Writing Electrician Apprentice Resume Without Help (Examples & Tips)

Gone are the days when getting an electrician apprentice job was an intimidating task. Time has changed and there are ample opportunities now. Those hours of training and qualification will lend you a job only if your skills are presented in the right way. So, what’s the right way?

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Electrician Apprentice Resume Example

Apprentice ElectricianSafe Lights Pvt. Ltd.
May 2010-April 2012

  • Supervising installation & maintenance of new electrical systems at the site
  • Trained in repairing electrical systems and faulty equipment
  • Assisted electricians in solar panels fittings and fixtures
  • Introduced a new format of electrical components stock keeping that decreased monthly warehouse expenses by 13%
  • Located and proposed new electrical outlets to render annual electrical services maintenance that increased revenue
  • Skilled at finding electrical failures, broken insulation, and loose connections.

Apprentice Electrician
Safe Lights Pvt. Ltd.
May 2010-April 2012

  • Power drills & pull wire
  • Commercial installations
  • Light fixtures in commercial buildings
  • Serviced street lights
  • Multiple projects
  • Control panels

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An electrician apprentice resume. The good news is you don’t need help writing it.

The electrical trade requires an individual to be well-trained & certified. However, they must be because it deals with life-threatening hazards. This is the reason why people working in it are largely dependent on word-of-mouth publicity. But not anymore.

An outstanding resume for an electrician apprentice can simply outline your skills, qualifications, and trade credentials to the hiring managers.

If you are an electrician apprentice seeking guidance to write a professional resume then this post will guide you. Once you are finished reading try our resume builder.

Additionally, we have ready-to-use resume templates to get you started without help!

Ronny D. Hoskin

Electrician Apprentice

+1 318 93 35 50


Professional Summary

Hardworking electrician apprentice having experience in industrial and commercial projects. Trained in heavy-duty electrical wiring for industrial units. Multiple tasking, strong leadership skills, and managing small & medium-sized projects are my core talents.


Jackson & Co., Electrical Contractor

Electrician Apprentice

January 2009 to Date

  • Installed chemical heating electrical systems in dying industries.
  • Concealed new electrical wiring for industrial shades.
  • Comfortable working in challenging workspaces like basements & attics.
  • Installing new electrical components for residential properties.
  • Know how to read diagrams & blueprints for new electrical works.
  • Giving work estimates to potential clients for new projects.

Skyline Electricals


April 2004-December 2008

  • Meet & greet customers when they visit the showroom.
  • Attend customer queries, and provide necessary info with product demos.
  • Acknowledge customers about prices and product features.
  • Cross-sell products and explain ongoing discounts.
  • Maintain showroom stock inventory.

Kendale Advanced Education, MI

Electrician Apprenticeship & Industry Training

April 2002-March 2004

MEA Trade School, MI

High School Diploma

April 2000-March 2002

  • Installing electrical systems
  • Skilled in using power tools with safety measures
  • Repairing faulty electrical wiring and devices
  • Assembling heavy electrical equipment at the site
  • Decoding national electric code & local electrical codes
  • Industrial fitting experience
  • Electrical control systems maintenance
  • Precisely reading volts & ohm electrical units

The vocational training certificate, Kendale vocational training institute

Electrical trade certification, Michigan state skill training

The above-mentioned electrician apprentice resume is compatible with current job search scenarios. It’s a sample for your help. You can use the same or go through our resume examples by clicking on the link.

There’s something more for you. Here’s the link to the electrical engineer's resume in case you want to have a look at it. Click and browse the resume to see how perfectly it is organized. Okay, now let’s proceed with the resume writing process.

Writing a Job Winning Apprentice Electrician Resume

An apprentice electrician deals in heavy tools, electrical systems, and equipment. In other words, their field of work demands a sophisticated skill set and expertise. It means their resume is different from others.

Hence, it is critical to organize the content of your resume. The hiring authority must get relevant details in the desired format. This calls for our next section - the layout, format, and structure of the apprentice electrician resume. Here it is.

