Customer Service Manager Resume: Complete Guide with Tips

Writing customer service manager resume may not be as easy as everyone make it out to be. Sure, you can write a resume and use it to apply for jobs. But if you want to ensure the efficiency of your resume, you need to follow certain guidelines and you need to know how you can present your profile information on a customer service manager resume in a way that increases your chances of getting hired by making desired impact on the recruiter.

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We have prepared a complete guide along with some tips to help you write a job winning customer service manager resume! So let's dive in!

Making your resume professional

To make your resume professional, you need to know certain rules or rather guidelines for writing the customer service manager resume. Professional resume reflects professionalism through formal language and presentation of profile in particular professional resume formats.

📌 Professional resume guidelines : making your resume professional

  • Use past tense, third person for formal tone of language
  • Proofread twice and remove any spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and factual errors
  • Use simple document label: Your full name Resume
  • Use compatible document format: Microsoft word or PDF
  • Use as many numbers as possible to quantify the information to make it more impressive
  • Use as many action verbs as possible to increase the impact of the information through language
  • If you mention your LinkedIn profile link, make sure your profile is carefully curated and you are active on the platform on a regular basis
  • Make sure the information is accurate including the contact information so that the recruiter can reach out to you successfully
Customer Service Manager Resume


To write a good customer service manager resume, you need to do some research first on your role, job description, industry and employers. The research allows you to understand more than you already do, you get insights on what recruiters will expect from you, how can you stand out and what is the current job market scenario.

Formats & Templates

Formats are fixed layouts for professional resume that allows you to present your profile in the most efficient manner possible. There are many formats but 3 are preferred by most professionals. Functional for freshers, reverse chronological for seasoned professionals and combination for those who are looking for a career change.

After choosing the format, you can choose the template according to your need of visual appeal as the templates are available in wide range and provide you various creative and non-creative yet visually appeal designs that make your resume easy on eyes.

The resume header

📌 Information to include on your resume header :

  • Your full name
  • Your contact number with area code
  • Your professional email ID
  • Your LinkedIn profile link if your profile is updated and you are active on the platform
  • Your home address and professional headshot (Not mandatory hence up to you if you want to include or not.

Resume Summary

Your resume summary should be 3 to 5 bullet points long with the mention of your role on the top.

In the resume summary, you need to cover certain points such as your total years of experience and a little background. You need to pick the most important achievements, outstanding performances and most important and relevant skills to mention in the summary section.

You can also provide a summary of your experience with highlight of particular tasks that you excelled at in case there are no remarkable details in your experience information or work history. At last, you need to mention what kind of opportunity you are looking for and how you will contribute to your next opportunity.

Professional work experience

Your work history should be written in reverse chronological order with bullet points. You need to mention your job title, employer’s full name, & the employment period.

You should include your job description in the experience details in addition to every detail of your responsibilities, any outstanding performances, any recognitions and anything else that may be relevant. You should also incorporate relevant skills.

You should cover every detail of your job duties from taking calls to implementing new strategies and everything in between, a thorough experience description is very important.


You may not have relevant degrees for this profession and that’s okay. In your education section you can mention your high school diploma.

When you mention the details you need to include the full name of degree or such, name of education institution and the year (only if you are not a recent graduate). You can also mention any online courses you might have completed or relevant subjects you studied or your academic performances that may have been impressive.

Skills section

Customer Service Manager Resume

You may have talked about your skills in the summary section, experience section and also your education section; so why do you need a separate section for your skills?

The separate section for your skills is where you highlight the skills efficiently because unlike other sections, the skills section has a list of skills that are relevant. The skills are mentioned in 2-3 words which is easy to read and quickly comprehensible.

The skills mentioned in your skills section are also your top strengths that are also most important for your role as customer service manager.

📌 List of skills for customer service manager resume :

  • Providing customer information
  • Solving customer issues and customer inquiries
  • Cost reduction
  • Soft skills
  • Meeting customer needs
  • Providing customer care
  • Resolving customer complaints
  • Providing training programs for fellow officials
  • Problem solving
  • Thorough understanding
  • Coordinating with appropriate department
  • Ensure customer satisfaction
  • Coordinating with senior management
  • Problem solving in timely manner
  • Excellent customer service
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Analytical thinking
  • Communication skills
  • Quality assurance
  • Management skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Hard and soft skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Meeting customer requirements
  • Managing customer feedback
  • Multi line phone system
  • Improving customer experience
  • Solving customer issues
  • Customer service activities
  • Managing customer service associates
  • Exceeded customer satisfaction goals
  • Manage customer loyalty program
  • Answering to customer concerns
  • Managing key performance metrics
  • Customer service initiatives
  • Managing customer accounts
  • Coordination and management of customer service department
  • Pleasant customer service experience
  • Managing customer service team
  • Customer service policies administration

Extra sections

If you have any extra information such as language proficiencies, personal interests, training, completed programs and courses or attended events and seminars that may be relevant, you can create extra sections for this information.

