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Looking for answers regarding a content moderators resume? Look no further! We have carefully curated a complete guide for writing a content moderators resume to help you get the best job opportunities out there by enhancing your job application with the best content moderators resume!

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When you go out to watch a movie or try a new restaurant, you do a little research to figure out what's good and what you should choose and do. Such research can also help you when writing your resume. Before writing your resume for content moderator role, you may have referred to content moderator resume example as well.

When you are doing the research, you should explore your role, job duties, industry and potential employers. This will give you some insight into current job market scenario, current trends and also help you figure out how you can write the most efficient resume.

Doing such research is really helpful for any professional whether you are a content moderator or business professional or social media professional.

content moderator resume

Content moderator resume

Now let's talk about writing a content moderators resume, you may have referred to many content moderators resume examples and may be wondering how to write and go about each sections! Let's discuss!

Contact info

The contact information will be mentioned at the top of your content moderators resume in the header, the information should include:

  • Your full name
  • Your contact number with area code
  • Your professional and formal email ID
  • Your LinkedIn profile link (if your profile is updated and you are active on the platform)
  • Your portfolio link (in case you have one carefully prepared)
  • Your professional headshot in a formal attire (not mandatory)
  • Your home address in brief (not mandatory)


The resume summary is where you highlight the most important details of your content moderator resume. It should mention your role and then details in bullet points no more than 5 and no less than 3.

content moderator resume

The summary points should cover few details such as your total years of experience as a professional, a little bit about background, your top achievement and skills and at last you need to mention what you will bring to the table at your next job opportunity.

When highlighting the achievement and key skills, you should use numbers and action verbs. The achievements can be awards or recognition as well as your track record such as having improved the content moderation process by x percentage.


Your experience section should describe your work history in reverse chronological manner. You need to mention your job title, employer's name, employment period and the details of job duties in bullet points.

While describing each experience, you should be thorough and include all the details of tasks that you handled whether it was ensuring the fulfillment of company guidelines or community guidelines or obvious tasks of content moderator job such as content moderation. You should highlight your achievements and skills as well.

You should also use numbers to quantify the details and action verbs to describe various information as it can help you make the information have better effect on the hiring managers.

💡 Digital content moderation industry is estimated to reach $13.60 billion by the year 2027!



Whether you have a relevant degree or not, whether you have a bachelor's degree or high school diploma, all your education information will be in this section. In case, you don't have a relevant degree, you can mention the relevant subjects and highlight your academic performance if it was exceptional.

You can also mention any completed online courses and programs. You need to mention the full name of degree or course, the education institute and/or platform where you acquired the same. Avoid mentioning the year as it can lead to bias.


You may have included skills in the summary section and experience section but in those sections the skills were mentioned in the context of some other details and was part of a sentence. This makes it a difficult to truly highlight the skills, which is why we have a separate section for your top skills.

The skills mentioned in this section should be the ones that are most relevant and important for your role, they should also be the ones that are your top strengths. The skills mentioned in the below list can be used for your whole resume, you need to pick your top skills for the skills section. You can also choose skills from job descriptions.

📌 List of skills for content moderator resume:

  • Social media platforms
  • Monitoring user generated content
  • Moderating user generated content
  • Content moderation
  • Online community management
  • Social media channels
  • Critical thinking
  • Relevant software
  • Customer complaints management
  • Technical skills
  • Content moderation process
  • Content management systems
  • Community guidelines
  • Company guidelines
  • Social media posts
  • Dealing with offensive material/ inappropriate content/ inappropriate material/ harmful content
  • Industry trends
  • Social media management
  • Handling customer inquiries
  • Moderate content
  • Communication skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Moderation guidelines
  • Marketing initiatives
  • Time management
  • Handling cross functional teams
  • Handling online forums
  • Media ethics
  • Providing positive user experience
  • Data analysis
  • Knowledge of relevant laws
  • Online platforms/ digital platforms
  • Identify trends
  • Content management
  • Ensure brand consistency
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Manage online content
  • Manage user complaints
  • Process improvements
  • Ensuring compliance
  • Managing digital content/ existing content/ engaging content
  • Ensuring online safety
  • Moderating content


content moderator resume

If you have any more relevant information or relevant skills or experience or anything that may be relevant, you should add that to your content moderator resume in extra sections as it can add great value to your resume.

