How to Choose the Right Resume Template for Your Career Goals

A resume is a document that contains your personal information, work experiences, professional qualifications, and skills along with additional information that will help a recruiter or a hiring manager to make an informed decision about your job application.

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How to Choose the Right Resume Template for Your Career Goals

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Table of content
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Our free collection of expertly designed resume templates will help you stand out from the crowd and get one step closer to your dream job.

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A resume is the first thing that hiring managers or recruiters see before they meet you. Since it is the very first thing it has to be impeccable enough to leave a lasting impact on their minds. For this to happen your resume must be perfectly organized plus optimized.

This is where good resume templates come into the picture. In this article, we will discuss professional resume templates that are friendly with applicant tracking systems (ATS). This article will also guide you on how to choose the right resume template to get a desired job.

Let's get started with the basics.

What is a Resume Template

A resume template (mostly free) is a professionally designed structure that guides you to create a professional resume. It is attractive, easy to use, and offers distinguishing layouts, formats, and features.

What is a Layout (in good resume templates)

The resume layout in the resume template determines the physical structure and the visual appearance of a particular resume. In other words, layout determines how your information will be arranged in a resume so that it is comfortable for the recruiter to read.

There are three major resume layout. Here they are:

Traditional Resume Layout

Traditional aka conventional layout is first of its kind resume template layout. It has standard fonts, contains single colors, a plain design without borders, and a uniform structure. The traditional layout follows a typical and linear path to display your information. For example, at the top, there's a header with your basic information like name, job title, and contact details followed by work experiences, education, and skills thereafter. Traditional layouts allow users to bold texts, underline or make them italics as per convenience.

If you look closely, a traditional layout follows a conservative approach like displaying all your information in a single-column container. It's pretty regular and straightforward. The advantage of using a traditional layout resume template is the space it offers. When there's a single column you get enough room to elaborate, especially those having a long work history.

When there's sufficient space to write you can add all those valuable experiences, achievements, and accomplishments earned during the employment.

Creative Resume Layout

A creative resume template layout is exactly the opposite of a traditional one. It contains multiple font types, font sizes, designs, columns, patterns, colors, and graphics including the candidate's photo. Yes, you heard that right - a creative resume layout has a photo. To put it differently, this layout is artistic showcasing the applicant's creative persona.

If you are a graphic designer, video editor, fashion designer, or interior decorator then using a creative resume template layout can add value to the resume.

Modern Resume Layout

Modern layout aka professional resume template combines traditional and creative features. However, the traditional impact is deep in a resume compared to the creative one. It contains geometric shapes, colors, lines, borders, font size, and style but in a limited attempt. The motive here is to arrange the information in a readable and scannable manner.

Although the modern layout uses shapes and colors they are limited to the headings or subheadings only. In this way, a modern layout with a hint of style professionally arranges your information in a resume. Needless to say, the modern resume template layout is prominently used while applying for professional jobs.

How to Select a Resume Template to Get Your Dream Job

There are a ton of free and paid professional resume templates online but how will you decide which one fits your requirements? Here are some points to keep in mind while making a decision.

Go through available resume templates

Browse example resume templates that you come across and shortlist those that look and feel professional. By doing this you can sort out individual resume template that appeals to you. Free resume templates are the best resume template, to begin with. Refer to the link below.

Free Resume Templates by Resume-Examples

On this page, you will find creative and professional resume templates for free. Select the template of your choice, click, and you will be redirected to the resume builder page where you can start editing.

Choose a resume format

Once you have finalized your template resume, brainstorm how will you write meaning what is your aim for writing a resume? Are you a fresher or an experienced applicant? Are you going to write an elaborate work history or prioritize your professional qualifications in your resume? For example, if you are a highly experienced professional then you must choose the reverse chronological order to write your work history.

Unlike professionals, entry-level applicants must use a skill-based resume format to highlight their competencies. Hence, first, think about the objective, then choose the format, and thereafter select a resume template.

Do some research about your dream job

Having a goal to get a desired job is indeed a positive affirmation but you need to work on it by doing extensive research. Work culture in companies varies and so does the hiring process. In today's modern and competitive world, some companies still hold conventional values and approaches to doing business. Hence, if you use a creative resume template to apply to such companies it might not work in your favor.

