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A career as a teacher is an interesting and fulfilling one. When you're in school, you may think you have a lot of time before considering getting a job.

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Student Teacher Resume Example

Sherry Wilson
Student Teacher
East Hampton, CT

Professional objective

Dedicated student teacher with a passion for enabling young children in their emotional, social, and educational endeavors. Excellent knowledge of age-appropriate activities, environments to promote learning, and positive behavior management strategies. Provides activities for physical health as a complement to academic learning. Looking for an opportunity at Hillcrest Elementary School.


Bachelor's Degree in Education
University of Connecticut
2017(Expected Date)

Relevant Coursework

  • Instructional Strategies
  • Group Behavior
  • English Language Arts


  • Effective classroom management
  • Curriculum development
  • Teaching methods
  • Organization skills
  • Communication skills
  • Decision-making skills
  • Knowledge of the IEP team process
  • Innovative lesson plans

Work experience

Waterbury Elementary
June 2016-March 2017

  • Assisted the classroom teacher with managing a class of 20 students and creating innovative lesson plans to optimize student learning.
  • Analyzed student performance and recommended individualized lessons for the students who needed some extra help.
  • Devised multiple teaching strategies with the help of special education teachers to address the needs of children identified as needing extra support for emotional, health, or development issues.

Gifted Childcare and Learning Center
March 2015-May 2015

  • Instructed children in basic skills such as knowing the names of colors, shapes, and the alphabet and reviewed their homework assignments.
  • Attended departmental meetings with fellow teachers and assisted in crafting lesson plans based on the common core curriculum.
  • Administered play activities for experiential learning, including hands-on games and crafts.

Additional Information


DELF(75% score)

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However, it doesn't hurt to start early. Every experience comes in handy when you're trying to advance in your teaching career. Start by crafting a student teacher resume that you'll use to get your foot in the door and get some experience that will help you in the future.

Creating a student teaching resume may feel overwhelming, but we are here to help. This resume guide will give you the tips you need to craft your professional resume. Here are some of the topics we'll cover:

  • How to incorporate your teaching experience in your resume.
  • The right resume format and layout for your resume
  • How to write an engaging objective statement
  • A student teacher resume example with the best ideas.

Job Prospects and Salaries For Student Teachers

Most student teachers work towards becoming full-time teachers. According to the U.S Bureau of Statistics, the overall employment of kindergarten and elementary school teachers is projected to grow 7 percent from 2020 to 2030.

The employment of high school teachers is projected to grow 8 percent from 2020 to 2030.

The average salary for an entry-level teacher is $41,000. However, the typical range is between $34,000 and $50,000, depending on your certifications, education, skills, and experience.

student teacher resume

How to Make a Student Teacher Resume

When you're starting your career as a teacher, writing the perfect resume may be challenging, but it doesn't have to be.

Maximize your qualifications and show the recruiter how they will be useful in the student teaching position you want. Also, tailor each resume and match it to the job requirements of the hiring manager or school principal. Check out our resume examples which will give you some great ideas as you craft your resume.

Choose the right format, layout, and structure for your resume.

Best Resume Format

The right format should represent your top qualifications first on your resume. Let's look at these three formats you can choose from.

  • Reverse-chronological format - This format is perfect for you if you have some teaching experience. It focuses on your professional experience and is easy to scan on Applicant tracking systems.
  • Functional resume - This is perfect for student teachers who don't have experience. It focuses on your skills and is also known as a skills-based resume.
  • Hybrid/combination resume - This format suits candidates with experience and skills. It combines the best features of the two other formats.

The layout of the resume should be simple, with easy-to-read fonts and a font size of 10-12pt. Some fonts you should consider are Arial, Calibri, Times New Roman, Georgia, Cambria, or Helvetica.

The structure of your student teacher resume should have the following sections:

  • The header section
  • Resume summary/objective
  • Work experience
  • Education section
  • Skills section
  • An additional section (Languages, computer skills and certifications, and interests)

The Header Section Of Your Resume

Your resume should start with a header section that contains the following details:

  • Your full name
  • Job title
  • Phone number
  • Professional email address
  • Location
  • A link to your LinkedIn profile.
Proofread these details to ensure they're accurate before sending the resume to the recruiter so they can reach you when needed.

