Untapped Two-Column Resumes: 13 Example Templates

Untapped Two-Column Resumes: 13 Example Templates

Two-column resume templates are professionally designed to look great and stand out from the crowd. In addition, there's ample space (plus white space) for job seekers to include a variety of details. We will show that to you in a while.

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In this article, we will discuss some untapped two-column resumes with example templates. Hence, if you have been looking for it for a long time then here you are. Let's get started.

What is Two-Column Resume Template?

The two-column resume template is a design feature where the content is divided using visible or invisible geometrical shapes and elements. A resume document that is bifurcated into two parts is called a two-column resume template.

Not to mention, a resume template is a readymade document designed, optimized, and developed to create a resume.

Benefits of Two-Column Resume Template

Who should be using a two-column resume template? Seasoned professionals, recent graduate job seekers, and even students can use a two-column resume template. Having said this, the following are some benefits of using a two-column resume template.

Drag and drop feature to group similar or adjustable details.

The positive side of using a two-column resume template is that you can collect visually similar sections in one place. By doing this you are making room for long and elaborated - segments like work history.

It highlights the most important information in the resume.

A two-column resume template is developed with the idea in mind that it must highlight the most important information in the resume. For example, the most scanned areas of a modern resume are work experience, qualifications, and key skills.

It is crucial for job seekers that hiring managers go through them and the two-column resume template successfully does this job.

Two columns make content easily scannable and readable.

Hiring managers read the resumes whereas application tracking systems scan them before sending them to the hiring manager. Therefore, to smoothly pass the tracking system the two-columns resume template is a robust choice.

Two columns create a stylish resume template

Visual interest is a critical element that puts extra emphasis on the resume template with the help of a two-column design structure to draw attention of the hiring managers. The whole idea of integrating a two-column resume template is to attract eyeballs.

Having the above-mentioned benefits in mind let's go through some of our ATS-compatible two-columns resume templates. Here they are.

Two-Column Resume Template Example

The following list has double-column resume templates that have been downloaded a record number of times by job seekers. Some of them are visually striking and will make you fall in love with them instantly.

Browse each one of them thoroughly and select the one that fits your requirements.


Budapest Two-Column Resume

two-column resume templates

The Budapest two-column resume is the perfect balance of elements that modern resume templates must have. Let's look at the features of this professional template.

The left column is a dark-shaded vertical bar complimenting all those elements in it. You also get the top position to highlight your picture-perfect photo. Sections like summary, language, preferences, and links will sit there undisturbed.

The font size and color in the left column are plain white to make it readable. The right column is wide enough to engage work history, education, and key skills. Additionally, the skills section has an individual progress bar to indicate the level of expertise.

All in all, the Budapest two-column resume template is not only a perfect balance of design elements but also white space. Get your copy of this professional two-column resume format here.


Chicago Two-Column Resume

two-column resume templates

The Chicago two-column resume template is plain white with standard black fonts. It is a mesmerizing experience both for employers and job seekers to have created resumes using this format. Here are some unavoidable features.

Those into creative jobs using this template will give a creative edge to the resume. This format will help you refrain from writing two page resume.

All the details will be limited to a page only if using this professional format. You won't have to put extra effort to highlight details like the skills section.

Use fresh templates to apply for the next big-shot company job. Get your copy of this two-column resume format here.


Kiev Two-Column Resume

two-column resume templates

The Kiev two-column resume template falls under the category of professional templates in our library that is most loved and liked by job seekers. Let's understand why is it so.

The narrow vertical bar on the left uplifts the overall beauty with a light shade. It is specially designed to draw attention and highlight relevant details.

The progress bars in the hard skills section match the fresh shade. The experience section format will appeal to employers.

If this is your first-hand experience writing resumes and you want it undivided page then get your copy of this two-column resume format here.


Monte Carlo Two-Column Resume

two-column resume templates

The Monte Carlo two-column resume template supports writing professional details in the resumes in reverse chronological order. The good part about using templates is you get an organized format that is limited to only a singular page.

Moreover, it helps you highlight education, hard skills, and relevant sections making it readable for recruiters. If you are looking for a fresh start in creative jobs then get your copy of this two-column resume format here.


Perth Two-Column Resume

two-column resume templates

Professional templates in the two-column resumes category are the latest buzz. The Perth template here is no different. The job title, summary, education, hard skills, etc. are up fresh and has all the capacity to draw attention of recruiters.

Do you what is the highlight of a resume? The arrangement and optimization of details that are relevant to the job title are the heart and soul of resumes. Perth will assist you to write a single-page resume for the next or your first-ever application for a job.

Get your copy of this two-column resume format here.


