Environmental Engineer Resume Example | A Comprehensive Guide

If you are looking for a job to work as an environmental engineer, there are numerous opportunities to work, but they will not just be handed to you. It's critical to create an Environmental Engineer resume that gets the attention of hiring managers, and I am here to help you stand out from the crowd.

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Environmental Engineer Resume Examples

Gandalf Shroff
Environmental Engineer

Professional Summary

Environmental Engineer with a passion for planning and evaluating environmental regulations schemes' environmental effects. Have good skills in environmental investigations on prospective environmental engineering projects, designing and executing environmental improvement initiatives, and collecting and data analysis. Engineer who specializes in setting environmental regulations project goals and environmental conditions.


  • Environmental investigation
  • Project reviews
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Improvement programs
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Environmental policy
  • Budgeting and administration
  • Energetic
  • Creative


Environmental Engineer, February 2009 to Present
environmental engineering Yard, NY

  • Developed and implemented systems for evaluating the environmental effect of environmental engineering projects.
  • Developed and managed compliance for improvement and remediation.
  • Inspected industrial facilities and assessed their environmental effect, then wrote reports on the findings.

Environmental Engineer, November 2005 to January 2009
Peer Engineer, NY

  • Engineered projects were researched, and ideas and analyses on environmental policies were presented.
  • Project budgeting for environmental impact assessment and risk management was allocated, and administrative chores were performed.
  • Field data was collected, data was processed, and environmental impact reports were prepared.


2005 Bachelor of Science, Environmental environmental engineering
University of Arizona — Tucson

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You may be an expert in environmental assessment with years of project management experience. Perhaps you've worked in a regulatory compliance environment before. You may expect to get easily hired if you have everything an environmental organization looks for in a team member.

The fact is that even if you have a master's degree in environmental chemistry, you won't get a callback unless you have the correct professional resume for the job. Your ability to convey your abilities in a way that gets you recognized in that initial interview is crucial.

A skillfully crafted environmental engineer resume example and our resume builder will help you get the job you deserve based on your credentials.

Our tried-and-true writing techniques can help you plan out your content and choose the best resume example to use as a reference.

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📌 Note: If you are wondering how much does an environmental engineer makes in a year, you’ll be pleased to know that on average is $91,000. So, you better become a resume builder and get your dream job right away.

environmental engineer

How to Make an Environmental Engineer Resume from Scratch

If I still have you hooked on, welcome to the ultimate guide of writing a job-winning resume for an environmental engineer. Without further ado, let’s get started right away.

We know that writing a good resume is not so easy, you need to follow some strict ground rules to get your hand on a perfectly curated resume. Don’t worry, we have sorted out these rules:

  • Remember to mention your relevant work history and abilities according to the position you are looking for while producing an Environmental Engineer Resume.
  • Only include the information. Avoid adding irrelevant data at all costs.
  • Your data like address or birth date is not at all what the recruiters are seeking, so avoid including that and making your resume cluttered.
  • Keep the resume minimal and to the point.
  • The resume should be formal and professional.

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What Should an Environmental Engineer Resume Look Like?

As we discussed before, the resume should be strictly minimal in design as well as data. All types of unnecessary data should be avoided at all costs.

For the layout, remember that creating a perfect environmental engineer resume includes having a clear and understandable layout. The first step to having a clean and presentable resume is having headings and subheadings.

I highly recommend this layout for your environmental engineer resume.

  • Name and contact information.
  • Professional summary statement/ objective summary.
  • Work history.
  • Education.
  • Skills.
  • Additional sections.

The order can be changed based on your strengths.

Coming to the format, it can be divided into 3 main categories:

  • A functional or skill-based resume: This type of format focuses on your talents and strengths that are essential to potential employers. Here, certain dates, names, and locations have been excluded.
  • Reverse Chronological Resume: Your work history, compliance education, and any past project experiences are given in reverse chronological sequence, beginning with your most recent employment and working backward.
  • Hybrid (Combination resume): This resume format combines the flexibility and qualities of the two previous formats. This clarifies the situation for both the applicant and the employer.
✒️ Note - Most companies are familiar with the Reverse Chronological Format.

Here are a few key factors to remember while constructing your ideal environmental engineer resume.

