FedEx Material Handler Resume: Complete Guide

FedEx Material Handler Resume: Complete Guide

FedEx is no small company, to work as a FedEx material handler, you will need a very powerful professional FedEx material handler resume! Writing a powerful resume may seem like a daunting task, however, all it takes is answers to some of the questions and confusions you may have regarding writing a professional resume and/or writing the particular FedEx material handler resume.

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That is exactly why we have curated this complete guide for you which will answer all your questions and help you out with all your confusion. Let's dive in!

fedex material handler resume

Professional FedEx material handler resume

There are certain defining aspects of a professional resume, they help you reflect professionalism in your resume through the language and visual appeal and even the manner in which you describe your profile information.

📌Here are some tips that will help you ensure your FedEx material handler resume is professional:

  • Always use past tense and third person in your resume language to give your resume's language a strict formal tone
  • You should avoid any pronouns in your sentences as it can give a bit of an informal tone to the language of your resume
  • You should always use bullet points when you are describing lengthy information and details
  • In your FedEx material handler resume, you should make sure there are no spelling mistakes or grammatical mistakes that can make the hiring managers doubt your professionalism
  • To avoid such errors as mentioned above, you should always proofread your resume twice once you are done writing your FedEx material handler resume, this will help you get rid of any factual error you might have made
  • Use a maximum number of action verbs, action words, and the resume power words to increase the effect of language
  • You should also quantify as many details as possible with numbers because that helps the information have a better impact
  • Always use resume formats for your resume rather than randomly creating your own outline for your resume
  • You should also use the document formats that are compatible with various document-viewing mediums and applicant tracking systems such as PDF format and Microsoft Word format


Doing research helps you figure out how you can write your resume exceptionally by figuring out how you can impress the hiring manager. It will also give you insight into the job market scenario including the information on the salary range that you can expect and the job responsibilities that you will have to handle and perform well at, at your next job.

During the research, you should also make a note of all the relevant keywords as you will need them later when you are writing your FedEx material handler resume.

Resume header

The resume header should include your contact information such as:

  • Your full name
  • Your contact number with area code and country code
  • Your professional formal Email ID
  • Your LinkedIn profile link
  • Your professional headshot in formal attire (not mandatory)
  • Your home address (not mandatory)

Ensure that these details are all accurate so that the hiring manager can contact you or reach out to you in case they want to communicate any news or inquiry to you.

Resume summary

A resume summary is where you highlight the most important information of your FedEx material handler resume. The summary gives the hiring manager or the person looking at your resume a glance at your major experiences and any achievements. The essence of the resume summary portion is to highlight yourself and your key experiences so that when the hiring manager dives deep into your resume he's able to pick up keywords that you used in this section to the work experience section and therefore can relate more and understand your work more.

The resume summary for a FedEx material handler resume will contain your notable material handler work if previously done at any company, and what were the responsibilities, any additional responsibilities you had taken then to increase your worth in your resume. The summary which is usually three to four lines long and two to three sentences long should also contain if you had previously won any award as an employee from your previous employers.

Resume summary should be written in bullet points (3 to 5) with the most important information of your resume and you should use maximum action verbs, power words and numbers to make the information have better impact.

Professional experience

The professional experience section is where you will describe your work history. You need to mention the details such as your role designation, the full name of the employer, and the employment period along with the description of the experience.

You should include all the details of your job from the smallest of tasks that you handled to all the relevant skills that you used to perform well at your job. You should describe these details in bullet points and quantify as many details as possible.

An ideal FedEx material handler resume example will show you how you should be thorough when describing the details of your experience as it will reflect your skill of being detail oriented and dedication for the job. For example whether you have the experience of package handling or working with package handlers, you should mention it all in the experience.


Your education section is all about your education whether it is your high school diploma, or bachelor's degree, or graduate diploma, or certificate courses and programs, and so on.

When you are describing information in your education section, you should mention the full name of the degree or the course and then mention the name of the education institute from where you acquired the education. You can also mention any more relevant information along with these two important details.

fedex material handler resume


Mentioning skills in various sections may have seemed very natural as you describe your experience and give the highlights of your resume in the summary section.

The separate section for your skills helps you highlight your skills better. These are also the skills that are most relevant and important as well as your best strengths.

