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Are you ready to face a fierce competition to test your guts and see where your passion takes you? The bar is set high, but there’s still a chance to get your dream job at Adidas to become part of the world’s most innovative sportswear brand.

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Adidas resume example

Dane Gracious
Sales Executive

Professional summary

An optimistic sales executive with 3 years of front-line sales experience seeks to join the passionate Adidas sales community to further my career. As a sales representative at USA Fashion was responsible for 25% of the total outlet sale


Aug 2018 to Present
USA Fashion
Sales Representative

  • Awarded the salesperson of the year in 2020 achieving an annual sale of over $400,000
  • Served 50+ customers daily by answering their inquiries and helping them find the products they want
  • Achieved customer satisfaction ratio of 87% in 2020
  • Communicate with the management on inventory replenishment
  • Helping customers to make right purchasing decisions

June 2014 to Aug 2017
IDL Sportswear
Sales representative

  • Assisted customers to choose sportswear for different requirements
  • Scored 94% for portfolio knowledge across all sports and recreational products
  • Reflected the IDL sportswear brand values through high-quality customer service


High School Diploma in sales
Washington Waldorf School


  • Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Excel
  • Social media savvy
  • Familiar with CRM, ERP, and POS systems
  • Team player
  • Sales & marketing
  • Basic branding


Taking part in the annual inter-provincial marathon – 2nd runners up 2019

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Getting your dream job here needs you to have a perfect Adidas Resume which is more than a piece of paper about your history – be clear about what you can bring to the table – provide a reason to hire you over the other thousand plus applicants.

Jobs at Adidas are immensely competitive due to higher pay, cheerful culture, and great career advancement opportunities. In this article, we’ll show you everything you need to know while applying for jobs at Adidas, including:

Getting your dream job here needs you to have a perfect Adidas Resume which is more than a piece of paper about your history – be clear about what you can bring to the table – provide a reason to hire you over the other thousand plus applicants.

Jobs at Adidas are immensely competitive due to higher pay, cheerful culture, and great career advancement opportunities. In this article, we’ll show you everything you need to know while applying for jobs at Adidas, including:

  • Adidas resume examples
  • Pro resume tips
  • Guidance on structuring the resume
  • Writing tips for each section
  • Mistakes you should avoid

Consider checking out our modern resume templates to create an awesome resume within 10 minutes.

Perks of Working at Adidas: Pay and Benefits

Adidas employees earn an average base salary of $80,000 per year 💰 (

“Only when athletes have the best training and equipment can they compete at the highest level. Likewise, we believe that only when our people have the proper benefits and resources can they achieve their best”

That’s how Adidas think about its employees and that’s the reason why they provide comprehensive employee benefits to its full-time and part-time employees.

  • The following are some of the benefits Adidas employees receive:
  • Dental, vision, and health insurance
  • (401k) retirement plan
  • Performance bonuses for individual, group, and cluster-level achievements
  • Flexible work scheduling
  • Work from home
  • Vacation & paid time off
  • Maternity & paternity leaves
  • Employee product discounts
  • Job training
  • Professional development
  • Tuition assistance

adidas resume

What Makes a Great Adidas Resume?

Behind every successful resume sample, is a great plan – a plan that covers choosing a template, defining the layout, picking the right format, and injecting the candidate’s personality throughout.

Adidas wants creative people. If you're sending the old generic application to Adidas thinking that it has worked previously to get a couple of interviews for you, that’s the first mistake.

Recruiters at Adidas receive hundreds of applications daily for the positions they have advertised.

Don’t submit a generic application you could hand in to any company. Remember the application is your business card and it should trigger the interest of the recruiter to get to know you better, so to give yourself a better chance of getting the career at Adidas you’ve always wanted, make sure you target it to Adidas and the specific job you are applying for.

-Senior Recruiter at Adidas-

Which Template Would Fit My Profile?

The only rule for creating a resume for Adidas is that there’s no rule you should follow. Be the general manager of change and be creative.

On the contrary, do not send the old boring bio-data template as your application.

Here we have compiled awesome resume templates that are unique in design – that you can use to create your resume faster.

What Should I Put in the Adidas Resume: Layout

Your resume layout defines what you’ll include in the resume – it's the plan you draft with headings, subheadings, and key content.

A quality resume layout saves you a lot of time in writing and makes sure you don’t miss anything important.

