Customer Service Representative Resume: FREE Samples & Example (2024)

If you’re someone who can talk on a phone call for hours without getting tired and not lose their patience having to listen to angry customers, then the job you’re pursuing is meant for you.  

To land your next job opportunity, we at resume example will help you write your perfect resume.  Read on for your perfect customer service representative resume example.

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Example of a Customer Service Representative Resume

Kevin Malone
Customer Service Manager
Manhattan, NY 11222
Professional Summary

Dynamic Customer Service Manager with 6 years of experience in providing superior customer service. Knowledgeable in Banking and Insurance products, services, and consumer market trends. Independent worker and enthusiastic team member. Experience informing new staff of company objectives and providing expert training and mentoring.

Work Experience

State Farm Insurance - Customer Service Professional
April 2015- current    Brooklyn. NV

  • Customer communication included explaining billing procedures, arranging payment options, and processing payments accurately.
  • Communicated effectively with a positive attitude to appease angry customers by suggesting the best ways to resolve service and billing issues.
  • Used MS Office to document customer requests, problem issues, and recommended solutions.


Bachelor of Arts
Manhattan Public University | NY Central

  • Skills
  • Report generation
  • Report transcription
  • Inbound and outbound calling
  • Schedule mastery
  • Computer system intermediate
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Active listening
  • Client Relations
  • Critical thinking
  • High-energy attitude

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Customer service is tough but rewarding—long calls and troubleshooting are just the start. Experienced? You know it’s not child's play but it pays off. Dive into customer service; it's challenging yet a solid career choice.

You need a proper customer service representative resume to help you communicate your will and ability, not only to help existing clients but also to convert potential new ones as well.

How to Make a Customer Service Representative Resume

enthusiastic customer service representative

People often underestimate the importance of writing a professional resume which is why people make silly mistakes and end up leaving the recruiting manager questioning their credibility.

As your job entails dealing with existing and potential customers of the company, often without physical interaction, you must have that charisma to make your customers feel at ease and gain trust in you and your words.

And what better way to find out if you’re capable of having that convincing quality in you without physically interacting with the person than writing a perfect resume and getting selected.

Whether technical or not, every resume follows a general format that must be respected as it is a globally followed standard that hiring managers are expecting. There are 3 types of resume formats from which you choose one based on your existing qualifications.

And the 3 formats are: -

  • Reverse Chronological - With the reverse-chronological method, you start with your most recent experience and go from there back until your first experience, which is at the bottom.
  • Functional - People who have little or no work experience tend to use the Functional CV format, which emphasizes their educational background and skills.
  • Combination - Combination CVs tend to be the most popular format. The presentation is a mix of chronological and functional formats.

The above 3 formats act as a blueprint for your resume and once you select which format to use, you must never change it in-between.

The layout of the Customer Service Representative Resume

The layout of a customer service representative resume plays a very important role in helping you land your target job as the visuals of your customer service resume can hook the hiring managers attention. They will then then make a decision in a nanosecond if your resume makes it through to the next round partially based on how it looks.

To make sure these tiny but important aspects don’t cloud the judgment of the recruiter, follow a professional layout for your customer service resume.

The layout here means the template you will use to create your professional customer service representative resume. A template is the foundation and decides the content structure of your CV.

A customer service representative resume template should follow a simple layout as the job position is not too technical and creative. Use light color shades of blue/black and grey colors. There shouldn’t be any shape and elements in the CV, especially when they hinder the readability of your content.

To save yourself from all the trouble, try the best option possible of using our online resume builder at resume example that provides you plenty of template layouts to choose from with just a few clicks.

The Structure of the Customer Service representative Resume

Once you decide the layout of your resume, you need the proper structure to complement it and that’s where the structure comes in. The structure of your resume comprises sections that describe your qualifications in a set pattern.

The usual structure of a customer service representative looks like this: -

  • Professional Summary / Objective
  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Skills
  • Certifications
  • Achievements
  • Additional Info (interests, hobbies, etc.)

We arranged the above sections for people with more experience but if you’re inclined higher towards skills and education, switch the experience section with education.

customer service representative writing resume

Start with the Header of the Customer Service Representative Resume

The header is the foremost section of your resume, hence the name. A lot of candidates try to imitate various other resume templates by adding too much unnecessary information on the header itself and end up losing credibility.

