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Whether it is a large corporate company or a small start-up - Java Developers are in high demand in every sector.Are you a programmer working with Java and looking for a job? Do you want to create an excellent first impression? Let us show you how to create a professional-looking resume for Java Developers and that will get responses from hiring managers and maybe even land you your dream job.

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Java is a high-level programming language. Software developers use it to create complex applications and websites. From the little sounds that a mouse-click makes to the collection and storage of data of global e-commerce sites, programmers do everything using Java.

Companies like J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. and Infosys Limited are the top hirers for Java Developers. As a Java developer there is potential to earn upwards of $100,000 per year.

A lucrative profession, isn’t it? But to land it, you need an impressive resume. Let's show you how you can write the perfect resume.

Best Resume Format for Java Developer

The first ingredient to make your resume stand out is formatting. A resume with neat and tidy arrangements can go a long way in securing that job as a Java Developer.

Formatting is essential and makes your resume look more professional and you more responsible. You can use any of the three ways listed below.

  • Chronological Formatting

In this format, you list your work experiences reverse-chronologically. So, your latest experience goes on top. If you are someone with plenty of experience relevant to software development, we recommend choosing this format.

  • Functional Formatting

If you are a fresher with excellent knowledge of Java but without any work experience to show for it, you can opt for this type of formatting. It will highlight your practical knowledge.

  • Combination Formatting

Are you someone with a good background in Java development? Do you also have enough experience in the job market to show for it? Then we recommend you create a resume in a combination format.

If you are unsure about writing it yourself, you can always select a sample resume for Java Developer from the templates here . Our sample template has in-built formatting and sections that you can edit to suit your needs.

What to Put On a Java Developer Resume

Now that you know about formatting let’s talk about what to put on your resume. A typical Java Developer resume will have a title, a solid professional summary, a list of your work experience, education, and your technical skills relevant to Java development.

Any good sample Java Developer resume will show information such as graduation dates, this is especially important for junior developers.

Recruiters look through hundreds of applications. So make sure to keep yours concise but filled with important information that tells the hiring manager about the software development life cycle. Read on to know more detail about what you should include in your resume.

resume for java developer

How to Write a Resume Title for Java Developers

Does a Java developer resume need titles? The answer is yes.

A resume title is a crisp description of what you do. You will place it at the top of your resume, just below your name. A good title is essential because it will –

  • Reflect your worth as an employee
  • Put across your designation quickly
  • Catch the attention of your recruiter

Let’s give you some examples of titles for your Java programmer resume.

Java Developer Resume Skills
Enthusiastic and Innovative Java Developer Committed Java Engineer with Corporate Awards

Java Software Developer who can build good software Amazingly skilled Java Developer with a lot of experience

Note how the incorrect samples have confusing capitalization and informal construction. Avoid these at all costs. Make your title short, formal, but catchy.

Resume objective

Here are some of the skills you need for your job title when trying to send the perfect resume to hiring managers with your java developer resume objective

Soft and Technical Skills

Your stack developer resume can include skills such as these examples:

  • Quality assurance
  • Unit testing
  • Being able to work with existing applications
  • Knowledge of computer science
  • Developing service oriented architecture
  • Core java and Java beans knowledge
  • Exposure to working with web developers
  • Experience working with application servers
Other Tech Skills

You need to demonstrate that you can improve functionality as part of your java developer skills. Here are some examples of desirable skills to include:

  • SQL queries
  • Experience in applicant tracking systems
  • Understanding client server environments
  • Web frameworks
  • Experience working on Javascript pages
  • Business applications
  • Stored procedures
  • Java virtual machine
  • Oops concepts
  • Understanding technical issues and duplicate strings
  • Eliminating duplicate strings

resume for java developer

Java Developer Resume Summary

Your java developer resume example needs a professional summary.

This section is where you highlight your skills in a short paragraph. Use this section to talk about your experience in the Java development industry, your skills that make you compatible with the work environment, and your achievements in the software engineering field.

Examples of Resume Summary

In your professional summary, you need to show your employer why they should choose you. Tailor this section to fit this objective. The following example will help you write your resume summary in an effective and eye-catching manner.

Highly innovative Java Developer with top-level knowledge of JavaScript and 4+ years of experience in the field, I am skilled in developing quality programs quickly. My expertise lies in designing and delivering user-friendly software applications within strict deadlines. Looking to secure a stimulating position as a Java Developer.


An education section is vital in any resume. A Java engineer resume is no different. Your recruiter needs to know all about your degrees and certifications to judge your professional capabilities. Including information such as your graduation dates. Use this section wisely.

Some Technical Skills Tips –
  • Mention the institutions you have attended in bold
  • Under each institution, write the details of the courses – the name, the dates attended, the degree received
  • Don’t forget your GPA; it attracts most recruiters
  • Put in all awards you received during your academic life
  • If you have diplomas or vocational degrees, remember to mention them

Education Section Examples

Look at the following Java Developer resume education section examples to understand how to write them.

Harvard University

B.A in Computer Science (2011-2015)

    • Completed 1500 hours of learning the basics of computer science engineering, operating systems, computer languages, and program development. Attended and aced practical courses relevant to software development.

GPA – 3.7/4.0

Merit America

Professional Training in Java Development (June – December 2013)

    Accomplished working with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and developing complex web applications using Java.


B.A In Computer Science

resume for java developer

Write an Eye-Catching Java Developer Professional Experience Section

Your professional experience should be the main section that draws your recruiter’s focus. Write it concisely and effectively, highlighting the crucial areas of expertise.

