Industrial Designer Cover Letter Examples

You know how to come up with a product idea, conceptualize it, and design it to fit the users’ requirements. But, if you don’t address your hiring manager’s requirements, you won’t get the job.

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Industrial Designer Cover Letter for a Senior Applicant

Mike Miller
Industrial Designer
04 Jan 2023

Dale Mcmillan
HR Manager

Dear Dale,

As an industrial designer at George Stewarts for 7 years, I was involved in product design as well as materials and manufacturing processes to come up with exceptional customer-centric products that made millions of dollars for clients.

At George Stewarts, a household product I was involved in from the design stage went on to make $30M in sales for a client in 4 months. The same product recorded only 0.002% defects in manufacturing and 0.0012% product returns due to breakage.

Apart from my technical skills, I possess solid project management skills with experience managing $4M+ projects per year with multiple teams and reporting lines. I hope my strong analytical thinking with a firm understanding of the manufacturing industry will help your organization achieve greater success.

As a senior industrial designer, I look forward to discussing with you how my expertise and skills will benefit your upcoming projects.

Yours truly,

Mike Miller

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An industrial designer cover letter is the document that communicates your fit for the role in the best way the recruiter understands.

Your application for the industrial designer job consists of a resume and a cover letter. While the resume provides information about your work experience, education, and skills, the cover letter conveys your further interest in the position and your achievements that align with the job.

Here’s what you get from this article:

  • Industrial designer cover letter examples you can copy and get inspired from.
  • A step-by-step guide to masterfully writing each paragraph of your cover letter.
  • Pro cover letter writing tips to make your application stand out.

Demonstrate your creativity by creating your resume and cover letter with our ready-to-fill templates. Give your application a branded look.

Industrial designer cover letter

Industrial Designer Cover Letter for a Junior Applicant

Thara Jones
Industrial Designer
04 Jan 2023

Kate Johnson
Hiring manager
ATH Manufacturing

Dear Kate,

After graduating with a first-class bachelor's degree in industrial design and completing one of the finest internship programs at GT&K, I would like to explore my career in a hardcore industrial design environment that opens me up to multiple product development stages.

In my internship at GT&K, I was involved in 4 complete product launches from conceptualization to manufacturing. During that time, I worked with CAD software, rendering software, and other design software to help product and manufacturing teams.

I hope my technical skills in design and soft skills in communication and teamwork would help me become successful in the role and add tremendous value to your organization.

I look forward to discussing the specifics of the role with you in an interview.

Yours truly,

Thara Jones

Writing an Industrial Designer Cover Letter From Scratch

A cover letter performs the task of a sales pitch. It should be a one-page letter that highlights your interest in the position.

It’s a tailored document to different jobs you’re applying for and you can’t send the same cover letter every time.

However, the basic structure will remain the same for your profile. So, write one cover letter well and alter it for different positions.

Writing a cover letter from scratch might seem like a big task. But when you break it down, it’s a simpler task than writing your resume.

Here's a time-tested cover letter structure for an industrial designer:

  • Header
  • Opening greeting
  • First Paragraph: Introduction
  • Second Paragraph: Your achievements
  • Third Paragraph: Benefits of hiring you
  • Fourth Paragraph: Call to Action (CTA)
  • Complimentary close

Let's break it down step-by-step.

Start with the Header

Start your cover letter with a formal header. You might have written these in high school. It’s time to recall.

State your information first at the top left corner of the letter. Write your name and contact information (as you did in your resume).

State the information of the hiring manager or the manager who receives the letter in the same corner just below your information.

If you don’t know the exact details of the recruiter, go with the generic form, “To whom it may concern”.


Here is an example of a header for an industrial designer cover letter.

Daniel Smith

Industrial Designer


New York

04 Jan 2023

Simon Josh

Glimtech Manufacturing

New York

Industrial designer cover letter

Opening Greeting

Use a formal greeting to start your letter.

If you have already talked to them or you know the organization's culture, you can use a less formal greeting.

Address by the hiring manager’s name if you know it.

E.g. Dear Josh,

Start by Introducing Yourself

Your first paragraph of the cover letter should be an introduction of yourself. But don’t make it a boring introduction that everyone else writes.

Do not start with your education and proceed through your career progress which your hiring manager already read on your resume.

Instead, summarize your strengths, key skills, and experience. Introduce your greatest career achievement. Make it compelling for the hiring manager to read the rest of your letter.

Write the first paragraph about yourself, but make it relevant to the position you’re applying for.

Check these examples:


Having 4 years of experience in the field of industrial design with extensive knowledge of the latest manufacturing and design standards, seeking the industrial designer position at TAC Design. I have handled end-to-end industrial product design across 15+ niches.


I have a bachelor’s degree in industrial design and participated in a 6 months internship at Design Circle. Working in GTK Holdings in their manufacturing and design facility for the last 3 years overseeing the design process. Seeking to join an industrial designer position in a reputed company.