Correct example

Walter Thomas

Student Teacher


Houston, TX

Incorrect example

Walter Thomas

Student Teacher


1920 Michael Street

House number 10

Houston, TX

Date of birth 10/10/1999

📌The header section should be brief, so avoid adding too many personal details.

Summarize Your Experience in Teaching

The work experience section is always tough for student teachers because you may not have worked as a teacher before. You may even be tempted to leave it out of your resume, but you shouldn't because it plays a key role. It's a great way to set yourself apart from the other candidates who probably have the same qualifications as you do.

List your volunteer and internship experiences starting with your most recent one. Under each, include three to five job responsibilities and quantify them with figures and facts if possible. The job description will have keywords and action verbs that you can incorporate to optimize your resume.

If you don't have any relevant experience, add other experiences and highlight the transferable skills that will be useful in the new job.

Correct example

Junior Shelter's Rescue Home

Volunteer Teacher

July 2018-March 2019

  • Prepared breakfast and lunches that were nutritious and balanced for 20 children.
  • Structured activities to promote physical and mental health and social development and led small groups of 8 students in these activities.
  • Assisted the lead teacher in creating engaging activities for the kids to encourage the active participation of kids of all ages.

💡The example above stands out because the candidate quantifies their results, allowing the hiring manager to see what they can do.

Incorrect example

Ellis Elementary School


January 2015-May 2015

  • Administered tests to the students.
  • Provided instruction to individual students on homework assignments.
  • Supervised students during school trips.

💡The example above fails to show the hiring manager the results the candidate has achieved that are useful in establishing the value they'll bring to the new position.

student teacher resume

Reinforce Your Resume with Your Education

The education section is a critical one for every student teacher. If you don't have much experience, you'll use this section to show the recruiter which courses allow you to stand out.

Highlight your educational background, starting with your most recent qualification, and show the relevant courses that have prepared you for the position. If you have a college degree, start with it. Add the name of the degree, the name of the school, and the year of graduation/expected graduation date.

Each student teaching job is different, so check the job description and include all the qualifications the recruiter is looking for in your resume. If you have a Master's degree, it's okay to leave out your high school diploma.

Correct example

Bachelor's Degree in Education

Texas A&M University


Relevant courses
  • Classroom management
  • Child and human development
  • Student assessment and evaluation

Skills for a Student Teacher on The Resume

Your skills play a significant role in ensuring you advance in the recruitment process. It's possible to have many unique abilities but prioritize the ones relevant to your desired position.

Most hiring managers use software that filters out resumes that don't have the skills they're looking for. To prevent this from happening to you, use the job description to identify these skills and incorporate them into your resume.

Having the right blend of hard and soft skills is important. Hard skills are specific abilities that require some time to learn at school or through training. Soft skills are interpersonal traits that allow you to interact well with colleagues and students.

When listing these skills, use bullet points to make them more visible. This also makes scanning your resume easy on the applicant tracking systems.

Here are some of the skills you need on your student teacher resume.

Hard skills
  • Classroom management
  • Teaching strategies
  • Interactive teaching/learning
  • Curriculum development
  • Class scheduling
  • Group instruction
  • Program management
  • Instructional plan implementation
Soft skills
  • Creative problem-solving
  • Time management
  • Negotiation skills
  • Public speaking
  • Communication skills
  • Detail-oriented
  • Decision-making
  • Leadership skills

student teacher resume

Professional Summary

A professional summary is a short paragraph with two to three sentences right after the header, that introduces your resume. This section highlights your top achievements, experience, and skills.

When the school principal reads this section of your resume, it should give them insight into what you can do and compel them to read the rest of your resume. Also, use keywords and action verbs in this section as you describe your achievements.

Correct example

Successful and passionate student teacher with one year of experience and a superior ability to manage classrooms, assess student progress and prepare students for standardized tests. Proven success in increasing student performance and test scores by 20-30%. Excellent communication and leadership skills.

