KFC Job Interview Questions and Answers

A list of KFC interview questions and sample answers has been compiled in this article for your future reference if you are planning to work at KFC. Be informed that the KFC interview questions won't follow a chronological order except for a couple of introductory questions. Refer to them and stay informed ahead of your KFC interview.

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KFC Job Interview Questions and Answers

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Table of contents
Table of content

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Introduction at a job interview is a critical part of the most common interview questions asked to date. However, candidates go blank when it comes to answer this question. If you observe the question is broad in nature when the interviewer demands an introduction. Instead of being specific, for example, what are mashed potatoes? the interviewer wants to know how you present yourself.

KFC Interview Questions

The sample answer must include a mixed balance of personal and professional details. When you mention interesting information that is not present in the resume it attracts the attention of the hiring manager.

How long have been residing at the present location?

If the interviewer is asking you this question it means he or she is calculating the distance between the workplace and your location. It is because you have certainly mentioned a full-fledged address in the resume in place of simply writing the city and state names. Your sample answer must be brief, do not elaborate on the family history of the residence or apartment. Hiring managers may not be interested in your detailed whereabouts. Hence, keep it short and save energy for other important interview questions.

Describe your experience in the fast food industry.

With interview questions like this, the hiring manager initiates the professional part of the interview process because till now it was the getting-to-know-each-other phase. Be confident when you talk about employment and begin with the current job description in your sample answers. Tell them how you handled customers, and what skills you employ the most to tackle queries from customers. Mention your team members to give a personal and compassionate touch to the replies. This will display your team leadership qualities.

You have mentioned receiving an award. Please elaborate on it.

Awards, honors, recognitions, etc. are integral parts of a resume and when you put it on a resume for a KFC interview hiring managers would certainly be interested to get into more details. The reason being the interviewer would not want an eligible and performing job seeker to slip out of his or her hands. Hence, speak about the award details, time, and how you get nominated for the same.

Stick to the technical details and focus on the skill sets that helped you achieve the award. By doing this you accomplish two things - first that you are an eligible candidate and second that you have a refined set of skills that could complete a task and win an award for you.

How was your experience working at the world's largest fast food chains?

KFC hires those having a work history in a similar job role and is predominantly a quick learner. The company is known for high-quality standards and the same will be delivered by the interviewer. Assuming that you have prior experience working at the world's largest food chain the quality of work done would obviously be of international standards. That's what should be included in your sample answers.

KFC Interview Questions

Talk about the brands, location, designation, work done, members, and other glorious details of the employment period. Include specific examples in your answers, speak regarding new challenges at work, and the solutions you deployed for the betterment of customers.

Are you a team player?

Working at KFC is being part of the largest workforce ever on this planet. You meet and work with a wide variety of people from different education and cultural backgrounds. In that case, if you are given a leadership responsibility to manage and lead a group of junior and mid-level employees the results can make or break the business of the company. Under those circumstances, speak about specific experiences when you led a group of people at work.

Remember that leading a workforce is a skill and your sample answer must inevitably speak about the same to the interviewer. So, answer this question confidently.

Define excellent customer service.

Great customer service is welcoming and attending to the needs of the customer, offering them a vibrant environment to enjoy the services alongside a super delicious meal. That's how you must begin your sample answer with a positive word and a little enthusiasm to gain customer loyalty. Okay now, great customer service is a debatable area and there are many layers underneath depending on the restaurant industry. Although this may be true yet serving your customers by offering them a standard service makes you eligible to work at KFC.

What do you expect from another team member while working at a KFC restaurant?

We have already discussed how another member can be a valuable co-worker especially if it's your first job at the KFC. The motive behind asking this question is to check your expectation level and dependency on other members at work. However, your sample answer must not be focused on asking for help always but also rendering some help to fellow staff members when needed. This is a personality trait.

A company while hiring a potential employee investigates the different side of your persona. They want to make sure whether or not you are the right match for long periods of work. Now if you rant only about how you asked for help in silly matters in the last job it will not showcase an independent work style or ethics. Thus, move smartly while answering this question.

What type of skills do you have?

The interviewer has your resume and he or she knows what you have written in the skills section. They have read it all. In that case, what should be the sample answer? What else can you speak apart from what is written regarding skills? The best way to define interview questions about skill sets is to give examples. For instance, you can mention a special mashed potatoes recipe skill if you are a chef even though you have already mentioned it in the chef's resume.

Another example in your sample answer could be about kitchen work at KFC, safety rules, new challenges while serving customers in the last job, and so on. Talking about skill sets in exclusive detail with examples will give you an added advantage and a relaxed interview session. Hence, do that.

Mention one incident where you employed your skills to solve problems at work.

Customer spends money in exchange for food and courteous services at any given KFC outlet. This is not only true for KFC but also for Starbucks, Chilis, and the entire service industry. Problems are inevitable in the workplace and KFC is not an exception. Hence, your sample answer must necessarily contain an example showing the interviewer your problem-solving authority. Additionally, the example must be substantial enough in nature to help the interviewer take an informed decision.

KFC Interview Questions

For example, meaningful intervention to solve genuine problems of customers in the first job or last job, participation in management, supervision, training, or monitoring activities that yielded massive outcomes. Telling how you exchanged a KFC snacker sandwich with an upgraded version of the same is not a problem, it's an error in the order and you rectified it.

How will you tackle an angry customer?

