Football Coach Resume: Complete Guide + Bonus Tips

A professional football coach resume is written with knowledge of resume writing, professional resume guidelines, knowledge of the industry and the job description of football coach position and some of the tricks that help you get your dream job.

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While a football coach resume should be all about your skills and experiences and competency, there are a few things regarding how to present all that information and what more can be included on your resume- that you should know to increase the efficiency of your football coach resume.

Let's dive in now!

Football Coach Resume

Professional football coach resume

A professional football coach resume should reflect professionalism and here is how you can do that:

  • Always use past tense and third person to give your language of the resume a formal tone, also avoid using any pronouns anywhere because use of any pronouns in sentences can make your language a little bit informal
  • Always proofread your resume twice before you save it and use it for job applications, and when you proofread your resume, carefully get rid of any and every grammatical mistakes, spelling errors and even any factual errors that you may have made
  • Make sure your resume is written with regard to professional resume format that is suitable and efficient for your own professional profile
  • You should always make sure that you edit your resume properly in case you are using a resume template
  • Your resume should be labeled appropriately with your first name, last name and the term 'resume' or 'CV'
  • Your resume should be saved in a compatible document format such as PDF or Microsoft Word
  • Make sure you use maximum action verbs and power words to increase the impact of the language on your football coach resume
  • You should also try and quantify maximum details with numbers to increase the impact of the information that you have provided on your resume

Beginning the resume writing

The first thing you need to do is some research on your role, your job title, job description, industry of the football coaching and football sport and you can also research your potential employers.

This research will provide you with a lot of insight in the job market as well as the market trends that you should be aware of; this means you will learn about what do hiring managers expect from professional football coaches, what is the salary range that you can negotiate with considering your skills and experience as well as your knowledge.

All this knowledge will help you write your football coach resume and the job interview as well because you will know what to expect and how to present yourself in front of the interviewer.

After the research, you need to choose your resume format that will help you present your profile in the most efficient and impactful manner possible.

📌Types of resume formats:

  • Functional resume format: this resume format helps you highlight your skills and education information which is why it is most suitable for the professionals who are freshers and recent graduates.
  • Reverse chronological order resume format: this resume format helps you highlight your work history and professional experience which is why it is suitable for any professional who has significant or extensive work history that encompasses all the information regarding their competency.
  • Combination resume format: this resume format helps you highlight your transferable skills and experience aspects which is why it is suitable for professionals who are looking for a career change and need to prove their competency for the new role and career path.

Using football coach resume template:

Whenever you are using a football coach resume template make sure you:

  • Replace all the sample information with the information of your profile
  • Edit the margins and font size as per the need to ensure visual appeal of your resume
  • Ensure that the white space is sensible and visually appealing for your football coach resume

Resume header

The resume header should include all your contact information and more such as:

  • Your first and last name with accurate spelling
  • Your contact number with accuracy and country code as well as area code
  • Your email ID that is professional and formal
  • Your LinkedIn profile if your profile is updated and you are active on the platform
  • Your professional headshot
  • Your brief home address

Successful football coach resume summary

Your resume summary should consist of few important points that highlight most important and impressive details of your profile such as your exceptional performances and skills. You should make sure you use maximum action verbs and numbers to quantify details to increase the impact of your football coach resume on the hiring manager.

Your resume summary should begin with the mention of your role, followed by the mention of your total years of experience and background (i.e. high school football coach).

Next up you should mention any impressive details such as victories that the team has achieved where you provided the coaching and training. You should also mention any exceptional instances where you performed really well as a football coach.

At the end you should mention what kind of an opportunity you are looking for and how you will perform well with your skills and experience. You should make sure that you use bullet points to describe the professional summary or the personal statement of your football coach resume.

Professional experience

The professional experience of your career so far should be described in reverse chronological order in your work history section on football coach resume. You should use bullet points to write the description of each experience.

For each experience you also need to provide certain details such as the job title, employer's full name and employment period. Your employment history should reflect your skills, capabilities, your exposure and everything that you bring to the table as a professional football coach or a head coach or a high school football coach.

Make sure that you do not undersell yourself in the job description of each experience and include every important details and be thorough with everything so that the recruiter gets the accurate idea of your competency.

Education section

The education section of your football coach resume should include all the education related information of your profile.

You may not need a particular degree however you will need the high school diploma or such in your education section, you should also mention the education institute from where you acquired your diploma.

In addition, you can also include any online courses or programs or any other educational exposure you have had on your education section.

