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Create a job-winning software development engineer resume that highlights your technical skills and expertise with this complete guide with examples and tips.

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Experienced Software Engineer Resume Example

Roger McKinley
Senior Software Engineer

Professional Summary

Dynamic Software Engineer with 10+ years of experience in designing and developing software applications in finance, manufacturing, and blockchain niches. Experience in multiple programming like Java, PHP, and Kotlin, etc. Skilled in database management, software architecture, and cloud computing. With a track record of finishing projects on time and on budget and producing high-quality software.

Work Experience

Rubix Software Inc.
Seattle, WA, US,
Software Engineer,
January 2019 - Present

Job Responsibilities

  • Create a top-notch software architecture and design.
  • Build clear, effective code to construct applications and tools.
  • Use scripting and the right tools to automate processes.
  • Analyze and modify the code.
  • Conduct testing for validation and verification.
  • To fix and enhance products, work with internal teams and vendors.
  • Record development milestones and keep an eye on various processes.
  • Make sure the software is updated with emerging technologies.
  • Work with diverse groups to design and develop software solutions for business clients.
  • Manage scalable and secure software systems by using Java and Python.
  • Use MySQL and MongoDB to create and manage databases.
  • Use Amazon Web Services(AWS) to put cloud computing concepts into practice.

Zoroaster Tech Solutions,
San Francisco, CA, US,
Senior Software Engineer,
March 2015 - December 2018.

  • Supervised the development team as it created software for the healthcare sector.
  • Use Java and C++ to design and develop the software architecture for large-scale applications.
  • Using Oracle and SQL Server, databases are created and managed.
  • Microsoft Azure-based managed cloud computing architecture.
  • Create software solutions by analyzing information requirements, consulting with users, and researching issue areas while following the software development lifecycle.
  • Analyze analysis, issue description, requirements, solution creation, and suggested solutions to ascertain operational viability.
  • Create design flowcharts and diagrams as well as code reports to describe solutions.
  • Develop software specifications to prepare and install solutions.
  • By doing a systems analysis and making adjustments to rules and procedures, operations may be made better.

Atlasiz Software Company,
Lead Software Engineer,
New York, NY, US,
2011 - 2015

  • Supported a team of developers in big projects.
  • Implemented and maintained databases using MySQL and Oracle.
  • Conducted code reviews and provided feedback to junior developers.
  • Assisted in the deployment of software applications to production environments.


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science,
University of California, Berkeley, US,
July 2011


  • AWS Certified Developer - Associate
  • Oracle Certified Java Programmer


  • Programming Skills - Java, Python, C++, HTML/CSS
  • Database management Skills - MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle
  • Cloud computing Skills - Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure
  • Software architecture and design
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We understand the difficulties of job seeking and are devoted to assisting you in your success. We have curated these expert tips and examples to help you create an excellent Software Engineer Resume that will help you beat the competition.

Before we move ahead to the resume, let’s have a look at some statistics:

  • The (BLS) project 23% increase in engineering jobs from 2019 to 2029.
  • The median annual salary for software engineers was $150,240 in May 2022.
  • BLS also reported that manufacturing, computer systems design and associated services, and software publishing were the top-paying sectors for software engineers.

That’s why it is vital to spend the necessary time crafting a job-winning software engineer resume. With so much competition, your resume must get the hiring manager’s attention.

A well-written software engineer resume can impact your chances of securing an engineering job in the software development sector. Along with your technical skills and expertise, the resume also displays your ability to communicate effectively and collaborate with others.

Use our resume builder to create a professional software engineering resume. Additionally, we also have resume examples for other IT profiles like android developers, java developers, etc.

Given below is a senior software engineer resume sample with a track record of creating and implementing high-quality software programs crafted by our certified professional resume writer.

Entry-Level Software Engineer Resume Example

George Fredrer

Junior Software Engineer


Professional Summary

Enthusiastic Software Engineer recently cleared a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. In-depth knowledge of Javascript, PHP, and Kotlin. High acumen to learn new technologies and work collaboratively with cross-functional teams to build innovative applications.

Work Experience

Solace Software Inc.

