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If you’re the filing clerk who likes to keep things sorted and well organized, our team at resume example is here to make sure you get the chance to develop the best filing clerk resume that will help you land your dream job.

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Filing Clerk Resume

Dan Schrute
Senior File Clerk
Brooklyn, NY 11222

Professional Summary
File clerk with 6 years of experience and strong problem-solving and organizational and computer skills. Applies professional telephone voice and technique to efficiently manage multi-line communication systems. Ability to use filing system and Microsoft tools proficiently, especially excel and word.

Work Experience
VRock Inc -  Senior File Clerk
April 2015- current Brooklyn. NV

Monitoring and tracking project data on Excel spreadsheets was used to identify trends and inform management.
Helped add new records - removed outdated documents.
Providing solutions for computer problems and maintaining all office systems, including computer hardware and software.
Completed all the basic administrative duties.
Created a new filing system

Bachelor of Arts
Brooklyn Public University | Brooklyn

Microsoft Office Suite
Data collection
Administrative operations
Managing file system
Public relations
Overseeing office activities
Customer relations
Answering phones

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No matter if you’re an experienced file clerk or a fresher, the basics remain the same for both. To be the best file clerk and develop a filing clerk resume that’ll land you your most awaited interview call, follow your basic instincts and organize everything from most to least important and then decide where everything else goes, just how you would in the office.

A file clerk can on average expect to earn around $31,000 per annum, with the hourly price deviation averaging between $9 to $18 based on their experience and skills (

A file clerk position can be categorized in various industries like government, legal, health, information technology, banking, retail, etc.

Depending on the type of industry, the skillset differs which is why the average pay can vary.

More than education, being a file clerk revolves more around being a skill-based job with the highly-rated skill of knowing Microsoft Office and data entry.

File Clerk Resume Example

filing clerk resume

Organizing a File Clerk Resume

To be the best file clerk, one must have the will and patience of knowing the art of structuring and organizing. But your first task doesn’t start on the first day of your job but rather it starts from when you apply for that job.

Crafting a file clerk resume is your first step to mastering the art of organizing and managing records. Think of your file clerk resume as your first job where you want to orderly arrange the data and manage the pre-existing one. It’s your job to arrange what goes where and why.

Just like your job as a file clerk, your resume also requires you to understand the basics and follow a specific pattern.

To make the best file clerk resume, you should always be aware of the type of pattern you want to follow. Check out the below pointers to understand the grassroots pattern: -

    Reverse Chronological - In the reverse-chronological format, you write your latest work experience on the top and follow that order till your first experience, putting it in the last.
    Functional - People with relatively little work experience tend to use the Functional CV format, with a focus on their education and skills.
    Combination - The most common CV format is the combination CV. This is a mixture of chronological and functional formats.

While the combination format is the most used globally, having the right skills and work experience surely gives a clear advantage if you use the reverse chronological format.

If you’d like to have your resume already prepared and organised, check out these ready-made resume templates.

The layout of the File Clerk Resume

There’s a reason why there are so many resume builders online these days as they have the experts to help you fix the tiny details that you tend to overlook and the most commonly overlooked detail is the first and foremost step i.e. the layout of the template.

Having the right template helps you arrange your qualifications in a well-patterned way to let the hiring manager get a clear picture of your qualifications.

For a file clerk, the template should not be too flashy like any other creative domain as it’s a risky move. Try sticking to following a standard format for the resume with black/white or blue/white color scale as making a resume like this is also highly readable through ATS software.

Getting help from our online resume builder also helps you to get professional cover letter ideas.

The structure of the Filing Clerk Resume

Just like every other domain out there, a file clerk’s resume not only requires a clear structure but also a well-organized format. The structure created by you will show the hiring manager what qualifications you give the highest importance to and based on that information, the recruiter will form a judgment.

The section to include in a file clerk resume are: -
  • Professional Summary / Objective
  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Skills
  • Certifications
  • Achievements
  • Additional Info (interests, hobbies, etc.)

This is the standard structure that should be followed to arrange the sections in order of importance. However, if you’re someone with relatively less work experience but more skills and education, feel free to rearrange the order using the functional resume approach which highlights your education and skills first.

Start with the Header of the File Clerk Resume

As mentioned above, a resume should be a reflection of the job you’re applying for, and for a file clerk, the most important aspect should be simplicity and organization. Every resume has a header, body, and footer but the emphasis is usually upon the header and the body as there’s no defined border for the footer.

The header is the topmost area of your file clerk resume and it contains firstly your name, your existing job title or the one you’re applying for, and then your contact details.

Is a photo required in the Filing Clerk’s Resume?

Adding your photo to your file clerk resume is a question asked by many but to answer simply, you should not add your photo in your resume header as most US companies prefer candidates not to add their photos to their resume.

