How to Create, Edit, and Format a Professional Resume Online?

A thoughtful and attractive resume can not only push your job application further but also draw a professional image in front of the employers.

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How to Create, Edit, and Format a Professional Resume Online?

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Table of contents
Table of content
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Write your resume in 15 minutes

Our free collection of expertly designed resume templates will help you stand out from the crowd and get one step closer to your dream job.

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Are you looking for an attractive resume to impress your future employer? Look no further. We have it for you.

A well-crafted professional resume is your first point of contact with the hiring managers as a job seeker. If the first impression doesn't go well then you know where your resume is going to end up. Considering this critical fact we will discuss how to edit your resume in today's article. First, let's create it and then we will look into the editing part. Here you go.

How to Create a Good Resume?

A good resume has two essential elements. Number one - it can pass through any type of applicant tracking system. Number two - it effortlessly draws attention of the hiring managers. What will you need to write this kind of resume? Continue reading to know.

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Resume Format

A resume format is related to the work history and the education section arranging the details in these sections in a reverse chronological order. Whether you are compiling a public accountant or a bookkeeper resume, the order remains the same. On the contrary, there are two more formats as of - the functional and the hybrid format.

Out of these three the reverse chronological order is the standard one that helps resumes pass through the applicants tracking system. Moreover, hiring manager also prefer the standard format. Now you know which one you should be using out of the three formats.

Resume Layout

The layout of a resume is the outline or wireframe used to arrange the content. When you arrange the details in a proper order it increases the readability. Moreover, it also attracts the eyeballs of the hiring manager provided there are no mistakes and unnecessary information making the resume too lengthy to read. Thus, what is the ideal layout of a resume? Read below.

  • Contact details
  • Summary
  • Work experience
  • Key skills
  • Education
  • Additional details

The resume sections above collectively creates an ideal layout so that applicants can fill in the details helping hiring managers navigate through it.

Resume Builder

A resume builder tool is one of the best resume writing tools the job seekers have encountered. This automated tool guides you through different sections in arranging the content and streamlining it so that the reader can read effortlessly and consume the details. Here are some advantages of resume writing using a resume builder. Here we go.

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  • It's easy and requires no technical skills to use it.
  • The interface and layout are interactive and guided.
  • Users can customize the details at any point.
  • The review process is a cakewalk.
  • Download available in PDF or word documents.
  • User can upload existing resume to download a new version.
  • Resume templates are friendly with the builder tool.

So, that is how you will be writing a resume for your self using the above three important features. Once you have written a resume it becomes necessary to edit the details or else there can be consequences. Now to edit the resume there are multiple actions you can take and must be taken to survive the harsh sorting methods of the applicant tracking systems. The question is how will you edit your resume?

How to Edit Your Resume to Win a Job?

Instead of pointing one liners (tips) we have discussed this topic in accurate details taking every single possibility into consideration. Hence, read it and follow them when you sit to edit your resume.

Pay close attention to spelling mistakes

We have studied a ton of resumes containing basic spelling mistakes. A majority of job seekers seems to mistakenly write these words incorrectly. For example, save time, create, relevant, position, employers, seek, accomplishments, services, industry, companies, and more. Either they make a grave spelling mistake or write these words in a completely different meaning and contexts. Hence, when you edit your resume take care of the spelling mistakes.

Edit grammatical errors

Grammatical errors are unavoidable provided you are a grammar freak. So what should be done under this circumstances? Use grammar tools. Yes, a wide variety of spelling and grammar tools are available online out of which most of them are free to use. Drop your resume content and rectify spelling and grammatical errors for free. Thus, when editing your resume don't forget to edit grammar errors.

Customize formatting

A resume is a professional document, hence, less is always more when it comes to formatting. Using design elements, geometrical shapes, color theme is still valid but in a limited proportion. Overwhelming the resume with flashy colors, emojis, curvy fonts and over the edge font size is not going to work. Therefore, when you customize your resume don't forget to review the formatting.