Most of your fellow job applicants will have similar skills and experience as you, meaning you need to offer something extra and more, the extra sections can help you with that by setting you apart from the herd.

Cover letter

Cover letters are not always mandatory however the benefits of enclosing a cover letter in your job application are not negligible.

A cover letter allows you to personally address the recruiter, talk in a but if informal tone as opposed to strict formal tone in your customer service manager resume. A cover letter is also your opportunity to reiterate your candidacy and competency.

You can also talk about your inspiration, journey, past experiences, skills, knowledge and anything else that might be relevant and impressive. Unlike the limitations of a resume, in cover letter you can elaborate and explain in more detail and with more context.


You might have heard how recruiters use AI driven software to scan the resumes now. It is called applicant tracking systems or the ATS. The ATS scans and filters the resumes and the job application details they receive in the job application from hundreds and thousands of applicants.

Scanning all of them manually can be very time consuming and tiring, which is why they use the ATS. The ATS operates on the basis of set parameters. These parameters are simply the relevant keywords.

Relevant keywords are the words that are of key importance when it comes to your role, job description, responsibilities, industry, potential employers and everything in between.

When you do the research you can note down the keywords to keep handy when you are writing your professional customer service manager resume.

You need to use the keywords sensibly and in a meaningful manner so that the information makes sense to the reader. Often professionals stuff the keywords randomly in a manner that renders the information senseless. Repetition of the keywords should also be properly managed.

Using keywords throughout your customer service manager resume helps you beat the ATS and it is your subtle strategy meaning it should not be obvious to the reader as it can make your resume be interpreted as an unprofessional resume.

In addition to keywords you should also choose ATS friendly resume format and template in case you are using a resume builder resource. Your resume document format should be compatible with various ATS as well so you might want to stick with formats such as Microsoft Word and PDF.

📌 List of keywords for customer service manager resume :

  • Customer service manager
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Customer service managers
  • Customer service team
  • Customer service manager job
  • Customer service manager position
  • Customer accounts
  • Customer accounts management
  • Management skills
  • Customer service management
  • Customer complaints
  • Service manager
  • Customer requirements
  • Customer retention
  • Customer loyalty program
  • Excellent customer service
  • Providing excellent customer service
  • Resolved customer complaints
  • Multi line phone system
  • Customer issues
  • Customer inquiries
  • Customer feedback
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Timely manner
  • High school diploma
  • Problem solving
  • Customer care
  • Customer needs
  • Cost reduction
  • Success stories
  • Appropriate department
  • Problem solving in preferable manner
  • Quality customer care
  • Resolved customer complaints
  • Answering to customer inquiries
  • Successful customer service management
  • Improved customer service management
  • Manage customer service team
Customer Service Manager Resume


References help you provide a source of reassurance for the recruiters. You need to choose your references very carefully because they can often convince the hiring manager to hire you and sometimes reject you depending on the feedback they receive.

References are the people you mention on your resume with their contact information. Hiring managers often call or mail or contact these references to get some idea of what kind of an employee you will be if they hire you.

Hiring manager might ask the references about your past jobs and work history, your skills, your knowledge and abilities and even more personal and professional information such as did you have work ethic, did you perform well, how did you respond in crisis, how were you with your colleagues, has there been any issues with your past employers, how do you behave usually, are there any shortcomings or issues that you have and so on.

When you are choosing the references, they can be anyone from your past jobs such as your colleagues, your supervisors or managers or any superiors, your team members or anyone else who has worked with you in professional capacity.

These references can make or break your career with the kind of feedback they provide to the recruiters, that means you need to choose the references very carefully, you need to make sure you choose the people that have everything positive to say and may be a little bit of constructive criticism or non-problematic, positive yet somewhat lacking aspects of your professional career to balance the positive feedback. This is important because otherwise the recruiter will doubt the objectivity of the reference who is giving the feedback of your professional capacities.