A creative job is completely different than a professional one. For example, a graphic designer or a fashion designer's resume is unique compared to an office assistant or a facility manager. Fashion and graphics are more inclined toward creativity whereas the latter ones are more focused on organizing, data, analysis, implementation, and much more.

Therefore, a bit of research will guide you to select the best resume templates.

Must have sufficient space

The best resume template is best only if it offers space to convey your message creatively. If you have already selected a resume template then ask yourself this - Is this resume template offering space to write experience, education, and a resume summary? Can I include additional resume sections? Will my resume be one-page with the same information?

If the answers to the above questions are yes then go ahead with the selected resume template. On the contrary, if the above questions confuse you then it's time to rethink your template resume.

The bottom line is a resume template must integrate every single detail intelligently. Not only this but hiring managers should not struggle with finding specific skills or info. It must be well-organized and upfront. Does your resume template have it?

Resume template features

Yes, a resume template must have custom features to increase the value of the info and overall readability. For example, the resume template has two columns to distinguish details and make it more scannable. The two-column feature varies depending on the design of the template. Some templates will have a narrow column to contain contact details, photos, or a list of skills leaving the other column wide for other sections. At times these two columns are evenly distributed to offer equal space on either side.

Other features like bullet points, geometric shapes, lines, dots, etc. separate each section of a resume giving equal attention by elevating readability. Last but not the least, color in resume templates. A resume not only speaks about your professional life but also your personality. Using elegant colors, textures, and patterns signals that you have a creative instinct. Hence, does your resume template has it all?

Compatible with an applicant tracking system

This is so far the most essential feature a resume template must have otherwise things can go south. The selected resume template either free or paid must be friendly with the applicant tracking systems (ATS). To understand why we need to discuss the following.

What is an applicant tracking system?

The ATS is a tool used by hiring managers and employers to track applicants throughout the recruitment process by collecting, organizing, and analyzing their details.

Now, what could go wrong with this tool?

If your resume is not optimized as per the standards of applicant tracking systems then you could be eliminated in the initial rounds of the hiring process which is automated and much of which is controlled by the ATS. Hence, your resume template must be capable to bypass applicant tracking systems.

The good news is we have such great resume templates that can bypass applicant tracking systems and push your resume for further procedures.

Resume examples of other professionals

We learn from others and this pretty much fits here too. While searching for free resume templates look at resume examples of other industry professionals.

Analyze how they have structured their resume, and what font size and style they have incorporated. Have they included a headshot? If yes, then where is it in the resume?

Also, study the length of their resume. Is it a one page resume or long enough to be named as a two page resume? This is critical because one page resume is a new norm. Thus, by studying the online resume example candidates can get a better idea.

Free Resume Templates for Job Seekers in Creative Industries

We offer three resume templates to job seekers viz Riga, Budapest, and Rotterdam. Let's discuss some creative details of these free resume templates.


The Riga is one of the best resume templates and a favorite among managers since it has a huge dark-color resume bar at the top. You can write your name, job title, location, email address, and phone number. The name appears in large text in plain white color which contrasts the background.

template resume

Then we have a two-column layout with a light background in the narrow column and plain white background in the wider column. The narrow column contains education and language sections. On the wider side, you can write a professional resume summary, work experience, and skills.

If you observe closely the language and the skill section has progressive bar feature. The progress identifies your level of expertise in a particular language or skill.

For junior-level job seekers, the work experience space is customizable to write a resume objective or a personal brand statement. All in all, the Riga resume template is a great fit for your creative needs.


The Budapest resume template offers a pool of information to the hiring manager since it contains a lot of space for it. This resume template has a narrow column with dark color background and a wide column with a plain white color background.

template resume

In the narrow column, you have features like about me, websites and social links, references, languages, and additional details. On the other side, you can write about work history, education, skills, hobbies, and publications. There's a header on the top subtly designed to include personal details.

The best part about the Budapest resume template is the versatility of professional details one can add. This resume template is frequently used by those who have a lot to offer to a company.


The Rotterdam resume template is a combination of Riga and Budapest. It has a dark ribbon at the top like Riga and a light-colored narrow vertical column similar to Budapest resume templates. The circular space for a headshot is the common feature between the Rotterdam and the Budapest free resume template.

template resume

Moreover, the personal detail segment is quite elaborated with details like date of birth, nationality, visa, and marital status. However, you can eliminate them and add other details relevant to the job description.

