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A Target sales associate resume is the corporation's first point of contact with its customers. You'll be representing a global chain to the ordinary shopper. Thus, it's a position with a lot of responsibility and equally great opportunities.

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Target Sales Associate Example

Mark Roberts
Sales Associate

Professional Summary:

Efficient sales associate with previous sales experience at Target. Skilled at customer relations. Performed market research and advertised products to increase the outlet's profits by 33%. Physically strong and adept at carrying boxes of 20 pounds or standing continuously for 6-hour shifts.


Target - Brooklyn Outlet
Sales Associate

  • Maintained a friendly attitude that increased the store's customer ratings by 1.5 stars.
  • Used marketing knowledge and research to increase store profits by 33% from joining to end date. Reached and exceeded sales goals.
  • Performed daily checks to remove damages and expired items from shelves, restock new products, and maintain safety and cleanliness protocols.

XYZ Retail Mart
Customer Service Representative
May 2021 - December 2021

  • Lifted and transported heavy boxes of 20+ pounds on a daily basis. Stayed on feet and greeted customer throughout 6-hour shifts.
  • Reduced losses by 42% by employing better security and surveillance measures.
  • Provided a jovial customer experience and made their concerns feel heard and acted upon.


High School Diploma
Brooklyn High School

Additional Information:

  • Led the successful "Importance of Marketing" display at the school exhibition with a team of 5 members.
  • Worked at Domino's from January - June 2020 and provided efficient customer service skills and billing management.
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As a Target sales associate, you will have numerous duties. Customers will ask you for help finding shelves or availing of specific deals. You'll direct them to the best retail sales goals and market Target's products in a genuine and helpful way.

You'll also be in charge of taking care of the shelves and ensuring they're organized and neat. A retail sales associate assists the customer in billing and operates the cash register in a quick and accurate way. You can expect to be standing or walking for all of your shifts, and lifting and carrying the company's products is a daily task.

Target is looking for retail sales associates who can reliably perform all these duties. Your Target sales associate resume should depict your best side and prove that you can fill this role.

This detailed article will help you get started. Use our Target sales associate resume examples as a solid reference, and keep reading to learn the best tips and suggestions for the best Target resume.

How To Make A Target Sales Associate Resume

Target Sales Associate Resume

Sales associate is one of the most ideal jobs for people from any background. Thus, many aspiring candidates flock to it, creating high competition.

The situation is especially dire when it comes to a reputed chain like Target. They have applications from all types of people with a wide range of experience and skills. Thus, they have the freedom to choose only the best of the best.

Your target sales associate resume is your first step in telling the hiring managers that you're the best of the best. A well-made and accurate retail sales associate resume is your best shot at making it through the application process. Once it gets you an interview, you can depend on your actual interpersonal skills to get you the rest of the way.

The best tactic is to specifically fine-tune your sales associate resume towards the specific job posting. It's not enough to copy paste what you used in a generic retail sales associate resume. Use your target sales associate resume to tell the hiring managers that you've read the job description and understand how you'll accomplish it.

Go through the job ad to find the keywords and list of skills that you think are the most valued. The first 2 or 3 duties mentioned in the list of tasks are the most important. If you have experience with these, makes sure to highlight them in the relevant section.

💡Suggestion: Conceptualize your sales associate resume as an introductory message. It requires proper formatting like any official document, but it is ultimately your response to the question - "Why should Target hire you as their sales associate?" Every single piece of information in your sales associate resume should answer this.


Yor target sales associate resume should be as detailed as possible but contained within a single page. Use your own graphic design skills or a sample sales associate resume to create a cohesive layout that's easy on the eyes.

The text should be big enough to be legible but not so large that you run out of space on the page. Thus, the ideal font sizes are 11 or 12 pt. Typefaces like Arial and Times New Roman also improve legibility and give a clean look.

The sales associate resume layout should be minimalistic. Keep things simple to ensure the employer focuses on your information instead of wondering why the headings are all in pink Comic Sans.


If you just got your high school diploma and feel excited about your first job at Target, go for a focused resume format. It will really highlight the soft skills you gained from your classes and your willingness to learn new things.

On the other hand, create a chronological resume if this is your second or third job. The target hiring managers will first see your most recent job, then the one before that, and so on. This ensures that you show the best of your experience at the start.

Long-time retail sales associate employees really benefit from a combination resume. It tells Target that you have a world of experience and are one of the best candidates.