The first example creates a more significant image of the candidate in the reader’s mind. The second one is a generic introduction which 95% of the applicants write in their cover letters.

Describe Your Achievements

It’s time to get a little deep into your previous work. In the first paragraph, you talked about your key skills and areas of work. In this, you should explain them further. But again, not like everyone else does.

Here's an example:


At D&A Manufacturing, I designed dies and molds for 200+ plastic products with an accuracy of 99.2% and a product bounce rate of 0.002% at the manufacturing stage. I was also involved in sample development, testing, and manufacturing system optimization.


I worked at D&A Manufacturing as an industrial designer. I designed dies and molds, carried out product testing, and was involved in sample development for clients.

The CORRECT example provides a quick idea about your achievements. The impression your hiring manager gets is “The candidate could do the same for our company”.

Be specific in writing this paragraph. Use the relevant numbers to add credibility to your achievements.

The Benefit of Hiring You

Use this paragraph to address the employer's pain points.

Find out why they make the hire. Is this for an upcoming project, or is it one of their existing projects that the designers have messed up? Or, is this about an increase in demand that they can’t handle with the existing designers?

Talk to the hiring manager or read updates on their website and social media. If you know why they are hiring, you could address that directly.

For example, imagine they hire as they have got some urgent work that needs to be completed in the next 3 months. You could mention that you can join immediately and you can reduce the turnaround time of the designs.

The best candidate for a job is the one who understands why they are being hired.


As KP Holdings is growing with many clients onboard, I could use my years of experience to reduce design turnaround time by at least 30% going forward. Further, I can join with a one-week notice.


Considering my technical skills and soft skills, I am confident that I would make a great addition to your team.

Industrial designer cover letter

Finish Your Industrial Designer Cover Letter With a Call to Action (CTA)

What is next?

Tell them what you expect next.

Ask for an interview or a meeting to discuss the specifics of the job. This triggers the hiring manager to take action before putting your cover letter down and moving to the next candidate.


I will be happy to discuss with you my role as an industrial designer and show you how my previous experience and skills are aligned with the job description.


Please contact me at your earliest convenience.

You can speed up the process by using the right CTA. Ask them to schedule a quick call to know more about you or inform them of the times you’re available for an interview. It makes the hiring manager’s life easy as they could straightaway schedule the interview with you.

The Farewell: Cover Letter Closing

Use a standard letter closing to finish your cover letter.

Consider the following letter closings:

  • Regards
  • Kind regards
  • Warm regards
  • Yours truly
  • Yours faithfully
  • Yours sincerely
  • Respectfully
  • Most sincerely

Avoid these

As this is the first time you communicate with the HR of the company, avoid using informal closings.

  • Take care
  • Ciao
  • See you
  • Cheers
  • Fondly

Tips to Improve Your Industrial Designer Cover Letter

  • Pick the right keywords from the job advertisement and include them naturally in your cover letter. This will help if your cover letter goes through a system screening.
  • Always use formal language in your cover letter.
  • Use a modern cover letter template to create your letter.

Key Points in Writing an Industrial Designer Cover Letter

  • Create the layout first or use a ready-to-fill template.
  • Start your cover letter with a header. Use the formal letter structure with the sender’s and receiver’s information.
  • Use a formal greeting to address the hiring manager.
  • Introduce yourself in the first paragraph.
  • List your achievements in the second paragraph.
  • State why you would be the right fit for the position in the third paragraph.
  • Write a CTA in the last paragraph. Request for an interview.
  • Finish your cover letter with a formal letter closing.

Industrial designer cover letter

Complement Your Cover Letter with a Resume

The cover letter is the secondary component of your job application. The primary piece is your resume.

The objective of your resume is to explain how you progressed throughout your career, your education, and your skills.

We have composed an industrial designer resume guide for you to create a resume better than 95% of the other resumes the hiring manager gets.

Hiring managers typically read the candidates’ resumes first. In most cases, they will only read the cover letters of shortlisted candidates.

Each time you send a resume for a job, update the experience, professional summary, and skills sections to align with the position.

Create your resume with the best templates


Is it necessary to send a cover letter for an industrial designer job?

If it is mentioned in the job advertisement, you should send a cover letter. Some hiring managers explicitly request for a cover letter.

However, even if they don’t ask for it, we advise you to send a cover letter together with your resume.

The cover letter indicates your strong interest in the position.

Many applicants send their resumes for jobs even without having the basic qualifications for the positions. Only those who are serious about the job spend time writing a cover letter.

What does the job description of an industrial designer look like?

Industrial designers work in manufacturing and design facilities. These companies either design and manufacture their own products or take up other clients’ work.

The job of an industrial designer is not just limited to designing. It starts with product conceptualization. They research the competitor products and analyze their features, study market researches and gather user data, create optimizations for different features, and re-engineer existing products to make them better.

After designing the product, they might get into designing the manufacturing process, assessing material and spare parts requirements, and carrying out cost calculations.

General industrial designer job descriptions would be broad from product design to testing. But it highly depends on the organization and its business model.

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