While mentioning the references, you need to create a separate section, after skills section. In that, you need to include at least 3 references, their contact number with area code and their email address. Make sure the details are accurate, you can also add the detail of who they are and in what capacity they worked with you.(manager at x company, colleague at y company etc.)

You should let the references know that you have mentioned them on your customer service manager resume as references and they can expect calls or contact attempt from recruiters who may have come across your resume, you should ask for their permission before using their contact details on your customer service manager resume. In case, you want to protect their privacy and contact details, you can simply write that you will provide references wen asked so that you can share the details directly to the recruiter when requested.

Customer service manager resume skills

There are many customer service manager resume skills that you can mention on your customer service manager resume. Now that we have covered everything related to a professional customer service manager resume, let's understand the customer service manager resume skills in depth.

This will help you understand the importance of these skills and also help you figure out where and how you can mention them so that you can make the maximum impact of your skills when it comes to deliberation of whether you can do the job of a customer service manager or not.

Achieving customer satisfaction scores/ customer satisfaction ratings

As a customer service manager, you need to achieve company goals one of which is going to be maintaining or achieving the target customer satisfaction scores and customer satisfaction ratings.

Most customers tend to leave feedback (in person on physical forms or mediums and/or online platforms of digital media such as Yelp or Google review or anything else that may be an option such as company's own website) in two cases.

💡 Did you know?

68% of customers prefer brands that are known to offer excellent customer service!


First is if they had incredibly bad experience, in which case they would want to spread the word by leaving the feedback so that the other customers can avoid having the same experience with a company. They may also do it to ensure the company reputation is tarnished because they had a bad experience with the company.

The second is when they have really good experience, so good that they feel compelled to spread the word by leaving feedback so that the other customers know that the company and its products and/or services are good and should be bought. Another reason they feel compelled to leave the positive feedback is to show appreciation and gratitude to the professionals who treated them nicely, helped them and/or solved their problems in a way that took away their stress and/or saved their money and troubles or anything else that may be pleasant and nice.

Customers do not tend to leave any feedback when the experience has been ordinary as expected or normal rather than exceptionally (compared to how most companies treat their customers, how customers are usually treated by professionals with regard of professionalism, politeness and kindness) because they do not feel anything strongly enough to want to leave a feedback on any platforms.

As a customer service manager your goal should be to achieve customer satisfaction scores & customer satisfaction ratings by ensuring that the customers get the exceptionally positive treatment by you and also other customer service representatives and officials.

Your skill to achieve company goals, achieve customer satisfaction scores & ratings, managing customer service team with the goals in mind should be highlighted throughout your customer service manager resume so that the recruiter knows that you understand the important aspects of your job as a customer service manager. You can incorporate these skills throughout your customer service manager resume.

Customer service software programs

As a professional customer service manager you need to be able to handle technical aspects of the job which requires you to have technical skills. As a customer service manager of a company you will be responsible for operating customer service software programs that make the customer service experience simpler, easier and use friendly for the customer and as a customer service manager, you need to not only operate the software but also ensure that the customer issues are resolved and the use of customer service software is successful.

You can mention your abilities to managed customer service providing software by mentioning the name of software, talking about how you used the software and how it contributed to customer service experience of the customers. You can also mention how you handled any issues, errors and problems faced by the customer son the other end as well as your fellow customer service representatives and officials.

Customer service leadership

As a customer service manager, you are likely to be managing a team of customer service representatives, officials and many more professionals in the customer service department. You might even have to coordinate with IT department in case of issues, marketing department, production department, sales department and more to ensure customer complaints are resolved and solutions are provided for all the customer complaints and issues.

To ensure that customer satisfaction scores are high, your treatment exceed expectations of the customers compelling them to leave a good feedback, client satisfaction is achieved along with desirable customer retention rate and customer satisfaction goals and customer satisfaction ratings and much more- you need to be able to lead the whole team of customer service department in the right direction with the necessary guidance, assistance and improvements through implementation of new strategies.

This is called customer service leadership when you talk about these aspects on your customer service manager resume. You can mention this skill in summary section and experience section if you want along with details of context and more, but you must include it in your skills section without forgetting because it is one of the most important skills for a customer service manager.

Resolving customer complaints

Customer Service Manager Resume

Customers go to customer service mostly when they have complaints or issues, resolving them is the primary intention behind the formation of customer service department. Thus, resolving customer service is of utmost importance.

