Laborer Resume: Best Guide with Bonus Tips

Writing a general laborer resume is not that difficult and we are here to make sure of it. When you are writing a resume, you may begin with many questions and confusions regarding how and what you should be writing on your general labor resume.

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When you write a general laborer resume, you may wonder what should be the resume objective, how should you describe your skills and professional experience along with your knowledge, how should your resume look, how can you make your resume professional and so on. And in this article, we will talk about all of those questions and give you the answers that you are looking for-all in this one place. And to ensure that you get the job you are targeting, we will also provide you with some bonus tips on how to optimize your job application and increase your chances of getting hired.

This article will even provide you with some insights and tips that will be immensely helpful for you when you are giving your interview. Let's dive right in!

Laborer Resume

What makes a resume a professional resume?

A professional resume is a resume that meets the standards of professionalism such as accuracy, visual appeal, efficiency, organization, and also facilitate some ease of reading for the hiring managers. But how should you go about it? How can you reflect professionalism on paper, in text? It's not as obvious as wearing a formal attire or behaving with formal etiquette.

However, it is not that difficult to make your resume professional, here is how you can do it:

  • Always ensure that your professional resume is written with absolute accuracy and that means once you are done writing your general labor resume you should proofread it twice and make sure that you get rid of all the spelling errors, grammatical errors and factual errors. Any such mistakes can make the hiring manager think that you are not a professional and you do not pay attention to details-and that is something very important in the corporate culture. Your ability to pay attention to details can help you avoid many mistakes and it is one of the most important standards for the professionals across industries.
  • Your resume should be labeled professionally with your first name, your last name and the term 'resume' or 'CV'. This will help the hiring manager understand what they are looking at.
  • Your resume should be saved as PDF document or Microsoft Word document so that it is compatible with most document viewing software, devices and mediums along with ATS and AI driven software used by hiring managers. The formats PDF and Microsoft Word are compatible with most of the mediums and platforms which is why you should choose one of them.
  • You should always use third person and past tense in your language that you use for your laborer resume. This will help you make your language formal which will reflect your professionalism on your resume. You should also avoid using pronouns anywhere on your resume because it can lead to your language losing its absolute formal tone and take a little bit of informal tone. Your sentences should not include any pronouns anywhere.
  • Your professional general labor resume should be written in a professional resume format.

    There are many resume formats that you can choose from however among all the options, 3 are prominent and used by most professionals. You should choose the resume format carefully to ensure that your resume is presented well and your profile information is described in an efficient manner along with important details that are highlighted properly.

  • In case you are using resume template, you should keep in mind that you will have to replace every detail of sample information on the template and insert your own profile information in the resume template. In addition, due to the difference between amount of sample information and the information of your own profile, the margins and white space may get modified on its own which you will have to edit in order to ensure symmetry and visual appeal of your resume. Make sure, you do not forget doing this as it can lead to an unprofessional resume that looks messy.

How to begin and where?

Next up is the answer to your question-where should I begin? In one word, the answer is-Research. Or rather just exploring a little about your job.

You are here which means you have already been exploring a little-it may be about the laborer resume. You should also explore your role, job title, your designation, various job description in job postings, industry and potential employers and so on. Doing this research will help you a lot.

You will understand the current market scenario and learn all about how you can negotiate for wages and compensations and more. You will understand which skill sets are in demand in the market at present and which skills you have that you can leverage for a good job.

Laborer Resume

Research will also give you many insights into the industry and job and everything related including various job description that you come across, and you will be able to leverage this gained knowledge to perform well at your interview and gain a lot of confidence for the same as well.

How many formats are there?

There are many formats out there however we will talk about 3 most important and preferred resume formats that the hiring manager will be expecting to see on your general labor resume.

  • Functional resume:

    Functional resume format is suitable for those professionals who may be freshers and recent graduates. This format focuses on the skills and education section.

  • Reverse chronological resume:

    This resume format is suitable for those professionals who have significant experience or extensive experience or professionals who are seasoned professionals with years of experience. The format focuses on the work history and helps you highlight your skills and capability.

  • Combination resume:

    This resume format is the combination of above two formats and focuses both on skills and work experience sections. Professionals who are looking for a new role in new area or field and are planning to change their career path, tend to go with this resume format because it helps them highlight skills and experience aspects that are transferrable.

Now let's talk about your own general labor resume and how to go about it!

Resume header-Contact Information section

On the top of your laborer resume, you need to create your contact information section, in this section you should include important details that can help the hiring manager reach out to you. Make sure this information is accurate because if it is not accurate the hiring manager will not be able to contact you and get in touch with you for interview or any other communication.

Your contact information section should include these details:

  • Your first name and last name with correct spelling
  • Your contact number with area code and country code
  • Your email ID that is formal and used for professional communication
  • Your LinkedIn profile link in case you have created your profile on the platform and you use the platform regularly (not mandatory)
  • Your professional headshot (in case you want to include it, it is not mandatory)
  • Your brief home address (keep it brief in case you want to mention it, you can mention it if you are applying for a job in another state or country; however it is not mandatory)

Resume summary

Next section on your resume should be your resume summary section. It should be written in crisp, concise and short manner. You should include 3 to 5 bullet points and mention your role before the bullet points.