Did you develop any significant websites as a Java Developer? Are there any applications you helped update? Include them in this section. Your resume should showcase your previous work experiences abundantly. Here are some tips that can be helpful.

  • Start with the latest java developer experience
  • Include the most relevant of your workspaces, no matter how big or small
  • Add your internships and part-time work experiences
  • Mention the positions of responsibility you held in your previous jobs
  • Do not forget to put in quantifiable amounts. Have you helped reduce errors in software programming by a certain percentage? Write that.
  • Include only those accomplishments or experiences that are relevant or transferable to the Java Developer designation.
  • Use bullet points to write small but significant experiences

To secure a job with your Java Developer resume, show off your achievements in your previous job, but do it subtly.

Professional Experience Examples

Let’s look at some examples of writing professional experiences in the Java developing field.

Infosys, Atlanta, GA Junior Java Developer, August 2014 – Present Helped improve the functionality of complex applications using JavaScript Updated 900+ existing web applications and modules Developed and delivered user-friendly programs using Java/J2EE technologies Led a group of enthusiastic programmers responsible for building brand new applications

IT America Inc., North Carolina Senior Java Developer, March 2016 – Present Developed applications based on client requirements using Java technologies Effortlessly worked with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build and improve the functionality of web applications Led a team of Junior Java Developers and helped reduce bugging by 18%, leading to a significant improvement in application performance

resume for java developer

Highlight Your Skills for Java Developer

While creating an impressive Java programmer resume, various hard and soft skills are as necessary as your work experiences.

Your hard skills enable your recruiter to understand what technical upper hand you have over other applicants. Your soft skills will tell them if you are a team player and can work under pressure.

Hard Skills

These are your specific technical skills. As a Java programmer, you will include the computer languages you are fluent in under this section. Include any technical skill that is relevant to the role of a Java Developer.

Soft Skills

Soft skills are the personal strengths that enhance your performance in your job. These can include time management, working with strict deadlines, and adapting to new spaces quickly.

  • List all the technological skills you have but mention only those that align with the job role
  • Always put your best talent at the top
  • When you are making this list, focus mainly on your hard skills
  • Include soft skills but remember that your recruiter cannot test them, and so they may not carry as much weight.

resume for java developer

Additional Tips for Creating the Best Java Developer Resume

Including a professional summary, work experience, education, and skills are a must in your Java Developer resume. But there are other sections which you can include to make it stand out.

Don’t Forget to Include Your Contact

People often concentrate on building their resumes but forget their contact. If your recruiter shortlists you as a Java programmer, how will they contact you?

Remember to put the following in your contact information and display it at the top of your java developer resume.

  • Home address or an approximate location
  • Phone number – one that is always available
  • Email – choose one that looks smart and not childish
  • Portfolio link – any website link that displays your previous work samples

Let’s show you the correct way to write your contact.


Genevieve Parton

Flat 54, 2530 Walney Road


If you have an email address that looks like, don’t use that in your java developer resume. It could make you look irresponsible. Instead, we suggest creating another professional-looking ID and using that for your resume for a Java programmer. You are then more likely to be hired for a java developer position.




Achievements and Awards

You can also make a separate section for this. Write down the awards that showcase your leadership qualities or other talents as a Java Developer.

Other Projects and Core Java Technologies

In this separate section, you can include your freelance Java programming projects that align with the other skills in your Java developer resume.

Always Quantify Your Achievements

Quantifying achievements as a Java software engineer does not mean only mentioning the percentage improvement of an application you worked on. Mention your GPA in the education section. Mention the rank you held at a training program. Write down the number of work experiences you have.

Numbers and statistics can draw your recruiter’s attention effectively and can make more of an impact than just generic statements.

Create the Best Header

Headers act like an advertisement’s taglines. Always write crisp and catchy titles. Long headers are tedious and can instantly turn your employer’s attention away.

Write ‘Achievements and Awards’ and not ‘Awards I Have Received as a Java Developer’ to get the best results.

Problem Solving Skills: Create Separate Section for Languages

Languages you speak can display your ability to communicate with people from various backgrounds. Always write them under separate sections and add proficiency.

A typical language section should look like this :

English – Native Spanish – Fluent French – Beginner

English Spanish French

Key Takeaways and Business Logic

You are one step away from creating your own Java Developer resume sample!

Here’s a quick overview of everything you learned –

  • Always use the correct format to create your resume
  • Use a short professional summary to hook your employer
  • Focus on your work experiences and achievements more than your soft skills
  • Include contact information
  • Be crisp and make your resume look smart

Frequently Asked Questions

How to write a Java Developer resume in one page?

Writing a Java Developer resume on one page can be effective because most recruiters spend a short time reading each resume. To do this, focus only on the key elements – your designation, contact, education, work experiences and technical capabilities. Do away with the extra bits. Show test cases and java based applications you have worked on.

How to include keywords in my resume?

To include keywords, carefully read the job description and note the critical skills of a Java programmer that the employer is looking for. Use those as your keywords for your resume. Some common keywords are software engineer, Java, database, software development, and JavaScript.

What are the must-have skills for Java Developer resume?

The must-have skills for any Java Developer are a complete understanding of Java and a familiarity with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, web development, and software programming.

Do I need a degree to become a Java Developer?

Some schools offer crash courses for prospective Java Developers without a degree. But we recommend getting an undergraduate degree from a reputed university to increase your chances of getting hired. You need relevant skills and know the programming languages for your new job.

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