The header of your customer service manager resume contains your name, your occupation, and your basic contact details. But sometimes people who copy other formats end up adding their social media links or some other details which are not required as the recruiter does not need your social media profile for you to be a customer service manager.

Also, if you’re already working, write your current occupation under your name, and if you’re a fresher, always mention the job position you wish to take.

Is a photo required in the Customer Service Representative Resume?

Adding your picture to your resume is another tricky part. Usually, every country has a set standard for its resume format. In some countries, companies usually want their candidates to add pictures, but it’s the opposite in the U.S.

Hence, refrain from adding a picture to your resume for a job position like customer service manager.

Choosing your Customer Service Representative Resume Title

As mentioned above, the title in your resume comes directly under your name in the header. If you’re currently working and applying for a new position, write your current job role as your title. But if you’re a fresher or someone who has the experience but is out of a job, write the job role for which you’re applying for.

Customer Service Representative Professional Summary

The header and its content are the initial steps that lead to something much more crucial than the professional summary. A resume summary is a brief that covers the highlights of your customer service representative resume and presents it in a continuous flow to engage the hiring manager and generates interest in them to read more about you.

Making a mistake on this very step will let the recruiter off the hook, and eventually, lose interest in reading more about you.

To make sure this doesn’t happen to you, check out these examples created by our career experts at resume example: -

Customer Service Representative Resume Summary Examples


Dynamic Customer Service Manager with 6 years of experience in providing superior customer service. Knowledgeable in products, services, and consumer market trends. Independent worker and enthusiastic team member. Experience informing new staff of company objectives and providing expert training and mentoring.


Accomplished and ambitious customer service professional . Good with client relationships and customer loyalty.


Seasoned customer service manager with 9 years of experience working with insurance products, services, and customer requirements. A gifted analyst, competent at coordinating between parties, and proficient at solving problems. Skilled at identifying and resolving concerns while promoting new products and achieving sales targets to get the best customer feedback.


Hard-working customer service representative with a focus on driving customer satisfaction and expertise in excel solutions. Communications expert and team player.

If you would like some more excellent summary examples, then you’ll love our online resume builder. You can choose from job-specific summaries it automatically generates. Then you simply select your favorite and it’s inserted into your resume. Streamlining the entire process.

customer service representatives

Alternate to professional summary: Customer Service Representative Resume Objective

A customer service representative resume objective is an equivalent replacement for the professional summary as the objective is used by candidates with relatively low work experience but an abundance of skills and theoretical qualifications.

Just like the summary, the resume objective also emphasizes your career highlights which are usually your skills and educational background.

Check out our online resume builder at resume example for such amazing sample objectives.

Customer Service Representative Resume Objective Examples


Calm and efficient customer service executive candidate with a strong background working with people in stressful and confusing situations. Skilled at dealing with requirements via email, letter, telephone calls, or in-person while working within the regulatory limits of any given department standards.


Driven customer service candidate with appropriate skills and educational qualifications. I’m highly motivated and highly adaptable to the situation.


A Professional sales agent who can resolve customer problems efficiently and increase customer satisfaction. Expert in product issues and proven history of increasing productivity of sales department by analyzing tasks.


A hard-working candidate with a focus on driving customer satisfaction. Communication and team-player skills are both strong.

Work Experience in the Customer Service Representative Resume

Experience is something no recruiter can neglect, as with time an employee develops skills and a sense of work that always works as an asset. In a customer service job, having work experience gives them a fair advantage as the job entails polite behavior, long phone calls, handling impatient clients, etc. And an experienced candidate already knows how to deal with all this, hence giving them a better chance to get their dream job.

But the trick does not lie in having a lot of work history but rather how to present it as a lot of people do not know how to write their actual job roles effectively and end up confusing the recruiters.

Describe your professional experiences on your Customer Service Representative Resume

While describing your work experience, make sure you keep brevity in mind as the recruiters should know about your job activities just by having a glance at your customer service representative resume. No hiring manager takes longer than a few seconds to scan your resume for your highlights. Thus, work experience being the main segment of your resume, describe your job role as 1 liner to keep the recruiters engaged.