You may have resolved customer inquiries throughout your experiences and now you need to mention that on your customer service manager resume. Complaints and issues can be complicated and difficult because as a representative of the company you need to ensure the best interests of the company are protected which also include ensuring good customer service to improve customer retention and to improve customer satisfaction ratings.

You will need the knowledge, problem solving skills and ability to find creative solutions that benefit both the company and the customer instead of leaving either party dissatisfied or angry at the other party.

You need to mention your ability and skill to resolve customer complaints and finding resolutions by showcasing how you have successfully resolved customer inquiries, you can also present success stories of incidents where the complaint was unique and you faced issues such as circumstance where the complaint could not be verified or the customer's money was stuck in the transaction somewhere and so on. You should focus on how you solved those issues and showcased your creative resolution abilities.

Customer service standards & customer service policies

Customer service standards are not limited to what has been defined by the company but also the laws applicable to your employer company's products and services and the customer, laws applicable to a business and customer relationship, laws applicable to service or product consumption, provision and more.

You need to maintain, manage and protect the legal customer service standards as well as company's. The company would also have defined and carefully laid out customer service policies that you need to follow, implement and preserve when dealing with the customers.

You need to mention how good you are at remembering the standards and policies and implementing them when dealing with the customers.

Customer engagement

Customer retention goals, customer satisfaction goals and company reputation-all of these are dependent on the customer engagement. The way in which customer is engaged will make a lot of difference. Customer's engagement experience will result in feedback and consequential impact such as customer retention and company reputation (from the feedbacks).

As a customer service manager, you need to ensure positive customer's engagement by meeting the customer expectations, positive customer experience and even customer service activities with positive outcomes. You can talk about how you improved customer satisfaction goals and customer experience with the best customer service and customer engagement.

Quality assurance

Quality customer service is defined by quality assurance of customer experience and resolutions of customer complaints. Meaning, you need to provide solutions in a way so that the customer service is regarded as quality customer service.

Quality assurance also applies to products and service consumption as well as purchase, meaning you can coordinate with production and sales department and ensure that customer feedback is conveyed and in case of any issues, resolved customer complaints convert into customer's positive feedback.

You need to mention this on your customer service manager resume because it will reflect how dedicated you are to your role of customer service manager.

Data analysis

With customers and their feedback and their issues, you will gather a lot of data. Data that can be analyzed in order to make improvements in many areas. You can improve customer satisfaction goals, customer requirements satisfaction rate and much more.

For this you need the skills such as data analysis, analytical thinking and ability to draw fruitful conclusions that can be used to implement change and improvement.

Your ability to improve customer satisfaction through data analysis should be showcased on your customer service manager resume in experience as well as skills section. You can also mention it in the summary section if you have managed to do it so well that you helped achieve success for the company with a lot of success stories.


To conclude let's recap some of the important aspects that you need to keep in mind while writing a job winning professional customer service manager resume.

You need to follow the guidelines of professional resume writing if you want to impress the hiring manager by reflecting perfection in the form of professionalism and presentation of your profile on resume in a way that is efficient as well as in sync with the professional layout formats.

You need to do some research before you begin so that you are up to date and also have some insight on how to best present your profile with regard of current job market scenario, you can also use this research to note down keywords and explore job descriptions of various job postings to get an idea of what extra you can offer to the hiring managers.

The information of contact on the top of your professional customer service manager resume should be accurate and written the formal and professional manner.

Resume summary is very important because it decides whether the hiring managers will get interested in your customer service manager resume or not by reading the important highlight points of your profile in the summary section. The information in this section should be crisp, concise and intriguing.

Your work history should cover every single detail of your job description and anything extra along with unique achievements, performances and recognitions. You need to be thorough with your experience details and that will help you showcase everything you have done in past jobs which in turn will showcase you as an employee who is thorough and pays attention to details.

Your education section should mention your high school diploma, any other courses and details of relevant subjects and exceptional academic performances such as grades or such. Mention any training, online programs and courses as well, to add value to your education section on the professional customer service manager resume.

The skills section should highlight your top most important strengths, the skills should be incorporated in all the sections in a way that they play the role of evidence for the experience and performance of past jobs that you describe on your customer service manager resume. Incorporate the relevant skills throughout your resume in resume summary or resume objective section, experience or work history section, education section and the skills section. Quantify the skills with numbers wherever possible to amplify the impact of your skills on your customer service manager resume.