📌List of relevant skills for a professional FedEx material handler resume:

  • managing personal and business communities
  • knowledge of rigorous food safety guidelines
  • package handling
  • necessary supplies parts materials knowledge
  • safe and efficient manner of working
  • delivered office supplies
  • loading packages
  • employee safety programs
  • loaded packages
  • knowledge of storage capacity
  • handling delivery trucks
  • managing raw materials
  • unloading packages
  • handling incoming packages
  • SAP computer solutions
  • aided cycle count exercises
  • technical skills
  • recycled computer paper
  • managing new and current employees
  • inventory demands management
  • safety procedures
  • time management
  • safety production
  • hazardous materials management
  • outlined APT storage
  • maintain production
  • maintaining shipping ratings
  • using multiple tools daily
  • sealed filled cartons
  • mistake-proof device use
  • managing delivery vehicles/ delivery trucks weekly
  • office supplies
  • cooking supplies
  • inventory accuracy
  • merchandise bags
  • timely manner
  • managed incoming goods
  • package information
  • managed freight
  • avoid kitting errors
  • operational protocols
  • pallet jacks
  • sorting packages/ sorts packages
  • MS Excel
  • unloading packages/ unloading trucks
  • daily cycle counts
  • inbound trucks
  • loaded packages/ loaded cartons
  • shipping options
  • forwarding calls
  • outgoing shipments management
  • physical stamina
  • company policies
  • use of conveyor belts
  • outbound trailers management
  • inventory levels


In addition to the sections and information discussed above, if you have anything extra that you may find relevant for your role, you can include such information on your FedEx material handler resume in extra sections.

Such extra sections may include information such as your language proficiencies, personal interests, workshops/ programs/ events, etc. exposure, and anything else that may be relevant to your role. Such extra information will help you stand out because it will be something extra that you will be bringing to the table in addition to your skills and experience.


You may know, how recruiters use artificial intelligence-driven software or applicant tracking systems to scan and filter all the job applications that they receive and shortlist the resumes that they want to take further in their hiring process.

To beat these systems, you need to beat the parameters that they set- the relevant keywords for your role and job description. You need to use the keywords throughout your FedEx material handler resume. We have prepared a list for you below, in addition to these keywords, you can also include more keywords from your own research and various job descriptions that you come across.

📌List of relevant keywords for your professional FedEx material handler resume:

  • outbound trailers
  • conveyor belts
  • company policies
  • physical stamina
  • outgoing shipments
  • loaded cartons
  • inbound trucks
  • formal education
  • other materials
  • pallet jacks
  • APT storage
  • unloading trucks
  • sorting packages
  • managed freight
  • managed incoming goods
  • proper parties
  • timely manner
  • time management
  • merchandise bags
  • inventory accuracy
  • job site
  • delivery vehicles
  • delivered office supplies
  • delivery trucks
  • sealed filled cartons
  • outlined APT storage
  • hazardous materials
  • safety procedures
  • material handlers manager
  • recycled computer paper
  • aided cycle count exercises
  • FedEx material handler
  • incoming packages
  • raw materials
  • package handling
  • package handler
  • package handlers
  • employee safety programs
  • delivered office supplies
  • material handler

Cover letter

Cover letters help you reiterate your competency as well as your interest in the position. You should always try to personalize the cover letter by using the name of the hiring managers in the address of your letter.

When you are writing the cover letter, you can use a little bit of an informal tone and also talk about your relevant interests, your inspiration, your journey, and your dreams and goals going forward. This will reflect your passion and dedication to the job which is something the hiring managers will definitely be looking for in your job application including your resume and cover letter.

Cover letters leave an impression on the hiring manager that is exceptional and helps you stand out from the rest of the fellow job applicants.


In conclusion, your FedEx material handler resume should be written according to professional resume guidelines and you should do your best to present your profile in a way that creates a unique and efficient impression of who you are as a professional.

You should explore our resume examples and templates to get a better insight into how a resume should look. You can also use our resume builder feature with AI prompts similar to ChatGPT which will help you write your resume better.

Now that you know all about writing your FedEx material handler resume, you can write your own professional resume. Good luck with your job search!

fedex material handler resume

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is a cover letter important with a FedEx material handler resume?

The cover letter will help you impress the hiring managers and increase your chances of getting hired because you will be able to create an impression on the hiring managers that will set you apart from the rest of the job posting applicants. This is why a cover letter is important along with your FedEx material handler resume.

How long should my FedEx material handler resume be?

An ideal professional resume is usually 1 to 2 pages long because hiring managers do not prefer long resumes with a lot of information as it can be tiring and also time-consuming. You should try to keep your resume 1 to 2 pages long. In case, your resume is longer, you should try to get rid of the information that may be irrelevant or at least not very much relevant to your role. You can also refer to our 'One-page resume' article to learn all about how to write a resume in a short and efficient manner.

Do I need a bachelor's degree on my FedEx material handler resume?

The role of FedEx material handler does not require in-depth knowledge of a particular field that you might get in your bachelor's degree hence you do not need a bachelor's degree on your FedEx material handler resume. You can simply mention your high school diploma and any other courses or programs that you may have completed.

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