Prague Two-Column Resume

two-column resume templates

Recruiters look for technical skills if they are offering a complex task that requires technicalities. The Prague modern resume template will highlight the same on one page. Professional resumes that have simple columns, and enough space to integrate relevant information.

The summary, work experience, and education segments reflect sincere vibes that reinstate a trust factor. Refer to the image above. This is the reason why using templates to write a resume is a standard regulation.

If you are a fresh graduate, a seasoned employee, or looking for a change from mundane office work to new creative jobs then this is your best bet. Get your copy of this two-column resume format here.


Riga Two-Column Resume

two-column resume templates

A two-page resume is good in one sense because there's a massive list of accomplishments that you would want the recruiters to look at. On the other hand, it is a negative thing because lengthy resumes generally don't make it to the next round of the hiring process.

However, the Riga double-column resume format is excellent in every sense. You can write the education and work experience in reverse chronological order leaving fair space for summary, technical skills, and other relevant information.

The twin columns resume are good templates, to begin with, and draw attention of a recruiter. Get your copy of this professional two-column layout here.


Rotterdam Two-Column Resume

two-column resume templates

The Rotterdam is a one-page and double columns modern resume template designed especially for those doing creative jobs and contains high technical skills. To begin with, the space is balanced and you can write intriguing details in the summary, work experience, skills, and academic sections.

Recruiters love when they get relevant information without much effort. The same is with your resume and the resumes of other countless candidates. This is the biggest reason behind using ready-to-use templates.

These resume ready isolated page template can accumulate much more details than one can anticipate. Hence, get your copy of this two-column layout here.


San Francisco Two-Column Resume

two-column resume templates

The dark theme San Francisco modern resume template has three different zones. The first one is the top ribbon with space to include the name and title of the job. Just below the ribbon, the left column that is narrow in size contains contacts, resume summary, and academic information.

The remaining part is wide enough to contain key details like technical skills and professional work experience. Resumes must fulfill the basic need - they must have no more than dual columns and templates should have limited design elements.

Additionally, the format should be up to the mark to draw attention of recruiters. For instance, it must be a single page, creating an experienced perception of the position to be hired. That's what will create a relevant flow of the resume.

Get your copy of this two-column layout here.


Shanghai Two-Column Resume

two-column resume templates

The Shanghai is a one-page and double columns modern resume template just like Rotterdam templates at number 8 in this list. Remember, it is not a two page resume space.

The format in resumes is functional, hybrid, and the reverse chronological order. Out of which the last one is professional, certified by recruiters, and has been relevant for a long time.

Other key details like summary, work experience, and technical skills begins in the same position as it does in other resume template mentioned in this list. So, what are you waiting for? Select the suitable one for medical, accounts, engineering, or creative jobs

Get your copy of this two-column layout here.


Sydney Two-Column Resume

two-column resume templates

The Sydney modern resume template has it all whether it is columns, format, element position, space, and more options to draw attention. Creating professional-format resumes becomes inevitable when your career is at stake.

Drafting a proper work experience, listing technical skills, key details, and the most important information is crucial. Needless to say, all this information should be on a single page.

Hence, get down to the business now, select templates, and gear up to apply for your dream job. Get your copy of this two-column layout here.


Vladivostok Two-Column Resume

two-column resume templates

The Vladivostok is a unique modern resume template with a dark theme. We have already come across templates like the one above. It is completely fine to showcase dark colors in resumes.

Similar to the Sydney resume template above the Vladivostok has it all. For instance, columns, format, position, space, and more. By having these critical details the creative jobs of developing a single-page resume becomes much more effortless.

You will outrun every inch of the document whether it is professional qualifications, work experience, or technical skills. Are you ready to make a fresh beginning of your career? Do you wish to apply to a giant company like Google or Amazon? If yes, then let's get you started with the business by getting your copy of this two-column layout here.


Crisp Two-Column Resume

two-column resume templates

What do you need to draw attention of an employer? Is it a professional work experience, qualifications, skills section, or something else? You need a clean, clear, and Crisp modern resume template. This is so far one of the best resumes for career growth.

The columns are invisible but separated striking a visual interest. Moreover, templates like Crisp integrate a fresh display of details on a single page. We recommend you start writing a resume right away to showcase the potential company and the best talent you have to get the dream job.

Get your copy of this two-column layout here.

So this was the list of thirteen extraordinary template for developing a resume. Before we conclude our topic here are some important FAQs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are resume templates?

The examples we just browsed above are all template to make resumes. These are pre-designed, well-crafted, aligned, optimized, and readymade documents available for online use. Applicants use them to fill in their details and apply for a job. They are safe and secured to use.

What are creative jobs details?

A job where you need to put less effort to complete a task while enjoying the process is creativity. Now all those details that you pen down to explain to the employer how you achieved a particular target are the creative detail. Employers appreciate such resumes with creative info.

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