Fail-Proof Letter of Interest - Writing Guide + Sample & Template

Has this ever happened that you dreamed of working in a company or on a particular job position but there's no specific job opening in that company? The obvious answer is - many times. Every working professional in their career has undergone this emotion. The company is not actively hiring still you have the interest to work with them.

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Fail-Proof Letter of Interest - Writing Guide + Sample & Template

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Table of content
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To solve this long intended issue we have come up with a solution. It's the letter of interest. Yes, you can send the target company a letter of interest sample and let a specific company know that you are skill set and work background matches the company's mission and vision. You can express interest in a job posting.

We have discussed here how to write an effective letter of interest with a detailed process. This interest letter will not only only help experienced applicants but also fresh talents to approach a particular company that they are interested in. Therefore, let's begin writing a successful letter of interest sample with examples, process, and tips.

letter of interest sample

Before we learn how to send the letter of interest to a specific company for a specific position it is essential to acknowledge what it is in the first place. Here you go.

A letter of interest is a sample letter sent to a target company informing them about your interest in a specific position or job posting matching your skill set and work history. It is essential that the job title match your skill set otherwise the letter of interest won't serve the intention with which it is written.

Make this clear that a letter of interest is a independent document expressing your good interest to work in a dream job in a particular company. In a way, the interest letter is a first point of contact with a potential employer even before sending a professional resume or a cover letter.

To let you know - a cover letter is different than a letter of interest. We have detailed a comparison between two of them later in this article. Continue reading till then.

The letter of interest sample must have a professional tone depicting employment journey along with the skills, education, and necessary information that would convince the hiring manager. Not only professional tone but your intentions to work in the target company must be crystal clear.

Sending a Letter of Interest Before a Resume: Is it Valid?

We asked this question to top industry recruiters, according to industry-leading hiring managers - sending a letter of interest before an openly advertised job opportunity is a healthy sign of incorporating a mutual relationship with potential employers. A potential employer will always welcome new developments that could lead to the progression of the company if a fresh talent joins the team. It's a winning situation.

The purpose of sending a letter of interest to a hiring manager is a positive sign that you look forward to working with the team and contribute progressively towards company's goals. Additionally, you are pioneering a meaningful communication regarding job opportunities that are due in the future. The good news is there's no precondition to send the letter of interest to the target company for a dream job.

letter of interest sample

Okay now, here's the other side of sending a letter of interest to a particular company.

You can send the interest letter and also request to schedule an informational interview either with the hiring manager or a specific person of equal caliber and potential. An informational interview is different compared to a job interview. They are initiated to make personal connection and generate interest.

Hence, those who don't know note this down that you can not only send a letter of interest but also schedule an informational interview. Now let's proceed with writing a letter of interest samples.

Essential Ingredients to Write a Letter of Interest

Writing a letter of interest is no different than writing a professional consulting resume. There's a series of tasks that you need to follow. Following details will help you understand the foundational information regarding how to draft a letter of interest.

Find the name of the hiring manager to whom the letter should be addressed

Finding the relevant person to whom you must send your letter of interest sample is very important otherwise it will never see the daylight and will settle in office drawers for eternity. Therefore, do an extensive research whom to address the letter of interest.

Browse their official website and study it thoroughly. Visit the homepage, vision, mission, team, and contact us pages. Find out the hiring manager's name and address him or her in the letter. Most of the time a hiring manager is appointed to do the task.

letter of interest sample

Go through their LinkedIn business page and see who is the incharge of the hiring process. Also look whether or not the company has appointed a specific person to deal with candidate writing letter of interest. If nothing works in your favor then call the company reception number and inquire about the concerned person or the department.

The reason behind addressing the letter of interest to the exact person (like a hiring manager) makes your letter personalised dramatically. The reader feels valued when he or she read their name specifically targeted with an intention to converse.

Do a thorough study about the target company

Although it maybe true that you must not sing jingles of a company name yet performing a thorough research is always a great idea. You must at least know whom you are dealing with. Browse the company's linkedIn profile or official website to understand the company's mission. Google the company name to find any press release or news articles.

Read the LinkedIn profiles of current employees to get to know the work culture and the line of work the company does. Search them on other social media channels like FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, or Instagram.

Use the correct tone in your letter of interest

The letter of interest that you intend to write is an independent document yet professional in nature. Therefore, the tone matters the most. Do not attempt to write it in an informal way - be polite and respectful keep in view the hiring manager's seniority and dignity.

letter of interest sample

Remember that the tone of the letter of interest will decide whether an informative interview should be scheduled or not. Additionally, check grammar and spelling mistakes. Avoid formatting the letter of interest with stylish fonts, color, design elements, and emojis. These are the biggest turn-offs.

Seek attention using the letter of interest

Describing career achievement and past success will definitely earn you some spotlight but without a meaningful opening statement everything's in vain. Your content must be thought provoking and get the hiring manager's attention.