Customers yelling at the staff members is not something that we rarely see at hotels and restaurants. It's a common problem and every single staff member is well-trained to encounter such situations. On the other hand, these types of interview questions are asked to judge the mindset and skills of the candidate. Customers getting angry is a major service lapse and one needs to fix it as soon as possible but meanwhile, you also need to calm down the customer.

Online food delivery service providers know the pain of making a customer angry. It can have devastating consequences like negative reviews tarnishing the reputation of the company. Tell the interviewer that you will first make the customer calm down and then take due actions to resolve the problem. If the recruiter wants to know specific steps then create a hypothetical situation in your mind and give examples of your skills to tackle an angry customer.

What do you do in your past time?

Investigating the other aspect of an individual's personality is part of the KFC hiring process and an opportunity to present a different version of the candidate. Speak to the recruiter about your hobbies and interest. Tell them your likes and dislikes instead of only discussing good things. A normal human being has both positive and negative feelings. Hence, simply describing the positive things will make you look like you are intentionally hiding something that could be crucial in the evaluation process. So, be yourself.

What are your salary expectations?

KFC interview questions can be tricky but this one is pretty standard and on the contrary, every employer wants to know how much it will cost the company to hire you. There are different methods to answer these questions and job applicant's answers vary depending on their education, experience, skills, and what else they offer to the company. Negotiating the salary is a risky business because expecting too much won't get you the job and getting paid less will trouble you every day.

Research online job sites to study the salary expectations in the desired job profile and what is being paid. As a part of the sample answer, you can also ask the KFC recruiter to disclose the salary range for the said position. By doing this you will get an idea of how much you must quote.

What inspires you to work for KFC?

Bragging about KFC in your answers is not a wise move because KFC is already a giant brand and everyone on this planet knows about it. Your comments to impress hiring managers won't work because that's the standard reply recruiters heard in the interview yesterday, will hear from you today, and also in the future. Answer them by talking about the work culture, your love of food, your passion to serve customers, and your plans to develop a career in the food industry. Your sample answer must contain these features in place of boasting about the KFC brand.

Do you have questions regarding this interview process?

The recruiter may ask - tell us if you have any questions regarding this interview process. Tell them yes you do have a question and ask them how did you perform in the interview, was there anything concerning about your job application? are they satisfied with your answers? The recruiter won't straight away give you the answer but he or she will smile and give a diplomatic reply. Study their body language and how they treat you when you ask these questions. You will get some idea about the outcome of your KFC interview.

KFC Interview Questions

The list of most common interview questions concludes here and a step further we have composed a sample resume to better understand the interview questions. Refer to the same below.

Sample Resume for KFC Job Interview Questions

Although the resume sample below is for a KFC job interview yet it can be a valuable resource to write a coffee shop resume or send your CV to Papa John's Pizza. Therefore, go through it mindfully and compare the interviewer questions mentioned above.

Mark F. Miller

4108 Mudlick Road

Yakima, WA 98908

+1 509-557-7868



Diligent and customer-oriented general manager with 10+ years of professional experience working at the world's largest fast-food chains is seeking a senior position at KFC restaurant. Skilled in great customer service with a positive attitude my employment history includes brands like Kentucky fried chicken, taco bell, pizza hut, burger king, and Kentucky grilled chicken. Handled fast-food chain, banquets, corporate reservations, and wedding functions.


Restaurant General Manager

Kentucky Fried Chicken

Yakima, Washington


  • Answer customer queries related to venue bookings, menu, and services, and negotiate the price.
  • Resolved new challenges involved in long periods of bookings for customers & wedding planners.
  • Introduced a new booking system and encouraged customers to apply online for the same.
  • Gather 5-star ratings from loyal customers by offering them a positive experience.
  • Set a booking benchmark in the restaurant industry by managing a celebrity wedding function.

Restaurant General Manager

Kentucky Fried Chicken

Yakima, Washington


  • Introduced the hot wings concept at the restaurant for customers desiring spicy taste.
  • Collaborated with like-minded people on the hot wings recipe to make it more savoury.
  • Resolved pending questions from customers about pre-booking the venue and food.
  • Accumulated 5-star ratings from customers ordering the new concept of hot chicken online
  • Talk with suppliers to maintain professional relationships and continued supply of materials.

Assistant Manager

Kentucky Fried Chicken

Spokane, Washington


  • Introduced 50% OFF on weekend customer who buys more than four orders online using the app.
  • Introduced an online fun menu for customers to right match ingredients with recipes to win.
  • Followed company policy and food industry standards while offering services to customers.
  • Assisted the hiring manager in sorting the resume of job seekers as per the KFC interview process.
  • Adhered to the KFC dress code for team members who work at KFC across the KFC outlets.

Assistant Manager

Burger King

Olympia, Washington


Assistant Manager

Kentucky Grilled Chicken

Olympia, Washington


Kitchen Assistant

Pizza Hut

Seattle, Washington


Kitchen Assistant

Taco Bell

Seattle, Washington



  • Fast food chains management
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Fast learner
  • Hiring team member
  • Scheduling interview process
  • Knowledge of food & beverages
  • Safety rules coordinator
  • Positive attitude
  • Problem solving skills
  • Excellent customer service


Bachelor's Degree - Food & Beverages

Washington Culinary Arts College

Yakima, Washington



  • English (Native)
  • Spanish (Conversational
  • French (Beginner)
  • Mandarin (Beginner)


  • Global Food Safety and Quality Standards, 2007
  • Professional Culinary Art Style and Presentation, 2008

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