  • Keep your resume to one page.
  • Nobody enjoys reading a résumé that is riddled with grammatical mistakes. (Check spellings with a spellchecker).
  • Send your resume in PDF or MS Word format, as specified in the job description.
  • Keep the margins and typefaces the same throughout the resume.

The Header & Contact Information

The heading of your resume is the most crucial area, and you cannot afford to make any mistakes here. It usually starts with your name and ends with your contact information. Making a mistake in the header, which is the first thing an employer will see, means recognizing that they are now dissatisfied.

Good Header Vs. Bad Header

Now just as important it is to have a flawless header, so is to have a perfect one. Let’s see an example of a good and a bad header:

Shawn Mark

Environmental Engineer


+1 247 56 25 87

Environmental Engineer

Shawn Mark


+1 247 56 25 87

36, main street, apt 11,

Washington DC


When you compare the instances above, you'll note that they're highly distinct from one another, although they don't have any substantial changes.

Here's what you should remember while developing a strong resume header:

  • The first line of your resume or CV must be your name.
  • Then there's an email address that looks professional.
  • Finally, unless the employer specifically requests it, never give your whole address.

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environmental engineer

Demonstrate Your Experience in Environmental Engineering

The recruiter and hiring manager want you to mention your work experience in reverse chronological order, which means you should start with the most recent job and work your way backward.

Don't just mention your responsibilities under each job title. Instead, make sure that the majority of your bullet points highlight significant accomplishments from previous roles. Use numbers to contextualize your accomplishments for the recruiting manager reading your resume wherever possible.

Example for Junior Environmental Engineers

Environmental Engineer

AECOM, 2019-2021

  • Managed environmental engineering initiatives, such as monitoring and managing industrial wastewater, optimizing treatment processes, and creating innovative waste control technologies.
  • Environmental concerns were monitored and improved by EMS regulations, paperwork was prepared and ISO9000 was adopted.
  • Prepared title and standard operating procedures, as well as a facility audit, emission source identification and computation, analysis, compliance assessment, and a permit application.

It's fine if you don't have any job experience, but don't leave that field blank. Even if you have no prior job experience, it's a good idea to supplement any other relevant experience you have in the environmental engineering field.

Also, it’s always best to display your experience in bullet points.

Example for Senior Environmental Engineers

It is far more vital to convey your past relevant experience than it is to have one. Even if you are a senior environmental engineer, you may not always know how to properly represent your knowledge in a resume. Take a look at the example below.

Sr. Environmental Engineer

Highwater Environmental, 2016-2021

  • Hazardous waste operations and activities at a licensed storage site were supervised.
  • Designed and implemented a computerized system for tracking, labeling, and disposal.
  • Cost-cutting strategies were implemented, resulting in a $400,000 yearly reduction.
  • Innovative recycling operations resulted in a reduction in solid and hazardous waste disposal.

Describe how your talents were put to use throughout your job experience. Such abilities can substantially aid in the creation of a winning resume.

Describe Your Education

Environmental engineers must have a college diploma even if they are just starting. You want to stress your technical knowledge, whether you have a bachelor's or master's degree. You can notice an excellent schooling part in the environmental engineer resume sample above.

To guarantee that your most recent degree comes first, mention your education in reverse-chronological sequence. Include the most relevant aspects of your academic background, such as your degree, the courses you took, and where you studied.

Recent graduates may want to highlight their graduation date as well as any academic accolades they have received.

The education portion of your resume should include the following:

  • Your institution's name
  • Your graduation date (Month, Year or Year are both appropriate)
  • The title of your academic degree
📌 You might consider dropping your graduation date if you graduated more than 15 years ago.

Take a look at the below example.


Master's Degree Environmental environmental engineering, 2014 - 2015

The University of Alabama

Orlando, FL

Bachelor's Degree Environmental Science, 2009 - 2012

University of Central Florida

Tuscaloosa, AL

The Most Sought-After Skills in Environmental Engineering

This is an underrated section on most resumes, and it’s a shame.

The Skills section is the perfect opportunity to showcase your talents and areas of expertise, tailor-fit your application, introduce important keywords from the job opening, and demonstrate you have the professional profile they’re looking for.

First, technical aptitudes

List those technical abilities that require expertise, numerical talent, software proficiency, training, and/or deep knowledge in engineering, the ones you master the most and that best define your professional profile.

