A Professional Teacher Resume With Examples, Templates & Tips

With this comprehensive guide. craft a good teacher resume that showcases your teaching skills and experience. This is key to landing a job as a teacher in an institute. As the resume will represent the hiring manager's initial impression of you, it will have a significant influence.

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Professional Teacher Resume Example

The below resume example has been crafted by a certified professional resume writer.

Experienced Teacher Resume Sample:

Lauren Jones

Professional Summary:

SEL Qualified mathematics teacher with 8 years of experience teaching kids from grades 4-8. Passionate about connecting kids on all levels and improving their interactions via group sessions. Capable of impacting students using a variety of educational approaches, including physical demonstrations, art, and presentations. Have been awarded “Teacher of the Year” in 2018 and also a member of the school board, participating in fundraising and community activities.

Work Experience:

High School Teacher,
New York City Department of Education
02/01/18 – Present

  • Developed and implemented lesson plans for a diverse group of students by incorporating various teaching strategies to meet individual needs and learning styles.
  • Collaborated with school administrators to implement programs and initiatives aimed at improving student behavior.
  • Increased student engagement by using tech tools for teaching like interactive whiteboards and online platforms.
  • Fostered positive relationships with students and their families through regular parent-teacher meetings.
  • Actively participated in developing teaching skills by attending conferences and workshops.
  • Conducted special classes for students getting average grades to improve student progress.


  • Classroom management skills.
  • Curriculum planning knowledge.
  • Lesson planning experience.
  • Online Teaching experience.
  • A wide range of teaching techniques.
  • Evaluation of student achievement Teaching ability in special education.
  • Powerful organizational abilities.
  • Interpersonal skills.


Master of Science in Literacy Education,
Columbia University,
South Carolina, US

Dreher High School, Columbia,
South Carolina, US
(2009- 2012)


English (Native)

Awards & Certification

Certified Teacher From The College Of Education

This teacher resume examples guide can be helpful to elementary school teachers, middle school teachers, special education teachers, preschool teachers, high school teachers, and even experienced teachers.

A teaching job has always been a challenging career, both emotionally and intellectually. A teacher educates, guide, and shape children for the challenges in their lives. A teacher is responsible for inspiring a whole generation. The work of teachers in society is vital.

However, teachers need to keep up with the ever-changing educational reforms and technological development. As a teacher, you must adapt to modern ways.

  • As per zippia.com, the average pay for teachers in elementary schools is $65,420, while that of teachers in high schools is $67,340, with New York ranking first.
  • From 2000 and 2019, the expected average student-to-teacher ratio decreased from 15.9 to 14.3.
  • The estimated growth rate in the employment rate for teachers is approximately 8% in the US.

This shows that a teaching career has a huge scope and reciprocatively a massive competition as well. And a well-engaging resume can be of great help to those who are looking to work as a teacher and even for your next teaching job.

To make your resume writing job easier, we have a selection of resume examples to write your resume from our certified resume writers.

How To Write A Teacher Resume?

One of the most important steps in getting a job in the education field is writing a perfect teacher Resume. It provides a brief idea to the school administrators about your abilities, expertise, and skills.

Therefore, it's necessary to create a resume based on industry standards that stands out from the competition and emphasizes your teaching skills.

Below are a few general guidelines to help write a resume.

  • Emphasize your teaching experience, certifications, and expertise in specific subject areas in the resume summary.
  • List your previous teaching positions, starting with the most recent one. Include the name of the school, the grade levels you taught, and the dates of employment.
  • List your degrees, including the institution, degree, and date of graduation. Include any teaching certifications, endorsements, or licenses that you hold.
  • In addition to your teaching experience, highlight your skills and abilities that are relevant to the teaching profession. These may include classroom management, lesson planning, assessment and evaluation, technology integration, and communication skills.
  • Showcase any professional development opportunities you've participated in, such as workshops, conferences, or training sessions.
  • Include at least two professional references who can speak to your teaching abilities and character.
  • Use a clear and easy-to-read font, and make sure your resume is well-organized with clear headings and bullet points. Limit your resume to two pages.
  • Take time to proofread and revise.

Ideal Layout, Format, and Structure For A Teacher Resume

The ideal layout of a teacher's resume will be as follows:

  • Job Title with name and contact information
  • Professional Resume Summary or Summary Statement
  • Work experience
  • Educational Credential
  • Certifications
  • Skills
  • Additional sections
📌 Tip: You must create a separate section for education, credentials, work history, and organizational abilities.

Follow these guidelines to optimize your teacher resume format:

  • Choose a professional, clear font in a size between 10 and 12 points, such as Arial, Times New Roman, or Calibri.
  • Make it easy to read by using proper headings and subheadings.
  • To make your resume visually appealing and simple to read, use a simple design throughout. Always use the same font, margins, and spacing.
  • To maintain the formatting and ensure that it can be opened on any device, save your resume in PDF format.

The three different types of resume formats are chronological, functional, and mixed or hybrid.

Chronological Resume Format

Those who have a lengthy history of employment in the teaching field should use the chronological technique since it highlights their professional development.

