How to Write a Pet Sitter Resume?| A Comprehensive Guide

Pet sitters must provide the best quality service and be competent enough to meet the customers’ demands because pets are no longer dogs or cats but are considered family members. While owning pets can be great, pet owners need someone who knows the best ways to care for them.

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Pet Sitter Resume Example

Before moving to the step-to-step guide, we provide a sample sitter resume below so that you can see perfect skills, experience and qualifications that you should include in your application.

Charlie Smith


Reliable pet custodian with over 3 years of experience providing all-round services to client's pets. Skilled in administering medications, treating different breeds of animals and addressing behavioral problems. Dedicated towards providing a safe and constant home for animals to develop and thrive in excellent care committed to gain a  deep knowledge of client's pets.

Professional Experience

XYZ pet care Services, Austin, Texas
June 2023 - Present

  • Carry on leash plays and off-leash play dates activities during which there are plenty of exercises offered for various breeds of dogs, with the aim to focus on the aspect of exercise as well as socialization.
  • Administer drugs as prescribed by veterinarian practices with the purpose of preserving positive health conditions and safety of pets under treatment.
  • Offer overnight service, that is provide food and walking for the pet at night staying with the pet to assure client pets’ comfort in their residence atmosphere.
  • Manage behavioral disorders and help pet owners by applying the best patient and positive reinforcement techniques to the process resulting in better animal behavior.

Dog Walker
Paws in Motion, Los Angeles, California
December 2021 - May 2023

  • Led leashed walks across different breeds of dogs, featuring individualized workouts to ensure optimum personal adaptation.
  • Guaranteed animal safety, employed first aid skills when necessary. 
  • Developed comfort level with client and the pet to a point where repeat business went up as word-of-mouth publicity took hold.


Bachelor of Science in Animal Science
University of California, Los Angeles
Graduation Date: October, 2021
Relevant Coursework: Specialized coursework on animal handling, giving students an initial grounding in understanding the peculiarities of various fauna.


  • Proficiency in administering medications and following veterinary instructions.
  • Detailed knowledge of pets feed
  • Expert in leashes, walking with a lead, play off-leash and pet psychology.
  • Strong communication and people skills, especially with clients.
  • Able to cope well with different breeds and fit their skills to each pet’s needs.
  • Expertise in First Aid
  • Animal handling


Certified Pet First Aid and CPR

It is reassuring for them to leave their pets with someone who has a clear understanding of animal behavior and safety. Building a good resume to play the role of a reliable sitter position will prove to be the ticket for that dream job. In this guide, we’ll take a look at the key steps to make an effective resume that is sure to catch the eye of employers and hiring managers.

Pet Sitter Resume

Guidelines to Write a Professional Resume

Start by choosing a professional design that is visually appealing.

Choose appearance consistent with your presence in the pet industry and thus prove you consider it to be serious business.

Begin writing a resume with an objective statement that reflects your desire to work and thus outlines the necessary experiences and relevant skills. Take this place to show your enthusiasm in caring for pets and desire of helping the clients’ pet animals get better.

Specify moments when you played pet sitter, mention activities like tied walks, medications handling as well as help with unsuitable behavior. 

Where possible, quantify achievements such as the number of happy clients or reversal changes successfully reviewed.

Pet Sitter Resume

Showcase the relevant degree and courses you have pursued. Highlight certification like Pet First Aid and CPR  to show you are a pet safety enthusiast.

In the next section, highlight more common skill sets like medication administration, advanced behavioral understanding, ability to conduct leashed walks facilitated by the Montgomery County’ Council on Animal Care and Control (MCCOACC), and client communication. Please personalize this section in alignment with the qualifications required of a pet sitter applicant.

It is also good if you have done some extra training or acquired additional qualifications. The certifiable skills may include certificates for breeds that are problematic to handle, coping with special needs such as aggressive behavior or any skill that gives you an edge over the other competitors.

While customizing your resume for each job, focus on highlighting those skills and aspects from your career that you possess to align with the individual requirements stated in the context of a given position. Using this method, you enhance the opportunity that your resume attracts an employer’s attention due to key achievements and experiences.

Verify the design of your resume to ensure it is professional and clean. Choose an easy-to -read font and make sure that the information lines up, with primary thoughts coming from above and connectors underneath. This is a valuable attribute to have any individual operating in the pet care industry and a well written resume indicates commitment towards being professional.

Pet Sitter Resume

To add keywords, seamlessly incorporate them into your pet sitter resume. These include pet sitting, overnight care, dog walking, providing companionship, handling behavioral issues etc. Not only does this secure your application by going through applicant tracking systems but also implies that you are aware of the lingo, and industry specific way of doing things.

In the sections below, add a correctly written cover letter which introduces all of these points in more detail and conveys your passion for pet care, understanding out behavior meanings and your desire to provide the very best service. Use this space to market yourself as the most suitable candidate for the job.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the duties of a pet sitter?

These important professionals typically take care of pets by taking them for walks, feeding them and ensuring that they are not bored while staying at home. They ensure proper medication, monitor behavior, and take care of their overall well-being. More specifically, they may be required to take care of home security measures and ensure the pets are comfortable and safe in their familiar environment.

What should be included in the provided experiences of pet sitting when writing a resume?

During my journey as a pet sitter, I have offered the leashed walks, overnights as well as sleeps for the diverse sorts of animals. Employing strategies that make use of the positive reinforcement, I managed to fix any behavioral issue and in the end; the behavior became more desirable. My primary concern was to take care of animals and to keep them safe in addition, the animals needed companionship and to be groomed. Moreover, I recorded data carefully and made sure that the animals got their required activity every day.

What are the essential skills of an ideal pet sitter?

A professional who seeks success in pet sitting should get skilled in key skills such as the ability to manage animals, communicative skills related to owners, handling different personalities among pets, and problem-solving skills.

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