Basketball Coach Resume: Comprehensive Guide for You with Tips

Playing basketball is something that many people can do, but having the coaching skills and best game strategies and much more is something that not everyone can do or have. Similarly, many people may write a resume, but not everyone has a successful basketball coach resume or a perfect head basketball coach resume!

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You may have gone through the best basketball coach resume sample or perhaps multiple basketball coach resume examples however you may be left with some questions and confusions still, which is why we are here!

In this article, we will talk about writing perfect basketball coach resumes so that you can get the basketball coaching jobs that you want and dream of!

Read on for in depth insight into writing a job winning and perfect basketball coach resume!

Begin with the research

Writing a resume begins with research. No research is bad, however, it can take you longer to get to the main point if you do not follow the right guide. So here we are giving you the right guide to research and what to keep in mind while you are writing a Basketball coach resume!

Job Market

As an aspiring basketball coach, you will need to conduct preliminary research on the job market. What kind of institutions will you be applying to, will they be schools, or sports centres or colleges or universities, and if all of them are under your gambit then let's crack down to it. Once you know what sort of institution you want to apply to you will need two ways of collecting information. One is online, where you will log on to websites such as LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and hop on to pages of these institutions and their careers page to learn more about the market.

Basketball Coach Resume

Once you log on to these website you can interact with people, reach out to them, it might require you to do some cold calling however, that is necessary if you're looking for job. You can interact them via chat, and get to know what all the market requires. Are there vacant positions, is the school year ending, when is it ending. You can try to obtain all sorts of information to make a judgement on what the market looks like, should you wait, are there enough opportunities, will your skill sets be used properly.

The second way of collecting information is offline, where you contact the people you know in the industry, tap into your network, use references, and understand whether there is a broader market out there, and even if there aren't opportunities, then when will they arise and what sort of circumstances will they be in.

Job Description

Job descriptions will inevitably arise out of the research for the market. Since you will be on websites for those places you might be applying to there might be job descriptions that will present you with valuable information for your resume.

Most of the job descriptions at a level where you apply to will be the similar, however, there might be outliers where the pay might differ, there might be additional responsibilities. It is up to you on what points are you willing to compromise or not, according to what your own personal requirements are.


We assure you self-assessment is not any test that you have to take at your own time, but it is an introspection exercise. The exercise aims at you trying to gather all possible information about your career so that you are better prepared to write your resume and collect or necessary proofs for it.

The introspection you might believe is harmless and might also think that you don't need it however, it is something that you need. Do not let your self believe that it is a one time exercise too! You can take your time and do this whenever you are comfortable during any time of the day. You can take the help of a notebook, or even your laptop to note points about your career whenever you do sit down to do this. While you might be aware that you have to create points for the resume, you can use this then which will help you better articulate the points.

Another thing to keep in mind is to collect the necessary documents for whatever you have done, and achieved during your career. These things can be asked upon when you apply, when you might be sitting for your interview and at any point during your job application process.

Self-assessment is a great way to jog your memory as well. This allows you to streamline your thoughts into better articulated points which allow you to be more comprehensive and better prepared. This is just like when you are studying for your exams and you are going through your notes. When you are reading something over and over again, and trying to better that point you inherently try to learn that and arguably digest that piece of information to store it in your long-term memory.

Company Research

Company research is a crucial aspect when you are writing your resume. Although you do not have to start writing your resume right now. What you are doing when you are researching about the institutions you might be potentially applying to is gaining information on how it functions, what are the core values and what does the institution look for in an ideal sportsperson, or a Basketball coach in your case.

This research will entail trying to learn the legacy of the sports centre, its teams, the schools, or colleges. The legacy will allow you to formulate your points later as you will learn how to incorporate their emotions and values into your resume which we will help you guide in more detail in the following sections.

Resume Guidelines

Guidelines help you better prepare the resume. There are several things to keep in mind when you are formulating the points as well, most of them revolve around formatting, presentation, and what template to use.

In this section we will try to better guide you to keep in mind those factors. Once you start researching on how to write a basketball coach resume, you will get various results on the web, however, you need to be careful on how to know what is the best guideline. When you are done researching as we have shown you above, you start to select what template and format to choose. Once you know you have to put in your education, skills, professional experience, contact information, cover letter you should know where to place them. That is when the types of resumes comes in to picture. We will cover that as a next section separately.

Once you have selected the format, you will now want to start putting in your content that you have prepared during the self-assessment phase. The points that you start putting in will need several rounds of modification and iterations, so don't feel disheartened. You will also need to keep in mind to keep a font and font size that is legible to the hiring manager's eyes.

Once you finish your resume you will want to get it reviewed which is essentially proof reading, which we will also cover as part of this section.


As the guidelines broadly tell you what to cover and how to cover, this sub-section will focus more on how to write better points. As you have rightly collected most information that is required to write a resume, you are know fully equipped to start penning the points down.

At this stage you are fully aware of what institutions you need to apply to and have the necessary information on them as well. Now we suggest that for each institution that you will apply to you tweak your resume to their requirements. What we mean by this is that use the particular institution's language, their values and incorporate them in your resume.

Once you tweak your resume, you will want to create multiple iterations of the resume as you go on correcting your resume and perfecting the points. Now don't customize it endlessly, keep a base resume and use the right key words and action verbs.

A key to a good resume is how well you use key words, and your own language to get the best out of your points.

Proof Reading

Proof reading is the absolute last stage of writing your resume. It starts when you have completed your resume. Now we have suggested you have multiple iterations of your resume. That is already part of the proof reading process. This section basically teaches you that you need to correct your resume every single time you have created one.