Functional Resume Format

Over your past career, the structure places more emphasis on your abilities and competencies. This structure must be used by a substitute teacher who has little work experience.

Mixed Resume Format

The hybrid structure has elements that are both chronological and practical. It enables an emphasis on both noteworthy achievements and relevant professional experience. The ideal structure for a teacher's resume is generally a reverse-chronological order for an experienced teacher.

This structure allows them to clearly and efficiently present their teaching experience. Also, it enables prospective employers to view their most current and applicable experience first, which is frequently the most important aspect of the hiring decision.

As for the inexperienced teachers, to highlight their skills and their education, they will use a functional resume structure. This structure will display education and skills toward the top and emphasizes your ability.

teacher resume

Begin With The Header of Your Resume

The header of your resume will include your job title and your contact information. This will be the first thing to draw the attention of the hiring manager.

The following information should be included:

  • Full Name
  • Job Title
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address

Generally, an address is not required in the resume. But if that is mandatory, keep it short. Your name and contact details should be displayed at the top of the page

You must also not forget to

  • Include your full name.
  • Mention your present teaching position.
  • Your contact information must be given in the resume format required by your country of residence.
  • Always use a professional email.
  • Include the link to your LinkedIn profile, if you have any.

Compare the below examples for a better understanding;

Good Example
Lloyd Brown

Principal of Educational Establishments

+1 787-586-3211



Bad Example
Ethan Hunt

English Language Guru


36B, Arthur’s Street, Seattle, Washington


The headline of your resume must be concise, and simple. Your name, contact details, and your online professional profile like LinkedIn.

It’s not mandatory to add a photo to a resume, especially in the US. Do not include any photo unless and until it is explicitly mentioned. This prevents any biased opinions and discrimination.

Present Yourself With A Captivating Professional Summary

A Teacher resume summary or teacher resume objective provides a brief overview of your personality and qualifications as an educator. It is your educational narrative. Put some effort into it.

Your professional summary section must

  • Provide the most essential details about your former teaching jobs, traits, and accomplishments.
  • Explain to your prospective employer how you can be an excellent instructor for their company or school.

Structuring it accordingly is also essential. Try to convey your professional character as a teacher while avoiding clichés. For this, action verbs are ideal. Consider focusing on your most outstanding experience, abilities, and credentials.

Correct Example
Qualified Special Education teacher with 8 years of experience teaching kids from grades 4-8. Passionate about connecting kids on all levels and improving their interactions via group sessions. Capable of impacting students using a variety of educational approaches, including physical demonstrations, art, and presentations. Have been awarded “Teacher of the Year” in 2018 and also a member of the school board, participating in fundraising and community activities.

Incorrect Example
“A wonderful instructor with a fair amount of expertise instructing students in a wide range of subjects, such as math, English, and music.”

A thorough profile of the applicant is given in the correct resume summary above. It emphasizes the experience, skills, and teaching approach of the candidate.

Whereas, in the incorrect example there is no such reflection of the candidate. It is almost lacking professionalism and gives very little idea of the candidate’s skills and expertise.

Moreover, the incorrect example does not utilize keywords. This might increase the chances of being rejected by the applicant tracking system and even the hiring managers.

Professional Experience as a Teacher

Highlighting Your Professional Experience as a Teacher

The professional experience section is of utmost significance to hiring managers and potential employers. This is a wonderful chance to showcase your commitment to your profession.

List your professional experience should be like this:

  • Putting the specific institution you worked at.
  • Your job title and a brief explanation of your responsibilities should be included in the professional experience section of your resume.
  • It also will involve detailing your duties as a teacher, your assessment strategies, improvement of curriculum, etc.
  • Write 3 to 5 responsibilities in bullet points showing what you did and how effective it was.
Example 1:
Middle School Teacher

New Era High School


Job Responsibilities:
  • Developed and implemented lesson plans for a diverse group of students by incorporating various teaching strategies to meet individual needs and learning styles.
  • Collaborated with school administrators to implement programs and initiatives aimed at improving student behavior and developing a positive learning environment.
  • Increased student engagement by using tech tools for teaching like interactive whiteboards and online platforms like google classroom, zoom, etc.
  • Fostered positive relationships with students and their families through regular parent-teacher meetings.
  • Actively participated in developing teaching skills by attending conferences and workshops.
  • Conducted tests and prepared test scores.

Example 2:
Elementary School Teacher

Nightwoods School

Job Responsibilities:
  • Planned and delivered lessons to engage and challenge students.
  • Used a variety of assessment tools for monitoring student performance.
  • Collaborated with colleagues to design and implement cross-curricular projects.
  • Guided and led students in extracurricular events and activities in the school.

What To Include In This Section When You Don’t Have Experience?

Whether you are a recent graduate or an entry-level teacher trying to get into the industry, there are ways you can still include other relevant skills and experiences in this section.

  • You can include subject expertise by showing your performance during your academia.
  • Highlight your achievements and any encouraging remarks you have received from people or organizations for teaching or supervision.
  • Include skills you acquired or used when volunteering for schools, youth groups, or summer camps. These teacher skills can include lesson planning, classroom management, and working with a diverse group of students.
  • List down internships in the experience section if you have done any. Similarly, include the courses you've taken.
  • Highlight any projects or assignments that showcase your abilities.

