Best Paying Jobs in Saudi Arabia: Complete Guide

Looking for jobs in Saudi Arabia? Are you Saudi nationals or foreign workers? In either case this article will be a good help for everyone. In this article we will talk about Saudi Arabia, highest paying jobs in Saudi Arabia, average salaries and much more.

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Best Paying Jobs in Saudi Arabia: Complete Guide

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Table of contents
Table of content
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Job opportunities in Saudi Arabia are immense, with great job prospects and variety of job opportunities, generous salaries and high demand of employees, most workers also come from other countries and acquire great job opportunities and manage to live comfortably with benefits ranging from education to business and more. Finance and economy in the Saudi Arabia are the areas that are expanding rapidly and the whole world is exploring the region for certain positions and job opportunities.

Best paying jobs in Saudi Arabia

In addition to oil and gas industry, many other industries are also hiring work force such as healthcare industry, business industries, finance industries, private sector companies, information technology, cyber security engineering and many more. The average salary in the middle east is enough for comfortable living and housing allowance is also available with many job prospects. Average salaries differ according to the sector and industries as well as business however, it is not difficult to get a highest paying jobs in middle east.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is located in the middle east and the population of Saudi Arabia is approximately 27 million! The official language of Saudi Arabia is Arabic meaning you may be required to know the Arabic language unless you are employed by companies that communicate in English due to international network or such.

Currency of the Saudi Arabia is Saudi Riyal-SAR. The annual average salary in Saudi Arabia is 260,562 SAR and typical salary is 101, 276 SAR! There is a significant gender wage gap as well with men earning 267,568 per month and 203,509 for women. Rich person is defined with the income of 260,562 or more on monthly basis.

Highest paying jobs in Saudi Arabia

Now let's talk about particular highest paying jobs in Saudi Arabia. Saudi nationals tend to have the below mentioned jobs when they are rich and earning good income to live comfortably with proper education, living amenities and ability to afford expenses. You can make one of these jobs your goal depending on your own skills and expertise as well as experience that you can utilize with the job. You can ensure the job security with the right profile including perfect skillset and experience along with education.

CEO- Chief executive officer

The chief executive officer of a company or business is responsible for the strategies, policies, planning and execution of those in the company in proper manner. CEO overlooks all the departments and sections of the company and ensures smooth running of the company. In addition, CEO is also responsible for the success of the company with right steps, decisions and choices. CEOs are responsible for internal affairs as well as external affairs of the company, from client to staff and everything in between comes under the CEO of the company. A company's success or failure depends on the competency of the CEO of the company, the CEO can help the company soar high with right strategies or drown the company in loss with poor decisions and lack of vision or strategic thinking. Most typical salary of a CEO in Saudi Arabia is around 33,021 SAR.

Senior Manager

The senior manager earns around 100,365 SAR in Saudi Arabia on average. This average salary allows them to live with good comfort and benefits. Senior manager is usually responsible for management of various departments. Every department could have own senior manager and a senior manager could also be overlooking all the departments, this depends on the size of the company and how the company functions.


A surgeon is someone that works in healthcare industries and provides services related to surgeries of various body parts and organs. Surgeons need proper educational background as well as licenses to practice legally in Saudi Arabia like any other country. A surgeon can earn around 480,000 SAR. Entry level positions may begin with earnings of around 274,500 SAR and experiences surgeons earn up to 495,000 SAR! Depending on private sector or public sector, salaries may differ. These numbers are for average salary.


Without an anesthesiologist, no surgery can be performed and every hospital and department of hospital needs an anesthesiologist. They are responsible for administering local or general anesthetics to patients with regard of the right dose, allergies, mid-surgery dose requirements and so on. Typically an anesthesiologist earn around 675,000 SAR in Saudi Arabia. This job is quite important because wrong dose can cause bad consequences and without anesthesia most surgeries cannot be performed, even many medical procedures require anesthesia which is why you need to be highly qualified and well experienced to get a high salary paying job.