It is usually a country-specific formality, for example in France people are required to add their photos to their resumes.

Choosing your Filing Clerk Resume Title

The title in your file clerk resume can sometimes be a tricky part. If you’re already working for a company and looking to shift to a better one, you are required to write the job title you hold at present. However, if you’re no longer working or are a fresher looking for a new opportunity, write the job title you’re applying for.

Companies don’t like it when candidates don’t adapt to the job post and use the same static resume without updating it.

File Clerk’s Professional Summary

Just after the header, the professional summary comes into play. As the name suggests, it’s the summary of your entire resume which solely focuses on the most professional aspects of your file clerk resume and gives a brief look into your resume to the hiring manager.

Think of your professional summary as an executive summary but way shorter. It covers the essence of your file clerk resume to create a hook and get the hiring manager wanting to learn more about you as a candidate.

One major point to keep in mind, as it’s a summary, never try to exceed it more than 5 lines as then it feels a bit too literary and not as a summary, which could lose the recruiter’s interest when scanning your resume.

To help you beat the overwhelming feeling of writing the best professional summary, our experts have created some sample summaries for you: -


File clerk with 6 years of experience and strong problem-solving and organizational and computer skills. Effectively manages multi-line communication systems using professional telephone voice and technique. Ability to use filing system and Microsoft tools proficiently, especially excel and Microsoft word.


Loyal and ambitious File Clerk with a professional and forward-thinking attitude and successful experience in customer service and decision-making.


File Clerk with expertise in administrative organization and documentation looking to fill senior File Clerk position. 8 years of work in clerical administration. Experience implementing techniques to improve productivity and cost-efficiency. Ensures policy compliance and regulation adherence. Excels in deadline-driven environments.


Diligent File Clerk with superb organizational, communication, and time management skills. Works well in busy environments and under pressure.

Precision is the key while writing a file clerk professional summary as the correct mention of years of experience, top picked skills and one solid quality that stands you out is what keeps the recruiting manager hooked to your profile.

If you would like some more excellent summary examples, then you’ll love our online resume builder. It auto-generates job specific summaries for you to choose from. Then you simply select your favourite and its inserted into your resume. Making the whole process easy and simple.

filing clerk resume

Alternate to professional summary: objective of a File Clerk

An objective is what we call a replacement for your professional summary. As a professional summary is for someone with decent work experience to talk about, the objective is used by people who are skilled but haven’t got much work experience per se. Therefore, if you’re someone who related more to this, then writing an objective is your best bet.

It can be a little tricky to find the difference between a summary and an objective. Therefore, we at resume example have done this job for you: -

A creative, dedicated, and hardworking candidate applying for the role of a File Clerk who produces quality work. Consistently achieves results working in a fast-paced environment. Proficient in Microsoft office suite. Seeking a challenging position allowing me to maximise the use of my accurate keyboard skills.

Driven File Clerk wants to achieve the best results for customers.


An extremely capable File Clerk with massive experience in filing systems in numerical and alphabetical order. I would like to state that I have done my bachelor's degree in the commerce field that can help me to perform my duties.


Looking for the job opportunity of file clerk in a well-organized organization where I can make use of my skills and knowledge for departmental growth. I have completed a diploma of Tally from XYZ computer institute, which should help for my job.

File Clerk Work Experience

Being a file clerk is skill-based work, well mostly. You require some on-the-job training to learn how a company operates, what kind of computer systems and software they use and how they want their documents to be digitally organized. Everything mentioned above is purely a skill that comes from experience. Once you’re experienced enough to get yourself familiar with the technical and routine aspect of the job, it becomes easy to land the job of your choice as your resume will show that you are ready to make an impact and hit the ground running.

Describe your professional experiences in your Filing Clerk Resume

Whenever you’re mentioning your work experience, you are required to present a few points about your activities and roles in that particular job profile and company. But the description is not supposed to be some big paragraph but rather short bullet points.

As the hiring manager never has enough time and patience to rigorously go through every single detail in a resume. To make your resume more presentable and their job easier, always write your work experience in one line pointers, not exceeding 3-4 lines.

Examples Of Professional Experiences For Filing Clerk Resume Beginner/Junior


    Monitored and tracked project performance data with Excel spreadsheets to inform management of trends.

    Helped add new records and removed outdated documents.

    Created a new filing system to improve efficiency for the office manager

    Followed basic file maintenance guidelines and handled the company’s records using word processing.

    Supervised junior file clerks using my strong organizational skills to retrieve files, and work with the office manager.

    My job profile required me to handle multiple tasks like index documents, archives outreach programs, manage employee files, and other administrative roles.

    Accessed office software and MS Office suite via personal computer to manage legal documents and outgoing files to communicate effectively.

    Handled office equipment to manage the file system, answering phones, and filing documents.

    Updated existing records.

