Read more:  Implementation Analyst Cover letter.

.NET Developer:

Being a .NET developer requires an individual to have the knowledge about programming and technical aspects which means that they can experience some difficulties in working in such conditions: the technical orientation and relative lack of people in contact can concern ENFJs.

Read more: .Net developer cover letter.

Routine and Repetitive Jobs

Factory Worker:

Due to the stressful job nature and boredom, this factory worker/ cleaner job is characterized by repetitive work without much social contact, factory work is not suitable for ENFJs. This job role also requires the ENFJ personality types persons to completely rely on the clockwise daily schedule without having any social interactions.

Read more: Factory Cleaner Cover letter.

Data Entry Clerk:

Choosing a career path in data entry club is not a cup of tea for the ENFJs. This role might seem tedious with little or no stimulation of the ENFJ’s creative or social self.

Read more: Data Entry Clerk Resume.


However, being an accounting lead involves analytical and detailed work which includes tool involving processes such as accounting may not give ENFJs full satisfaction and can decrease their personal satisfaction as an individual.

Read more: Accounting lead Cover letter.

What is an ENFJ like?

  • People with ENFJ personality are natural leaders with a strong desire to make a positive impact. These people have the ability to resolve any conflict in the workplace and have effective communication with their colleagues and have a good professional summary.
  • They are excellent communicators and enjoy collaborating with others. They are creative in nature.
  • ENFJs are compassionate and have a high level of integrity, seeking opportunities to make a difference. Their skills add as a value- necessity to the world which help them personally and professional relationships.

ENFJ strengths and weaknesses in the workplace

ENFJ careers, ENFJ best and worst jobs

  • ENFJs are motivated by their desire to make a positive impact and enjoy working in roles where they can see the difference they’re making.
  • They are naturally facilitative and enjoy helping others develop and learn new skills.
  • ENFJs are persuasive communicators, excellent networkers, and confident presenters with various skills.
  • They value close, authentic relationships with colleagues and work hard to maintain them.
  • They can be overly idealistic and can cause any conflict in the team. They may neglect their own needs to favor others. For example, if the manager  start criticizing them without their mistake, then they can't raise their voice against them.
  • Yet, these managers play a crucial role in the development fir ENFJ personality types.
  • It can be difficult for the ENFJs if they have to compromise their values in their desired jobs, which can affect the workplace and environment.
  • ENFJs feel fulfilled only when they're in their desired career path as per the big picture which have imagined to be in.
  • They love social interactions and are often termed as "social butterflies".

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ENFJs Career Overview:

ENFJs in the Workplace:

  • As discussed, earlier ENFJs are good to start a talk with. They can easily conquer the world with their creativity and their imagination skills.
  • Their lives can be recognized as a role model for the other people and the ENFJs personality people can easily maintain relationships with the other people be it their teammates and managers as well the good communication skills and certifications are added to their cap.
  • ENFJs can help the organization with their creativity to grow and prosper in the business and help to build an interested work environment.
  • These people are creative in nature and can develop any technology, if they are interested into.
  • Their thinking level is out of the box, where an individual can't even imagine their skills.

Common challenges for ENFJs:

  • These ENFJs personality people are most commonly found to be the one who is more deviant in their jobs. They can't focus on their jobs completely for a long period of time.
  • This is one of the weaknesses of the ENFJs personality types of people.

Ideal work environment for ENFJ types:

For ENFJ personality people, they should avoid careers relating to higher concentration period or which is dynamic in nature and requires an individual concentration for a longer period of time.

ENFJ Career Development and Growth

ENFJ careers, ENFJ best and worst jobs

ENFJ Career Advancement

  • Accordingly, ENFJs should find roles that utilize their interpersonal skills, leadership talents and love for helping others.
  • To avoid burnout, ENFJs can establish limits and seek constructive team work skills and  feedback from their employers.
  • Through ongoing learning and professional development opportunities, ENFJs can remain engaged and advance in their careers.

ENFJ Career Change Tips

Career Goals Identification

ENFJs must consider their values, strengths and what they are passionate about to identify satisfying career goals like counsellor, manager, which defines your core values.

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Networks and Connections Building

Having a strong professional network can open up new career possibilities for an individual as well as provide useful support when needed to avoid careers.

Acquisition of New Skills and Education

ENFJs need to get additional education or training if they want to switch careers or remain competitive on the job market and also focus on hobbies and interests as well.

Highest-Paying ENFJ Careers

  • ENFJs can find high-paying career options across multiple industries, including science, healthcare, and law.
  • Examples of high-paying careers for ENFJs include psychologist, occupational therapist, human rights lawyer, and senior environmental scientist

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FAQ about ENFJ careers

What are the most fulfilling careers for ENFJ types?

ENFJ are the type of people who find satisfaction when helping others. They can find fulfillment in teaching sports, counseling and many other aspects, which relate to the social dimension.

Read more: Sports teacher Cover letter.

What are some signs which reflects that ENFJS must look for a career change must look for a career change?

If an ENFJ faces issues like dissatisfaction, lack of motivation, depression and unfulfillment. Then, the person must start looking for the other jobs best careers which align completely with the core values of the individual basing on their interests.

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