Such information can be your language proficiencies because that can enable you to communicate better with more people and understand more content. It can also be your personal interests such as social media channels or business management or marketing or anything else that may be relevant for the role and job duties of a content moderator.

If you have attended any relevant events, seminars or programs, you add that too. Any of online courses or programs you may have completed, can be added as well. Last but not least, any of your work experience as a freelancer should be mentioned as well.

All this extra information can really help you stand out and increase your chances of getting a shot at the opportunity with a job interview.

Professional Resume Guidelines

📌 To make your resume a professional content moderator resume, you need to follow a few simple professional resume guidelines:

  • Always use past tense, third person for formal tone
  • Use as many action verbs and numbers as possible to make the information more impactful
  • Use simple document label with your full name and 'resume' or 'CV'
  • Use the most compatible document format such as Microsoft Word or PDF
  • Proofread the resume twice to ensure accuracy
  • Remove any spelling mistakes, grammatical errors or factual errors from the resume
  • Ensure the symmetry of margins, white space, font sizes etc.
content moderator resume


You may have heard of applicant tracking systems or the ATS. It is the AI driven software that scans and filters the job applications and resumes that the hiring managers receive from job posting or job ads. To beat the ATS and get shortlisted, your content moderator resume should have the relevant keywords throughout the sections.

You can use the keywords we have listed below. In addition, you should also include the keywords from job description because those are the keywords that the recruiter will prioritize. Make sure that you do not stuff the keywords with unnecessary repetition and randomness.

The information should read normally and make sense after the inclusion of keywords which is why you should include the keywords when you are describing your profile details.

📌 List of relevant keywords for content moderator resume:

  • Harmful content
  • Flagged content
  • Content curation
  • Moderating content
  • Timely manner
  • Ensuring compliance
  • Moderated content
  • Online content
  • Content management systems
  • Content management
  • Online content
  • Online community
  • Multiple clients
  • User generated content
  • User behavior
  • Time management
  • Content moderator positions
  • Offensive material
  • Company guidelines
  • Social media platforms
  • Social media moderator
  • Community guidelines
  • Technical skills
  • Customer service representative
  • Inappropriate or offensive material
  • Inappropriate content
  • Content moderator position
  • Critical thinking
  • Content moderation
  • Content moderators
  • User generated content
  • Social media platforms
  • Content moderator

Key Takeaways

To conclude, your content moderator resume should showcase your skills and experience in the most efficient manner possible. The best way to do that is to follow the professional resume guidelines, choosing the right resume format and presenting your profile in various sections in the way that we discussed above.

You should also check out our resume examples, resume templates and resume writing guides. When you use our resume builder features you will also get ChatGPT like AI prompts and suggestions that will help you enhance your content moderator resume. You can also use this article as your checklist while writing your content moderator resume. Good luck with the job hunt!

content moderator resume

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which are the top skills for a content moderator resume?

There are many soft skills and technical skills that a content moderator position requires you to have, some of the top skills for content moderator resume may be:

  • managing user generated content
  • content moderation
  • dealing with inappropriate content
  • managing online content
  • social media channels

How long should my content moderator resume be?

A standard professional resume is 1 to 2 pages long. your content moderator resume should also be 1 page or 2 pages long, try not to exceed the 2 page limit. Hiring managers are likely not pay attention if the resume is too long.

Should I include social media management experience on content moderator resume?

Yes, social media platforms are important for the role of content moderator and experience of social media management is relevant for the role as well. Adding this experience on your resume will be good value addition.

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