    Helped human resources to manage scanned documents, medical records, and incoming documents.

    Studied company file maintenance procedures.


    Completed my job duties in a timely manner by using electronic systems.

    Handled incoming mail and managed important documents.

    Managed phone calls.

    athering files

    Helped to provide a good file clerk experience.

    Managed office records

    Printed important documents

    Managed medical records

    Distributed mail

    Showcased professional skills

    Arranged files in alphabetical or numerical order

    Filed documents

    Prepare documents

    Completed my job duties

Education in the Filing Clerk Resume

There is no questioning the fact that education is always a basic and an important prerequisite in the job search process, let alone a file clerk job. But to be a file clerk, having minimal educational qualifications also suffice as the job of a file clerk is more skilled and technical than theoretical.

Usually, a high school diploma will help you land a file clerk position.

And to score bonus points, one can always go for certain computer software courses like MS Office tools, etc to boost their chances.

Should you start with education or work experience in a Filing Clerk Resume?

As mentioned initially earlier in the article, for a file clerk to make a file clerk resume, you must be aware of the format to choose. Hence, if you have a good amount of work experience to show, always begin with experience as your first section after the summary in your file clerk resume, otherwise start with the education section.

You can always use the help of a resume builder online for example our own resume builder at resume example will help you provide professional resume templates and cover letter ideas to move forward on your file clerk resume.

filing clerk resume

Skills to Put in the Resume for a Filing Clerk Resume

Skills are considered as the soul of a file clerk as almost every other candidate you can find with a similar educational background but when it comes to skills, there will always be one person standing tall in the crowd with the maximum number of skills required to be the best file clerk.

As we’ve already emphasized so much on the fact that adding skills on a file clerk resume is very important, what people don’t realize is that with technical skills, having a good amount of soft skills on your file clerk resume is important too.

And to give you a clear picture of the basic differentiation, check out the skills below important for a file clerk: -

Hard Skills -
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Data collection
  • Administrative operations
  • Bookkeeping
  • Managing file system
  • Retrieve documents
  • Handling company’s records
  • Creating business unit’s filing procedures
  • Channeling distributed mail
  • Managing office records
  • Retrieving stored files
Soft Skills -
  • Public relations
  • Multi-tasking
  • Overseeing office activities
  • Customer relations
  • Answering phones
  • Helping fellow file clerks
  • Time management
  • Adaptable
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Event coordination
  • Excellent customer service skills

filing clerk resume

Additional Headings for your Filing Clerk Resume

Out of the basic heading we’ve discussed till now, there are certain sections in a file clerk resume that can act as additional boosters. Having these sections in your own resume will help you gain brownie points while applying for a file clerk position.

Starting off with a section called “Certifications”, where you add all the additional certified courses, mostly technical, for your file clerk position. Here, you can add courses like learning MS Office tools, etc.

If you’re someone who speaks at least 2 languages, feel free to show those skills under the languages section in your file clerk resume. You can also mention if you’ve given any language tests with the appropriate score like IELTS for English, Delf for French, etc.

Not required in every domain, but having your hobbies and interests on your file clerk resume also works pretty well as it gives the hiring manager an idea about you as a person.

Summary: Key Points For Writing A Perfect Filing Clerk Resume

  • Make sure to find the perfect template based on your needs to make a professional resume.
  • Focus more on the skills
  • The basic qualification to be a file clerk is a high school diploma
  • The summary/objective must never exceed 5 lines
  • Soft skills are equally important as technical/professional skills.
  • Get cover letter ideas from our online resume builder to ease out the job search process.
  • Never exceed the resume length to more than 1 page.
  • Retrieving stored files, managing office records, and cleaning outdated documents are all parts of the basic job role of a file clerk including other administrative duties.
  • Always feel free to use our online resume builder Resume Example to create your own resume perfectly.

Frequently Asked Questions for File Clerk Resume

How do you write a clerical resume?

A clerical resume is written the same way as a file clerk resume. It follows the same reverse chronological order and the sectional structure with a heavy emphasis on skills and technical certifications.

What skills should I put on my resume for clerical?

Read above to find both the technical and soft skills for a clerical job.

How do you describe an office clerk on a resume?

An office clerk is someone who does day-to-day record keeping of activities and transactions to keep a smooth flow of administrative activities. Their activities include dematerializing the files, monitoring distributed mail, handling office equipment, retrieving stored files and missing documents, updating the office file system, etc. Make sure you include some of these skills and keywords in your filing clerk resume to get noticed by a recruiter.

What are the skills of an Office Assistant?

Here are some skills of an office assistant: -

  • Spreadsheets
  • Proofreading
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Meeting planning
  • Microsoft Office proficiency
  • Schedule management
  • Report writing
  • Mail management
  • Letter and memo composition
  • Executive presentation development

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