Walgreens Resume: An Extensive Guide with Example

Walgreens is leading the drug store industry in USA at second place following CVS. It is a remarkable chain to work with hence your resume should be more than average to get hired.How can you make your Walgreens resume stand out? Don't worry, we have the outline, the tips and even a good example for you in this article. Make sure to read this article carefully.

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The outline for Walgreens Service Clerk resume

Marissa Sainz

+(123) 456 7890
LA, California


Customer Service Associate

  • 2+ years of experience as customer service associate
  • Provided services to over 50,000+ customers with work ethic and dedication
  • Seeking an opportunity to contribute with acquired skillset & knowledge in customer-facing role

Professional Experience

Customer Service Associate
Rite Aid Corp Jan 2021-March 2023

  • Assisted customers with complaints, prescriptions, over-the-counter medications
  • Maintained hygiene on the premises for customers' pleasant experience
  • Followed rules and regulations for IDs, prescriptions, over-the-counter medications without a miss while dealing with customers
  • Served 50,000+ customers thoroughly
  • Managed a team of 5 in sales department, providing exceptional customer service


St John Community College, TX
Advanced Diploma, 2020


  • Interpersonal communications
  • Cashiering
  • Time management
  • Attention to detail
  • Organizational skills
  • Compatible with fast paced retail environment
  • Problem solving skills
  • Microsoft office suite


  • Reading the latest in the medicines world
  • Socialization
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Walgreens Resume

Before we get on with the task at hand, here's a little trivia for you:

💡Do you know how many people work in drug stores and pharmacies in the USA?

Don't know? Here's the answer-

As of 2023, there are 1,136,866 employees working in various pharmacies and drug stores in the USA!

(Source: https://www.ibisworld.com/industry-statistics/employment/pharmacies-drug-stores-united-states/)

Walgreens Resume

You know what this means? Your resume has to be extra ordinary if you want to land your dream job! And your skills need to be up to par to make sure you don't lose the job once you've landed it!

Let's talk about writing the resume now. First up, what should be the outline for your Walgreens service clerk resume?

Walgreens Resume

The outline for your Walgreens service clerk resume, is not much different from the other resumes.

It has contact information section followed by summary section, education section, experience section, skills section, certifications section and an extra section for any key details of hobbies/interests and so on.

Sections are similar but need to be written carefully with the job title, industry, job description and your own profile in mind. Let's take a look.

Contact information

The contact information should be mentioned in the header of your resume. Begin with your name in a slightly larger fonts than the other details to follow. below your name, note down your contact number with all the necessary signs(+/()) and spaces.

Walgreens Resume

Make sure to mention the number where you are easily reachable. After the contact number, mention your email ID. Your email ID should look professional with your first and/or last name and maybe some digits but no informal words.

These are the mandatory information. Now in case you are applying for a job in another state, you may wanna mention your home address in short.

Make sure your contact information is accurate and there are no errors.


The summary of a Walgreens service clerk resume, should be short, crisp but effective. It is a bit difficult to highlight all the key details with the limit of 3-4 bullet points.

Walgreens Resume

You are not alone. But we will tell you how to do it. Begin with your job title. After that your first bullet point should cover the number of years that you have worked in professional capacity as a full time employee or part time professional or even freelancer.

Along with the number of years you can mention the industry or the public/private sector as well.

After that the next bullet point will have the key accomplishments and key skills that helped you with those accomplishments. Don't mention everything, just the key most important ones.

If you are a fresher, you can mention your education here. You can also note your key accomplishments during your studies i.e. Awards, recognitions, achievements that are remarkable with regard to Walgreens personnel position or your profile as a professional.

Walgreens Resume

At last you should mention how you plan to contribute to Walgreens and make a difference, with your skillset and knowledge.


Your education section is quite simple, you need these details mentioned:

  • Name & Location of the institute
  • Degree
  • Field of study
  • Graduation year
  • GPA
Walgreens Resume

Once you have mentioned these details, you can also note down pertinent coursework, any awards you received or special programs you have attended.

You can also explain how you developed skills during studies, something you learned that inspired you to go for the opportunity at Walgreens.


There are various ways of writing the professional experience section however reverse chronological order is the most accepted one. Reverse chronological order is where you write your latest experience first and walk back to your first experience.

Walgreens Resume

While writing your experience, mention your job title, followed by the organization's name and the amount of time you worked there. Once those details are covered, describe your responsibilities that you handled well, focus on what you contributed and how you made the difference for your organization.

You should mention any challenges that you faced and how you overcame them. You can also note as many numbers as possible. Quantify your accomplishments, experience in every way possible.


Your skills section should not have the generic skills. Only mention the skills that you actually have, not the skills that an average resume has. Include the key skills for the Walgreens role, leave out the irrelevant skills.

Walgreens Resume

Relevancy of skills can be defined in two ways- relevant to Walgreens and your position and relevant to who you are as a professional. You can mention both your hard skills as well as soft skills that will help you perform well at Walgreens.

You should do some research on the industry (drugs), the company (Walgreens), your role, the job description and job responsibilities. This will help you identify the key skills.

Here we have some of the pertinent skills that you may find useful:

  • Customer service
  • Communication
  • Time management
  • Retail
  • Teamwork
  • Cashiering
  • MS Office
  • Sales
  • Leadership
  • Inventory management
  • Organizational skills
  • Technical skills
  • Data entry
  • Customer support

you can also add other skills that are important. Mentioning skills in your Walgreens service clerk resume is important because if there is even one skill missing from your resume, that the recruiters are looking for, you may not get a call for an interview.


Once you are done with all the major sections, you can add an extra section for your hobbies/interests, awards or anything else that may be pertinent.