In conclusion, keep in mind to emphasize the knowledge and expertise most relevant to the teaching post you're going for, and emphasize how your previous experiences have prepared you for the position.

Academic Background In Your Resume

Listing Your Academic Background In Your Resume

Your educational credentials hold massive importance for the role of a teacher. It is an opportunity to highlight your educational history, which can range from college education to early childhood education at all teaching levels.

You must include the following information in your resume's education section:

  • Your most recent qualification or degree
  • The name of the institution or college
  • Years you earned the degrees in
  • Your GPA

Have a look at the examples below:

Example 1:
Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education

St. Mary Women’s College of Education,

South Caroline, US


GPA: 3.5/4

Example 2:
Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education

Manhatten State University

Manhattan, NY, US.

2017 - 2020

GPA: 3.7/4

Always include the highest education on your resume. If you have earned a degree then you need not put your high school education in this section.

Skills To List Down On A Teacher Resume

A perpetual skill set is required by a teacher. It's important to highlight your hard and soft skills on your resume.

A teacher must have educational expertise and the capacity to create efficient lesson plans that support educational objectives and include students.

A teacher must be able to communicate knowledge to students in a way that's both clear and understandable while also showing a deep understanding of the subject(s) being taught.

Important Hard Skills For Teacher Resume

  • Classroom Management
  • Lesson Planning
  • Technology Proficiency
  • Curriculum Development
  • Differentiated Instruction
  • Data Analysis
  • Organization Skills
  • Computing Skills
  • Online Teaching Skills

Important Soft Skills For Teacher Resume

  • Communication skills
  • Patience
  • Empathy
  • Flexibility
  • Teamwork

Additional Sections You Can Include To Boost Your Resume

You can make your resume more valuable by adding additional sections apart from the common sections like Resume Summary, Skills, Schooling, and classroom Experience.

You can consider including the following:

Professional Growth:

This section must include any conferences, workshops, or courses taken for professional development connected to teaching, as well as any certifications obtained in this area.

Volunteer Work:

Any community work or volunteer activity involving education, mentoring, tutoring, and working with youth groups can be put in this section.

Awards & Honors:

Include any honors or prizes won for teaching, including Teacher of the Year awards or praise for creative teaching methodologies.

Extracurricular Activities:

Any involvement in educationally-related extracurricular activities, such as managing a service-learning project, coaching a sports team, or acting as a club counselor.


A list of professional references, such as former coworkers, mentors, or superiors, can assist the teacher's qualifications with more credibility and support.


It is always good to know another language apart from your native language. Be sure to mention that even if you do not teach that. This adds to your credibility as a teacher.

Effectively list down the languages known in this manner:

  • Write them down in this order- Native, Fluent, Proficient, Intermediate, and Basic.
  • Your credibility might be damaged if you exaggerate how informed you are about them.
  • For an accurate representation of your level of ability, use a tool like the European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), IELTS, or TOEFL are both acceptable for English, and German proficiency certificates, and DELF for French.
  • Highlight it on your resume if the language is crucial to the teaching job you're applying for.

Summarizing: Major Points To Remember

  • Always be sure to stick to a proper structure for a teaching resume and double-check if everything looks neat and clear.
  • When it comes to your skills section, don't forget to optimize your resume for specific keywords related to your job position to save your resume from being rejected by Application Tracking Systems.
  • Rather than making or using a generic resume, it is better to craft a unique resume you the job apply for.
  • Chronologically describe your career background, emphasizing specific achievements and responsibilities.
  • Emphasize showcasing your relevant education and training, as well as any awards and accomplishments.
  • List all the relevant hard and soft skills that are essential as per the job description.
  • If applicable, provide other sections such as diplomas, honors, volunteer activities, linguistic proficiency, and links with organizations.

Cover Letter That Matches Your Resume

Include A Cover Letter That Matches Your Resume

Now that you are done crafting your resume, there is only one final thing left to do. That is creating a cover letter to attach to your resume.

A compelling cover letter can make a teacher stand out from the competition and emphasize their teaching philosophy. This can help you organize your writing and make sure your cover letter successfully highlights your special skills and personality.

Also, it gives the teacher a chance to express their enthusiasm for the particular school or district they are applying to and show that they are familiar with its principles and culture.

Consider using our free teacher resume template if you're a teacher who is looking to write a distinctive cover letter.


Do you need to have a LinkedIn profile as a teacher?

As a teacher, one of the skills you need to possess is adaptability. This includes adapting to the changing technologies and digital demands. Therefore, it will be to your advantage to have a LinkedIn profile. Mention the link in your contact information if you have one.

What does a hiring manager or schools look for in a teacher's resume?

Hiring managers will be seeking precise, specific confirmation that a teacher has had a positive influence in their past positions or student teaching placements. In a teacher's Resume, an employer will also be seeking evidence of the hard and soft abilities that especially qualify that applicant for their institution. Each section of a teacher's resume must have quantifiable data showing relevant accomplishments and experience. Use data to show the influence a candidate has had, wherever possible.

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