Apprentice Electrician Resume Structure

The structure of your resume makes the flow of the content smooth and comprehensible. It also reflects on the mind of the recruiter how organized you are.

Use the following recommended structure

  • Header
  • Professional summary
  • Work experience
  • Education
  • Skills
  • Certifications
  • Highlights (additional information)

The above-mentioned order is universally corresponding and we advise you to follow the same. We will look into each segment separately in a while after discussing the apprentice electrician resume format.

However, you can always skip and jump to the next section by scrolling through it.👇

Apprentice Electrician Resume Format

Ideally, an electrical apprentice can format his/her resume in three ways.

  • The reverse-chronological resume format lists the current work experience first followed by the older ones. This is the latest format followed across the globe.
  • The functional aka skill-based resume format focuses on the core strength of the applicant. It eliminates other details.
  • The hybrid aka combination resume format is the combination of chronological and functional. The only drawback of using this format is that the work history is not mentioned upfront.

We recommend the reverse chronological for the electrical apprentice resume. Here’s why.

The chronological format in reverse order is easy to write reflecting an upward trend in the work history. It also shows that you have a consistent employment record with the recruiter as an electrical apprentice.

The important things that this format highlights are the company name, year of employment, location, achievements, and responsibilities undertaken. All in all, it makes the hiring manager's job easy to scrutinize important information.

This is how you assure an interview call.

Now, let’s understand the various sections of the resume structure.

The Header of Apprentice Electrician Resume

The topmost segment of your resume is the header section. It includes brief contact details with your name. We have given two examples of the header. Follow the same.

Good and Bad Header

Ronny D. Hoskin

Electrician Apprentice

+1 318 93 35 50


Electrician Apprentice

Ronny D. Hoskin

4667 Hott Street

Oklahoma City, OK 73119

+1 318 93 35 50


Age: 28 years old

DOB: November, 5 1995

The motive of the header is to let the recruiter know brief details about you. For instance, full name, job title, phone number and email address.

You can add professional profile links, for example, LinkedIn, whereas personal social media pages should be avoided, however.

Location is subjective. You can add but it is not a mandatory detail. Although the hiring manager would want to know your whereabouts still you can skip writing it in the header.

What You Must Avoid in Your Apprentice Electrician Resume

So without further ado here’s a list of details that you must always omit from your apprentice electrician resume.

  • Refrain from including multiple phone numbers & email addresses.
  • Never use your current company work phone or email address because it gives a negative impact on the reader.
  • Avoid full residential addresses because recruiters don’t use mail services to inform you.
  • Also, give up using the contact details of others. You must be the first point of contact once the recruiter decides to contact you.
  • Don’t add your image unless the recruiter demands it.

Writing Professional Experience in Electrical Apprentice Resume

The work history in your resume while applying for an apprentice electrician job is an essential element. It’s a deal breaker if not optimized appropriately.

Okay, so here’s a list of necessary rules. Follow them while writing the professional experience section in your electrical apprentice resume.

Rules to Write Professional Work History that Attracts Attention

  • Start with the job title, company name, and employment period followed by your responsibilities and achievements.
  • Use the reverse chronological order format to list work experience starting from the latest.
  • Address gaps in employment (if any) with relevant details. Don’t brag too much about it. Simply state what happened and proceed.
  • Mention achievements with relevant figures. Refer to bullet point number 4 in the example below to understand precisely.
  • Understand what the job profile wants and list your achievements accordingly. For example, instead of plain and simple “switch gear” write “experience installing heavy-duty switch gear in construction projects”.
  • Don’t be too specific with dates of employment. The standard form is mm/yyyy.
  • If you are running out of space then omit old work experiences. Maintain the 1-page resume pattern.
  • Use basic formatting by eliminating fancy fonts, emojis, or similar things. These are highly unprofessional.

Now that you know the ground rules below are two examples for you. They will help you understand better what is said in the bullet points above. Take a look.