There is always scope for improvement. Therefore, when you are done writing the resume, show it to your friends or family, or anyone you trust so that you can get a fresh set of eyes on it to tell you what is clear and what is not. Your resume should make sense to someone who is reading from the outside and not just you.

Therefore, gather as much feedback as possible on your resume so that you know what words make sense and what points to add or subtract. Once you are done making adjustments to your points, put them through online grammar checking website to correct any mistakes you might have made in your syntax or semantics, and even spelling. Make sure your resume is free of such errors, as this is the basic requirement of a resume looking professional.

Choose the format

Basketball Coach Resume

As previously mentioned in the 'Research' section, that format are to be chosen as per your level in your career. There are essentially three different types of resume, all with similar format features, however, used differently for different purposes. Let's dive in!

📌Types of format:

  • Functional resume format: This type of format is used by people who are new to the job market, maybe you are a first time aspiring Basketball Coach. The second type of people who use this resume are those who are switching to this type of profession. In both these cases, the chronology of your resume follows: Skills first and professional experience second. Your education will also matter in this case if you are someone who's a fresher and perhaps getting out with a sports degree.
  • Reverse chronological resume format: This type of formats will be used by someone who has experience under their belts. If you're someone who has had coaching experience before, and has coached previously as a Basketball coach then you should ideally use this resume. Your experience will count the most and how you describe it. Your skill section can come beneath it, however, your experience should speak on your behalf.
  • Hybrid resume format: The hybrid resume format is also known as the combination format. It uses the feature of both the function and and reverse chronological formats. It is used by people who want to prioritize both their skills and personal experience sections so according to the professional they might choose to give more weightage to either.

Contact information section

Your contact info section must include below mentioned information:

  • Full Name
  • Mobile Number
  • Email ID
  • Address
  • LinkedIn profile link (update the profile before putting in the link)

Resume summary section

Your resume summary should be-

  • 3 to 5 lines long and not more
  • written in bullet points
  • Should clearly state what you're looking from in the job
  • Key experience/ achievement to corroborate your character

Professional experience section

The professional experience section should be written well so that your competency is laid out well so that you can prove to the HR managers that you have the exposure, the skills and the knowledge of your job as a basketball coach. You can also include your responsibilities that may have been out of the JD but you handled them anyway. Moreover, your achievements and any impressive information may be included in this section.

Education section

Degree Name:

The name of the degree that will be put here should be as you received it on your certificate from you institution

Institution Name:

The name of the institution should also be as per what the certificate state, or as per what their official website states

Location and Date:

Use the 'Month-year' or 'year' in 'from-to' format

Skills section

The skills section should have a balanced blend of soft skills, hard skills and technical skills as well as particular relevant and important skills for the role of basketball coach resume.

📌List of relevant skills/ fundamental basketball skills for your basketball coach resume:

  • basketball coaching job
  • game strategies
  • team success
  • team practices
  • soft skills
  • fundraising events
  • basketball analytics
  • proven ability
  • game rules
  • coaching jobs
  • defensive plays
  • training sessions
  • strong relationships
  • program coordination
  • additional training sessions
  • coaching
  • high school basketball
  • leadership skills
  • sportsmanship
  • sport skills

Bonus Tips


Below given is the list of keywords that can help you beat the ATS and get to the shortlisted pile of resumes with the HR managers.

📌List of relevant keywords for your basketball coach resume:

  • competition
  • sportsmanship
  • season
  • position
  • education
  • examples
  • focus
  • teams
  • managers
  • ability
  • athletes
  • leadership
  • training
  • school
  • basketball coach job
  • several players
  • basketball
  • high school basketball
  • game
  • games
  • game strategies
  • coaches
  • skills
  • coach
  • coaching
  • biggest accomplishments
  • team
  • state championship
  • other coaches
  • program coordination
  • strong relationships
  • academic progress
  • basketball analytics
  • coaching positions
  • assistant coaches
  • student athletes
  • game strategies
  • head basketball coach
  • basketball coaches
  • basketball coach


You will not require more than 3 references as part of your resume. The references you give should be your colleagues or superiors from you previous job. You would most likely keep the ones from your last job as the hiring manager will trust them over someone who is a reference from your first job ever 5 years ago.


Basketball Coach Resume

We hope that our guide was able to give you the right sets of tools and knowledge to help you write the best resume you've ever produced. Moreover, please navigate our website and gain access to a collection of custom formats and templates as well as use our resume generator which uses AI and ChatGPT like suggestions to produce a fantastic basketball coach resume.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should I make my basketball coach resume longer or shorter?

The resume should not exceed one page. Please keep in mind to make the resume legible using the right font size.

Do I need a bachelor's degree on my basketball coach resume?

As a professional having a bachelor's degree will aid your cause and if you are a fresher it definitely will as it adds credibility, however, if you're someone with substantial experience and achievement and with no formal education, your work will speak for itself.

How many references are enough on my basketball coach resume?

You shall ideally have not more than 3 references.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should I make my basketball coach resume longer or shorter?

The resume should not exceed one page. Please keep in mind to make the resume legible using the right font size.

Do I need a bachelor's degree on my basketball coach resume?

As a professional having a bachelor's degree will aid your cause and if you are a fresher it definitely will as it adds credibility, however, if you're someone with substantial experience and achievement and with no formal education, your work will speak for itself.

How many references are enough on my basketball coach resume?

You shall ideally have not more than 3 references.

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