Skills section

The skills section of your football coach resume should include all your soft skills, hard skills and technical skills that are relevant and important for your role of a football coach or a head football coach or a high school football coach.

Football Coach Resume

We have prepared a list of relevant skills for your football coach resume, you can use it for all the sections on your resume. You can also pick up more skills from the job description of job postings for football coach positions.

📌List of relevant key skills for football coach resume:

  • training student athletes
  • leading teams
  • game planning
  • coaching staff coordination
  • game plans
  • soft skills
  • working with successful teams
  • defensive play
  • team meetings
  • effective coaching style
  • game strategies
  • team management
  • training sessions
  • training junior varsity team
  • school programs
  • team performance improvement
  • regional championships
  • game techniques
  • sports management
  • football operations
  • offensive coordinator
  • coaching experience
  • winning attitude
  • conditioning programs
  • proper tackling techniques
  • defensive line strategies
  • strength training
  • practice sessions
  • technical knowledge
  • physical education
  • player development
  • motivating players

Bonus Tips


Relevant keywords on your resume play a vital role in ensuring that your chances of getting an interview call are higher because the keywords help you beat the applicant tracking systems that shortlist the resumes for the recruiters.

You should ensure that you use the keywords in sensible and meaningful manner and do not stuff them anywhere randomly. You need to use the keywords throughout your resume in every section for the desired impact.

📌List of relevant keywords for football coach resume:

  • positive environment
  • incoming students
  • motivating players
  • physical education
  • high school
  • high school football coaches
  • high school football coach
  • trained athletes
  • professional experience with junior varsity team
  • conditioning programs
  • athletic abilities
  • athletic director
  • key skills
  • offensive coordinator
  • coaching experience
  • coaching career
  • sports management
  • employment history
  • game techniques
  • game planning
  • regional championships
  • assistant football coach
  • assistant coaches
  • team meetings
  • team management
  • football players
  • junior varsity team
  • coaching positions
  • football program
  • football program design
  • soft skills
  • game plans
  • assisted head coach
  • game plans management
  • high school football
  • proven track record
  • junior varsity team
  • defensive coordinator
  • accomplished football coach
  • student athletes
  • football coaches
  • training student athletes
  • coaching student athletes
  • working with football coaches
  • assistant football coach
  • high school football coach
  • head coach
  • head football coach
  • successful football coach
  • football coach
  • head football coach experience
  • high school football coach experience
  • head coach experience

Cover letter

The cover letter helps you increase your chances of getting a call back from the recruiter for an interview because it increases the impact of your resume and job application on the recruiter.

You should describe your personal inspiration for the career path you have chosen, your journey so far and your future goals for the career, it will reflect your passion and genuine interest for the role and position. You can also reiterate your skills and experience to increase the impact of those details. You can also customize the cover letter to be personalized for each position and the recruiter to increase the effect of the letter.


The references play an important part when it comes to professions such as yours-of football coach. Because recommendations say a lot about your competency and abilities.

You should choose 3 references to mention on your resume and make sure they all have positive opinion of you as a professional as well as a person they have known. You need to choose the references from your past colleagues who you have worked with up close. You need to mention their name, their contact details and their current designations with their permission.


At last, after you have done all that is suggested in this article, you might want to look at football coach resume examples to get an exact idea of how you want your resume to look like. We have an extensive collection of resume examples and templates along with resume writing guides that you must check out.

Football Coach Resume

You can also take advantage of our resume builder feature that gives you helpful suggestions for every section of your resume with AI prompts to help you write your football coach resume within minutes, much similar to ChatGPT.

And that's all that you need to know before you get down to writing your own football coach resume. Best of luck with the job search!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What kind of education is required for a professional football coach resume?

There are usually no requirements as such of graduation and post graduation, having a high school diploma may be sufficient for most positions; however we advice you to take a look at the job descriptions of each opening and position before applying because it is up to the recruiter to set qualification requirements and they may differ from position to position. You can also confirm the same by contacting the recruiter in case this information is not provided in the job descriptions.

Which football coach resume skills are not to be missed?

You should always mention your skills that are vital to the role of football coach such as:

  • communication skills
  • motivation skills
  • high school football knowledge
  • high school football game planning
How long should my football coach resume be?

Any standard and professional resume should be 1 to 2 pages long to make sure the recruiter looks at it carefully and goes through every detail without getting bored. Resumes that are longer than 2 pages, run the risk of losing the reader/recruiter's attention and with it loosing the chance of getting an interview call. To ensure that this does not happen, you should also make sure that your professional summary is effective and attention grabbing/ intriguing.

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