Best Paying Jobs in Surat| A Comprehensive Guide

Surat is one of the fastest growing cities in India and has helped its state (Gujarat) emerge as one of the main economic hubs of the country. Surat is famous for being the largest diamond manufacturing centre in the world with over 5,000 diamond manufacturing units. The diamond industry alone is responsible for providing employment to thousands of people.

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Best Paying Jobs in Surat| A Comprehensive Guide

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Table of contents
Table of content

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Additionally with steady development, the number of job opportunities in Surat, Gujarat have increased exponentially. This has contributed to the rise of high-paying job opportunities for professionals who are seeking career advancement along with good compensation. With a substantial surge of growth in various sectors, there are many top salary jobs in Surat. If we have piqued your interest about exploring lucrative career options in Surat, Gujarat, then take a look at this versatile compilation of well-paying jobs available in this state.

Sales and Marketing

Best Paying Jobs In Surat

Surat, Gujarat is home to a diverse range of businesses which require effective sales and marketing guidance. There is a high demand for professionals in these industries. Sales officer, marketing executives and business development professionals are sought after with top companies offering high salaries for these positions. With a boom in the digital marketing space, there is a clear need for experts who know how to monetise and build a credible brand image. If your professional profile includes an extensive record of driving sales and revenue growth, you are in a position to negotiate a substantial compensation package in this competitive job market.


Surat is known for its industrial and infrastructural development and the demand for engineers is consistently high. Engineers have played a pivotal role in the construction of the city's many architectural marvels which have boosted the state's tourism. For the hiring process, the minimum educational requirement in this field is a course in one of the engineering disciplines namely civil, mechanical, chemical and electrical. With numerous engineering colleges and research institutions, Surat encourages a thriving environment for aspiring engineers attracting young talent across the country. As a result, engineering professionals can find a number of high salary jobs and to be a part of the city's technological and industrial planning.

Bank Jobs

As a flourishing economy, Surat is home to multiple financial institutions. Banking executives like investment bankers, financial analysts and accountants are key professionals who are pivotal to the financial management of an organization. These jobs command high salaries as they are demanding in nature and require specialized knowledge to execute effectively. If you have always dreamt of pursuing a job in finance, then Surat is the right place for you to propel your salary and designation. Professionals with expertise in finance can really grow professionally and have endless career prospects in this metropolitan city.

Information Technology

Best Paying Jobs In Surat

Surat offers amazing career prospects for IT professionals who are looking to be part of the technological growth of the city. With a mix of startups and established IT firms, there are many paths available to pursue a career in Information Technology and software development. IT professionals like software developers, programmers and system analysts can secure an enviable salary structure by showcasing their experience in programming languages, systems knowledge, web development etc. It is very exciting to be part of the tech sector from the ground up as the scope for learning and professional development is considerable.

Real Estate and Construction

The rapid urbanization of the city of Surat has fueled a high demand for professionals in real estate and construction management. Infrastructure development is the cornerstone of Gujarat's growing economy and brings maximum number of employment opportunities for people from all walks of life. The criteria to work in these sectors is built with experience rather than prior qualifications. It is a demanding and highly competitive industry which values real-work experience. If you have a strong professional background in real estate and construction, you can leverage that to get a well-paying job in Surat to apply your expertise.

Tourism and Hospitality

Surat's rich cultural heritage attracts a huge number of tourists to this city and helps boost the local economy. Healthy tourism automatically helps the hospitality sector grow in tandem as well. The high paying jobs that arise from the tourism phenomena include hotel management, tour guide, event planning and miscellaneous tourism services. This line of work attracts creative and enterprising professional folk who are not meant to be the office job type. These key professionals are compensated with high salaries and generous tips by their clients to create a memorable experience for them. This sector offers exciting job prospects for someone who is not looking for a typical 9-5 gig.


The healthcare industry in Surat has witnessed a remarkable growth with new hospitals and medical institutions with state of the art facilities. There is an increased demand for skilled medical professionals to ensure the well-being of the residents and tourists of the city. There is a long learning graph to be a doctor and a surgeon and requires candidates to excel in medical schools to be taken into consideration. Most hospitals in the private sector offer good salaries to their healthcare professionals. Institutions are motivated to retain talent and have attractive bonuses and freebies to attract top-notch talent from the industry.

Diamond and Textile Industry

The diamond and textile industry are the main pillars of Suart's development story. These industries were few of the first sectors to open their doors to professionals who specialize in diamond cutting, polishing and trading. With historical roots in silk weaving, Surat continues to be a commercial centre for the textile industry. Professions in textile manufacturing, design and management have high pay scales making them a sought after jobs in Surat.

Best Paying Jobs In Surat

As detailed in the above article there is no limit to the multitudes of well-paying jobs across sectors and industries available in Surat. Surat is an example of a city where economy and culture co-exist in a harmonious manner. It’s a place where professionals from all over the country can explore better options and improve the quality of their life. So, whether you are considering a move or are a local, be assured that Surat is a wonderplace to build a promising career.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good salary in Surat, Gujarat?

It’s possible to earn a high salary in Surat, Gujarat. The cost of living is not too high so anything upwards of 60K is considered a good income for a decent standard of living.

Gujarat is a flourishing state, with a higher per-capita income than India’s national average, according to the Comptroller and Auditor General’s (CAG) 2021-2022 report.

Which are the top manufacturing companies to work for in Surat?

Surat is the land of industries and generates a lot of employment for many people. Manufacturing is a huge sector in the city. Here is a list of the top organizations and leading manufacturers in Surat.

  • Reliance Petrochemicals
  • Sagar Diamonds
  • ArcelorMittal Nippon Steel India
  • Aether Industries
  • Garden Silk Mills
  • L&T
Which jobs offer a good salary structure in Surat, Gujarat?

A good salary structure depends on the kind of role and the sector you are looking to build your profession. It is also dependent on the number of years of experience and the skills you possess. In general, sectors like tourism, healthcare, engineering and banking jobs have a higher pay grade for their employees.

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