Seattle, WA, US

Software Development Intern,

June 2022

  • Contributed to the development of software products in Java and Python.
  • Undertook software QA and debugging to ensure high-quality deliveries.
  • Engaged with a team to resolve technical glitches and implement modifications.
Voluntary Projects
  • Developed a web application using HTML/CSS, JavaScript, and React for college assignments.
  • Configured a chatbot using Python and language processing algorithms for Talent Hunt Competition.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science,

University of Washington, GA, US,

July 2022

  • Adept in Java, Python, and C++.
  • Adept in Web development.
  • Expert in using HTML/CSS, JavaScript, and React.
  • Experienced in Natural language processing algorithms.
  • Software QA testing and debugging.
  • Collaboration and teamwork.
  • High Acumen to Learn.

Tips and Guidelines For A Software Engineer Resume

A well-crafted software developer engineer resume provides a chance to make an impression on hiring managers and determine whether you are eligible for an interview or not.

Here are some guidelines to help you create a perfect software engineer resume.

General guidelines:
  • Start with a strong resume summary that highlights your skills and experience.
  • Make use of bullet points so that your resume is easy to read and scan.
  • Tailor your resume to the software engineering position you are applying for
  • Use keywords from the job application to help your resume get through the applicant tracking system (ATS).
  • Quantify your achievements whenever possible.
  • Make sure the resume is no more than one or two pages only.
  • Use a professional font and format.

Personalized tips for software developer engineer resume:

  • Showcase your technical skills, including programming languages, tools, and frameworks that you have experience with
  • Highlight any experience you have with agile methodologies or DevOps practices
  • Include any relevant certifications, such as AWS or Microsoft Azure
  • Showcase your experience working with cloud platforms like AWS or GCP.
  • Emphasize your experience with databases, including SQL and NoSQL databases
  • Provide examples of your ability to troubleshoot and debug code
  • Show your experience with developing and deploying software applications in a team environment.

Ideal Layout And Structure For Software Engineer Resume

An ideal software development engineer's resume must have a clean, simple, and eye-catching format. The following guidelines will contribute to making your software engineer resume visually more appealing:

Easy-To-Read Font

You must use a professional font such as Calibri, Arial, or Times New Roman in size between 10 and 12 points.

Create sections for your resume

Include sections on your resume about your summary, technical skills, professional history, education, and personal projects.

Make use of bullet points:

Utilize bullet points to draw attention to your roles, responsibilities, and project contributions. This makes it simple to scan and quickly read through your resume.

Describe your technological expertise:

To showcase your technical abilities, such as your knowledge of programming languages, tools, and technologies, use a separate section.

Use Statistics

To showcase the impact you had in your previous employment and to evaluate your achievements, use numbers and specific examples.

Give A Personal Touch

Match your resume to the position you're applying for by displaying the skills needed and experiences that are most applicable.

Best Resume Format For An Experienced Software Engineer Resume

A hybrid or combined resume is the ideal resume template for a software engineer. This resume format showcases both your professional experience and technical skills by combining the best elements of functional and chronological resumes.

In general, a combination resume begins with a professional overview or resume objective statement, followed by sections on technical abilities, job experience, and education and certifications.

This resume template provides a chance to emphasize your technical expertise and professional accomplishments while also giving a clear picture of your professional history and career progression.

It works especially well for software engineers since in this industry, technical skill can be equally as important as professional experience.

How To Write Title And Contact Information?

The header part contains your name and contact information. It is the first section that draws the attention of the hiring manager.

It should include the following details:

  • Full Name
  • Job Title
  • Contact Number
  • Email Address
  • LinkedIn profile link

Keep in mind:

  • Include your full name.
  • Always mention your current job title.
  • A contact number must be in the proper format prevalent in your country of residence.
  • Only use a professional email address.
  • Do not miss adding your LinkedIn profile.

Let’s understand using an example


Cynthia McFarland

Software Engineer

+1 245 58 92 14


Software Engineer

Cynthia McFarland

+1 232 87 83 96

101, main street, apt 184,

Washington DC


The incorrect example is over-flooded with information and lacks professionalism. It is not necessary to insert the residential address. Besides, the formatting for that too is incorrect.