Create A Resume Header That Guarantees A Call-Back

Your target sales associate resume is non-functional without an accurate header. This should include your full name and the job description of Sales Associate.

You should also provide your contact address so that the store manager knows how to reach you in the event of your selection. Include a professional email address and avoid personal or unseemly addresses.

Also, add your own cell phone's number. You should be able to receive calls on this number at any time. Double-check all the details to make sure there are no typos.

What Education Do You Need For Your Target Resume?

Target Sales Associate Resume

Target employs sales associates who are 18 years or older in age. Thus, it makes sense that their educational requirements also match those of an 18 year old.

A high school diploma or GED is crucial for your target sales associate resume, and it's often the only academic qualification you'd need.

📌 Tip: Sometimes, you may be applying to an outlet where the locals speak a language other than English, for example, Spanish. In this case, a good grasp of the language is not an absolute requirement but it will go a long way to boost your sales associate resume. It shows that you will be able to communicate well with customers. Thus, if you have a professional certificate or took classes in the local language, mention it in your educational section.

This is usually enough. But if you want to really stand out among your peers and sail through the interview process, you can do a certificate course in sales. The Certified Professional Sales Leader (CPSL) course from NASP is an excellent option.

Top In-Demand Skills For Working At Target

The responsibilities of a Target sales associate are crucial. You should be adaptable and ready to work flexible shifts.

During these shifts, a Target sales associate helps customers resolve doubts and educates them about opportunities and sales goals. The sales associate will also be in charge of shelf maintenance and the inventory. Expect to be carrying many products and having a good mental map of the sales floor.

Thus, you need a good hard skillset for this sales associate job. Some soft skills like friendliness and positivity are also a must.

For your reference, here 👇 is a list of the best skills for your Target sales associate resume. You can identify the ones you have and note them down.

Hard Sales Associate Skills

  • Exceptional customer service skills
  • Store inventory management
  • Marketing
  • Billing register operation
  • Product display curation

Soft Sales Associate Skills

Target Sales Associate Resume

  • Communication
  • Physical stamina
  • Teamwork
  • Friendly attitude
  • Multitasking
  • Ability to work fast

Additional Section

As mentioned above, everything in your professional resume should be answering the question of why you'd be a great fit at this specific Target sales associate job.

The other sales associate resume sections like Skills and Experience have very narrow types of things you can include in them. However, you might have some other achievements that you are just dying to talk about because they are relevant to this professional resume and will make you a more attractive candidate.

In this case, the additional information heading is your best friend. This is where you put that one time you worked at your local grocery store and spread the word about a product or an offer they were struggling to sell before. You can also mention previous jobs that didn't exactly make it into the education section but still speak to some of your best skills.

Below are some examples of things to include here, if they apply to you or remind you of something similar.

  • Your past sales associate job at a pharmacy, where you organized product displays, managed customer queries and lifted heavy products just like Target sales associates do.
  • Experience with market research and advertising things in the most effective way.
  • Your excellent customer service skills at a restaurant where you enhanced customer loyalty and managed cash and billing.
  • A successful project or club that you led during your high school, showing excellent leadership, teamwork, and organizational skills.


Target Sales Associate Resume

The average hourly salary of a Target sales associate is $14.73. The actual salary you earn depends on a variety of factors like the location, your experience, and list of duties.

A fresher may earn $7.40 per your at their local, rural Target outlet. If you have years of experience and a position in a major city, you can earn up to $22.35 for every hour of work.

Write Your Successful Retail Worker Resume Today!

Now that you've gone through this guide, you have all the tools and tips you need to submit the perfect sales associate resume to Target.

Why sit around while you wait to hear back? You can apply to a few other places you'd also love to work at. It helps to have more options, and receiving multiple offers can help you understand your value and choose the best workplace. So, widen your reach in this sector by reading our retail worker resume guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long are the shifts at Target?

Target store hours range from the morning to night, and you can pick a morning or evening shift as per your preference. You get two paid 15-minute breaks and a lunch break that won't be counted in your shift or pay. If you're a student, you can take different or shorter shifts to accommodate your class schedules.

How do I submit my sales associate resume to Target?

After creating your best Target sales associate resume, head to Target's website and find the Careers page. find a job posting in your desired location. Now, you can fill in your important details and upload your professional resume.

How does Target train new employees?

Target's employee training program identifies your specific interests and hones your skills in the avenues where you do best. You can be an expert at product displays or resolving customer concerns. Your mentor and the Target resources will give you extensive training that helps you fit right in.

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