Example of a Farmer's Resume and Skills

Studies have shown that Farm work is beneficial for workers' health as they can enjoy regular exercise and improved mental health by working in an outdoor environment.

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Farmers Resume Example

Samantha M. Foster
35 years
3227 Dovetail Estates
Durant, OK 74701

"As a farmer who is an expert in land management, I can help maintain a high yield so that the farm's goals are met. "

Professional Experience

August 2009 – today
– 55987 Winona

  • Carrying out inventory of equipment and stock
  • Improving farm performance
  • Recruiting farm workers
  • Checking the irrigation of the fields

February 2005 – July 2009
– 68102 Omaha

  • Ensuring optimal performance of the equipment
  • Repairing the equipment
  • Training farm workers
  • Security improvements


Summerfield Institute
BTSA analysis and management of operating systems obtained in 2002


  • Inventory control
  • Crop management
  • Machine maintenance
  • Knowledge of the terrain
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In recent decades, agriculture has become more efficient, resulting in fewer, but larger farms. As a result, a smaller number of farmers are required to produce the same amount of produce. Farms can also invest more in technology that enhances productivity as they become larger, which further reinforces this effect.

However, there is still a lot of potential for farm work with just under a million jobs available in the agricultural sector in the US.

Writing a good agriculture or farming resume is not easy. Among other things, it is necessary to favor a good layout, provide precise details... To help you write your farmer's resume correctly, this guide shows you the steps to follow.

Farmer's Resume

Additional information on the farming profession

Farmer, rancher, and agricultural manager wages were $68,090 in May 2020, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Weather conditions and other factors affect the prices of farm products, which affect farmer and rancher incomes. Farmers can receive government subsidies or other payments in addition to income from their farms. These payments reduce some of the risks associated with farming.

Most farmers and associated workers work full time and many more than 40 hours a week. Agricultural work is seasonally dependent, and the number of hours worked may vary based on the season. So they have to work when they can. When planting and harvesting season is underway, farmers and agricultural managers work from sunrise to sunset. Farmer's jobs this time of year include planning crops for the next season, marketing their produce, and maintaining machinery. Greenhouse, nursery, or farm managers who operate in warm or temperate climates are likely to work year-round.

Animals are raised and harvested on farms and ranches throughout the year. Daily feeding and care are necessary for animals.

Here is a template for a farmer's resume:

How can you make a Farmer's Resume?

To create the perfect farmer's resume, care must be taken with its layout and structure.

The layout of a farmer's resume

Regarding the layout, consider :

  • Spacing out the text in your resume;
  • Choosing the right font;
  • Structuring and prioritizing the resume;
  • Using visual elements.

The structure of the farmer's resume

To write a perfect farmer resume, the following structure should be adopted:

  • Contact details and objectives;
  • Professional experiences;
  • Trainings;
  • Skills and qualities.

Start with the farmer resume header

The header of a resume makes it easy for recruiters to contact you. You must provide your contact details, namely :

  • Your name ;
  • Your email address ;
  • Your phone number.

Farmer's Resume and Skills

Professional experience in the Curriculum Vitae of farmer

The purpose of the "work experience" section is to demonstrate your ability to hold the position you are seeking. It is worth listing your related skills in the form of points.

To describe your work experience on your resume, list the companies you have worked for, the positions held, and the dates you were hired. Also consider describing your job responsibilities.

Examples of work experience for a senior farmer include:

August 2009 – today


Moonbank– 27801 Rocky Mount

  • Carrying out inventory of equipment and stock
  • Recruiting farm workers
  • Improving farm performance
  • Checking the irrigation of the fields

February 2005 – July 2009


Blossomlight– 13408 Morrisville

  • Ensuring optimal performance of the equipment
  • Training farm workers
  • Repairing the equipment
  • Implementing security improvements

Education in the Farmer Resume

For the "education" section, start with the most relevant and most recent qualification. This section allows recruiters to know your academic background.

Here is the information to include in the "education" section:

  • The name of the school or university ;
  • The place of school or university ;
  • The diploma obtained ;
  • The sector or specialization ;
  • The year of graduation;
  • The mention obtained or the grade ;
  • Any other distinction.

Farmer's Resume

The Skills to put in the Farmer Resume

The skills required to become a farmer are numerous. Remember to detail yours on your resume so that recruiters can better understand your profile.

The main skills sought in a farmer are as follows :

  • Experience in water quality analysis
  • A rigorous and detailed approach
  • Understanding soil science
  • Practical experience in agriculture
  • Knowledge of agricultural regulations
  • Expertise in agricultural inspection procedures
  • Positive work ethic
  • Team-building skills
  • Experience in agricultural equipment
  • Knowledge of plant cultivation.

Write a farmer cover letter that complements your resume

Remember to write a cover letter to accompany your resume. The cover letter allows recruiters a chance to know more about your motivation and your personality. Remember to highlight the essential elements that demonstrate that you have the required skills. It is a great opportunity to get ahead of other candidates and show your passion and enthusiasm for your work.

Example of a Farmer's Resume

Frequently Asked Questions of a Farmers Resume

How do you describe farm work on a resume?

Here are some example of farm work. Try to be specific and use the proper terminology

  • Performed landscaping duties such as planting seeds, bulbs, ground cover plants, and trees.
  • Implemented irrigation systems to cultivate and grow fruit trees and vegetable crops.
  • Arranged for harvesting produce according to market demands and weather forecasts.
  • Cared for grass, shrubs, and trees by mixing and spraying appropriate fertilizers, herbicides, and insecticides as needed.

For a helping hand, use our resume builder that generates example phrases and helps you write your resume using real expert examples of farm worker skills and experience.

How do I make a farm resume?

To make a successful farm resume that will get you noticed, you need to produce it in an easy-to-read and professional format.

Starting with your header and title (your name) and your contact details, your experience in reverse chronological order (with your most recent or current job at the top), followed by your education, skills and training. See our above example or visit our website for a resume template to make the task straightforward and quick.

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