Moreover, as you can see that the candidate has used a non-professional email address. It's rarely required to include a photo on your software engineer resume, especially in the US. It's recommended to concentrate on showcasing your technical expertise and professional background.

Including a photo on your resume can be a source of discrimination and can influence the hiring selection. There are certain exceptions, such as applications for jobs overseas, when including a photo could be more common.

To put it down in summary the header section should include only the important details in the required format. Avoid adding a photo unless required by the employer.

Describing Your Professional Experience as a Software Engineer

This section of your resume is essential since it provides employers with a summary of your professional growth and your capacity to provide value to an organization.

It's important to follow these key guidelines when listing your professional experience:

  • Reverse chronological sequence is appropriate, starting with your most recent position.
  • Insert location, employer name, job title, and dates of employment.
  • When describing your professional responsibilities and achievements, use bullet points to highlight improved results and specific technical expertise.

Let’s have a look at the examples of professional experience below:

Example 1
Deloitte Corporation

Senior Software Engineer

Aug 2018 to Present

  • Handled a data structure project worth $5.5 million with a team of 8 software engineers.
  • Led a project to undertake a software life cycle for multiple clients.
  • Used machine learning and analyzed customer habits for a client project and achieved a 12% increase in conversion rate.
  • Lead a team of 4 software engineers and created a customized CRM platform within 3 months.

Example 2
Doc Stock Inc,

Athens, GA, US

IT Help Desk Admin

September 2017 – Present

  • Coordinate with the Help Desk team to provide tier I technical support, field 15-25 trouble tickets per day, and achieve a 92% customer satisfaction rating on exit surveys.
  • Implemented a tracking system for on-call technics to reduce response times by 20%.
  • Resolved technical issues for clients and saved IT tech labor costs.

University of Georgia,

Athens, GA, US,

App Development Projects

September 2016 – May 2017

  • Developed an application in Node.js to track subscription services. Included a feature to compare monthly and annual costs
  • Collaborated with a team of students to design a mobile application and enabled users to filter tourist spots.

These examples use clear and short language to showcase specific technical skills and accomplishments.

You may successfully emphasize your needed skills and accomplishments in the industry by keeping to the essential guidelines for presenting professional experience.

By seeing your professional experience a hiring manager can identify your responsibilities, skills acquired, and accomplishments.

What To Write If You Have Less or No Experience?

Even if you have less or no professional experience still you can showcase other important sections.

Objective Statement

Instead of a professional summary, start with a strong resume objective statement that describes your career objectives and what you aim to achieve as a software engineer.

Education History

Include your educational history, such as your degree, your area of study, and any coursework undertaken that is relevant.

Internships or Voluntary Projects

Whether you've completed any internships or were involved in software projects, highlight them. This will showcase to potential employers that you've got the practical experience and the capabilities necessary to succeed in a workplace.

Transferable Skills

Emphasize your technical skills on your resume through a list of your knowledge of programming languages, software development tools, and technologies in the skills section. Be detailed and precise.

Freelance Projects

Include any freelance projects of software development such as creating a website or a mobile app. This will show how passionate you are about software development and how ready to learn and explore new technologies you are.

How To Demonstrate Your Academic Background As A Software Engineer?

Your formal education as well as any relevant training or certifications you have acquired must be emphasized in the training and education section of your software engineer resume.

This area is essential for showing hiring managers that you possess the skills and knowledge required for the role.

Below are two examples to understand writing this section.

Example 1
Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering,

Columbia University, NY

Graduated: 2015

GPA- 3.8/4

Example 2
Bachelor of Computer Science

Detroit University, USA

Graduated: 2018

GPA- 3.6/4

Keynote: When creating the education section, concentrate on highlighting important courses or credentials that show your expertise in software development. Add any extracurricular activities or personal projects completed while studying on your resume as they'll showcase your passion and interest in the field.

Common Skills To Include In A Software Engineer Resume

A resume of a software development engineer must have a separate section to showcase your technical skills and expertise.