Examples of professional experiences for Customer Service Representative beginner / junior resume

  • Presented billing procedures to customers, arranged payment options, and accurately processed all payments.
  • Communicated effectively with a positive attitude to appease angry customers by suggesting the best ways to resolve service and billing issues.
  • Used MS Office to document customer requests, problem issues, and recommended solutions.
  • Investigated all options to remedy customer issues and offered replacement items before offering refunds to maintain revenue.
  • Provided excellent communication skills to fulfill customer needs and manage customer records.
  • Presented strong interpersonal skills for conflict resolution.
  • Used my relevant skills like data entry to assist customers and maintain the personal data of customers in a timely manner.
  • My previous experience helped me find the best solution to convert new customers.
  • Perfectly held my customer service position to handle customer inquiries and manage customer data.

  • Provided fluent services
  • Showed excellent interpersonal skills
  • Handled customer data
  • Improved soft skills
  • Customer service skills were improved
  • Performed my roles in the job description
  • Worked with other customer service representatives

Education in the Customer Service Representative Resume

Education never goes to waste! Always live by this motive and you’ll be successful in any field you step into. And the more education you have, not only will it be for you to be a customer service manager but you’ll also be the first to be considered during internal promotions.

However, to tell you a long story short, to be a customer service executive, companies usually ask for a high school diploma but to get selected a candidate must have good communications skills and should be technically sound. Hence, a lot of candidates take certificate courses to upskill their resume.

If you wish to provide some details about your education, use bullet points to grab attention.

professional customer service representatives ready for job search

Should you start with education or work experience for Customer Service Representative?

If you’re a candidate who already has some work experience to show in this field or if you ever did any job that shows your skills, always start with the work experience, otherwise, education should be mentioned first.

Customer Service Resume Skills

If a job does not require having many educational qualifications, then its working dependency relies heavily on key skills. To be a customer service executive, you need skills to handle phone calls as you don’t know the temper of the person you might get. You must be fluent with basic software and the tools your company might provide to convert a cold call into a sale.

It’s best to check the job description for the required keyword skills and make sure you include the same keywords in your resume to make sure you look like a good match to the person sifting through the pile of resumes.

While writing your customer service skills, always use bullet points.

We generally classify skills as soft and technical, and below are some examples to help you understand better: -

Hard Skills

  • Report generation
  • Report transcription
  • Freight operations
  • Microsoft Office expertise
  • Inbound and outbound calling
  • Schedule mastery
  • Computer system intermediate
  • Fluent in all operating systems
  • Market Research
  • Proofreading

Soft Skills

  • Conflict Resolution
  • Active listening
  • Client Relations
  • Critical thinking
  • High-energy attitude
  • Adaptive team player
  • Coordination
  • Problem solving
  • Courteous demeanor
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Project management abilities

Additional Headings for your Customer Service Manager Resume

Additional heading boosts your profile if used correctly. After adding certain standard sections, there are a few sections that compliment your CV.

Using additional sections is tricky to use as if the information provided by you feels unnecessary to the hiring manager, it might give a bad impression.

For a customer service resume, additional sections like languages and certifications work the best as they upskill their resume by directly affecting their work.

Summary: Key Points for Writing a Perfect Customer Service Representative Resume

  • Check out our resume examples to find a perfect customer service resume template and to create your CV to eliminate errors.
  • Search online for summary and objective examples.
  • Skills must be your area of focus.
  • The minimum qualification is a high school diploma
  • The summary/objective must never exceed 5 lines
  • It is equally important to include soft skills as well as technical skills.
  • Get cover letter ideas from our online resume builder to ease out the job search process.
  • You should never lengthen your resume beyond one page.

Frequently Asked Questions For Customer Service Representative

What should a customer service representative put on a resume?

A candidate should always follow one format and stick to it. Add all the necessary sections and be vigilant while adding the additional sections to maintain credibility.

How do you say customer service on a resume?

Your work experience and soft skills represent the customer service on your resume.

What are the 3 important qualities of customer service?

Adaptability, being courteous and active listening.

What is the best resume format for a customer service resume?

For experienced candidates, the reverse-chronological format suits perfectly and for the rest, the combination is the most effective format to use.

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