Here’s a resume layout we recommend for a job at Adidas. You may change this based on your profile.

  • Header: name, job title, and contact information.
  • Professional summary statement/ objective summary.
  • Work experience.
  • Education.
  • Skills: soft & hard.
  • Additional sections (certificates, languages, and interests).

Choosing the Right Resume Format

The resume format defines how you structure the information in your resume. This is especially important in writing the education and experience sections.

There’re three standard resume formats:

  • Reverse Chronological Format: In this, your most recent experience should be listed first. This is a widely used format as it gives the hiring manager a quick idea about what the candidate is currently involved in.
  • Functional/ skill-based Format: This is about structuring the experience section based on the skills you gained and practiced during employment – mostly used by entry-level candidates and freelancers – easy to highlight project-based work.
  • Combination Format: A combination of both above types.

From these formats, we suggest you use a reverse chronological resume format in most cases as that’s the widely used format for many jobs – most recruiters are familiar with the format.

However, this is Adidas we’re talking about. They don’t want people who’re bound by the rules. You may logically break any rule and be creative to stand out from the rest.

Start Your Adidas Resume with a Header

In your resume header, include your name and contact information. The header is a short section – make sure you include what is necessary and avoid what is unnecessary.

Refer to the following example 👇

A good & a bad header

Charles Steven

Administrative assistant


Charles Steven


11, main street, apt 32,

Washington DC


Tips to Write a Good Header

  • Include your name in a bigger and more visible font
  • Use your personal contact information – do not use your current work email
  • Put the link to your LinkedIn profile or the portfolio website – keep them up to date
  • Do not write the full mail address

Should I Include a Photo in My Resume?

Adidas is an equal opportunity employer – they would not expect your personal information, age, gender, nationality, or any picture of you to make a shortlisting decision.

In fact, in most regions, including a picture of the candidate may lead to the application being rejected on the grounds of discrimination lawsuits – especially in the USA, Canada, UK, and Australia.

Therefore, if they haven’t asked for a picture in the advertisement, avoid it to be on the safe side.

About Me: Summarize Your Professional Profile

You got 3 seconds to impress the hiring manager and you do that with a mind-blowing professional summary. In this, you should highlight why you think you will be a great fit for the position – and emphasize your skillset and achievements.

If you’re an entry-level candidate with little or no experience or if you’re in a career transition, you may write an objective summary – similar to a professional summary but with great focus on your career objective.

Example Professional Summary for a Senior Sales Associate Resume


A dedicated sales associate with over 6 years of industry experience in sportswear retail sales keen to join the Adidas SM Mall outlet to pursue a new chapter in my career. Awarded the best sales team at KC Super selling Nike, Puma, and Adidas sportswear.


A Sales associate works at KC Super seeking to join Adidas to advance my career.

adidas resume

Example for a Cashier


An enthusiastic individual with solid business and communication skills seek to join Adidas Mall as an entry-level cashier to start my career. I have been an enthusiastic Adidas customer ever since and want to be part of an exciting community to further my career goals.


An individual with an accounting background looking for an entry-level work placement in a reputed company.

adidas resume

Work Experience Section

The most important section of a resume.

This section will make or break your chances of getting shortlisted – even if you’re applying for a senior position with plenty of related experience or if it is for an entry-level job with minimum work experience.

It’s all about how you write your experience section. We’ve seen candidates with zero experience write better work experience sections than the senior candidates. The secret is explained with a couple of examples👇

Example Experience Section for a Retail Sales Representative Resume


Aug 2018 to Present

Sales representative

Fashion Line

  • Salesperson of the year 2020
  • Serve customers and solve their product-related problems
  • Customer inquiry handling
  • Expanded the customer base
  • Sales floor experience


Aug 2004 to Present

Sales representative

Fashion Line

  • Achieved an individual sales figure of $800,000 in 2020 becoming the best salesperson of the year
  • Served 50+ customers daily with an average purchase value of $150 in 2021
  • Inquired customer complaints and suggestions – informed the management about necessary actions regarding the product quality and portfolio
  • Serviced the existing customers and developed the customer base through networking
  • Developed new ideas for marketing and product offerings

Adidas Resume Work Experience Section for a Store Manager


Aug 2017 to Present

Store manager

Gen Z Shop

  • Develop promotions and marketing campaigns
  • Competitor analysis
  • Involved in pricing
  • Involved in branding
  • Provided a high level of customer service
  • Dealt with supplier companies


Aug 2017 to Present

Store manager

Gen Z SHop

  • Christmas promotion campaign designed in 2020 did a record high sale for the outlet which was designed by me
  • Extensive analysis of the competition and their movements resulted in an expansion of the product line by 14%
  • Set prices for new products and update the existing product prices working with the finance and marketing teams
  • Developed merchandise and was involved in brand promotion activities

The Education Section in Your Adidas Resume

Your education is a great way to distinguish yourself from the rest. Some jobs at Adidas might not require you to possess a degree. However, the more qualified you’re, the more chances you have to get shortlisted.