Cardiologist is a medical professional who deals with the heart of human body. The cardiologist takes care of patients' heart and blood vessels to ensure the mechanism of the body runs well and keeps the patient alive and healthy.

The average salary of a cardiologist in Saudi Arabia is around 658,902 SAR and it can range from 427,628 SAR to 871,728 SAR. To ensure you get the good package, write a really good resume that highlights your skills and experience well and puts you in an exceptionally good light.

Cyber security engineer

Cyber security engineer is responsible for cyber security and that means you need a really good knowledge base and skills for dealing with computer, digital world, cyber security and much more. For the job of cyber security engineer, you may need the bachelor's degree as it may be mandatory because of the particular knowledge requirement for the job. Cyber security engineer typically earns 630,000 SAR and the average salary ranges from 178,633 SAR to 314,673 SAR!

Investment banker/ investment firms

Investment banker works in the finance sector and needs the good knowledge of everything ranging from finance to economy! An investment banker's salaries in Saudi Arabia ranges from 77,358 SAR and 171,204 SAR. Typically an investment banker earns around 610,000 SAR. For this role, you may be required to have a master's degree, most HR managers would require the candidates with master's degree so if you have a master's degree, your chances of getting the job will be higher. Again, a good resume will help you out a lot with this.

Best paying jobs in Saudi Arabia

Commercial pilot

Salaries of pilots differ due to multiple factors such as country, airline, experience of flying and so on. However, the average salary for pilot has been on the rise lately in Saudi Arabia. The average salary of a pilot in Saudi Arabia is 233,628 SAR which is equal to 62,272 USD! The salaries of pilots ranges from 100,000 SAR for entry level positions and 355,000 SAR for experiences pilots with expertise.

Human resources manager

Human resource is the crucial wing for any business and company, because it is responsible for employees' recruitment, retention and harmonious functioning in the company. For a human resource manager, bachelor's degree is required. If you are looking at positions in HR department, be sure to have a bachelor's degree mentioned on your resume and do not forget to highlight the relevant skills and experience along with your expertise. Average salary for a human resources manager in Saudi Arabia is 237,389 SAR. The range of salaries is 162,611 SAR to 290,089 SAR.

Data scientist

A data scientists' salaries in Saudi Arabia is around 226,650 SAR and the average salary ranges from 156,615 SAR to 276,514 SAR. Most job descriptions for the job of data scientist mentions the bachelor's degree as mandatory educational background/ qualification. This means you must have a relevant bachelor's degree on your resume along with your relevant and important skills and experience information.

Air traffic controller

Air traffic controller plays a crucial role by helping the airplanes navigate the routes and traffic at night. They are responsible for updating the flights about their routes, landing permissions, air space permissions, weather reports and more. The salaries of air traffic controller vary based on gender, location, experience, skills and background of qualifications.

The air traffic controller in Saudi Arabia typically earns up to 17,100 SAR. Lowest salaries range from 7,880 SAR to the highest salaries up to 27,200 SAR. These professionals also get additional benefits such as housing, transport and more.

To ensure that you get a good job, write your resume in a way that it highlights your skills and expertise along with your knowledge, and describe your experience in a manner that shows you are capable of working in middle east.

Civil engineer

A civil engineer earns on average salary of 73,500 SAR. The range of salaries are for entry level positions 60,000 SAR and experienced positions 132,000 SAR.

Construction project manager

Construction project manager often gets the benefits such as housing, transport and more. Salaries are dependent on experience, skills, gender and location. Construction project managers are responsible for managing construction projects, where they coordinate with various people for supply of materials, designs and architecture of the construction and so on. And average salary of a construction project manager in Saudi Arabia is 27,500 SAR. The salary range is 12,700 SAR to 43,800 SAR.