Once they start reading your letter of interest they must complete it without dropping it half way. Convince the reader to read further by mentioning your track record, relevant skills, and how you can be a valuable asset to the company.

Mention what values you can bring to the company if hired and how you can modify the current work environment making it more productive. Hiring managers like new developments and abilities in a potential candidate.

Tell them why are you sending them a letter of interest

State the purpose very clearly in the letter since it will give the reader a clear picture. Address the letter with the hiring manager's name, discuss relevant skills for an open position or future job opening, and convey who you can be a valuable asset to them.

letter of interest sample

If you have recently read about an open position then do mention it and discuss future opportunities regarding the same. Keep you tone smooth and soft without sounding desperate. Politely ask their contact details and make sure they allow you to do a follow up after sending the letter of interest.

Length of the Letter of Interest

The letter of interest must be brief containing valuable information that relates to your job search. A typical letter of interest has an opening paragraph followed by a second paragraph and finally a closing paragraph. Normally, it must contain an average of 200-300 words focused on value proposition and not making it lengthy to read. It's a kind of letter of interest format.

All in all, a letter of interest must be exceptionally limited to only one-page and no more than that. The reason behind summing up everything in just one page is that the letter of interest must provoke interest of the reader. If you sit down to mention your entire track record then it might exceed than general resumes.

Do you think hiring managers will invest a big amount of time reading a letter of interest that is way more lengthy than a normal resume. It's like replacing a summary statement and writing a career objective statement that has no meaning. Hence, keep it short, precise, clear and engaging.

Now that you know what is a prospecting letter of interest and it's important ingredients let's read a comparison between the letter of interest and cover letters. Here it is.

Letter of Interest v/s Cover Letter

Both the letter of interest and cover letter are connected to a job search. However, the purpose and the content of these letters are completely different and opposite. Here's the individual explanation of an effective letter of interest and cover letters.

letter of interest sample

Successful Letter of Interest

A letter of interest is intentionally send to an employer without specific job vacancy in the company justo build a connection with the team and be in touch for future job opportunities. Sending a letter of interest is similar to cold calling a customer and convincing him or her to buy your products or services.

The letter shows your interest (in a professional tone) and a brief mention of your professional accomplishments. In a way, the letter of interest is the beginning of your job search that starts with an inquiry letter and may end up with a solicited job application if things go as planned.

Let's clear the air about letter of interest. It is sent independently without a job application, resume, or a even a cover letter. Sending the letter is the first initiative towards getting a dream job.

Cover Letter

Cover letters are completely opposite to a letter of interest. A cover letter is a document sent with an application stating brief details about your career and the achievements made so far. An applicant sends cover letter when he or she is job searching, preparing for a job interview, or looking forward to join a company for future job opportunities.

A cover letter professionally introduces a candidate to the hiring manager stating what expertise an individual has for the current vacancy. All in all, cover letter is part of the job hunt performed when there is a sure shot opening in a company.

Letter of Interest Sample

After a thoughtful discussion here's the much awaited letter of interest example to assist you. It will also serve as a letter of interest template if you plan to write one for yourself. Hence, read and replace the text with your own content.

letter of interest sample

(Hiring Manager's Name),

Start with the company name and how did you find out about the company. If possible mention the name of the medium. For example, Forbes. Mention what you like about the company in a few sentences. For example, the work culture, their mission, vision, etc.

State you education, experience, and past job achievements. For instance, a recent graduate with robust communication skills. Write you intentions clearly and why do think you are suitable compared to other applicants. Include calculations, percentage, figures while describing your accomplishments.

Finally, mention your contact details (mobile number + email address) and request an informative interview. Specifically state that even though the company is not actively advertising or hiring still a brief meeting would be fruitful for you. Ask for an education tour if the company has a manufacturing facility.

Thank for your time.

(Your Name)

(Mobile Number)

(Email Address)

FAQs about Letter of Interest

Does sending a prospecting letter of interest makes you look desperate?

A well-drafted prospecting letter of interest doesn't make you look desperate but it serves a positive impression to the human resources manager along with deep understanding of the job opportunity that you think is suitable. Potential employers will never judge you as a desperate applicant, on the contrary they will prioritize you for future opportunities in comparison to other applicants.

What is an informational interview and how's it different from a job interview?

Informational interview is an informal meeting with the officials of a company to exchange information about the company's culture, current job openings, work environment, and a lot more other things. This is not a job interview, hence, don't get confused between them. It depends who will be available for an informational interview. Either a senior human resources manager or a specific person who is willing to share valuable details regarding business processes.

How many paragraphs should a letter of interest have?

A letter of interest must have a total of three paragraphs, for instance, opening paragraph followed by a second paragraph and finally a closing paragraph. The final paragraph must motivate the hiring manager to take an action like emailing, calling or texting you back.

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