Use a consistent format to write your education section – state your degree program, the duration of studies, the name of the university, and the key learning outcomes.

Education section for a marketing manager position at Adidas

Master’s in International Marketing, 2014-2015

Stanford University

  • Brand positioning
  • Strategy

Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, 2010-2014

Massachusetts Institute of Technology and business

  • Management accounting
  • Finance accounting

What Skills to Put on Your Adidas Resume?

Your Adidas resume skills section should be keyword heavy – refer to the job advertisement to find out what skills they’re looking for in the position and match that with your skills.

Include a combination of soft skills and hard skills.

Soft skills:

  • Analytical skills
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Problem-solving
  • Effective communication
  • Presentation skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Business skills
  • People skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to work under pressure

Hard skills:

  • Customer service
  • Branding and digital marketing
  • Social media savvy
  • Competitor analysis
  • Microsoft Office 360
  • Social media advertising

Additional Sections for Your Resume

Most resumes the Adidias hiring managers get include the above sections we discussed. Only 5% of the resumes go a little bit further to include relevant additional sections – those are the resumes that get shortlisted for interviews.

Your hobby of drawing portrait art would get you the job surpassing another candidate who possesses 5 years of work experience at Nike – Adidas hiring manager is keen for enthusiastic candidates – they don’t have to show superior academic results or related experience – they just have to be different in their own ways.

Computing Skills & Certifications

If you have completed or reading for any computer certification or related trade certification, you may state it in a separate section to draw more visibility.

All Adidas showrooms use CRMs and ERPs at corporate and outlet levels to do the operations – most decisions are taken based on big data and analytics tools. If you’re experienced in any similar tools or systems, that would be an advantage.


If you’re fluent in a couple of languages, mention them with the level of fluency. We have many modern resume templates that provide you with the ability to list the languages with their fluency levels.

English Native

Spanish Proficient

Chinese Basic

adidas resume

Hobbies and Interests

Adidas wants you to showcase your passion throughout your resume – that’s how they pick the candidates that match their culture. If you ever have had an interest or a hobby that represents your passion for what you do today, state it here.

A Common note about your resume content is that everything you put on your Adidas resume should have a specific task – a duty to promote your personal brand.

Boost Your Resume Score with These Tips

  • Think outside the box – show the hiring manager your passion through creativity – at Adidias, creativity wins over qualifications every single time.
  • Your resume should not be generic and should be tailored specifically to the position you are applying for.
  • Only use the Adidas official career website to apply – do not apply through direct emails or social media.


  • Start your Adidas resume with the header.
  • Write an enticing professional summary to hook the reader.
  • Take more time to optimize the experience section which accounts for more than half of your resume.
  • Use a consistent format to present the education section.
  • Match the skills required for the position with the skills you possess.
  • Use additional sections appropriately to make your application stand out.

Make Your Resume Stand Out With A Cover Letter

A cover letter is an important part of your Adidas job application. It is an extended version of your sale pitch. Adidas hiring managers are always on the lookout for passionate talents – a cover letter is a great way to communicate your passion for the brand.

In this, you should state what you can bring on to the table – your unique set of skills, how you could solve the most pressing problems the employer has, how you have already solved similar problems in your previous workplace, and your passion for the brand.

Keep your cover letter to half a page size and limit it to 2-3 paragraphs.


What should I wear for an Adidas interview?

There is no hard and fast rule as to what you should be wearing for an Adidas interview. Wear appropriately based on the position you’ve applied for and most importantly represent your personality. However, Adidas highly demotivates you from wearing competitor brands.

How to apply for jobs at Adidas?

There’s only one right answer: Adidas official career website. Most other options including walk-in applications, emails, and social media messages are strongly discouraged by the Adidas hiring managers.

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