For instance:

  • Environmental Compliance
  • Mechanical skills
  • Project management
  • Debugging
  • Troubleshooting
  • Prototyping
  • Machine Learning
  • Workflow development
  • Web Development
  • Knowledge of manufacturing processes
  • Knowledge of applicable laws
  • Technical documentation
  • PHP
  • Data Structures

The Value of Soft Skills

Nowadays, soft skills and teamwork skills have become extremely sought-after, non-negotiable aptitudes in the recruitment process.

Environmental engineering is not the exception.

Considering this, let’s check some of the most recommended interpersonal skills:

  • Technically inquisitive
  • Aptitude for collecting and scientific data analysis
  • Excellent communicator
  • Good organizational skills
  • Able to work under pressure and meet strict project deadlines.

Write a Winning Professional Summary

A resume summary statement is a one- to three-sentence spiel that briefly explains who you are and what you have to offer. Include:

  • Your work title.
  • Years of experience (especially if 3+)
  • An exceptional accomplishment in this section, if space allows.

Keep in mind to include any talents or experiences that are highlighted in the job description.

I've noticed that the summary portion of a resume is frequently the most challenging area for candidates to write while putting up their resumes.

Don't worry if you're one of them; I'll show you exactly how to build a captivating resume summary for your tidy environmental engineer resume.

Let's look at how to construct a professional summary for an environmental engineer's resume and how not to do it.


Environmental Engineer with a passion for planning and evaluating environmental engineering schemes' environmental effects. Proficient at environmental and groundwater investigations on prospective environmental engineering projects, designing and executing environmental improvement initiatives, and collecting and interpreting field data analysis. Developing environmental engineering project goals and environmental factors as a specialty.


Engineer with ten years of experience developing and refining procedures related to water and air pollution control, waste disposal, recycling, and public health issues. Technical expertise in environmental remediation and litigation projects, including remediation system design and regulatory application assessment.


I'm looking for a job as an Environmental Engineer that will help me advance my career while also adding my skills and education to the organization.

environmental engineer

Additional Sections for Your Resume

Additional areas in your resume are an incredible plus, especially if your experience section isn't good enough to land you an interview.

Further, if you have a unique talent or certification that you want to emphasize to the recruiter, this area is ideal.


Certifications can be a great tool for demonstrating to employers that you are knowledgeable in your field. List all the relevant certificates you hold.


Being able to communicate in a variety of languages might help you become more adaptable and boost your chances of landing a job.

Remember to include all of the languages you know and how fluent you are in them.

If you are a network engineer, we have the perfect resume just for you: network engineer resume example


You might list any hobbies that are relevant to the job offer in this section. If that isn't the case, you may leave them off and utilize the space to highlight other abilities or accomplishments.

Tips to Make Your Environmental Engineer Resume

  • Extensive Experience

Make sure the positions, experience, and honors you provide are all relevant to the position you're looking for.

  • The Appropriate Skills

This is an excellent opportunity to use the job description's keywords liberally. If they're searching for someone with environmental compliance expertise, for example, make sure to include it in your resume's abilities section.

  • Quantifiable Achievements

Your achievements at work reflect the tale of the distinct value you provide to a company. Avoid using a list of work responsibilities that is too long and boring. To assist in contextualizing your accomplishments, use numbers.

  • Impeccable Formatting

It is critical to format a resume professionally and appealingly.

Key Takeaways: Writing a Resume for Jobs in Environmental Engineering

  • Start your resume with your name followed by the contact details.
  • Write the experience section or professional summary.
  • Keep the professional summary/ objective summary to two sentences.
  • Write the experience section with more numbers and proof. Focus on the results.
  • Use a consistent format to write your education qualifications.
  • Give the hiring managers a pleasant surprise with the additional section

Complement Your resume with a Cover letter

Whether you're looking for an entry-level job or have been working for a while, highlighting your relevant accomplishments in your cover letter might help you stand out and land that job interview. Make your cover letter quickly by using our cover letter template.

Frequently Asked Questions

In an environmental engineer resume, how many bullet points do you put for each job?

Each position should include at least three bullet points in your work experience section. This gives recruiting employers a clear picture of your prior responsibilities and obligations.

What are the academic regulatory requirements to become an environmental engineer?

A bachelor's degree in environmental engineering is required. However, in general, civil, and biochemical degrees are also allowed.

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