Walgreens Resume

Tips for Walgreens Service Clerk Resume

A good resume has all the information neatly written but a job landing, extra-ordinary resume has something little extra. Let's go over the tips to find out what that is.

Bullet points

An excellent resume is the resume that is far from boring. It has visual appeal as well as good readability. How do you achieve that in your resume?

by replacing lengthy textual paragraphs with concise bullet points. Whether it is the summary section, education section or experience section. You should always use bullet points.

Walgreens Resume


Your resume should reflect your professionalism. Your resume is your first meeting with the hiring managers because it will be your chance o make the very first impression.

Your language, tone and details should show how professional you are. This means your resume should be accurate in every aspect- spelling, grammar, language proficiency and the format in which the details are described throughout the resume.

Additional Skills

If you have skills that are probably not important for the job title but you think it helps you perform well or you have performed well in your past experiences because of these experiences then you would definitely want to mention these skills in your resume.

The skills are equally important as your experience because it shows what you are capable of, what you can handle and how well you will contribute in your role.

Especially the skills of management i.e. people management, project management, product management and so on. Sometimes, people have the required qualifications but are bad at management and do not perform well. Your management capabilities are important in the field of health (that is the drug store) which has a lot of competition in the market and industry.

Walgreens Resume

Cover Letter

Your resume maybe a very tasty and beautiful and perfect cake, but you know what it needs? The cherry on top! That cherry is your cover letter. The cover letter is your direct address to the hiring managers.

You can cover your key accomplishments and make an appeal to the hiring managers. Like a sales pitch presentation, you tell them exactly why they must hire you!

With a cover letter and resume, you are sure to make an impression on the hiring managers who wouldn't want to miss out on an excellent potential candiate.


Walgreens Resume

As person you might like horseback riding but you don't necessarily have to mention that in your resume. However, if you have interest in medical field or your hobby is socializing and meeting new people, you should mention those in your resume.

Such key details help you make an impression that you are actually interested and passionate about your work. And that ensures the hiring managers that you will perform well when hired.

As the popular saying goes- The Devil is in the Details!

Use the smallest of details to create an intricate impression of you are and the hiring manager will definitely notice your resume as extra ordinary.


There are many formats for resumes, modern, minimalist, visual/graphic, contemporary and so on. According to your profile, you can choose which format would be the best display shelf for the details of your profile.

The format will decide if the hiring manager will read your resume carefully and without getting bored or disappointed.


If you have remarkable accomplishments, don't shy from talking about them. Mention them with details and you can also relate how your skills helped you achieve them.

Walgreens Resume

Your accomplishments are also where you can reflect your confidence in your resume. Confidence is very important for anyone in a corporate world. Make sure you leave a good impression of a confident employee.

Certifications/ training

There are many training programs for roles relating to sales and retail. You should mention if you have acquired any training. Even if you received training in your first role, you can mention how you got trained and learned.

The role you are applying for might have certain requirement of certifications or training, make sure you learn all you need to before applying. Walgreens does provide training in some cases but you should do your research to avoid rejection upon application.

Tweaking for each position

Your resume is for Walgreens but if you are applying for multiple positions at Walgreens, you should tweak your resume for each position.

Walgreens Resume

You will not need to re-write the resume, just some edits here and there will be enough for various positions. Your resume should not seem generic to the hiring manager. The impression that you are putting in more efforts will ensure the hiring manager that you are serious about the role and will perform will dedication.


If you have any pertinent experience of freelancing, you can mention that too. Describe your tasks and challenges. Mention the skills and knowledge base that you completed the task with.

If the time line in which you completed the project was remarkable, mention that as well. If you have done multiple freelancing projects, you can include a freelance section in your resume as well.


Any resume has one enemy- the Applicant Tracking System (ATS). The ATS has certain parameters (keywords) set to filter out irrelevant, not good enough and bad resumes.

Walgreens Resume

To beat the resume, you need to include those relevant keywords in your resume. It doesn't matter if you have the skills and all the other qualifying requirements, if you don't have those keywords in your resume, ATS will reject your resume because it cannot think like a human.

To beat the ATS and reach the hiring manager's shortlisted resumes pile, you need to do some research on the job title, company, job description, responsibilities etc. and then include all the relevant keywords throughout the resume.


Walgreens Resume

Any time you write a resume, keep in mind this tip for your career. Always write everything in past tense and third person. Never use pronouns anywhere. You are describing 'a' person when you are writing your resume, not yourself. And you are writing in concise and professional tone and manner meaning no pronouns or present tense.


Once you are done with your resume, make sure to proofread your resume twice. Remove any spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and inaccuracy to secure a good impression.

Now let's take a look at a Walgreens service clerk resume!

Walgreens Resume Example


Writing a resume is simple and easy, if you know all there is to know and if you read the article without skipping any parts, you now know everything there is to know. When you write you Walgreens service clerk resume, you will also refer to many Walgreens service clerk resume examples and templates.

Walgreens Resume

Make sure you don't copy everything as it is. Always make sure your resume is personalized to your own profile, the employer and the role you are applying for. For more references, you can also check out our resume examples.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need a medical degree to work at Walgreens?

Not really. Applicants with pharmacy backgrounds are appreciated however Walgreens does not require you to have a medical degree to work with them.

Does Walgreen provide training for freshers?

Having prior experience is of course desired but not mandatory. Walgreens often provides training to their employees. However, you should check the job description in the job posting or contact the hiring manager to confirm.

Would working at Walgreens look good on my resume?

VERY likely! Walgreens is the leading drug store chain in the USA and having worked there can only make your resume better! Go for it.

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