💡The example above describes the candidate's experience and skills and mentions an outstanding achievement.

Incorrect example

Gifted Elementary School Student Teacher focused on providing instruction and support to students in individual or group situations.

💡The example above fails to give information on the candidate's unique skills and experience that sets them apart from the other candidates.

Professional Objective(How to Use It)

If you’re still in school or recently graduated as a student teacher, you probably have little to no experience. When you're writing your resume, you'll use a professional objective to introduce your resume. It summarizes your career goals and how they align with the school's goals and expresses your interest in the teaching position. Include the top skills that will help you stand out as a unique candidate.

Correct example

Motivated Student Teacher with extensive skills in planning and running innovative lesson plans to increase student engagement. Highly skilled in verbal and written communication, public speaking, and solving problems. Looking for a new opportunity at Bradbury School.

💡The example above shows the candidates' skills that will allow them to excel in the job and expresses their interest in the position.

student teacher resume

Additional Sections for Your Resume

When you're writing your resume, an additional section is a must-have. It highlights the skills and extra qualifications that make you a special candidate.

Most of the student teachers applying for the same job will probably have similar qualifications. This is an excellent way to set yourself apart. Check out our resume templates, which have a designated section to incorporate your additional qualifications.

Let's look at some of the sections you can add here.

Computer Skills and Certifications

You may need to integrate technology into your lessons to engage students and perform other tasks, so computer skills are essential. Add them under this section to make it easy for the recruiter to see them quickly.

Certifications always stand out on your resume and show the hiring manager that you have additional training in a specific area of teaching. The hiring manager should not miss this qualification on your resume because it could be the one thing that sets you apart from everyone else. Some of the certifications that will look good on your student teacher resume include:
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Gifted and Talented Education(GATE) Certification
  • Special Education Certification


Many job seekers wonder if they should have this section on their resume or not. It's an essential part of your resume that allows you to show the recruiter who you are outside of work. Interests that add to your skills, such as hiking, CrossFit, blogging, or podcasting, will look good on your student teacher resume. Avoid interests such as watching tv, listening to the radio, and playing video games which don't add to any skills you need as a teacher.

student teacher resume


Teachers work with students from different backgrounds. You'll stand out if you're a bilingual candidate, so ensure that the recruiter doesn't miss your language skills on the resume. When listing your languages, you'll use the official language reference as follows:

  • DELF for French
  • SIELE for Spanish
  • Goethe Zertifikat for German

Tips for Improving Your Resume

  • Optimize your resume with the right keywords and action verbs to ensure that your resume gets past the ATS systems.
  • Tailor each student teacher resume to match the requirements of your potential employer.
  • Your resume should be one page long.
  • Use a professional resume template with a simple design and easy-to-read fonts.
  • Proofread your resume before sending it out to the recruiter.

Checklist: Main Takeaways

  • The header should have accurate contact details so that the recruiter can reach you.
  • Introduce your resume with a compelling resume summary/objective.
  • Add internships and volunteer experiences in the experience section.
  • Use the education section to highlight your educational background and include some courses that have prepared you for the position.
  • Add your hard and soft skills in separate sections and use bullet points to list them.
  • Choose the correct format and layout for your resume.

Accompany Your Resume with a Cover Letter

A cover letter complements your resume and describes your qualifications in a more detailed way. You get a chance to showcase your writing skills and inject some personality as you discuss your skills and qualifications. Use our cover letter examples if you need help crafting an exceptional cover letter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which companies are hiring for teaching jobs?

According to Glassdoor, the top companies hiring for teacher jobs include:

  • New York City Department of Education
  • YMCA
  • Bright Horizons Family Solutions
  • KinderCare Learning Centers
  • Baltimore City Public School System
  • Chicago Public Schools
  • The Goddard School

Which certifications are suitable for special education teachers?

  • Certified Health Education Specialist(CHES)
  • Certified Disability Management Specialist(CDMS)
  • Board Certified Behavior Analyst(BCBA)

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