Extra sections add the most value to your customer service manager resume and help you stand out for offering something extra, something different and/or something new. Write all the relevant extra information in extra sections which may include your language proficiencies, your personal interests, any extra experiences and exposures to seminars, events, programs and anything else that may be deemed relevant and add value to your customer service manager resume and also help you stand out in the pool of fellow applicants with customer service manager resumes.

Cover letters may seem tiresome but are very important and can go a long way and make a huge difference for your chances of getting hired. You need to personalize them for the hiring managers and the employer company to achieve the full potential of a cover letter for impressing the hiring managers. Always enclose a cover letter in your job application to ensure you give your all and your best for the job you are applying to, especially when it's a job that you really want or dreamed of for a long time.

References are very important and you need to use them in a smart manner by choosing the right people to mention on your customer service manager resume as your references. You need to ensure that the references you have chosen will have positive feedback to give about you when the hiring managers call them regarding your work profile, work history, your skills and experience along with your nature and the kind of person you are as a professional and an employee.

Follow all the guidelines of a professional resume writing for your customer service manager resume. Do not forget to proofread your customer service manager resume twice and ensure that there are no grammatical mistakes or spelling errors or even any factual errors. Smallest of mistakes can ruin all your efforts and the recruitment official will get the impression that you are unprofessional, careless and fail to pay attention to details. You can also use this article as your checklist to ensure you do not forget any important point and write a professional customer service manager resume that actually gets you the jobs you want.

We have a huge carefully curated collection of a number of resume examples and resume writing guides and also templates, for all the professions, occupations and even topics of job search related to LinkedIn and much more, you must check it out! Now that you know all about writing a customer service manager resume, you can start writing your own customer service manager resume. We wish you the best for your job hunt and hopefully, with the help of this guide and a flawless customer service manager resume, you will get the job you want, soon enough. Best of luck!

Customer Service Manager Resume

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which are the top skills for customer service manager resume?

There are many soft skills as well hard skills and even some technical skills that you need as a customer service manager along with the knowledge of the product or service your company provides and also about the company in case a customer inquires.

These skills may be used throughout the customer service manager resume in various sections such as resume summary, work history or the professional experience, education and also the skills section. While you mention many skills throughout your customer service manager resume, there are some that you will mention specifically in the skills section in the form of list.

These skills may be deemed the top skills and most important ones that you need to emphasize on along with highlighting them properly. Some of these customer service manager resume skills may be :

  • Quality customer service
  • Customer service management
  • Handling customer complaints
  • Customer retention
  • Managing customer satisfaction scores
  • Maintaining customer service standards with customer service policies
  • Process customer feedback

Should I include receptionist experience on my customer service manager resume?

When you work as a receptionist, you receive calls and handle most of the outgoing and incoming communication channels, which means that you deal with the customers or clients directly, you also acquired all the knowledge of the company, its products and services to provide all the help through calls by answering all the inquiries and help solve any issues.

Now when you assume the role of customer service manager role, you will deal with similar responsibilities such as solving customer's issues, providing information and more for any inquiries and also managing a team of customer service officials perhaps. You might have managed a lot as a receptionist as well, while coordinating with various people from the team I the office and ensuring a smooth operation of customer service on daily basis.

What this means is that there are skills and aspects of experience of the role of receptionist that may be transferable to the role of customer service manager, which is in a way a similar job experience in itself. If you have done a good job as a receptionist, you are likely to do a good job as customer service manager as well.

Because of this similarity of roles, necessary skills and the nature of experience, the experience of receptionist or any other such experience holds great value as well as adding more weight to your customer service manager resume. So yes! You should definitely include your experience of being a receptionist on your own professional customer service manager resume.

You should also articulate the similar skills and experience along with similar job responsibilities along with the experience details and highlight them to point out how you will leverage those skills and experiences at your new job as a customer service manager.

How is a cover letter helpful with my customer service manager resume?

Cover letter adds a lot of value to your application for the job of customer service manager. Cover letter allows you to address the hiring manager directly and create an impression through personalized cover letter. Cover letter also lets you talk about your journey, inspiration, job experiences, skills and a lot more that may be important and also helpful in convincing the hiring manager for giving you a shot at the opportunity.

Cover letter may seem tiresome or pointless, however you can increase your chances of grabbing the hiring manager's attention, impressing them and also getting an interview because a personalized letter is going to make the hiring manager pay attention to your profile very carefully and decide to at least invite you for an interview so that you can pitch your candidacy.

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