Medical Biller Resume: Comprehensive Guide & Tips

Writing any professional resume for the first time can be overwhelming, you might not have all the answers to your questions and confusions, and you might have come across many resumes but how to go about it when it comes to your own resume, can be confusing nevertheless.

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In this article, we have addressed all the possible questions and confusions you might have regarding your own professional resume as a Medical biller. Writing a medical biller resume is different from writing other professions' resumes because the information is not the only aspect that will be different in your resume, your resume will also differ in terms of resume format, language tone, and more from other professional resumes because medical professions such as pharmacists and nurses are not the same as other fields' professionals.

Now, let's talk about how to begin or where to begin when you need to write a professional medical biller resume.

Professional medical biller resume

Medical Biller Resume

First things first, you need to know what makes your resume a professional resume and how you can ensure that your medical billing specialist resume meets the standards of a professional resume. For that, you need to learn all about professional resume guidelines that will help you write your medical billing specialist resume in a professional manner.

  • Accuracy: You might have heard how someone has been very unprofessional by making a small mistake. The thing is, in the corporate world, you are expected to pay attention to details and be very careful about pretty much everything which includes being careful about small details such as spelling errors, grammatical errors and factual errors. You should always make sure that you proofread your medical billing and coding specialist resume twice before you save your resume in a document after being done writing your resume.
  • Document format: Your resume will be saved as a document in a particular format such as PDF and Microsoft Word. Some professionals may think about trying out other formats to better present their profile efficiently, which is okay. they might go for creative formats such as PPT or such. Usually, professionals in creative industries go for such options. The problem with this is that recruiters and others who may see your resume may not have the same device, meaning your resume will be viewed on various devices that the recruiters might be using, your medical billing and coding specialist resume will also go through various software or the applicant tracking systems before it gets to the hiring managers. What all of this means is that you need to use a format that is compatible with most document-viewing mediums and software for various purposes. And such are the PDF and Microsoft Word formats which is why you should always go for them. In case, you want to present your profile in a creative manner, you may try to convert the PPT or such other format in PDF once you are done with it. As a medical billing and coding specialist, you will be able to stick to the traditional resume presentation as creativity is not necessary to impress the hiring managers.
  • Resume format: There are many resume formats that you can choose from and write your resume in a manner so that you can highlight the relevant and important information of your medical billing and coding resume profile as a professional. You can choose from functional, reverse chronological, and combination resume formats, which we will discuss in detail in a while in this article. Choosing the right format is important because otherwise, your resume will not have the desired impact on the hiring managers.
  • Language: There are many aspects of a professional resume, one of which is the language. When you are going for an interview, you dress up in formal attire that reflects professionalism, now how can you reflect such professionalism through your resume? There are many ways, one is the format and accuracy that we talked about above. The next aspect that will help you make your resume professional is the language of your resume. You should always make sure that you use the third person, past tense throughout your medical billing and coding resume. This means every section and information in those sections should be written in a formal tone with past tense and third person. Another thing you need to keep in mind is that you should avoid using any pronouns anywhere, usually, we begin the sentences with pronouns, and that makes the sentences informal or less formal at the very least. The language of your resume will set the tone and that is why you should ensure that you set it carefully so that your resume meets the professional resume standards.

Writing a medical biller resume

Writing a resume is not an easy or simple task if one doesn't know what hiring managers expect from them and their resume. This is why you need to do some research as your first step towards writing your medical billing and coding resume.


When you are about to go on a vacation at some exotic place, you do some research first, right? You look up the places to stay such as hotels or Airbnbs, you look up the places to explore such as hiking trails or monuments and so on, you also look up the local cuisine and places to eat food and many more such aspects will be explored on the internet that will help you ensure that your trip is good and your vacation is enjoyable for you.

Similarly, when you want to ensure that you are writing a job-winning professional resume, you need to do some research first. What should you research about maybe your next question, the answer is that you need to explore your role, various designations that may be right for you, the job duties and job description for your role, the salary range that is offered in the market at the present and the industry that you are about to work in as a professional.

All these things will help you get many insights for your resume. You will learn how you can stand out in the pool of fellow applicants, and impress the hiring managers, and increase your chances of getting the job.

This research will also help you negotiate for the salary at the later stages of the hiring process and you will be able to secure the best offer in the market. You will also learn what more you have that you can leverage to impress the hiring managers as well as negotiate a better offer for yourself eventually.

The recent job market scenario may be different as well, from how it was during your past job, once you learn that, you will know what are the expectations of the hiring manager from you in terms of skills and experience as well as job capability.