On the positive side, all three popular resume templates can be edited as per your specific needs. For example, the about me section can be renamed as a professional resume summary or resume objective.

📌 Riga, Budapest, and Rotterdam are one page resume templates. Select the resume template of your choice and create your resume today with our easy resume builder.

Free Resume Templates without Headshots

Headshots aren't necessary and we know this for ages. We have hand-picked three free resume templates for your first or next job application without inserting a photo. Here they are:


This free resume template with a little hue of yellow color. It looks mesmerizing this way. In addition, you get ample space to write a consistent work history that has a job title, company name, duration, and bullet points. Further, the font size and style also vary throughout the resume template. The Sydney resume template offers a modern look and feels with substantial white space across different sections.

template resume

Even though there's a limited use of geometric shapes yet every element is beautifully aligned in a linear fashion making the template more attractive. It follows the rule - less is more.


This free resume template uses lines to divide the segments. The white space is smartly covered without offending the traditional appearance of the template. The emojis in the hobby section are a creative idea indeed.

template resume

The attention-grabbing part of this free resume template is the name. On the top of the page, the applicant's name is confined with initials in the center. It appears as a logo and attracts attention. A subtle way to catch the reader's retina.


The crisp is one of the simple resume templates plus it is utmost traditional in every sense. It has single color with a limited variety in font size and style. Almost every heading is bold so that employers can easily scan it.

template resume

Crisp is conventional and especially for those who are minimalistic and believe to deliver great results with whatever available resources. If you share the same ideology then this free resume template is yours.

📌 Sydney, Chicago, and Crisp are one page resume templates. Select a resume template and create your resume today with our easy resume builder.

Tips to Choose the Best Resume Templates Online

  • Always use a professional resume template only. Cheaper ones can be chaotic.
  • Download the resume online in Microsoft word or pdf file formats.
  • If you already have resume content ready then copy and paste it instead of writing it again. Save time.
  • Freshers must use templates to write either a new resume to target the job or refurbish the old handwritten resume using modern resume templates.
  • Resume writing can be a demanding task if you haven't done it before. Readymade templates do all the heavy lifting of resume writing. Hence use templates to save energy.
  • Align your resume content as per the job description and then select a resume template accordingly.
  • Avoid creating two page resume. Scrolling pages or fumbling them will waste recruiters' time. Make their job easy with a resume design of a single page only.
  • Use our professional resume design templates. They are ready to use, easy, and downloadable in suitable formats.

Frequently Asked Questions About Resume Templates

Is it Professional to use resume templates?

Yes, it is completely professional to use readymade resume templates because they are designed keeping the industry standards in mind. Additionally, these templates are capable to bypass applicant tracking systems. Hence, use them without any worries.

What are the benefits of using a professional resume template?

The straightforward benefit of using a professional resume template is the cost. They are free and support a variety of file formats. For instance, you can download your resume in PDF and word file formats. Along with compatible file format features, these resume templates help you to get your dream job. Isn't that fascinating?

Are there any drawbacks to using resume ready templates?

There aren't any prominent drawbacks to using a resume ready template as of now. These templates are created to help job applicants to get a job interview call and not act otherwise. We advise you to not be judgemental and use these templates with confidence for your next target job.

Is it safe to use resume templates online?

Yes, using resume templates online is perfectly normal and safe. A prospective employer will appreciate it when you professionally present your career highlights. It will impress employers when they find updated information in a chronological format. It is because these templates make their work easy. They don't have to struggle anymore with your resume.

What are downloadable resume templates?

Downloadable resume templates are those that you can download in a different file format like Microsoft word document or pdf format.

Which is the best resume format?

There are three main formats - reverse chronological, functional, and hybrid aka combination format. The combination format is a mixture of functional and reverse chronological formats. However, the reverse chronological resume format is widely used and accepted.

What are premium resume templates?

Premium templates are custom-made and tailored according to your specific needs. When the buzz around resume templates was new job search was expensive because applicants had to pay to buy premium resume templates. But now you can get it free. Today job applicants can google and find free resume templates effortlessly.

What are Google docs resume templates?

Resume templates that are designed in the Google document tool (similar to Microsoft word) are Google docs resume templates. They are editable, accessible, shareable, and can bypass resume scanners easily.

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