Your bullet points should include the information mentioned below:

  • total years of experience and background
  • any notable details and information from your resume that maybe impressive for the hiring managers
  • your achievements, impressive performances and instances where you showcased your skills and knowledge
  • your resume objective saying what kind of opportunity you are looking for and how you will leverage your skills and experience for the same to perform well

Professional experience

The professional experience section on your resume is the most important one because you will get to talk about the job description and duties that you handled and the skills you utilized, the kind of areas you have worked in and much more.

When mentioning each experience, you should include few details first such as your role/job title, the full name of your employer and the employment period for which you worked for them. In the job description details, ensure that you include every single information that is relevant and can be seen as your skill, your experience, your knowledge and expertise.

For example, even if you are applying for a job of forklift operator, you can include your experience with hand tools and your years of experience with various equipments and so on. Your experience should reflect that your range of skills is wide and you can easily perform well at any job regardless of the nature of the job.

You should also reflect that you can easily learn new skills and learn new tasks for your new job and role, as a laborer, this aspect will be something that the recruiter will be looking for and will highly value. Your general laborer resume should reflect your dedication for any job so that the recruiter is assured that you will perform well.

Education section

The education sections on general laborer resume usually mention the high school diploma because high school level education is enough as the job of laborer does not always require you to have in-depth theoretical knowledge of any particular field. All you need is the basic knowledge to navigate your daily job description-duties which you would have acquired during high school education.

Skills section

The skills section on your general labor resume should be efficient and the way to do that is to include all the important and relevant skills on your resume. You can include your hard skills, soft skills, technical skills and expertises as well. We have prepared a list of relevant skills for a general laborer resume that you can make use of. you can also pick up some skills from your job description in various job listings/job posts.

Laborer Resume

📌 List of relevant skills for your general laborer resume:

  • working on construction sites
  • inventory
  • using power tools
  • loading and unloading
  • construction sites
  • construction projects
  • customer service
  • general labor
  • using hand tools
  • residential and commercial construction sites
  • forklift operation
  • use of hand tools
  • manual labor
  • shipping and receiving
  • safety regulations
  • safety guidelines
  • skills and experience
  • attention to detail
  • using heavy and light equipment
  • problem solving
  • safety protocols
  • basic electrical work
  • general landscaping duties
  • using heavy equipment
  • routine maintenance
  • technical support
  • technical knowledge
  • concrete work
  • concrete forms
  • physical duties
  • landscaping projects
  • customer service satisfaction
  • trimming equipment usage
  • safety standards
  • physical tasks
  • physical strength

Bonus Tips

Beat the ATS

The applicant tracking systems or the ATS or the AI software used by the recruiters scans and filters your resume to ensure that your resume is relevant and useful for them. The parameter for these systems is nothing but the presence of relevant keywords on your general laborer resume. You can notice the same in various general laborer resume examples. All you need to do is include keywords related to your role, job description and industry.

📌 List of relevant keywords for your laborer resume:

  • work history
  • physical strength
  • dedicated general laborer
  • crew members
  • customer satisfaction
  • landscaping projects
  • efficient manner
  • concrete work
  • technical support
  • past jobs
  • quality concerns
  • job tasks
  • delivery vehicles
  • minor repairs
  • job sites
  • residential and commercial
  • safety regulations
  • construction laborers
  • make sure
  • 10 years of experience
  • 10 years of experience (in any particular field)
  • construction general
  • hand tools
  • use of hand tools
  • maintaining hand tools
  • forklift operator
  • formal education
  • general laborers
  • laborer job
  • job site
  • general labor
  • using hand
  • customer service
  • construction projects
  • loading and unloading
  • high school diploma
  • high school education
  • general laborer
  • power tools
  • using power tools/ maintaining power tools
  • years of experience

Cover letter

Cover letter is attached along with the resume for cases where the recruiting manager wants to know more about the person through an essay format. A cover letter is marketing yourself more expressively than a resume which is very structured. In a cover letter you need to understand that the contents will include your accomplishments and achievements that are major in your life and which are more recent. Then it shall include some of your skills and how you have used those skills to overcome obstacles.


With any good resume one needs to give references to corroborate too. References help the candidate, in this case you who are applying to the role of a labourers resume by letting the person hiring for the role know the kind of person they were at the previous job. Knowing them through the previous employer or supervisor, the recruiter knows a better idea about how they will perform at the current job as well. If the references do not help you with this then it might cause trouble.

However, no need to worry, you have the power to chose the references for your resume and thus the people you choose should say only positive things about you. Ideally you should give about two to three references, so that any one of those can be contacted if one is not available.


Now that you know all about writing a professional general labor resume, all you need to do is explore general labor resume examples and look at resume samples for general laborer. You can choose one general laborer resume example that you like the most and use it as your reference as well. We provide the resume builder feature that provides AI prompts similar to ChatGPT so that yuo can save a lot of time and write your resume for general laborer position easily and within minutes.

Best of luck with the job hunt!

Laborer Resume

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does my general laborer resume need any particular format?

Yes, you should always write your general laborer resume in a professional format. We have discussed the professional resume format options in the article above, you can go through them and decide which resume format is suitable for your own general laborer resume.

Should I include general labor resume objective on my laborer resume?

Absolutely. You can include your resume objective in the resume summary section as the last bullet point, it will give the recruiter an idea of what kind of opportunities you are looking for.

How long should my general labor resume be?

A standard and professional general labor resume should be 1 to 2 pages long and not more because longer resumes fail to sustain the reader's interest and attention.

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