Examples of Work Experience in Apprentice Electrician Resume

Note: I know many master electricians and I have worked with other apprentice electricians also.

Examples of Work Experience in Master Electrician Resume

Master Electrician

ON OFF Electricals

January 2012-December 2018

  • Highly experienced in supervising teams of electrical apprentices both freshers and journeyman electricians.
  • Supervised a huge team of 62 journeyman electricians to install control panels for residential customers following standard safety procedures.
  • Managed to conceal lighting fixtures, electrical panels, and push wiring in a 7800-square-foot area of under-construction environment in a month.
  • Secured legit permissions to proceed with electrical work in proper working order.
  • The recommended maintenance schedule for electrical systems.

Master Electrician

ON OFF Electricals

January 2012-December 2018

  • Electrical systems
  • Electrical wiring
  • Electrical equipment installation
  • Hand and power tools knowledge
  • Electrical circuits
  • Electrical construction
  • Journeyman electrician team handling

If you observe the incorrect examples above you will understand that the work history is just a collection of key phrases. There’s no concrete appeal to the reader backed by facts and figures. It sounds like I know how to use hand tools in electrical wiring.

Whereas the correct examples show specific details. Even if the recruiter doesn’t belong to the same field it will give him or her a clear understanding.

How to write about work experience without having one

If you are a fresher without field experience then there are ways to address this concern without looking like a novice.

Instead of work history, focus on projects and summer jobs that you did during your training. For example, a school project during the high school diploma. It’s legit because it shows that you have some sort of work-related background.

Secondly, you can also include private work or a job when you were still learning. For example, I helped electrical contractors to fit intercom systems on the school campus.

Do not boast about it with high-level technical terms because licensed electricians don’t allow untrained people to work with them.

Education Details in Electrical Apprentice Resume

This segment in an electrical apprentice resume is of paramount importance due to vivid reasons. Although indeed, you don’t require higher education to be an electrician, still you should have a high school diploma or equivalent.

Looking at the nature of work an electrician does and since you will be required to work without supervision there’s a minimum education requirement.

Michigan Trade School Training

Diploma (Maths Major)


Electrical Trade's Aptitude Test Certificate

June 2004

Score: 7.8 out of 9 (minimum required score is 4)

Being an electrical apprentice you will be working with electrical devices, hence your certificates are of paramount importance. However, substantial field experience can easily outrun the need for certificates.

Skills to include in Electrical Apprentice Resume

An electrician apprentice has to be good at many things. For instance, calculation master, ability to decode circuit diagrams, a problem solver, and have a deep understanding of a series of electrical equipment.

All these falls under skill sets.

The question is how will you list skills in your electrician apprentice resume?

Brainstorm your overall experience and write what you can do to ease the work. Also, write what you have learned so far.

We have enlisted a sample skill for your reference below.

⚠️ Remember, apprentice electrician is more of a technical job hence use terms relevant to your field. Refer to the list below.

Technical Skills

  • Solar panels installation
  • Repairing electrical equipment
  • Maintain electrical systems
  • Circuit breakers knowledge
  • Algebra
  • 3-phase electrical installations
  • Wiring diagrams
  • Load distribution systems
  • Adept in preventative maintenance

Soft Skills

  • Work under pressure
  • Problem-solving
  • Attention to details
  • Teamwork
  • Calculation
  • Self-dependent
  • Accuracy
  • Safety measurements
  • Work ethics

Professional Summary in Electrical Apprentice Resume

Generally, the professional summary falls exactly below the header section of a professional resume.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the above statement. To summarize yourself in a resume is no big deal and above all, you don’t need to be an expert.

Study the comparative examples below to get an idea.

Examples of Professional Summary

Hard-working, skill-oriented electrical apprentice with a high school diploma having 3 years of experience in commercial & industrial electrical wiring. Knowledge of manual and automated electrical equipment, power tools, circuit breakers, and hand and power tools. Assisted electricians in heavy power control equipment for more than a year to gain relevant knowledge.