💡Americans spent $576.9 billion on medicine in 2021.


Formats & Templates

As we mentioned before, your medical billing specialist resume will need to be written in the right format so that you can put forth the important information of your profile in the spotlight. There are many formats that you can choose from, however, we will only talk about the 3 most prominent formats that most professionals choose from for their resumes.

  • Functional resume: The functional resume format focuses on the education and skills of a professional rather than experience and/or work history. This is a convenient and right format for those who might not have a lot of professional experience yet and still need to prove their competency for a particular role/professional job. Usually, this format is chosen by recent graduates and freshers.
  • Reverse chronological resume format: This format focuses on the work experience and work history of a professional in a manner so that the important aspects of the professional's work are highlighted, it helps those whose experience aspect of the resume is the most impressive part of their profile as a professional medical billing specialist. This format is preferred by those professionals who have extensive work experience or professionals who are seasoned professionals. Professionals who have significant years of experience also tend to choose this format because it helps them showcase that they do have the capabilities to do the job well.
  • Combination resume format: This format helps the professionals focus both on their experience and skills because the format highlights both sections as primary focus parts of a resume. Combination resume format is called combination resume format because it is the combination of the above two formats; this format is also known as hybrid resume format. Usually, this format is used to showcase transferable skills and experience aspects that may have been part of a professional's profile in a previous job and can still be relevant for their new job. Most professionals who choose this resume format are looking for a career change or at least a change in the nature of their job that may be in the same industry and field because it helps them showcase that even though their experience may not be of the same nature, there are many aspects that are transferable and they can perform well at their new job.

Professional medical biller resume outline

As we mentioned earlier, as a medical billing professional, you would want your resume to be simple and formal. Assuming that you are a professional with significant experience, we will discuss the reverse chronological resume format here.

In case, you think that another format fits better for your profile, you should still read on as you will only need to make a few changes in the section chronology and the descriptions of the sections which we will discuss in the respective section.

Resume header-Contact information

The resume header is the top of your medical billing professional resume and you need to make sure that you add all your important contact information in this section.

You should also ensure the accuracy of this information on your medical billing resume as inaccuracy can lead to the hiring manager not being able to contact you and connect with you to discuss and invite you for an interview.

Medical Biller Resume
  • Your full name should be the first that you mention in your contact information section because it will be the first thing that the hiring manager will look for, for context. Your full name should include your first and last name with the correct spelling.
  • Next up should be your contact number that is used for professional communication and you should also note it with the area code and country code to ensure that the recruiter can reach out to you without fail or confusion. Make sure that you mention the number where you are always available in case the recruiters contact you.
  • Your email address should be mentioned next, you need to use an email address that is formal and professional, avoid using your email address that may not be formal. You should make sure that you check your email regularly and respond to recruiter's emails in a timely manner to avoid missing out on any good opportunities.
  • Your LinkedIn profile link: you should mention it only if your LinkedIn profile is updated and carefully curated, along with that you should ensure that you are present on the platform in a professional capacity meaning you maintain the reflection of your professional persona in the content you post and share on your feed and wall. If you mention the link, make sure you are active on the platform regularly and you respond to any communication received from recruiters.
  • Your professional headshot: is the image of your face only. You can include it if your photograph is the kind where you are dressed in professional attire. You can also skip this as it is not mandatory to include your photo on your resume.
  • Your home address: should be mentioned briefly without in-depth details as that is unnecessary. You can mention your home address in case you are applying for a job abroad or in another state. In any case, it is not mandatory to mention your home address on your resume.

Resume summary

Your resume summary is where you highlight the important aspects of your whole resume, it can any impressive achievements or important skills or anything else that you think will intrigue the recruiter and compel them to go through your whole resume carefully and pay attention to details because the resume summary gave them the impression that you are a really good potential catch for the position that they are hiring for.

Your resume summary should be short, crisp, and concise and you should not exceed the limit of 5 bullet points nor should you write less than 3 bullet points. You should write it in bullet points only and avoid paragraphs to highlight the information well.

Your resume summary should include information such as:

  • Your total years of professional experience and a little bit of industry background
  • Your achievements, recognition or awards, or even instances where you showcased exceptional performance
  • You should also showcase the skills that are most relevant to the role
  • You should end with the details of what kind of opportunity you are looking for going forward and how will you leverage your skills and experience for the same

In case, you are a fresher you should focus on important aspects of your education and highlight the skills that you may have learned during your internships and learning period.