Weed out unwanted details

A potential candidate will always strive to deliver more than required to create an impression on recruiters. For example, include unrelated keywords, add work background of past service, add high school qualifications, write long description, describe skills and ability more than one page, bragging too much about past companies, and much more.

These are unwanted information and the incorrect way to write a resume. Skip them even if using resume templates. All in all, when editing your resume avoid mentioning unwanted details.

Length of the resume

Recruiters don't pickup resumes randomly and start reading them. They use tracking systems to sort out eligible resumes. Out of many parameters they set in the system one of them is the length of the resume. The standard length is one page and despite this job seekers show up with resumes with 2-3 pages.

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A seasoned service employee will have a long history of work but including all of them will make the resume in multiple pages. At the end, while editing your professional resume make sure the resume length is according to the standards of the hiring industry.

Review keywords and action words

Keywords and action words are utmost important since your resume will be scanned by a program in the first round. Typically the initial review process is done here to save time. If your resume doesn't contain keywords in relevant skills, summary description, work background, qualifications, position, or even in the current or past accomplishments then it won't make it to the next round.

This is the reason why you must double-check your professional resume immediately after you download it. A quick glance at the description, accomplishments, skills, position, qualification, etc. will not only save the reader's time but also a valuable opportunity. Above all, customize keywords and action word list in the resume documents.

Include every single professional detail

If you read the resume outline above there's a section named - additional details. This could be a turning point in the decision making process when employers review the resume for a vacant position. The point here is to mention valuable information, for example, proficiency in language, certificates, internship, apprenticeship, school or college club membership. So, add every single details in your professional resume to make it look worth reading.

Which tense to write a resume in?

Ideally, a resume must be compiled in present tense excluding the previous job experiences. Certainly, you will write the previous experience in past tense. So leaving out this particular segment try to enforce present tense in description statements. We also recommend you to read our industry specific series of article on drafting resumes, tips, templates, and resume builder. The bottom line here is to write a resume in present tense.

Use synonyms more often

A mundane life kills the excitement and similarly repetitive keywords fades away the interest to read a resume. But there's one solution and it's affordable but a little time consuming. After all you can invest that very little time in making your resume perfect. Isn't it?

Use synonyms in the resume instead of the same old boring terms. For example, replace helped with assisted, use rendered, offered, spearheaded more often in the resume in place of layman terms. Search the internet (it's free) and you will find better synonyms for the jargons. By doing this you deliver a new vibe to the entire experience.

Read the first draft

Help yourself by reading the first draft after create and download the resume using a template. Read it out loud and hear yourself. Does it pleases you? Do you like hearing your own resume if read out loud in your own voice? Is it harmonious? If it's a yes then go ahead and print the final copy but if it is a no then find out where did you miss. Don't hesitate to print the pdf file again and again if it is not up to the caliber and standards.

Take help of an expert

A resume pdf file is not that big in size to send as an attachment or on WhatsApp to an expert. Go ahead and take help of a resume expert for constructive feedbacks. Although expert services are not free but asking for an expert opinion is worth when it's the matter of a dream job. Search the internet and you will find resume experts in your budget. If not then search among your friends and family members for help. Everything counts hence, do not overlook it.

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So the edit my resume tips and trick list ends here and we hope you might have started with the same. Before we bid a farewell let's answer a few questions.

Resume Editing FAQs

How to edit your resume using a resume builder?

A resume builder can create a new resume and can even edit an old one. To create a new one just select the template and the interface will guide you where to put the relevant description. However, to edit an old one upload the PDF file, select the template, and the system will create a new copy of the existing resume. All the details will land in the right place. Thereafter, customize as per your requirement and generate a copy.

Are templates worth using and legit?

Templates are free nowadays and trust us they are worth using and legit at the same time. Resume templates are simply an outline of the resume. It's just like filling out a form. The templates are designed to help the user and not otherwise and surprisingly they are free. Therefore, use professional templates.

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