I am a dedicated apprentice. I have years of experience in electrical installation. I give electrical services to my companies. I also have worked on electrical panels having auto mechanical systems.

Did you notice the difference? The latter one looks as if someone has copied a piece of content from electrician apprentice resume examples. We all know where resumes with summaries like this end up.

On the other hand, the correct professional summary not only contains the necessary details but portrays your personality. If you are still not confident about writing a summary then take the help of our resume builder.

Additional Sections to Add Value to Your Electrical Apprentice Resume

Add-on sections might look like a non-performing asset but it still holds value. Not only this but most of the time it can be a deciding factor for hiring managers to separate talents like you.

But how will they distinguish? The answer lies in your resume.

A stand-alone and value-added skill section can increase your chances of hiring. It can be certificates, substantial work accomplishments, computer skills, language or even volunteer experience.

Computer Skills

Through computer literacy, we are addressing niche-specific skills. For instance, drawing electrical circuits or layout of electrical outlets on computers.

Even hands-on experience in using simulation software for panels or electrical devices would also be a great achievement to boast about.


Apart from being fluent in more than one language, there’s something else that can elevate your hiring. Since an electrical apprentice deals with electrical installations there are technical diagrams that need to be thoroughly understood.

Sometimes they can be in altogether different languages. Hence, if an apprentice has language proficiency it can make the job easy.

Point out if you have expertise in reading, writing, and speaking other languages different from your native one. It’s a huge advantage.


A technical job resume supported by a high level of technical certificates is an alluring combination for recruiters. We bet they won’t take their eyes off your resume.

List all the trade certifications in bulleted points with correct names and abbreviations. Refer to the example below. This section is taken from the electrician apprentice resume sample in the beginning. Scroll up to read the sample.👆

  • The vocational training certificate, Kendale vocational training institute
  • Electrical trade certification, Michigan state skill training

Summary: How to Write (Job Winning) Electrical Apprentice Resume

We are now on the edge to finish this article. Therefore, let’s summarize the entire process of writing an electrician apprentice resume. Here we go.

  • Begin with brief contact details in the header.
  • Write a professional summary showcasing your experience and expertise.
  • If you are fresher then write an objective statement instead of a work history.
  • Organize work experience in reverse chronological order starting with the latest.
  • State your education details in reverse order. Start with the highest qualification.
  • Mention your technical and soft skills. Highlight technical ones more.
  • List electrical trade certificates. Just the name of the certificate & awarding institute.
  • If there’s any special achievement then mention them separately in the resume.

Writing Cover Letter to Send with Electrical Apprentice Resume

Now you can easily get started with writing your apprentice electrician resume since you have exposure to a great variety of details and tips.

But wait!

There’s something more we need to do. It’s the cover letter.

It depends on the hiring company whether or not they will demand a cover letter from you. Let's say if they did you must be prepared.

A cover letter is a self-introductory letter to efficiently represent yourself to the recruiter. It’s different compared to a resume. In a cover letter define your achievements, qualifications, and expertise.

The hiring company would also want to know your reason behind joining the company.

Writing a cover letter might feel like swimming in high tide. However, we have a solution to this. Use our readymade cover letter templates. See which one suits your job profile. Click now to get started.


How much does an electrical apprentice earn?

According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, an electrical apprentice wage was $60,040 in May 2021. Their hourly wages were $28.87/hour.

It has also stated that trade employment in electrical technology will grow to 7% by 2031. Over ten years, approximately 79,900 openings for electricians are expected.

What are the future employment opportunities for an electrical apprentice?

An electrician can never run out of jobs. Though employment opportunities heavily depend on prior qualification there are ongoing demands for an electrical apprentice.

You can pursue advanced training to polish your skills. Further, you can also learn about the technological innovations being done in electrical work.

In short, your career can transform from an apprentice to a master electrician swiftly.

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