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Adding photo to your resume is subjective because on one hand you will read that you should never add a photo to your resume. Whereas on the other hand the candidate will be recommended to add a resume photo. What is the solution to this classic problem?

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Short answer is it depends on the job application that you are writing. Yes, the company where you are making a job application, industry standards, your qualifications, country, and company, will together decide whether or not you must add a resume photo.

Let's understand this point using examples.

Examples of Professional Resume

Now that we are talking about whether or a resume photo is required here are few examples that may give you a second thought.

Photograph in a Soccer Player Resume

A sports personality like a soccer player is watched and admired by millions of fans out there on the media screens. Moreover sports is a visually tempting event. If there's no photo of the player than how will the selectors identify the player.

Therefore if you are in a similar position it becomes necessary for you to include a photo in your resume.

Photograph in a Personal Trainer Resume

Just like a soccer player, a personal trainer also needs to include a photo in his or her resume. The one who is taking the private training services needs to see who is being hired apart from their skills. Now when such situation arises a professional photo becomes the deciding factor.

Visual play a critical role while hiring a private trainer especially if you are looking forward to achieve a target.

Photo in a Professional Singer Resume

Music industry is next big example where you require a professional photo. Although a playback singer remains behind the curtain but when it comes to resume a photo is mandatory.

Even though the singing profession is not glamorous still a resume photo is needed for the producers and music composers to identify the face behind the voice.

Professional Headshot in Voice Actor Resume

Just like a singer a voice actor also need a professional headshot in a resume for work related purposes. Although they remain behind the scenes (in the background) yet employers need to have a look at them.

Candidates with these type of profiles are deemed to attach a professional headshot in their resume.

Apart from those mentioned above there are different line of works where professional headshots are required by hiring managers and employers. Okay now let's proceed to the photo resume templates.

Photo Resume Templates for Job Seekers

To help you with the resume pictures we have four photo resume template hand picked by our career experts. Here you go.

#1 Budapest Photo Resume Template

resume pictures

The Budapest resume template is the epitome of design, graphics, and elegance. Moreover, the space provided to attach photos enriches the overall appearance of the resume. It looks like you already have convinced the hiring manager. These type of templates are the example of a professional resume in its own skin due to the placement of the resume photo. Hence, if you are one of the job seekers writing your first job application to get into your dream job interview then look no further. Use Budapest format for putting resume picture.

#2 Perth Photo Resume Template

resume pictures

The Perth resume template is the best choice to include professional headshots (photos). There are reasons why such templates work. For example, the document looks like a professional resume or a personal website used for networking events from the appearance. The evenly distributed white space and lines makes the sections look amazing which further makes them compatible with applicant tracking systems. Want to get a dream job? We recommend using such templates. Attach a resume picture now.

#3 Rotterdam Photo Resume Template

resume pictures

The best idea to make a resume look like an offline personal website is to use the Rotterdam resume template. Why? Apart from employers focus on the resume picture these templates make the appearance of the entire resume more acceptable. The space contribution for photos is top notch and employers will like it. Job seekers nowadays tend to download this template more than anticipated. Planning for a dream job interview? Get this template now.

#4 Riga Photo Resume Template

resume pictures

The Riga resume template format is jaw-dropping created with utmost care. Not only job seekers but also employers from various industries have liked it. When you add photos the reader gets access to the visual side of the document shifting the focus dramatically. Less white space makes it even more acceptable with a resume picture. Using such templates reflect positive impression on employers. Hence, don't waste time looking further anymore to add photos to your resume. Use this resume template.

Do you want more ready resume templates? Visit the page link here. Also browse our article pages to go through samples and examples of latest resumes.

Tips for an Excellent Resume Picture

So far we have discussed various examples and resume templates that allows to add photos. Now we will talk about tips that can come handy later while editing your image. Thus, here are some tips to create the best in class resume friendly photos.

Avoid social media photos

Never ever use candid social media photos no matter how exceptional editing skills you have. Social media photos are not classified as headshots. They are unconsciously taken without prior consent or preparations. Recruiters need a photograph that shows your sincerity and discipline. Hence, hold on your editing hormones and skip using social media images.

Picture perfect photo

To create impression via picture perfect photos is one of the best idea. Generally speaking an employer or say recruiters are real person and they process visuals similarly like others. The point is to put up a smile in the photos. Smile won't cost anything but makes you look more lively and positive.

Format & size

It is better to thoroughly enquire the company standards and HR regulations about the format, size, and color of the photos. What if they need a plain background one and you give them a technicolor. Therefore, always do ask about the format before sending the photo.

📌 LinkedIn profile is an exception here because it is not a traditional social media platform. Candidates can access their linkedin profile picture for resumes.

FAQs about Resume Pictures

What should be the standard size of the resume photo?

Size of resume photos varies depending on the country and the company. Ask the employer if they a designated size of photos. If yes then follow the same. However if you don't have any clue then set your photo to the USA's standard passport size copy.

Are resume photos different than a normal photograph?

Yes, a normal photo can be a candid image without any limitation of color or backgrounds. On the contrary, resume picture is aligned as per the HR regulation and industry standards. Always ask the employer regarding their policies on this topic.

Which resume sections employers prefer to read?

The work experience, qualifications, skills, past job backgrounds, etc. are the most preferred sections of employers. Past work history is one of the highly scanned section. They search for an answer to their queries in this section. In simple words, they match job duties, skills of the candidate and relevant work history.

With the frequently asked question we conclude the article here. Get in touch with us for more info via the comment section.

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