Professional work experience history

Your work experience is where you will talk about how you have performed well at your past jobs. You should mention your latest experience first and walk back to your first.

While describing your experiences you should use bullet points and you should also mention the details of your role designation, your employer's full name, and the employment period.

You should mention all your job description/duties that you handled and highlight how you performed exceptionally with particular instances and cases that made a big difference.

You should also incorporate your skills in this description. Make sure that you do not boast a lot but put yourself in the honest spotlight by not underselling yourself a professional as.

In case, you are a fresher, you should focus on your education section and mention this section after the education and skills section.

Education section

Your education section is where you mention your high school diploma and degrees as well as any other courses or programs that may be relevant for your role as a medical billing and coding specialist or medical biller or such.

Your education section should include the details of your course name, your education institute, and important subjects such as your majors, minors, subjects that may be relevant to your role, and so on.

You can also mention any extracurricular activities or such in case you are a fresher with very little experience or none at all.

Medical Biller Resume

Skills section

Your skills section is where you can highlight your skills in a manner so that the hiring manager can take notice of it easily as opposed to the skills mentioned in other sections.

The skills that you mention in this section should be the ones that are your best strengths and most important for your job. We have prepared a list of relevant skills for your role as a medical billing and coding professional.

📌List of the relevant skills for your medical billing and coding professional:

  • medical billing
  • medical billing and coding
  • medical records
  • insurance claims
  • billing software
  • medical terminology
  • electronic health records
  • medical biller skills
  • medical claims
  • medical coding
  • patient payments
  • billing and documentation policies
  • insurance coverage
  • insurance patient payments
  • insurance and patient payments
  • electronic medical record
  • dealing with insurance providers
  • medical procedures knowledge
  • managed patient account payments
  • administrative and patient support
  • handling medical providers
  • data entry
  • various insurance companies' knowledge
  • billing data management
  • administrative support
  • ensure accurate billing
  • healthcare providers knowledge
  • patient information
  • patient records
  • billing errors
  • diagnosis codes
  • patient accounts
  • medical reports
  • entry-level medical billing and coding
  • medical codes
  • payment plans
  • billing process
  • health insurance companies
  • denied claims
  • medical office settings
  • document patient data
  • delinquent accounts
  • contacting insurance companies
  • registered health information technician skills
  • verify diagnosis codes
  • medical bills
  • rejected claims
  • advanced knowledge
  • services rendered
  • insurance payments
  • patient statements
  • insurance company
  • reimbursement management
  • insurance carriers
  • healthcare administration
  • commercial insurance claims

The above-listed skills are not just skills but also the aspects of your job that you will need knowledge of as well as the skills to deal with them.

Bonus Tip

Beat the AI software

Your resume will pass through many systems of hiring managers and it will be either rejected or passed through and get shortlisted. These software operate on the basis of the parameter- whether your resume has all the relevant keywords or not. This is why you should mention all the relevant keywords in your medical biller resume that we have listed below.

📌List of the relevant keywords for your medical billing resume:

  • Commercial insurance claims
  • Patient accounts
  • Patient data
  • data entry
  • insurance coverage
  • insurance carriers
  • certified professional coder
  • healthcare provider
  • other medical professionals
  • delinquent accounts
  • insurance companies
  • billing process
  • payment plans
  • patient account payments
  • patient accounts
  • billing data
  • various insurance companies
  • managed patient account payments
  • insurance providers
  • insurance and patient payments
  • medical coding
  • medical billing
  • medical claims
  • medical terminology
  • medical terminology knowledge
  • medical records


In conclusion, writing your resume is quite easy once you learn all about writing a professional resume, which you have from this article and thus you are now ready to write your own medical biller resume. You can also refer to our extensive resume examples collection along with templates. Our resume builder feature is also useful for you as it provides AI prompts similar to ChatGPT.

Make sure that you keep the important points discussed in this article in your mind when you are writing your professional medical billing specialist resume. Good luck with the job search!

Medical Biller Resume

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long should my medical biller resume be?

An ideal professional medical billing specialist resume should be 1 to 2 pages long and not more to ensure that the recruiter looks at your resume without losing patience and interest.

Do I need a particular degree on my medical billing specialist resume?

Not necessarily a medical degree however you will need a course or degree that is relevant to your role because relevant knowledge is important for your role and skills alone will not suffice.

Should I include references on my medical billing specialist resume?

You can include references on your medical billing specialist resume however it is not mandatory, if you think it will be beneficial for you, you should go ahead with it for sure.

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