Marketing director

Marketing director is responsible for handling the marketing department in companies and businesses. They are responsible for marketing strategies, planning and more. Saudi Arabia offers 27,500 SAR average salary to marketing directors. Average monthly salary also includes housing and transport etc. The range of salary for marketing director is 12,900 SAR to 43,500 SAR


Saudi Arabia boasts being one of the best place for teachers as the salaries for teachers in Saudi Arabia is around 192,543 SAR. Salary increment is often on monthly basis along with the qualifications and experience of the professional in the position of teacher. A notable advantage of teaching in Saudi Arabia is that the teacher's salary is typically tax-free.

We have discussed some of the highest paying jobs in Saudi Arabia here. Below we have also mentioned some more options that you may want to explore.

Best paying jobs in Saudi Arabia

To ensure you get a good job, first you need to learn about the particular profession and the required qualifications for the same. Once you have done that research, you need make sure that you write a really good resume along with a powerful cover letter. With a professional and impactful resume you can make a huge difference. Be sure to highlight your skills and expertise well in various sections by choosing the right format and doing some research. You can explore our resume examples and resume writing guides for the same.

Be sure to carry out some research of the industries, especially in the Saudi Arabian context so that you can not only ace the resume but also do well in your interview. Being the middle east country, Saudi Arabia may have different laws and culture than your own country if you belong outside Saudi Arabia, make sure you get familiar with the same before making the move and the decision of taking up a job there. Do your research well and you will do just fine!

Other jobs in various areas

In addition to the jobs mentioned above, there are other jobs and areas where you can get find a job for yourself in Saudi Arabia:

  • Electrical engineering
  • Petroleum engineering
  • Private sector
  • Country's banks
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Information technology
  • Gas industry
  • Healthcare industry
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Financial institutions
  • Saudi government
  • Housing
  • Finance/economy


In conclusion, whether you are a Saudi Arabian or foreigners, you can definitely get a highest paying jobs in Saudi Arabia and live comfortably with good average salary, additional benefits and multiple factors that are suitable.

In addition to this guide, we have curated a vast collection of resume examples and resume templates along with resume writing guides that you will surely find very useful! You should also check out our resume builder as it will help you save time and energy and write your resume within minutes. The resume builder of ours provides AI suggestions that help you write your resume better and faster. It is similar to ChatGPT but better because it is specially created for resume writing.

Best paying jobs in Saudi Arabia

No matter which profession you are from or which job you are aiming for, our collection includes resume guides for A to Z all the professions, occupations and even various roles in the same industries. You can also explore more about resume writing, job searching platforms such as LinkedIn, cover letter writing, impressing HR manager, one page resume, brand building and many more relevant topics in our collection of great articles. Be sure to check it out before you leave.

And that's all! With this complete guide, you can easily build a foundation of knowledge regarding high salary jobs in Saudi Arabia. You can also look for entry level positions in Saudi Arabia. Many professionals get training and then get hired for highest paid jobs as well and build a successful careers with significant money as income. You just need to choose the right role and right company for your positions. Good companies are likely to offer high salaries if you have the right skills! Be sure to write a good resume as well! Good luck with the job search!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Saudi government allow foreigners in best paying jobs in Saudi Arabia?

Yes, Saudi Arabia includes work force of both the Saudi nationals and the foreign workers. Make sure that you go through proper channels and procedures and have all the right documents and fulfill all the requirements when moving to middle east for employment and jobs.

Does information technology sector offer best paying jobs in Saudi Arabia?

Yes, many sectors including information technology sector offers best paying jobs in Saudi Arabia, you should look for the salaries mentioned in the job description and ensure that you write an impactful resume for the job.

Do I need a bachelor's degree for best paying jobs in Saudi Arabia?

Well that depends on the role and the employer. Depending on your positions and your responsibilities, the hiring manager would demand a particular set of qualifications including your education level. To make sure that you have all the qualifications required, always read the job description carefully.

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