Industrial Designer Resume Examples

An industrial designer's main role is creating manufactured goods such as cars or computer hardware. Primarily they develop concepts and research how the end-users can use them. Through their engineering skills, they find a way to make these manufactured products useful.

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Industrial designers are vital elements in most organizations as they have a comprehensive understanding of customer preferences and trending market behaviors. If you are an industrial designer aspiring to land your dream job, we will assist you in crafting an industrial design resume. The resume builder creates the best resume examples and will assist you in crafting a winning resume.

Additional Information about the Industrial Design Job Sector

According to a report in 2016, there were 39,700 industrial designer jobs, and the numbers were expected to grow by 5% in the coming year. Consequently, there was the expectation of an addition of 2,000 jobs from 2016 to 2026.

The projected numbers mean that industrial designers' demand is exponentially high. Industries such as manufacturing, engineering, architectural, and specialized design companies need competent industrial designers.

Companies such as Microsoft , Goodyear, Apple , and Procter & Gamble require industrial designers who can develop brilliant ideas for manufactured products in the US. The median yearly wage of industrial designers is an average of $68,890.

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Best Resume Format for Industrial Design

There are three resume formats that most industrial designer resume examples adopt. These resume formats typically include:

Functional resume format -
is a resume that focuses on professional skills rather than job titles. This method groups your professional experience under various skills categories rather than job titles. The method is very brief and concise but often lacks creativity.

Chronological resume format -
in this format, you list your work experience starting with the recent position and going backward. This method helps the hiring manager to easily track your industrial designer career progression and your work history.

Combination resume format -
it is the most versatile resume format to include in your industrial designer resume. It combines both a chronological and functional resume and has a comprehensive professional profile located below the contact information. Most hiring managers prefer this resume format as it focuses on the most relevant skills in industrial designing.

If you are a senior industrial designer with 5+ years of experience, the chronological layout is the most recommended. It allows you to display all the relevant information at the topmost of the resume. On the other hand, the hybrid or combination resume is the best for recent graduates looking to expand their limited skills.

Choose your Industrial Designer Resume Template Attentively

An industrial designer resume template gives a roadmap on how to structure your resume. By using our resume templates, you can easily include all your vital information and arrange it professionally.

With the numerous piles of resumes on the hiring manager's desk, they will use any error or poor format as an excuse to reject your resume to get the pile smaller. Thus it is necessary to choose your template attentively so that your resume can stand out in the crowd. Remember, one major thing hiring managers are specifically interested in is the resume template you select.

When recruiters are gauging your professional ability, they want a good flow of job history, education history, and any relevant professional experience. A good template will help assist your recruiter in tracking your professional progression easily.

What to Include in the Industrial Design Resume

Industrial designers should submit a well-customized industrial design resume that reflects professionalism and is precise to qualify to be part of the industrial design team. It is integral to ensure you include all the vital sections in your resume to ensure you submit a remarkably outstanding resume. Some of the crucial tables of contents that should be present on your resume include:

  • The resume header
  • Personal details
  • Your profile title
  • Resume summary/objective
  • Industrial Designer key skills
  • Industrial Designer experience
  • Education background
  • Certifications
  • Professional awards and achievements
  • Additional information
  • When writing your industrial design resume, you should also consider the following important factors:
  • Ensure you include your contact information and updated home address
  • Adopt the right format for your resume: the chronological format is the most recommended
  • Your industrial designer resume should be straightforward, easy to ready, and have a professional flow
  • The final version of your industrial designer resume should be exported a file format such as Word Doc or PDF unless the recruiter states otherwise.
  • The resume should be concise and short. One page is recommended for entry-level industrial designers, while experienced candidates should submit an average of two pages.

industrial designer

Professional Summary for Industrial Design Resume

The professional summary section should be short and enticing. A good section should be able to answer the following questions analytically:

  • Why should the recruiting company include you in their cross-functional teams and industrial design team?
  • Can you deliver a practical design strategy for the company?
  • How can the company adopt the best design techniques?
  • Does this position match personal career goals?
  • Do you meet your client's specifications?
  • What are your professional skills?

Since industrial designer job ads will attract numerous resumes, it is essential to ensure that you intelligently craft your professional summary. The professional summary should contain facts about you and important things the recruiter is looking for in a candidate.

It is important to include the following details in your professional summary:

  • Years you have worked as an industrial designer in various companies
  • Some of the successful projects you have handled as an industrial designer
  • Job accomplishments in the industry
  • Your experiences in project design, such as implementing 3D designs and CAD

Examples of Professional Summary for Industrial Design Resume

Our Industrial Designer Resume Example
PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY Industrial designer with 10+ years of experience. Have altered the original design of products while working at Haco Design Company to meet client specifications. I have implemented rapid prototyping to overcome various production limitations and introduced efficient animation and 3D design methods in the company. Have also unparalleled innovative car audio experiences.

PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY I know about designing graphics and implementing 3D designs. I have a comprehensive understanding of trending design programs such as Photoshop and CAD. I am currently interested in working in a competitive and innovative environment where l can horn my skills and diversify my knowledge in home designing and architecture.

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Education Section of the Industrial Design Resume

It is important for an entry level industrial designer to emphasize the education section since many employers want a candidate with the right education in the development process of products. You must prove to the employer that you have the mastery of new concepts and understand the design strategy.

When writing the education section, you should ensure you include the following important sections:

  • Date of graduation or expected graduation
  • The type of degree/graduate degree
  • Education certificates or academic achievements
  • Name of the school and location
  • GPA score

Before writing this section on the professional resume templates, ensure you have thoroughly read the job description. This aspect ensures that you write a resume with the necessary information the recruiter is looking for in a candidate. Some of the important factors to consider include:

  • State the dates of graduation, the years you were in college, and your GPA score or any honors.
  • You could place your education section above the job experience section if you graduated in the last five years. However, if you graduated more than five years ago, place the education section below the job experience section.
  • Use chronological format when ranking your degrees
  • If you are still awaiting graduation, ensure you state the expected graduation dates, name of the college, and the course you are pursuing.

Education Section Examples

Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Design XYZ University of Technology, 2016-2020 Courses: product development process, innovative car audio experience, design concepts, design development, evaluate design concepts, product development program, product concepts, concept development, design research, adobe creative suite GPA Score: 4.0 Elected as the chairman of product development from 2016-2018 Awarded best industrial designer trainee in 2019

Professional Experience Section of the Resume

When listing the professional experience section, ensure your experience is relevant to the job description you are going for. You should also comprehensively analyze any past job responsibilities and achievements and highlight that which is most relevant to the job.

Industrial Experience Example

Senior Industrial Designer Linux Designing Company 2018-2021
  • Have innovative car audio experience, rapid prototyping, technical drawing, CAD software, visual communication and micro-architecture
  • Designed consumer electronics to evaluate design concepts and meet customer specifications
  • Directly involved in mechanical engineering, industrial design engineer, and project management in the automotive industry
  • Awarded for introducing intelligent concept generation and timely and accurate manner of production that reduced product malfunction and production costs by 70% in the manufacturing facilities
  • Visited job sites and multiple projects to ensure quality assurance and product specifications in the design process

industrial designer

Always Include Skills Section in your Industrial Design Resume

In the industrial design resume, it is important to include hard skills and soft skills. You should also highlight outstanding skills and achievements in your career. Before including this section, ensure you analytically review the job description to ensure you add relevant skills. Some of the skills to include are:

  • Rapid prototyping
  • Project management
  • Visual communication skills
  • Concept generation
  • Development of consumer electronics
  • Extensive knowledge in CAD software
  • Keyshot and mock ups
  • Mastery in development process in key projects and office software
  • Visual communications and team building
  • Strong communication skills and can work harmoniously with design teams
  • Proven track record in developing concepts and managing creative team

Include Contact Information in your resume

The contact information should be strategically placed at the topmost part of your resume. It allows your potential employers to have a way to contact you to attend the job interview. How do you correctly add your contact information?

  • Name : ensure your name is well listed in a larger font than the other sections in your professional resume template.
  • Address: in the professional resume, there is a need to include your address if you apply for jobs within your local area. However, for jobs out of your state, it is best not to include the address.
  • Social Media: you can add your LinkedIn profile to your resume, but ensure it has your updated and relevant information.

Quantify your Achievements and Display Your Certifications

It is important to state your achievements in the professional resume correctly. They help you create a solid edge and help you land competitive upper management design projects. If you received awards in project documentation, model making, design ideas, or superb manufacturing processes, it is intrinsic to include them in your resume.

Certifications and educational programs display your professional competence in design intent, handling working models, and multiple project teams. A candidate with national certifications impresses the hiring managers in understanding market trends, human factors, product development programs, and market characteristics.

A good header should be impressive and precise to hook the recruiter to your resume. The font of your name should be larger than the font of the rest of the resume.

Don't Forget to Create a Header for your Resume


Senior Industrial Designer
+359 7777777
North Carolina

industrial designer

Key Takeaways

  • The resume should resemble the early concept of a product in the designing process - it should have all the necessary and vital elements.
  • For your resume to be a selling point, ensure it has an outstanding professional summary
  • Include all professional skills that are listed in the job description
  • Ensure the layout of your resume is outstanding and professional
  • Include any professional awards and national certifications if you want to be a competitive candidate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to write the industrial design resume on one page?

The ideal resume should be an average of one or two pages. If you want your details and professional achievements to fit in one page, ensure you summarize your information without important details.

How can I include keywords in the industrial design resume?

The hiring managers are interested in relevant keywords when scrutinizing the numerous resumes. Thus ensure you include relevant keywords which are included in the job description into sentences in your resume.

Should you submit sketches for an industrial designer resume?

No, you should not submit sketches for your industrial designer resume. Ensure you submit a professional resume that has the right format and layout.

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