  • Experience with different programming languages like Java, Python, C++, Javascript, and SQL.
  • Familiarity with technologies like PostgreSQL, or Oracle for data structures and management.
  • Understanding of server frameworks such as Node.js, Ruby on Rails, or Django.
  • Worked with cloud systems such as AWS, GCD, Azure, etc.
  • Understanding of testing frameworks such as JUnit and familiarity with debugging tools.
  • The capacity to understand and solve complicated technological challenges.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills to work well with cross-functional teams.

Hard Skills

  • Knowledge of programming languages such as Java, Python, C++, Javascript, and SQL.
  • Adept in development frameworks like Node.js, Laravel, and ASP.Net.
  • Familiarity with technologies like HTML, CSS, and Javascript frameworks.
  • Excellent database management skills.
  • Know-how of cloud computing.
  • Knowledge of testing frameworks.
  • Understanding of software development techniques like Agile and Waterfall.
  • Knowledge of Github control systems.

Soft Skills

  • Excellent problem-solving and analytical skills.
  • Working in a team atmosphere and collaborating with cross-functional teams.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication abilities.
  • Ability to work under pressure.
  • Acumen to deliver high-quality work.
  • Good Learning and Grasping capability.
  • Time management skills.

How to Present Yourself In the Professional Summary Section?

The software engineer resume summary provides a brief overview of your abilities, expertise, and accomplishments. It should be precise, interesting, and showcase your special value to the business.

Use these guidelines to create the ideal software engineer resume summary:

  • Begin with a compelling headline that showcases your role and expertise.
  • Provide a summary of your technical knowledge, mentioning the technologies, tools, and programming languages you are experienced in.
  • Include any awards, recognition, or noteworthy projects in your list of your most notable accomplishments from past employment.
  • To match your resume summary with the company's requirements, use keywords from the job description.
Good Example

Extremely experienced software engineer with more than five years of expertise in designing and creating online and mobile apps. Possesses expertise in Java, Python, and React Native, as well as a track record of completing challenging projects on schedule and within budget. Recognized for exceptional problem-solving abilities and capacity for productive cross-functional teamwork.

Bad Example

A software programmer with experience in a variety of development languages. Looking for a developer position in a renowned organization.

Thus, the professional summary section has to be personalized to the specific job description and should include a quick overview of your professional experience, technical skills, and soft skills.

Your chances of getting called in for an interview can improve with a well-written professional summary.

Additional Sections to Boost Your Resume

A software engineer's profile might include extra categories in addition to the usual sections of a resume, to showcase their achievements and capabilities.

A software engineer can also include the following headings in their profile:


This section will showcase the candidate's engagement in various projects, as well as their role, duties, and results.


Any relevant certifications or software engineering skills training that the candidate has completed might be highlighted in this area.

Awards and Honors

The applicant should highlight any recognitions, awards, or scholarships in this area.

These additional sections may enhance the resume of software engineers and give a more thorough overview of their relevant software engineer skills and accomplishments. The headers selected must be related to the job description and compatible with the employer's needs.


To summarize below are the key points to writing an ideal resume for a software engineer.

  • Utilize a clean, professional layout with a suitable choice of color and font size.
  • Create a brief and compelling professional summary that showcases your expertise.
  • List the achievements and responsibilities from your previous employment in reverse chronological order.
  • Provide information about your software training, credentials, and relevant coursework.
  • Include a separate section for software engineer skills with the necessary hard and soft skills.
  • Examine your resume for errors and formatting issues.
  • Only use one or two pages for your resume.

You can create an impressive resume for a software engineer role by following these tips and personalizing it to the job you're looking for.

Why You Should Add A Cover Letter To Your Resume?

The hiring manager will see the cover letter before they see your resume. Therefore, a Resume must always be accompanied by a cover letter.

An engaging cover letter will set you apart from the competition and emphasize your industry knowledge, communication skills, and attention to detail.

You can expand on the accomplishments and experiences listed on your résumé, showcase your technical skills, and describe how you might benefit the organization.

Creating an excellent first impression with a well-written cover letter is a chance you shouldn't pass up. Get going right away by getting one of our resume templates.

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